jueves, 1 de octubre de 2009

With competitive novelties National Championship of Football

Camagüey will open at home in front of Holguín

With evening parties in eight towns of the country, will give beginning next Saturday the event summit of the Cuban football, one of the oldest of the continent that will introduce face changes to the Youths Olympic Games to take place in Singapore in this occasion. As Victor Aragon ,vice-president of the Cuban Association of Football (ACF) explained , one of the novelties is that a total of 53 players born in 1992 and understood in the next olympic preliminary round, they will play at least a time with his respective teams.

Of here the eligible names will come out to the summery appointment, initiative of the International Olympic Committee (COI) that will have their first edition in the Asian southeast.

The young boys constitute 11,7% of the total of participants in the national championship and next to the players of the substitute category, they make that the age average is of 22,7 years, although in the lid are also inscripted 38 football players that overcome the 30 years (8, 9%).

The rest of the changes resides in the authorization to move balls in three new lands, as the cases of Media Luna in Granma, Gibara in Holguín and the School of Sport Initiation (EIDE) of Santa Clara, Villa Clara.
The opening act will take place in the stadium Luis Pérez Lozano of the splendid champion Cienfuegos who will receive to Pinar del Río.

Camagüey, third place of the edition 94, will open up at home in front of Holguín, while the rest of the cases will play them Havana-industrial, City of The Havana-Matanzas, Island de la Juventud - Villa Clara, Those Tuna-Granma, Santiago de Cuba-Ciego de Ávila and Guantánamo-Sancti Spíritus. (Oreidis Pimentel Pérez )

Compete solutions of housings in Camagüey

Eighteen works of alternative solutions of the housing, will be presented tomorrow Thursday in the First Provincial workshop of Projects on the pressing topic in the city of Camagüey.

Winning reports of the program of the Architect of the Community, the System of the Housing, the entity main designer EPIA Eleven and of the Ability of Architecture of the University of Camagüey, they will compete in the event favored by the National Institute of the Housing, the Front of Projects and the Union of Architects and Engineers of the Construction in Cuba (UNAICC).

The architect Margarita de la Cruz Estenoz, integral of the Filial UNAICC in the county, manifested that the shop pursues to rescue the use of the elements of natives mud of the territory in the construction of walls, walls, covered and even in foundation, less expensive and durable as reveal the historical architecture of Camagüey.

All the designs are sustained in the saving, the substitution or the combination of deficit elements as the steel, the wood and the cement, without leaving to a second plane the solidity, quality and functional aesthetics of the housings that are built, affirmed de la Cruz.

Another variant that will be exposed to palliate the deficit of properties, constitutes the design of houses by means of the progressive module, in accordance with the necessities, the family purchasing power and the available resources.

Camagüey, the most extensive county in Cuba, quantified 118 641 affectations of housings to consequences of floods and of the devastating step of the hurricanes Dennis, Ike and Paloma. Both last, caused severe residence damages in the municipalities of Santa Cruz del Sur and in the provincial capital.

The winning projects in the Provincial workshop, will compete in the national event announced for the first pay period of October.(Rolando Sarmiento Ricart )

Men and women of special souls

By: María del Carmen Fuentes\ Television Camagüey

. As part of the agreements of the Bolivarian Alternative for the America (ALBA) are repaired in Camagüey the special shops for dial persons, belonging to the Local Industries.

With many samples of gratefulness and satisfaction, the workers of the Special Shop of Dial persons of the city of Camagüey, receive their repaired local and with better conditions for the daily acting. Such a tonning in the image and comforts for the work is the fruit of the collaboration Cuba-Venezuela in the mark of the ALBA agreements.

"By means of these shops we are integrated to the society, we demonstrate that we can take place as anyone and we feel useful. For that reason, we will recoup this investment with the execution of the plans", it assures the invident Armando Espinosa Caballero, founder of this workshop.

Adolfo Rey Martínez, director of Local Industries in Camagüey that in this capital repair 10 000 dollars were invested and more than 17 000 pesos for the integral improvement of the property, the means and the equipment; financing contributed by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

During almost 24 months of work the structure of the building was reinforced, the cover was waterproofed and 28 new tables of work of 200 CUC were acquired each a, 51 plastic seats, three machines of sewing electric, four fans and 28 stools for the dining room, as long as the bathrooms were tiled. The width of the doors, the floor, the access free to the bathroom and the entrance ramp to the shop don't constitute architectural barriers for the 48 workers, of those which alone five don't possess physical dials.

To the closing of this year, the investment will be concluded in the 5 shops of the county.

Voluntary hundreds of working hours of the own workers of the local Industries make reality the ALBA agreements in The Adult's earth. Each one of these men and women deserve the effort.

Youths white robes of the solidarity

By: María del Carmen Fuentes\ Television Camagüey

For the first time, students of Medicine of sixth years of the carrer, will culminate it in the middle of execution of an internationalist mission. In next days more than five hundred future physicians will leave to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Integrated in the contingent "Mario Muñoz Monroy", girls and boys hardly 20 year-old are said goodbye to in their native Camagüey to be main characters of an experience without precedents in the country. It is to conclude the sixth year of the career of Medicine in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, where they will lend their services.

For Evelyn Pedroso " is a great commitment with both towns: ours and the brother from Venezuela. There we will demonstrate the high level of the Cuban school of Medicine and we will make it studying hard to conquer the exams of the last year of the career that we are crazy about. I am very excited to live this way an experience",she assured.

The forty young of Camagüey was chosen by their educational merits and trajectory like members of the Federation Student University (FEU), organization that celebrates their birthday 87. They are part of those more than five hundred students of the country that will arrive to Simón Bolívar earth to combine theory and practice improving the health of the Venezuelans in next days.

"I am sure that we will grow professional and humanly, - says with absolute certainty Maurice Deinan. To begin the acting of the medicine already facing to patient with illnesses had eradicated for many years in Cuba, it will contribute to our integral formation, besides strengthening our principles of fraternity, altruism and humanism".

As long as, Patricia Estévez, feels the high responsibility of having been chosen by her own partners like candidate to integrate this contingent. "But - she insists - I won't defraud them. Each one of my group partners will accompany me emotionally since during every year of study each other have fomented the best values of help, companionship and responsibility, and that will always be with me so that of our chore it is always spoken with love and gratefulness in Venezuela."

At the present time more than three thousand hard-working of Camagüey of the sector of the health complete internationalist missionin 47 countries. These future physicians of Camagüey incorporate to the army of white robes that puts one of the unquestionable conquests of the Cuban revolution on high: the Public Health.