miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2010

Specialists work in Mental Health to prevent addictions

The prevention of the illnesses caused by the consumption in excess of tobacco and alcohol, constitute one of the priorities of the Community Centers of Mental Health in Camagüey.

A multidisciplinary team, integrated by psychiatrists, technicians and nurses, develops chats and educational therapies in schools, communities and labor centers, at the same time that coordinates the treatments and the hospitalization of the patients that require this way.

The specialized teams in addictions of the community centers of mental health generally have an expert dedicated to the ceasing tobbac. The biggest demand in the confidential line is to stop to smoke, and later the problems related with the consumption of alcohol.

The biggest demand in the confidential line is to stop to smoke, and later the problems related with the consumption of alcohol.

The youths with a social behavior of risk to the additions, receive a systematic pursuit by means of the medical clinics of the family, a fact that underlines the preventive value of the Cuban medicine.

The program of Mental Health in Camagüey is also distinguished for its effectiveness in the benefit of a specialized service of consultations and consejery, the one that facilitates a more direct relationship between the professionals and the population. (Alex López Almaguer)

Recognized for its quality vegetable coal of Camagüey

Recognized for its quality, the vegetable coal of Camagüey opens up step in the export lines and presently year will repeat its plan of the 2009 of 216 tons.

Until March the Forest Company of the county counts in its to have with the delivery of four thousand sacks of coal, that is to say four of the 12 containers of the program to turn in the year.

The Company possesses three load centers and classification of the merchandise, which stands out to fulfill the international indicators of quality and presentation.

This natural product is appreciated highly in the European countries in the cooking of foods and to counteract the effects of the cold among other uses. At the moment are carried out studies to apply it in cosmetics.

The vegetable coal, as natural product, doesn't affect the environment, at the same time that contributes to diminish the marabout, main plant used for this end in the biggest island of the Antilles.( María Socarrás H. )

martes, 30 de marzo de 2010

Camagüey opens space to the visual arts

A sample of visual arts will be open today in the capital city with 54 authors' works that in its majority were students or professors of the Vocational School of Art Luis Casas Romero.

Dedicated to the anniversary 30 of the facility, the exhibition will be inaugurated in the gallery of the centric street Republic.

The convocation of the exhibition inserts the suggestion of donating the pieces to the museum Ignacio Agramonte, materialized by means of goods like the painting, sculpture, ceramic, mixed technique and photographs, the creations attest dissimilar topics, styles and expressive resources approached by several generations.

The panoramic approaches from the classic academic norms until the naturalness to break up with the traditional canons, and illustrates, in a partial way, a part of becoming of the visual arts in the territory.

One of the attractiveness of the encounter is the presence of testimonies of five persons of Camagüey seated in Havana, Agustín Bejarano, Franklin Álvarez, Alain Pine, José Antonio Hechavarria and Manuel Alcaide.

The opening act will include the delivery of recognitions to founders of the professorial cloister of the educational institution, among them, Gabriel Gutiérrez, Osvaldo Rodríguez Petit, Alberto La Red, Yolanda Ulloa and Juan Jiménez, equally reflected in the sample.

The entity Luis Casas Romero takes the name of a deceased of Camagüey that was mambí, musical composer, director of bands and founder - in 1922 in Havana -, of 2LC o'clock, first radio station with a stable programming in Cuba.

That facility is the initial stage of the system of professional artists' formation in the county, where in the sector there is also a school of half level, and the biggest branch in the Superior Institute of Art inside the country. (Adolfo Silva Silva / AIN).

Take possession of their integral positions of candidacy commission in Vertientes

By: Luis Enrique Perdomo Silva / Television Camagüey

In the municipality of Vertinetes was constituted the commission that has the high responsibility of presenting to the Municipal Assembly, the project of candidacy of President and Vice-president of the maximum organ of Government. Pablo Bustillo, to the front of the Municipal Electoral Commission, said that this important step is preceded by the nomination process where the territory registered 86 percent of attendance to the summoned Assemblies.

Representatives of the Power station of Workers of Cuba, the Committee of Defense of the Revolution, the Federation of Cuban Women and other political organizations and of masses, conform this Commission of Candidacy whose members took possession of their positions, in ceremony that had for headquarters the Sugar Union.

People that, for their virtues, merits and capacities, integrate this candidacy project and be chosen in the urns the next April 25, will be responsible for the government's address in the half southof Camagüey, for a period of two and a half years.

viernes, 26 de marzo de 2010

Concludes in Camagüey Territorial Scientific workshop of Immunology

The study of the prostate and cervic uterine cancer are a priority in Cuba, manifested Yadira Falcon Almeida.

After fruitful exchanges around the investigations that allow to achieve bigger effectiveness in the diagnosis of the cancer and the treatment of other illnesses, concluded in this capital the First Territorial Scientific workshop of Immunology.

