viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010

Adalberto and his orchestra in the Party of the Earthenjar

Camagüey, 22 oct-The man from Camagüey Adalberto Álvarez and his orchestra will act next November 12 in the Square of the Freedom, of this city, in the cultural and sport event “Party of the Earthenjar.”

The appointment, of from seven to 13 in that month, will have its main area in the Avenue and the Square of the Freedom, first segment of citizens where in the colonial time the ordinance was completed of endowing from portals to the properties, that which created the biggest sector of external corridors in the town.

Tracts of traverse streets and the Country Casino--the most extensive urban park in Cuba-- will also be scenaries of the encounter that will offer artistic, literary, recreational, sport activities, commercialization of cultural goods and of gastronomic products.

The program includes a forum debates in the one which presenters like Adalberto Álvarez will participate , author of the idea of the celebration of the Party whose only previous edition was in the 2007.

A parade with around 500 people will inaugurate the event that will conclude with a show in charge of the orchestra Marvel from Florida, of agreement with the programming disclosed in a press conference.

According to that foreseen, starting from the current one 2010 will be made annually the event whose name inserts an evocation to the one leader of the emblems of the ancestral one and notable use of the mud in the town, denominated the City of the earthenjars.

Coming from Andalusia, Spain, those enormous devices had a primary use as commercial containers of liquids and grains, but the necessity of using them to store water reproduced them for thousands in a net of potteries, supplied by near locations of clay. (Adolfo Silva Silva)

Reward winners of competitions of Adelante

By : Luis Naranjo / Television Camagüey

El Sport Competition of the newspaper Adelante concluded with the premiation of 8 of those more than 100 participants of the territory of Camagüey.

In the final part had to be carried out 8 beats of questions, because 7 had been tied, but among all they were victorious the technician in computer science and historian of the Cuban sport Humberto del Risco.

The premiation was developed in the headquarters of the weekly publication of Camagüey, where participated the Sport Gloria Felipe Sarduy and the current members of the provincial team of baseball Vicyohandri Odelín, the also pitcher Ariel Sánchez and the square player Alexánder Ayala.

This Sport Competition was summoned in the mark of the Festival of the Written Press Camagüey, but it will be carried out annually.

The moment was suitable to also reward the winners of the cultural competitions The Hendija and others of historical character, all, have more than enough pages published Adelante during this year in the weekly publication of the region of Camagüey.

Cattleman job

By: Ernesto Pantaleón Medina / Television Camagüey

Camagüey contributes around 30% of all the cow milk that wastes away in the country, and more than 25% of the head meat, numbers that say a lot without doubts.

And it is that the Cuban county of more territorial extension, possesses plains that were designed for the cattle raising, for the type of floors, for the sources of water and for the grasses that here sprout with easiness.

But anything falls of the sky, as sent by the gods; a lot of effort, constant dedication to the attention of the flocks, a war without barracks (although not always victorious) against a thorny plant called marabout, characterize the chore of thousands of children of this earth .

Doesn't have the cattleman weekend rest, neither festival or traded days, the luxury cannot be given of remaining in the channel up to the six or seven in the morning on Sundays, neither to be preserved of the rain or the cold when the time is inclement.

In no way: the animals should be picked up at the same hour every day, to milk the cows each day with chronometric accuracy, because their biological clock dictates inviolable rules; it is necessary to loose the bovine ones in the precise moment so that they pasture freely in the herdsman, a time that is not for the rest, but to repair fences, to cut the weeds or to look for forage to feed them in the night.

It without counting the care with which is necessary to treat the calves, to watch over the zeal of the females in reproduction so that they are gestated, to assist the births and some that another imponderable.

If the cowboy makes sick, he should overcome at the uneasiness and both or the three of the dawn to begin the milk; otherwise, to look for a substitute, because the cows cannot remain with the full udders, what would almost surely cause them dysfunctions of graveness.

And still in the case of the substitute, the results are not the same ones, because the animals stress¨ and they hide a part of the milk, they unfriendly become aggressive.

If it rains, it is necessary to be soaked until the bones, if there is cold, the man go to shiver; if the mire arrives to half leg, what setback, but it is necessary to continue.

It is for that reason that this work is seen in a simplistic way as an occupation, hard but necessary; however, the commitment with the flock is born from beyond the action of every day, of the to press the hands and to tighten the muscles… it springs from a place more penetrate, of that deep and inexplicable place that welcomes the vocation and the art.

To that call many cattleman pride.

Santa Lucía Beach, a deserved culinary headquarters

The encounter was in the restaurant The Coconuts, of the Company of National Tourism
Santa Lucía Beach, - This tourist pole was a deserved headquarters of the provincial act for the Day of the Cuban cuisine, and obtained the first integral place for its integral results of the present year, so much in the restaurants of the hotels, like in the popular gastronomy, continued by the municipalities Vertientes and Florida, with the second and third positions, in that order.

In the coastal territory 125 kilometers to the north of the city of Camagüey, those more than 100 chef and cooks belonging to the Culinary Association of this county, maintain a constant superation, not alone in the hotels of the international tourism, but also in the 33 restaurants and popular cafeterias resided here and in the communities Lucía's Palms, Camalote and San Miguel.

The Badge to the culinary merit, of the Federation of Cuban Associations, was received by eight specialists of the turn, with outstanding trajectories for ten or more serial years, while the Badge to the culinary friendship obtained seven professionals and squares of different sectors, like Trade, Education, Presses and other, with a systematic support to the ACC.

Teófilo Rodríguez Rodríguez, president of the Association, informed that they have 3989 members and in the training have arrived to virgin territories in that sense like Sibanicú and Mines.

During the period-he added - imparted 31 courses with 743 registered and 10 shops with 273 qualified associates, while they continue working in the condicioning of the classroom laboratory and the center of documentation of the headquarters.

They have a provincial team of women specialized in culinary art, for the participation in different events.

As it is habit in each encounter of the cooks of Camagüey, there was that day a presentation of different plates that facilitated an useful exchange of forming of elaboration, to generalize in the base the best experiences.

René Carrero Morales, specialist of Provincial gastronomy of the Sectoral of Trade, in the conclusions highlighted how the Association has contributed to generalize the service of tables buffet in most of the restaurants of Camagüey, as well as the increment of the plates with the help of ram and rabbit.

He called to the present to continue improving the quality of the offers, for that which at the moment receive training courses the administrators of the establishments.

He announced the preparations for the Party of the earthenjar, in which there will be a strong presence of the food of Cuban and Camagüey, for the population's enjoyment. The event will take place in the city of Camagüey from November 7 to 13, and the president of the organizing committee of the event will be the Teacher of the music Adalberto Álvarez.(Jorge Luis Peix Agüero )