lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

Foment several cultivations in municipality of Sibanicú in Camagüey

The development of new areas of several cultivations, in correspondence with the demand of foods for the population, was execution observed by Julio Cesar García Rodríguez, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) in the county of Camagüey, during a journey for the municipality of Sibanicú, to about 50 kilometers to the east of the capital of the territory of Camagüey.

Vast yucca plantations, corn, sweet potato and other products, resurge in the district of Sibanicú, by means of a will that mates agricultural workers and peasants in the conquest of oneself end: to cover the necessities of feeding of the town.

Although traditionally the peasants mark the difference in the production and diversification of the cultivations, the current panorama in Sibanicú doesn't evidence ostensible differences with the entities of the State, what says of the materialization of an objective, priority of the local authorities.

That amplification reality and creative consolidation, are also sustained in an intelligent proceed that allows to have the seed adapted in each property or entity, to maintain the busy areas, by means of a beneficial rotation for the lands and that it doesn't produce potholes in the supplies.

Such a recaptured strategy that assured arrived to stay, it propitiated the positive valuation of the First Secretary of the PCC in Camagüey, that the people of Sibanicú already traffics for the answer roads to current necessities of the feeding of the town, to proceed that should be strengthened. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz)

Celebrates its anniversary 90 Band of Concerts in Camagüey

The Band of Concerts of Camagüey takes place again today its birthday ninety. For tradition celebrates September 19 because that day of 1919 appeared the records to surrender with the budget for the acquisition of instrumental.

The City council wanted a band that represented it, like happened in other municipalities. The newspaper The Camagüeyan announced the auction to collect funds and the convocation to integrate it. It was time of economic peak and the rich tradition of bands illuminated the Thursday nights and Sundays for the touches of the band of the Second Military Regiment in the Park Agramonte.

Bankrupt intents only collected the later auctions for the wardrobe. Still without regulation the band debuted November 12 in a march in homage to the biggest General Ignacio Agramonte. The musicians happened practically inadvertent because they dressed the uniform of the police and to make matters worse, they paraded behind these.

For second time May 20 , 1920, left the new anniversary of the Republic at times and played the National Hymn in front of the City council. However, didn't go up to the 29 that the mayor in substitution, Andrés Morán Cisneros, signed the records of his official constitution. The Camagüeyan announced the concert of the day 30, so that were not doubts of the inauguration of the band, composed by 35 professors, still dresses with mixture.

After several years of mutual nostalgies, the Band, now denominated Provincial of Concerts, returned to their natural park, that where to The Mayor`s vera, the people of Camagüey enjoys today their Sunday series. (Mabel Echevarría Morán)

Scenic arts in Camagüey

The county of Camagüey, in the oriental area of the island, welcomes the activities of the thirteenth edition of the Festival of Theater, in support to the scenic arts.

The appointment surrenders homage in this occasion to the missing actor René de la Cruz, with proposals that will be exposed in diverse public places of the territory.

For the occasion 18 settings are included in scene of national production, together to a theoretical event related with the dramatic chore in the island.

Dedicated to the children pieces like Federico will be at night, of the Theater of the Stations; Another time the cockroach, of the group For First floor and Meow meow, of Santiago's Guiñol.

Presentations of books, magazines and projections of audiovisual, documental and teletheaters will be added to the colateral activities of the event.

viernes, 28 de mayo de 2010

Donate works of plastic arts to Infantile Hospital of Camagüey

The noted group of fond of the plastic of Camagüey "Fidelio Ponce de León" donated to the pediatric hospital "Eduardo Agramonte Piña", of this city, 67 works inspired in classic and infantile stories.

«This has been a permanent debt with the children and with the physicians of the hospital that so much makes to save the lives of our children», commented Arsenio Olayo Portales, president of this group, been founded in 1984.

The artist added that the objective of the 29 creators was achieved that incorporated to the ornamental project For a smile, because today is other the image that shows and the atmosphere that is breathed in the room of Neurosurgery: «There is happiness in the expressions of family and hospitalized children», he argued.

The artistic gift to this infantile hospital also included 27 toys, made by the creators, and 10 copies of the book there was once, of great fame among the smallest. «We decide to buy in the passing International Trades of the Book those copies of there was once, for what contain their pages», Arsenio manifested who valued that from its stories the great ceramic mural that is shown to all the long of the central corridor of the Room of Neurosurgery was born.

The artists, starting from their creativity and own resources, leaned on in almost all the expressions of the plastic one, as the painting and others of the craft, among these size in wood, ceramic, fabrics, goldwork, mache paper, toys and dead nature.