The appointment promoted by the Center of Immunology and Biological Products of the University of the Medical Sciences Carlos J Finlay, and the statement of Immunology Camagüey-Ciego de Ávila, had the presence of specialists of Santiago de Cuba, Granma Holguín, the Havana and the county headquarters.

For its high scientific rigor were winning the works “ Vaccinates for the prostatic cancer and other neoplasias”, of the Doctor in Sciences Jesus Arturo Rush, “Relationship between the sarcoma of Kaposi and the herpes virus 8” of the Master Beatriz Mantecón and “Acuabio 1, stimulative of the Immune system” of the Doctor Amilkar Arenal Cruz.

In that context the Doctor Amiee Debesa Padilla, exposed like the antirretroviral therapy is applied in Cuba to treat people affected by the virus of the Human Inmunodeficiencia (HIV).

To that topic works were added referred to the adverse reactions taken place by some medications, the immunologic bases of the illnesses of the skin, the immunotherapy in the oncological branch, and the virus of the Human papiloma: their biology, immunology and association with the cervic uterine cancer, this last of the Graduated Alexis Gregori Caballero.

On the other hand, it was insisted in how to prevent the multiple affections caused by the Lupus Systemic Heritomatoso, the fetal anemia, the asthma and the wicked tumors, ailments that require of a good operation of the immune system to attenuate their effects in the organism.

In dialogue with the press, the Master in Sciences Yadira Falcon Almeida, directress of the Center and Immunology of Camagüey, emphasized that the study of the prostate cancer and cervic uterine are a priority starting from the increment of that illness, one of the first causes of death in the island.

At the end of the First Territorial Scientific workshop of Immunology the purpose was known of consolidating in the territory the study of technical immunologic for the realization of renal transplant, and the development of more effective therapeutic vaccines, among so much the formation of Immunologists was recognized in Camagüey, only county of the interior of Cuba that assumes that postgraduate educational activity. (Alex López Almaguer)

The lake of the swans in functions of the Ballet of Camagüey

The Ballet of Camagüey (BC) begins today performances headed by a fragment of The lake of the swans, work that for 117 years is one of the symbols of the classic dance in the orb.

Directed by Regina Balaguer, the grouping will act in the main theater, equally on Saturday at the 8 and 30 of the night.

The necessity and force of the love in the couple center the plot of the work, full with allegories, and of which the most successful in the versions is based on the choreography of Marius Petipá and Lev Ivanov, used for the first time in 1893 in the Russian city of San Petersburgo.

The danzary combined will represent the pas of trois of the first act, on Friday with Laura-Leisa Martínez - Karel Noriega, and the following day with Yanise Arderí - Rosana Beard-Annier Navarrese.

The programming also includes, among other pieces, to Puppets and Saerpil, respectively, of the Cuban Alberto Méndez and Gustavo Herrera, as well as The corsair, of Marius Petipá.

At the end of April, the BC will begin in The Tunas a cycle of tours with scales in July in Santa Clara, in August in Havana, and in December in Santiago de Cuba, Guantánamo and Holguín, as informed the direction of the cast.

Been founded in 1967, the company became the first of dance classic created by the Revolution in Cuba.(Adolfo Silva Silva / AIN)

Works of 34 authors' works in sample of the plastic in Camagüey

Works of 34 artists of the plastic of Camagüey born in the course of more than 60 years are exposed in the gallery Alejo Carpentier, with reason of the anniversary XXX of the institution. The sample contains a representativeness of essential authors, that which underlines characteristic of the work of diverse generations.

Paintings, sculptures, ceramic, drawings, facilities, sizes in wood and technical mixed are among the goods of the exhibition, programmed until ends of next month.

The deceased Jorge Santos Díaz (1922-1996) opens the group chronologically, with the square “Rural landscape number 9”, in which ratified its vehemence to approach the environment with the classic norms of the academicism, but without annulling the stamp of his creative individuality.

Victor Moreno, Joël Jover, Lorenzo Linares, Oscar Rodríguez Lasseria, Martha Jiménez, Ileana Sánchez, Orestes Larios and Nazario Salazar are also among the reflected veteran in the exhibition, denominated “Tributo.”

Joël González, Ibrahín Sorís and Juan Gutiérrez figures in the group of the beginner ones, with evidences of their solid ascent in the domain of the artistic creation.

“Tributo” mentions equally to Isabel de las Mercedes Guerra who died in the 2002, and one of the main symbols of the painting naif became in Camagüey.

Opened up in 1980, the gallery is one of the 10 entities of its type inaugurated in the country to exhibit, fundamentally, the acquired universal works reproductions of art with the Cuban writer's donation Alejo Carpentier.

