miércoles, 3 de noviembre de 2010

Square of the Freedom gets ready for Party of the Earthenjar

Camagüey- A rejuvenate plan continues through the Avenue and the Square of the Freedom, the first sector of the city of Camagüey where - in the colonial time - the ordinance was applied of building external portals in the properties.

The two public spaces are the center of the neighborhood of The Charity, been founded in the XVIII century in a near area to the area proclaimed in the Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity 2009 .

According to that foreseen, the work will conclude with view to the Party of the Earthenjar, programmed cultural and sport event of the 7 at 13 in this month, with the main headquarters in the two mentioned segments and in tracts of traverse streets.

In the work the painting of facades prevail, communicated the máster Aileen María González, directress of projects in the Office of the Historian of the City of Camagüey (OHCC).

González underlined that the task of more span is the repair of more than 10 of the roofs of the portals, included in some the demolition and total substitution .

The OHCC and forces of the Ministry of the Construction attack the task, which will restore a quantity of stars in an ulterior stage - of fused iron - moved away by serious deterioration.

The III Body of the mambí Army entered December 30 ,1898 for that Avenue at Camagüey, and January 4, 1959 the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro pronounced in the Square his first speech in territory of Camagüey, in one of the scales of the itinerary of the Rebellious caravan of the east to the occident of Cuba. (Adolfo Silva Silva)

Swinish development in Vertientes strengthens alimentary Program

Camagüey - The swinish development in the peasant cooperative sector and of the municipality of Vertientes, in the county of Camagüey, can be exemplified through the experience and the love to work Rolando Pacheco, one of the best breeders in pigs of the Cooperative Juan Manuel Márquez, located not much more than 26 kilometers of the provincial head.

With more than 25 years in the agricultural chores, Pacheco works in his property “The Marías”, of two extension chivalries (26,84 hectares), where the several cultivations, the cane and the corn are fomented, to obtain 30 percent of the supplements that complete the system of feeding of the pigs, which are raised in a built ship with family effort, with capacity for 80 animals.

Also supported by his family this producer is very efficient in the tomato obtaining, when surpassing the 400 quintals of the vegetable surrendered to the state in each crop.

With traditional methods of breeding, in each agreement stage with the State feeds 80 pigs - in a period of four months -, with some seven tons of meat of total production, what highlights the potentialities of this project for the swinish development in Cuba.

Pacheco manifested that the foods for his herd are elaborated handmadely in his property, as long as the medications - when are necessary - he obtains them in the swinish Company of Camagüey.

The commitment of to continue linked to the agricultural works represents for the rural Rolando Pacheco the opportunity to support the alimentary program and the substitution of imports, the workers' of the cooperative sector fundamental objectives in the means south of Camagüey. (Fernando Capote Taño).