The doctor José Montejo Montejo, boss of the service of Neurosurgery of this hospital, thanked proceeding artistic and highlighted how with love, desire and collective zeal ideas so human and disinterested can be materialized as the one carried out by the artists of the Fidelio Ponce.

It meant the positive effect that has had each work in the spiritual health of the one hospitalized from a beginning and of their companion. «It is necessary to see how they smile and the children play in spite of their ailment and graveness», the specialist concluded. (Yahily Hernández Porto)

Formed more than 1 000 linemen in Camagüey

More than a thousand linemen in their forty years of existence has formed the school of training of the electric industry of Camagüey that takes Antonio name Guiteras Holmesname.

The engineer Juan Carlos Lacaba Jofres, director of the center, located in the street Ignacio Agramonte and Palm, said that the students favored the investments of the sector, not only of this county but of the neighbor Ciego of Ávila.

Of that specialty the areas are nurtured dedicated to the maintenance of lines and of service to the clients, the directive of the school assured whose collective, with 17 workers, became accrediting in the 2009 of the condition of the Moncadist Center of the union emulation.

For their educational and practical classrooms or attributed units receive qualification or electrical recalification of substations, readers collectors, inspectors or dispatchers.

The linemen that studied preparation in the facility cooperated to that Camagüey shows the 95 of its electrified territory, elevate at 10 226 the number of state consumers and at 238 421 in the residential one.

Osmar Moisés Charles who funge like linemen professor since a quater of century , highlighted that it is an occupation that requires dedication, interest and a lot of value.(Enrique Atiénzar)

Rain absence commits cane seed in Camagüey

When the cane seed charges intensity in the county of Camagüey, the germination of the seeds is very committed due to the absence of rains that propitiate the bud of the plants.

The termination of the sugar harvest allows that a bigger quantity of workers sinks to the task, besides teams for the preparation of the land, and in the last days the average overcomes the 100 hectares.

However, the farmers look concerned the brotation lack in the surfaces planted from the second dozen of May, which have not been benefitted by the precipitations.

We wait rains in these days to have security with the sowed fields, said to the AIN Ramón Campanioni, of the direction of cane of the Sugar Managerial Group (GEA) Camagüey.

From January the territory watered seeds in three thousand 273 hectares that means a slight backwardness in connection with that planned up to now, according to the room of control of the GEA, and of this surface some 500 were planted in the four initial months of the year in lands with irrigable.

But the fields from ends of April in unirrigated land areas have been affected in more or smaller measure by the dry station.

Campanioni pointed out that the work is carried out with seeds punished by the drought, that which indicates that they don't have the good quality, because many of the fields dedicated to the production of seeds were very damaged for hurricanes of 2008.

Although the situation is complex, Camagüey has advance in the earth preparation, so much in the one furrowed for the immediate plantation as in the breaking new ground for that of the second semester.

In the year the county should achieve 13 thousand 479 hectares, inferior in more than thousand to that gotten in 2009. (Lucilo Tejera Díaz)

jueves, 27 de mayo de 2010

Workers of the tobacco in Camagüey, more productive and more competitive

Men who work with the tobacco in Camagüey overdrying with more than a million bent tobaccos.

With the execution of their seed plans, storing, benefit and production, men who work with the tobacco in Camagüey arrives to their day, May 29, dates in that the union leader's birthday Lázaro Peña is commemorated who from its spindle occupation, knew how to defend to cotter blow the rights of the workers.

Farmers of Camagüey, linked to the sector, achieved the successful seed of the little one more than 80 hectares (there is) committed, of which 33.55 ha were for the Covered system, for the obtaining of layers, in the municipality of Sierra de Cubitas, and the rest planted to sun in stick, in that own territory, in Esmeralda and in Guáimaro.

Marledy Menéndez, directress in functions of the company of Tobaccos Camagüey, specified that at the moment they work in the storing and benefit of the leaf, to complete, in coming July, in the chosen of the territory, those more than 1 800 foreseen quintals.

In the industrial part, overdrying the production with more than a million 100 thousand bent tobaccos, so far, in the three factories of the county, the “Rolando Valdivia” in Florida, the “Hatuey”, in Sibanicú and “The Furrow”, in the city of Camagüey, center this last winner of the emulation for the date. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)

miércoles, 26 de mayo de 2010

Camagüey finished the vaccination against Influenza A (H1N1)

