miércoles, 10 de febrero de 2010

Visual disabled of Camagüey the most outstanding in Cuba

For third serial year, Oslaida Mesa Guevara, from Camagüey the most outstanding woman was selected in the Blinds National Association (ANCI)

With low vision, Mesa Guevara is retired teacher, carries out the secretary of Culture in the municipality of Florida, integrates the Provincial Council of the ANCI and participates actively in the theater events, music and literature that develops the Association.

She also integrates the Municipal Committee of the Federation of Cuban Women and carries out the secretary of Work in one of the blocks of the area where she resides, besides participating, with her handmade works, in the national encounters of creative women.

During the 2009, she also attended as direct delegate to the Congress of the FMC, in which represented the women with visual disable who more and more are integrated to the society.
(Félix Milián )

Apply measures against A H1N1 in schools of Camagüey

The active invastigation constitutes one of the main actions that develop the teachers in this county, to counteract the infection with the influenza A H1N1.

The measure, applied in all the educational centers, consists on the epidemic surveillance for each teacher to detect symptoms of sharp breathing infection in the students when entering to the school or in the classroom, said Francisco Díaz Leal, advisory of School Health in the territory.

Before a sign of contamination proceeds immediately to the suspension of the students and communicate the relatives their state of health, so that they receive immediate medical care.

The training and preparation of the educational ones, workers and students, and the increase of the sanitation of the schools and their external areas, there are also included inside the actions that carry out the addresses of Education and of Public Health in the county of Camagüey.

Another adopted measure in the student centers of the territory, resides in the popularization of the frequent laundry of the hands with soap, to move away from people that have breathing infections, not to share foods, glasses and cutleries, to ventilate the closed places, when coughing or to sneeze to turn the head toward an elbow or to use handkerchiefs.

Díaz Leal added that a conscience of respect should be created to the health of the other through the responsibility, and stiller in the schools where children cohabit and young with high vulnerability.(Yaniuska Macías Rivero)