martes, 6 de octubre de 2009

And the mouths continue open, like in a silent scream

By:Ernesto Pantaleón Medina \Televisión Camagüey

According to recent data, more than a thousand million people in the entire world suffer today the biggest lash that the humanity has confronted along its history: the hunger.

One of each six people suffers it in extreme grade and die in poor countries, amid a misery without limits, in degraded lands that they don't allow to produce foods (not even some flour of corn), and in most of the places, without hopes of change as it is not to worsen.

The illusion of those starving survivors, is a miracle that makes the most fertile floors, increase the sources of water and those free of a sure death. Centuries of penuries, abandonment and ignorance don't allow them to see in government's systems, and therefore, in the economies of their countries, the essential cause.

But it doesn't happen anything, and millions of people, mainly children and old men, the weakest, fall as flies in Asia, África and Latin America, for malnutrition, parasitism, breathing or gastrointestinal infections, illnesses of very easy cure, like the Cuban doctors have demonstrated in their humanitarian mission.

A fact moves with matter it forces: the experts say that with less than one percent of what have dedicated the countries developed to save their economies of the crisis, would be solved the problem of the hunger in the planet. But it is not wanted. The formula has already been proven until the satiety, without caring consequences: more millions for the millionaire and more misfortunes for the unfortunate ones.

And as any wrong travels alone, the list is worthy of figuring in a cabinet of the count's castle Drácula: unjustified wars (or that they try to justify with incredible arguments), "intelligent" bombs, contamination and global heating, illnesses like the AIDS, hunger without limits and a hopelessly.

Anything that puts the tip hair until to an executioner of the Middle Ages, and Blanca Nieves selfsame witch would escape on board her broom, enragedly and giving horror cries.

Prepare festival of folkloric dance olorum dedicated to the rumba

The combined folkloric of Camagüey prepares the festival Olorum. The fourth edition will take place since October 17 to 20.

By: Aymee Amargós \ Televisión Camagüey

Difusor of the more authenticates traditions of the region it is the combined folkloric of Camagüey.

The collective musician of dance organizes the festival of folkloric dance OlORUM. Term of the language yoruba that means" sun, source of heat and energy.

This fourth edition is foreseen From October 17 to 20 and will be devoted to the rumba.

The party has as proposed premieres of the combined of Camagüey and the attendance of groupings and invited personalities of other counties of the country.

Several projects signan the future work of the folkloric ballet of Camagüey. Their repertoire includes more than 60 popular and contemporary works that transforms it into a representative institution of the Cuban cultural wealth.

The Festival of Folkloric Dance , will give the Prize Olorum to a personality that has been devoted, to the music or the folkloric dance.