As successful was qualified the vaccination against the Influenza A (H1N1) in this county, to the closing of second o'clock and last stage. The figure foreseen in a first court of people conceived by groups of risk overcame the expectations amply when being immunized more than 76 thousand of people of Camagüey.
The doctor Rita María Ferrán, vicedirector of Transferable Illnesses of the Provincial Center of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Microbiology (CPHEM), gave to know that in spite of such results, the hygienic measures continue as via of first order to prevent the illness and that as in the rest of the country, the county has the medications, hospital institutions and workers of the sector required to face the pandemic.
All this without forgetting the imperious necessity that once affected the person with a sharp breathing infection (ANGER) early should go to the doctor, and to stop to attend the educational or labor centers, as it is the case.
The doctor Ferrán assured that the used inoculation, the Pandemrix of the Glaxo Smithkline, donated by the OMS/OPS and obtained with fractioned virus and inactivated, produced the common adverse reactions as in any other vaccine.(Olga Lilia Vilató)

Camagüey applies with success the corneal refractive surgery with laser

The application of the corneal refractive surgery with laser constitutes an achievement of the oftalmologic discipline in the Provincial Hospital Manuel Ascunce Domenech, and puts of relief the results of the territory of Camagüey in the operations of that type.

The Doctor Elías Cardoso, boss of that specialty in Camagüey, explained that the technique is very expensive, of having proven effectiveness, and facilitates the treatment of the refractive defects known by Myopia, Hypermetropia and Astigmatism.

Cardoso also aimed that the resource offers better covering to the affected area, diminishes the postoperative nuisances, at the same time that recognized the competition of the oculists trained in that to proceed surgical.

A hundred of people has recovered the vision from the beginning of the last year of the corneal refractive surgery in the Oftalmologic Center of Camagüey, and at the moment the diagnosis of the patients was increased with visual affectation in the initial stages of the illness, what facilitates bigger success in the surgical intervention. (Alexander López Almaguer.)

Students of medicine of Camagüey celebrated Argentina`s Bicentennial

Tribune of solidarity with Cuba and with the fair causes of the planet became the celebration in the University of Medical Sciences Carlos J. Finlay of this county of the Bicentennial of the beginning of the emancipated gestes in Argentina, happened fact on May 25 ,1810.

The Argentinean youth Juan Tejerina, third year student, said that this date doesn't only inaugurate the one on the way to the independence in its country, but rather it is also associated to the fights in Latin America against the Spanish colonialism.

It is moving to celebrate it in Cuba, in the earth where was consecrated the Che like revolutionary, underlined the future physician.

During the antimperialist meeting, scholarship holders of several nationalities also expressed their back to the Puerto Rican students that continue challenging to the government's American neocolonial prepotency, and refuse to that the public education disappears in the small Caribbean island.

Equally one mentioned to the anniversary 47 of the creation of the African Union and students of that continent thanked to Cuba for their contribution internationalist to the independence of Angola, Ethiopia, Namibia and finally of the Apartheid in Sudáfrica.

The Argentinean students dedicated to the bicentennial of the beginning of the independentist geste, an exhibition of crafts, musical instruments and typical suits of the southern country, and made a demonstration of dances as the samba-cueca and the emblematic tango.

In the “Carlos J Finlay”, of Camagüey, are formed as professionals more than 300 youths coming from the Republic of Argentina.

martes, 25 de mayo de 2010

Will have attractive proposed Festival of Theater in Camagüey

With a homage to the beloved actor René de la Cruz and a great opening pastreet in the Square San Juan de Dios, in the capital of Camagüey, will begin May 29 the XIII edition of the Festival of Theater of Camagüey, one of the biggest events in the scenic panorama that returns for approval of our cultural movement with 18 assemblies of national production in competition and a theoretical event on the dramatic chore in the Island.

Works for children and proposals for adults appear in the competitive program that will evaluate the main jury integrated for critical, designers, playwrights and directors among those that are counted Amado del Pino, Juan Carlos Cremata, Abel González Melo and Frank Padrón.

The ten days that will have as headquarters the Main Theater, the Guiñol of Camagüey, The Age of Gold, Theater of the Wind and different squares of the city of Camagüey will serve equally from encounter to specialists and investigators that will approach different thematic centered - in their majority - in the roads of the current Cuban theater.

Presentations of books, magazines and projections of audiovisual, documental and teletheaters will also surround, in a colateral way, to the appointment, scenary of dialogues and exchanges for happening theatrical.

A gift to the village in absolute premiere

By:Yamila Cruz Romero / Camagüey Television

The premier of the documentary "Enrique the American", of the maker Eduardo of the Tower, was the beginning of the day of documentaries that is developed in Camagüey from the 24 to May 28 . The room New World was the scenary of so important event.

An entire homage to Henry Reeve, one of the heroes that fought in the wars of independence is the topic of the audiovisual one.

The producer house Latin World plays the presentation, this institution up to its birthday 24 with great professional experience, and dedicates its work to the diffusion of videos and documentaries was and inside the country, in these moments works in projects of supreme importance for the county of Camagüey, according expressed its General Director Omar Olazábal Rodríguez.

