martes, 1 de septiembre de 2009

Opens in Camagüey with high budget the course

Camagüey, Sep 1st. With a budget four times bigger to the one assigned to the education in Cuba before 1959, the county of Camagüey began today the course with the opening of 817 educational institutions.

In the last months Camagüey made an effort to have under conditions the facilities of the general and superior educations, nevertheless the limitations of resources due to the world economic crisis and in order to advance in the recovery of the properties damaged by the hurricanes in the 2008.

In spite of the inconveniences, of those more than 600 schools affected by the meteors, are only 131 to conclude some repairs.

Of the universe of materials for the teaching, many of them cared for the making of notebooks, text books and other school useful, the course began, as Reimí López, director of Education in Camagüey informed.

The registration for the calendar ascends to near 208 thousand students who will be assisted by about 18 thousand educational.

At once of beginning of the lective period, carried out in of the eight urban preuniversitaries that open its doors in the territory, was Julio Cesar García, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, and Jesus García, the government's president, both of the county of Camagüey.
A school course in that The Five Heroes are present

By: Yamylé Fernández Rodríguez

When this September first thousand of children, adolescents and youths return to the classroomsavids of new knowledge, some very special Cuban families will have their children, again private of the company of their parents the first day of classes.
It is René's offsprings, Ramón and Antonio, three of the five Cuban antiterrorists wrongly prisoners of in United States, to in fact guarantee, the security of the Cuban childhood and of the town in general.

From their beginning in the primary Ivette, for example, the smaller Olga Salanueva`s daughters and René González, has never been able to experience the incomparable satisfaction of arriving at the school, of dad's hand, each September fisrt.

The savagery of the empire with the Cuban antiterrorists is also the responsible that Irmita, the first-born of the family González Salanueva, have received her title of Psychologist, after five years of studies, without the presence of her dear father.

The same thing happens with Ramón's three fruits, Ailí, Lizbeth and Laura, and with Tone, Antonio Guerrero sprout who neither have had the possibility to share physically with her dads the unrepeatables vivencies of the student times, or to request help before some complicated exercise.

And what to say of Fernando and Gerardo to who have frustrated them the delights of the paternity? That has been the extreme point of the injustice.

Nevertheless this additional sanctions that sink to the lingering condemnations imposed the patriots Cuban prisoners in United States; the five have the satisfaction of checking every day and especially in dates as the beginning of the educational course that their effort has not been in vain.

This September first thousands of new pines will fill the educational facilities with the guarantee that can run without fear some for their corridors, that will receive all the school materials without paying a cent and with the certainty that nine months later will be possessors of valuable knowledge.

Facts as those demonstrate, another time, that in spite of almost 11 years of cruel confinement, the five have already won to the empire.