jueves, 26 de agosto de 2010

Labor Estres causes exhaustion

One of the environments in the one that the human being more moves is the labor one and is in many occasions a great estres generator.

The main symptoms are exhaustion, restlessness, sensation of being in tension, tires, difficulty to concentrate and alteration of the dream.

The exhaustion caused by the estres constitutes a process that is defined like a sensation of deterioration and progressive fatigue, with eventual energy loss. In general accompanies it a marked motivation lack.

The symptoms are manifested at physical level as alterations of the dream, excessive tires, gastrointestinal dysfunctions, back pains and of head, different reactions in the skin or vague heart pains, to those that the person doesn't find them explanation.

According to the specialists, some professions for their own nature are estres source and anxiety.

The professionals of the arts and the shows, as musicians, actors and dancers that work in public, face the anxiety before and during the performance.

Among the general recommendations that are made to apply individually figure to establish priorities, to delegate tasks and to request help.

It is also advisable to share the thoughts and to communicate the concerns, to develop interests unaware to the work, to enjoy the free time and to exercise physical.

In certain cases it can be necessary the medication to treat a case of serious anxiety. In this respect should take into account that as much the antidepressants as the ansiolitics can only be prescribed by a doctor. ( Doris Hernández, AIN)

Genesis of the Cuban State: polemic in national colloquy

Camagüey. - The polemic about the birth of the Cuban State in the fights independentists of the XIX century is vivified in a national colloquy again, the next September 16 ,17 in this city.

Denominated “The mambisas constitutions and the Cuban constitucionalism”, the event will be dedicated to the anniversary 115 of the third of the four great letters of the liberal, subscribed wars September 16 1895 in the area of Camagüey of Jimaguayú.

A group of investigators of the University of Camagüey Ignacio Agramonte and Loynaz are buried in demonstrating the origin of the Cuban State scientifically in the referred century, in which arose formally with the Constitution of Guáimaro, signed April 10, 1869 in that town of the east of the county.

The máster María Eugenia Grau, member of the team, expressed the AIN that among the results of the study--even unconcluded--to argue the mentioned approach, figures the compilation of 27 laws, ordinances, resolutions, circular and regulations, applied in the practice.

Promulgated of 1869 at 1878 for the Republic in Weapons, the texts mention to topics as the administrative and judicial organization, civil marriage, public instruction, elections, internal debt, own paper currency, salaries, delegation of abilities in the Executive, mail and government printing.

Jurists' sectors, historians and politologers-- added-- differ of the hypothesis of the university community, and locate the genesis of the Cuban State in 1902, after ceasing the occupation yanki, after the Spanish colonialism.

The forum of September will approach, among other contents, diverse topics present in constitutions and legislations of the movement liberator in the Island, currents of the political thought in the XIX century, and José Martí and the Cuban Revolutionary Party. (Adolfo Silva Silva)

Guarantees the Industry of Materials in Camagüey arid for the works

Camagüey, - Near 150 000 cubic meters of selections of the stone, and artificial sand of resistance, have produced the workers of the mill Heroic Viet Nam in Camagüey.

The most important center in the Industry of Materials of the Construction in the territory, located in the rests of the Sierra de Cubitas, 35 kilometers to the north of the provincial capital, stands out for the productive efficiency by means of the electricity saving, it dilutes and the reduction of the costs.

Their 65 direct and stable workers in the production, manage them to maintain of high the obsolete industry of mixed technology, the deficit of loaders and trucks in the quarry front and, before the limitations of the plan of electric power consumption, take advantage of the stops for the opportune maintenance of the mill and their accessories.

In 1995 were supplied of water of the prey Maximum, distant 18 kilometers, but with the construction of a well in the place and the assembly of a Spanish hidrocyclon that recycles the liquid in the laundry of the sand, achieve a product of more quantity and quality.

Florentino Rodríguez Miró, administrator, highlighted the participation of those “millers” and his inventives for, in front of the limitations of pieces, to have active the stone factory and sand with more than three decades of exploitation. (Rolando Sarmiento Ricart)

Camagüey dominated the rodeo of the center-oriental area

Camagüey, - The jeans of this county confirmed their favoritism in the Tournament Center - Oriental of Rodeo with headquarters in the “it Trades July 26” of The Tunas and with more than 13 000 points classified for the phase semifinal in Sancti Spíritus.

The result validated the condition of zonal champions of the people of Camagüey and maintained The Tunas and Granma in the remaining positions.

Individually highlighted Israel Guerra in the connection of calves, Ángel Arturo Márquez in the demolish by hand of heads, Guillermo Costilla in wag the tail, the amazon Ariacné Ramírez, the referee Vicente Vera; and in the couples Francisco Blanco-Juan Guerra in double knot and Juan and Israel Guerra, father and son, in the milk of cow savage.

It is worth to highlight that three members of the team have experience in events of the Central American area as the cases of Costilla and Juan and Israel Guerra who have foreseen in the 2010 to travel to Costa Rica.

In the last national contest Camagüey concluded in the sixth position and of the 5 at September 9 will compete next to the jeans of Santic Spiritus and Havanan in search of overcoming the previous bench. (Oreidis Pimentel Pérez)