Since its creation, it has produced hundreds of materials of different thematic; social, cultural, historical among other, standing out series dedicated to Cuban personalities as "Cuban in First Plane."

The artistic kitchen opens step in Camagüey

An artistically worked pumpkin.

Hardly some months ago was the first contact with the specialists of the tourist pole of the Beach Santa Lucía, where skilled chefs and professors of the Hotel School of the town showed all that one can make in culinary ornamental matter, with imagination, desires and the available resources, mainly vegetables.

Chosen cooks of the whole county went to that encounter with the spirit of learning everything, until the elaboration of the cotters, kitchen knives and other instruments with those which to make attractive figures, almost all groceries.

Then they met with other practitioners of the occupation in the House of the Chef of the city of Camagüey, headquarters of the Culinary Association of this county, to begin a cycle of shops for all the municipalities that has not still finished.

The main objective, as Teófilo Ramón , president of this entity explains, it is “to develop among our more than four thousand affiliated the abilities to consolidate and to maintain the practice of the artistic kitchen, not alone in the net of hotels and restaurants for the international tourism, but for the population's gastronomic facilities.”

The parakeet is also of pumpkin.

Martin Urdelino, a chef of Camagüey of wide international experience, affirmed that the culinary artistic decoration should be generalized until in our homes, because few know what can be made in this sense, simply having a pumpkin, cucumbers and carrots, alone is necessary to put to work the imagination.

All that is to set and to please the tasting of foods in the table is welcome. Of what is now is of generalizing this practice in all the restaurants of Camagüey.(Jorge Luis Peix Agüero)

viernes, 21 de mayo de 2010

Meteor 2010: People of Camagüey gets ready to face disasters

Of first order the performance of the firemen in the Meteor 2010.

Theoretical and practical Trainings, for the reduction of vulnerabilities in correspondence with the dangers of disasters, previously identified, constitute primordial objective of the Exercise Meteor 2010, from this Friday in the county of Camagüey.

It is conceived that in each demarcation of Camagüey the Council of Municipal Defense completes, besides the planned rehearsal, tasks directed to the formation and instruction of the brigades and groups that act in situations of earthquakes.

As was published in recent Informative Round Table of Cuban Television, formations of Camagüey of the Civil Defense will complete rescue missions, salvage medical attendance and of the diffusion means, among other, in the event of seismic affectations in the oriental area of the country.

It is for it that one of the actions to cover during the Meteor 2010, that will extend until Sunday, will be the mockery of people's rescue caught under the brashes and the desobstaculization and cleaning in areas affected by a telluric movement.

Formations of Canine Technique will act, savermen of the Red Cruz, of Interior Order and Firemen, among other participants. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz)

Farmers of Camagüey committed to overcome contribution of foods

Antonio Delgado Sánchez, president of the ANAP in Camagüey.

The condition of Outstanding county that was granted to Camagüey in the final session of the X Congress of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP), constitutes a challenge for the peasants of the territory who receive it with the commitment of contributing this year adults volumes of foods for the town.

Antonio Delgado Sánchez, president of the ANAP in Camagüey, said that to assure that zeal the individual and collective commitments were already evaluated in the 283 rural cooperatives of the county, and in all the cases the disposition was ratified of overcoming the productions of the 2009.

The farmers of Camagüey plan to increase the production of milk in about ten million liters, believe conditions to increase the collection of rice, and also to elevate the deliveries of swinish meat, vaccinates and ovine-caprine.

That productive force contributes more than 70 percent of the milk and of the several cultivations that are harvested in the territory. (Eric Pacheco Fandiño)

jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

Increase patrimonial values of Provincial Museum in Camagüey

Several contributions to the Provincial Museum Ignacio Agramonte, enhanced the celebration here of the International Day of that type of cultural institution.

At once central for the date, the plastic artist Guillermo López gave a collection of 24 paintings conceived by students of the Vocational School of Art Luis Casas Romero who at the moment integrate the artistic vanguard of the region, among them Nazario Salazar, Orestes Larios, Oscar Rodríguez Lasseria and Gustavo Pérez.

On the other hand, Alina García, vice-president of the filial of Camagüey of the Geologic Society of Cuba, donated to the series stored in the property 14 rocks and minerals, inside those that an exponent of magnesy native of the only location of that existent element stands out in Cuba and coming from this county.

Among the assistants to the celebration of Camagüey for the International Day of the Museums, the investigating Ana María Pérez Pino was who worked during many years in union of the Historian of the City, Gustavo Sed Nieves, already deceased.

The day of commemoration of May 18 incorporates to those carried out during the present year, in greeting to the anniversary 55 of the Provincial Museum, to take place next December 23.
(Yolanda Ferrera Sosa)

Surrender homage to José Martí in Camagüey

Poems and songs, in the voices of those who are the hope of the world, tinged the homage to José Martí, National Hero of the Republic of Cuba in the anniversary 115 of his fall in combat in Two Ríos, in the current county of Granma.

In the park that takes his name in the provincial capital and in presence of the Commandant Faure Chomón Mediavilla, Deputy to the National Assembly of the Popular Power for Camagüey and Julio Cesar García, Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in the territory, the distinction "Virtues Martianas. " was given.

Granted by the Union of Communist Youths and the Juvenile Movement dedicated to the Apostle, the recognition relapsed among others in students of the secondary education, stocking and superior, professors, workers of the health and combatants of the Revolutionary Armed forces who stand out for their revolutionary trajectory, their responsibility and their incondicionality before the study, the work and the defense of the Homeland. (Mariela Peña Seguí)

miércoles, 19 de mayo de 2010

To take off the basement

Results of Camagüey in the XIX National Festival of Telecenters

By:Yoelxy Pilliner López

The people of Camagüey Jorge Alberto Campanería Peña, Fidela Herrera Morán, Yaritza Rivero Peña and María Elena Javier Mora were rewarded in the recently concluded National Festival of Telecenters, taken place in the City of Havana, capital of the country.

The great gladness obtained to Campanería when running off with with the First place with the work "Gallery City" in the category of cultural program, material that was multiprized - including in great prize - in the provincial Festival of Camagüey Television , hall of this great event. "Gallery… also obtained the Colateral Prize of the Provincial Center of Theater of City of the Havana and a Mention in the category of Presentation and farewell of programs. Another of the recognitions reached by this maker was thanks to the work "Cafe cinema" in the category of Film Program. The emotions overflowed the face of this winning one, máxime when the reached prizes were not expected, keeping in mind that competed in one of the most difficult categories: cultural programs , where the great quality of the works prevailed in competition.

The palms also for Fidela Herrera Morán and Yaritza Rivero Peña, this last of the municipal Nuevavisión Telecenter in the northern municipality of Nuevitas. Both obtained Second Places in the categories scientific-technician Program ("Clearing X") and informative Program of opinion (" Count Clear") respectively. Fidela once again conquered the same place that in the previous edition; also, she also repeats with the Colateral Prize of the CITMA for the promotion and conservation of areas and protected reservations. On the other hand, Yaritza Rivero ascends to alone a step of the highest thing, since last year reached a Mention with the same program, this time with a very well-known but not very worn-out topic: the architectural barriers. Although both didn't participate to the appointment, the satisfaction and the happiness were very glistening in their semblances.

The great surprise contributed María Elena Javier Mora of Santa Cruz of the South when receiving the Third Place in the Documental category with the work "Without view to the sea" whose topic was the flight of the sinister one "Paloma" transformed into hurricane by this southern municipality one year later. The immense non alone recognition for this woman but stopsher reduced work team (cameraman and editor); because, the only made of sharing the podium with a house producer specialized in this gender like the Mountain Television, to rub shoulders among the most experienced provincial and municipal telecenters in the country, and to compete in another of the most difficult categories - keeping in mind the structure of that community - changes the value of that result for the highest prize that can receive, alone them but also the town Santa Cruz.

This year the result of the county improved in comparison to the previous one. To take off the basement (place 16) to ascend to the tenth place deserves a recognition, however, are inconforms . Television Camagüey has a community of professionals of high kilates that maintained to the vanguard the name of our county in previous years. The reached prizes could be the catalyst that impels to the rest of the makers to work with the rigor that is required, so that in the XX National Festival of Telecenters Holguín 2011 Camagüey returns to stellar planes.

martes, 11 de mayo de 2010

Carlos Bustillos inaugurates personal exhibition "Simply women"

The artist of the plastic inaugurated Simply women the personal exhibition in Ignacio Agramonte`s native house in the city of Camagüey.

By: Aymee Amargós / Television Camagüey

The painter Carlos Bustillos captures in a singular way the feminine universe. It is a luck for the people of Camagüey to have his works in the exhibition. “Simply Women”. In Ignacio Agramonte`s native house 22 squares illustrates the multiple roads that can assume the women.

Heir of an universal art, the painter from Havana knows how to find in the handling of lines and colors expressive freedom, in his insatiable search.

In the pieces he uses mixed technique. With fineness, he comes closer to the public and shows through the paintbrush the feminine attributes with the feature common of the sensual and enigmatic.

Carlos Bustillos interweaves the feminine spirit and its adorned secrets. In the exhibition Simply women recreate the difficult simplicity of the beauty.

Camagüey will be the headquarter of the International Festival Boleros of Gold

The XXIII edition of the International Festival Boleros of Gold will gather in next June to the lovers of the gender, in a space that will surrender homage to Mexico and the Cuban singer Omara Portuondo.

Also, the activity will extend to scenaries of the counties of Santiago of Cuba, Holguín, Camagüey, Ciego of Ávila, Sancti Spíritus, Villa Clara and Cienfuegos.

Composers, interpreters, investigators and public in general will enjoy the performances of the best exponents in that modality in the island and the foreigner's companies.

The event will have as headquarters the theaters of the capital Mella, America and Karl Marx, as well as night centers of recreation that habitually present this gender in its shows.

As part of the program an exhibition of Cuban plastic artists' works is included on topics of the music in the Gallery Servando Cabrera Moreno and an International Colloquy of the Bolero.

In Camagüey daughter of Cuban antiterrorist evokes example of Agramonte

René and Irmita, nephew and daughter of Cuban Hero René González.

From the plains of The Camagüey Legendary voices of young, friends of Cuba, representatives of more than 50 nationalities, ran off with this Sunday to demand justice and freedom for René, Ramón, Fernando, Gerardo and Antonio.

Until the Herdsman of Jimaguayú, where fell in combat the Mayor General Ignacio Agramonte, arrived after going up the Turquino Pick, Irmita González, daughter of René, one of the Five Cuban Heroes, imprisoned in the United States.

“To climb the Turquino, the biggest height in the Island, has been an extraordinary experience”, René González`s daughter comments.

“We share the days in the counties of Santiago of Cuba and Granma, with the three Argentinean youths that climbed Aconcagua Pick. Until the Turquino, we take the flag of The Five, and the one that they ascended to the Andean Mountain range.”

To Camagüey also arrived, René, nephew of René González who takes his uncle's name with pride: “It is the first time that I come to Camagüey, but with many expectations to know the city, and to walk with the foreign youths until the place where Ignacio Agramonte fell , to from there to surrender pays the Hero from the Camagüey and also to demand my uncle's freedom and his four partners."

Irmita González, excited, evokes the symbolism that The Adult means in the fight for his father's liberation and the rest of the Cuban patriots, wrongly imprisoned for more than eleven years.

“I dare to speak on behalf of The Five, because The Adult's legacy has a lot of force, and becomes symbol in this fight; because we fight With the shame! that Agramonte fenced like foreign currency.

“For me has so much meaning that I have always said that wanted to have two children, to name them Amalia and Ignacio, in homage to the patriots of Camagüey…”

In Camagüey, Irmita, Olga Salanueva and René González`s daughter, meant that his mom will continue insisting before the North American government, so that grant him the visa that have denied to visit René in the prison in 13 occasions.

“My mother, will follow the fight to see René, the same as Adriana Pérez, to who the American government has also denied him reiteratly the right of sharing with her husband Gerardo Hernández. We will never give for conquered.

“My dad is hoping I will visit him, possibly in August, so that I count him of this experience, of ascending to the Turquino with the Argentinean youths, and to go until the Herdsman of Jimaguayú with the foreign students."(Miozotis Fabelo Pinares)

viernes, 7 de mayo de 2010

Pervive tradition of the flowers in the month of May

Butterfly - National Flower - Cuba La presence of the flowers for the Day of the Mothers one of those traditions that varied with the years in Santa Clara, but pervive according to the features of each generation becomes.

Marta Anido, investigator of the popular culture in the city, related to the AIN that several decades behind on second Saturday of May the Dance of the flowers was made, where some youths danced sones, danzones and waltzes, effective habit in some municipalities of Villa Clara.

A great verbena for the coming of so important day, added, it began in the night schedule, for when the windows of the city were already decorated with the most diverse initiatives, the mannequins were placed so that they represented the united family and they didn't lack the flowers.

I nest it remembers, also that to the park Leoncio Vidal many salespersons of carnations converged, and people bought, so much white as red, to denote if the mothers had died or they were alive.

The handiworks were very common for this date, added, the children carried out postcards and baskets with tapes, and in the morning went next to the mom to give him the surprises and got dressed with cloths similar to those that used.

The rescue of some of these traditions is fundamental, underlined, because with it the city safeguards values as the simplicity, the sincerity and the humility that sometimes get lost with the intentions of giving an expensive gift.

Roses, gladioluses, sunflowers, daisies, don't lack for the delivery of a gift in the commemoration, detail that causes that May becomes the month of the flowers doubly, for questions of the nature and for the Day of the Mothers. (María Victoria González Clavero / AIN)

Cuban intellectuality ratifies disposition from the culture to defend the Revolution

The national presidency of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), headed by Miguel Barnet, ratified in Camagüey the condemnation of the Cuban intellectuality to the mediatic campaign against the country.

The above-mentioned showed this Thursday in the appointment of that organization that welcomed the capital of Camagüey to evaluate the labor of the work commissions after the Seventh Congress, carried out in the 2008.

In the meeting also surrendered count the Provincial Committee of the UNEAC in Camagüey that accumulates a sustained work in different artistic manifestations.

RobertoVarela, vice-president of the organization, referred to the necessity of fomenting culture spaces in each territory, decentralized of the Cuban capital, opinion that raised different interventions that put to the Provincial Committee of Camagüey like example in such a purpose.

It is - the participants coincided - of consolidating results and feasible roads so that the existent talents in the counties charge bigger protagonism in the cultural development of the nation.

In the conclusions of the encounter the maximum representative of the writers and Cuban artists, Miguel Barnet, made stress in the importance of maintaining the culture like a banner to defend to the Revolution.

Camagüey was an excellent headquarters for the National Meeting of the presidency of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, exchange that provided to the membership of the organization of new contents and goals in its indispensable social function. (Yamylé Fernández Rodríguez)

Recover matters cousins in Camagüey thinking of future

[The use of ferrous scrap contributes to the environmental preservation]

More than for their substitutes economic results, the Company of Recovery of Matters Cousins in Camagüey (ERMPC) stands out for their deep work in the rescue and the preservation of the environment, one of the main objectives of their work, as workers and directive affirm.

Sustained efforts in the promotion of the good use of habits and conservation of the non renewable resources, and work guided to the development of a culture of the integral recycling, especially in the communities and student centers distinguish the work of the ERMPC and have been worth multiple recognitions granted so much by the Ministry of Science Technology and Environment of Cuba (CITMA), like for international conservationist entities.

To the obtaining of the National Prize of Quality and the nomination to that reward at Ibero-American level sinks also the one sustained work that carries out the institution to reach and to maintain the norms of quality and efficiency ISO 9001, 18001 and 14001, this last one referred in particular to the environmental protection and already in evaluation process and certification on the part of the corresponding authorities.

“The work not only guided to the protection of the environment in the productive facilities but in the whole territory of the county constitutes a priority of first order for our company” highlights Jesus Rodríguez García, director of Supervision and Control of the ERMPC. “It is this way not for the derived economic benefits of the scrap and other waste generated by the human activity, but for the conscience of the harmful effect that could produce not to be recovered on time and with the biggest efficiency.”

“There one of the main taxes that our company can make to the country resides: to preserve a healthy environment and protected for the current and future generations.”(Amaury Valdivia)

jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010

Devote canturies to country music

The canturies are part of CUBADISCO. This year is devoted to country music. An example of the genre are the repentistas of Camagüey Nelson Lima and Héctor Peláez.

By:Aymee Amargós / Televisión Camagüey

The sudden creation and improvisation in tenths is practiced throughout the country as if it were part of everyday life. In this genre, Nelson Lima and Héctor Peláez are known for their improvisational ability, fine humor and very technical. Two repentists of Camagüey comes, very young, the soul of a poet.

Nelson tells us, that heard much on radio programs and so farmers began to be interested in this kind of music.

But Peláez as a child consisted tenths.

They consider that the most important is the art of saying.

Some time ago young faces are part of his group, their teachings have spread to the family.

Besides natural talents, everybody gets ready to grow steadily gender. I like to improvise on the picturesque landscape poetry.

Héctor Peláez and Nelson Lima are in the house of the Tenth Ibero-America, based in the Tunas and the Ibero-American center and the tenth verse improvised based in the capital.

"A good repentist must study hard, the most important is the music and content of each verse" -. says Lima - "The two must go hand in hand to achieve harmony."

As usual these poets participating in the repentists program peasant "Amorosa Guajira" Television Camagüey and "Mural Campesino" of Radio Cadena Agramonte.

Sounds the lute in a forum and people expect so they will say is that the sudden and country music has an important place in the taste of the Cuban people.

martes, 4 de mayo de 2010

Minas sings to the prodigious decade

Openly, as the one who wants the things, Double impact defends the prodigy of one decade. Born in the year 2002, starting from the dream that for separate members hummed, the musical group of Minas has honored its ownership to the movement of artists fond with a liking shared by many Cubans: the music that in the years ‘60 and ‘70 of last century delighted, fell in love and convinced.

With some instruments of the House of the municipal Culture and other own ones—as old as the golden times of Anduriña—, the five musicians fill in the local panoram a very claimed space by a kind and simple town, given to the direct verse and the pleasant melody.

“We have in the repertoire more than thirty topics of this stage—Albio Yorka Cañizares the baterist, comments—and we generally present ourselves in the rock of the decade, the House of the Culture, the cabaret The Terrace and in other activities in the municipality.”

Every year is seen and listened in the festival of the song and they have also been applauded in the city of Camagüey, the same thing in the event of the UNEAC “Looking for talents” that in activities of the week of the culture and in veiled of hotel facilities.

The bassoonist and singer José Rabel Pardo refers the exchanges of the group with noted professional formations in music's type like Girón, The siblings Of the Tower, The Gemes, Contact and The Kini. These encounters, in public, have left in them interesting experiences and in the visitors have caused the astonishment of seeing how there is still who sing the decade to the old one, “to clean guitar.”

Although the gray-headed and the baldness are taken well with the red globes, they understand the obladí obladá language and they accustom to wander for San Francisco, this group and their music are not patrimonies of the past. Often they make activities for the youths, and the own conformation of Double Impact is very interesting: the prima guitar is 30 years old, the accompanying guitar was rocker, and the tumbator that integrates a grouping folckloric, is also a conguero that felt call, for the roots of our other cultural tree.

Assisted by their instructor Yetsibé Gómez, José, Albio, Roberto, Fernando and José Ramón perhaps one day will feel The Formula V, other Los Brincos, an afternoon they will inspire by The Brave or maybe in The Mustang, one night they will dream to be The Ángel and until The Beatles… with the only pretense of making a little happier to near people. That is sublime, as a pregnant concert of scores of Mozart! (Enrique Milanes León)

lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

Honored in China outstanding ceramist of Camagüey

As an indicator of the universality of her creations, two works of the artist of Camagüey Martha Jiménez, were rewarded in the Biennial Segunda and International Exhibition of Contemporary Teapots Artistic of Shanghai, China.

The ceramic vessels show the cubany and the Latin American art, in a beautiful mixture that she invites to share an autochthonous cup of Tea.

Jiménez is the only creator from the Caribbean rewarded in the event that began the past 27, and to the one that attended after being selected in a competition carried out at the beginning of year in that Asian country.

The Biennial included an exhibition of 100 vessels of same number of countries of five continents, with the objective of contributing - through the ceramic - to the cultural harmony and the tolerance in the world.

The ceramist of Camagüey Martha Jiménez will converge with her works to the eighth edition of Shanghai 2010 that will take place from the 12 to May 16, considered among the most important annual artistic events in Asia.(Lázaro David Najarro Pujol)

Camagüey voted well in second turn of elections

The second turn of the municipal elections was developed in Camagüey in a favorable way in all the foreseen schools, as valued the Provincial Electoral Commission (CEP).

Tania Rodríguez Mexidor, president of the CEP, said to the AIN that almost opened those 500 schools that should intervene in the votes during that day.

In second turn the territory presented 164 districts and one in first beat, this last one authorized by the National Electoral Commission, because could not carry out the vote the past April 25 for the death of one of the candidates.

That case demanded of a new assembly of neighbors in the demarcation, located in the municipality of Santa Cruz del Sur, to nominate a postulate.

The electoral authority stood out that was activated and the whole system of communications worked without problems, transport and of support of the organizations of masses of the community.

For this day were summoned to return to the urns more than 162 thousand voters.

In the initial turn the participation in the vote arrived to 94,29 percent of the census.

Camagüey should choose in the elections a thousand 008 delegates to the municipal assemblies of the Popular Power. (Lucilo Tejera Díaz / AIN)

sábado, 1 de mayo de 2010

Camagüey in forceful response to Yankee interference and the European Union

About 400 000 people in Camaguey parade this May Day,the squares and public arenas of the 13 municipalities of the province, with the central theme: the face of Yankee interference and the European Union: Unity!.

The marches will be led by a bloc of women from all employment sectors and the social and mass organizations, and initiatives and add a special touch of color and excitement to the streets of Camaguey all territories.

the rejection of the media campaign against our country, and support economic transformations under way to improve the Cuban socialist model, are among the motivations of Camaguey to celebrate the International Day of
the working class.

In the municipality of Camagüey, the Revolution Square Major General Ignacio Agramonte y Loynaz, will house about 200 thousand workers and their families grouped into 20 blocks composed of workers from 18 unions, and a block of solidarity that Cuba make friends in several countries.

The labor movement of Camagüeyano reaches International Workers Day with the sweet taste of compliance with the sugar production plan and significant progress in food production. (Eric Pacheco Fandiño)