Carpentier received the Prize Miguel de Cervantes and surrendered to the Cuban State the monetary mount of the reward, at world level the most important in the literature in Spanish language. (AIN)

jueves, 25 de marzo de 2010

In Camagüey, territorial workshop of immunology

Delegates of four counties participate in this city, in a shop of immunology, branch inserted in the confrontation to illnesses of diverse origin, and to the transplants of organs and fabrics.
Specialists of Santiago de Cuba, Granma, Holguín and of the territory headquarters attend the scientific event, first of its type favored by the University of Medical Sciences Carlos J. Finlay, of the capital of Camagüey.

The calendar has the objective of confronting, before dissimilar challenges to the health, relative experiences to the impacts of the immunity that it is a state of resistance, natural or acquired, in front of certain work patogens of microorganisms or strange elements to the body.

Among the contents of the appointment, signal until today Thursday, they figure the HIV-AIDS, asthma, cancers, virus of the human papiloma, dermatitis, urticaria, and the use of technical immunologic previous to the implants of fabrics and organs.

The University Carlos J. Finlay, been founded in 1980, embraces in its relative work to this aspect of the medicine, to the Center of Immunology and Biological Products, dedicated to the spheres of the investigation and the production.

In the wide range of lines dedicated to the acquired immunity are the vaccines.

That sector in the county includes a checking to obtain a therapeutic farmaco against the cancer prostatic, task headed by the Center of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology of Camagüey.

The studies in this respect cross the stage of clinical rehearsals and report promissory results. (Adolfo Silva Silva)

Camagüey for the plan of sugar

With the announcement that in next 48 hours the Sugar Company Siboney-one of four in harvest -, will complete its plan of the raw , the sugarman of Camagüey prepare to greet the First of May with the commitment provincial compliment.

The productive decision made it public Conrado V. Pérez García, delegate of the Sugar Managerial Group (GEA) in the county of Camagüey, during the last weekly checkup of March, presided over by the member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, Julio Cesar García Rodríguez.

April of the victory like the Girón the 61, denominate this way to the on day in march to not take place next month less than 36 000 tons of sugar that provide the cut and automated shot and manual of the cane from the dawn, and popular mobilizations and of workers of diverse economic sectors to supply to the central ones in active.

The Sugar Union, the forces of the CTC and of the Juvenile Army of the Work, have moral resources and materials of attention and stimulation to reward the individual and collective results of their troops, as long as the rural and cooperative sector of the National Association of Small farmers (ANAP), he also announced his disposition of contributing productively to the economic zeal.

On the other hand, the main characters of the GEA, reinforce their men and means in the court platoons, storing centers and factories of sugar to take advantage of the current high industrial yields and, at the same time, autosupply and to contribute electricity to the National Electroenergetic System (SEN), by means of the generation with trash, biomass, that which represents a sensitive saving of fuel oil, verified in all their geniuses starting from the previous week of March.

The sugar entity of the Siboney, to about 32 kilometers to the east of the provincial capital and directed by Yolexis Guerra Gómez, only woman of the sector in harvest with that control responsibility, goes second in the country in the production of the raw one with quality and of maintaining her current efficiency and stability in the one milled, she could be located first for the integral results obtained in the harvest 2010 in Cuba.(Rolando Sarmiento Ricart)

miércoles, 24 de marzo de 2010

Hens Turquino for suburban agriculture in Camagüey

By:Lucilo Tejera Díaz/AIN

A farm for the development of the breed of bird Turquino supports its work raising chickens with high hardiness in suburban,agriculture forwards around this city for one year.

Located in the outskirts of the city, the entity poultry manages daily about two thousand 900 eggs of this race, which sends to the plant incubator, also near the town.

Javier Toledo, in charge of the economy in the unit, reported that the average positions fertile is 70 percent, considered good in the literature.

At this point the animal's mass exceeds four thousand 300 breeders and about 600 roosters.

This strain develops Cuba as poultry alternative is applied as an option backyard under sustainable conditions for being a line of chickens semirrustics, resilient and easy to adapt to the characteristics of tropical country.

Reddish, their parents are exemplary of the race Rhode Island, on the paternal side, and the Creole, the mother.

Once hatched the eggs, chicks are sent back to the farm until 21 days old, when are sold to people's councils of the city for distribution among the population.

Jacinto Torres, director of the Poultry Combined in Camagüey,said working a program for the selection of 200 farmers, who were sell a breeding stock of 100 breeding hens of this breed and roosters for developing home-made food, or various crops.

To address this plan and the supply of chickens Turquino to suburban agriculture , the bank plans investments to expand its capabilities.

The unit is named Fabricio Ojeda, a journalist and rebel Venezuelan born in 1929 and murdered in Caracas, in the dungeons of the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces in 1966.

martes, 23 de marzo de 2010

Apply in Camagüey successful surgical proceed to treat the hidrocefaly

This to proceed surgical allows to save resources, time, medications for the postoperative one and to reduce the index of complications.

A positive recovery the five patients register tried by affections of the central nervous system by means of the surgery of minimum access with aid of the video, in the pediatric hospital "Eduardo Agramonte Piña", of this city.

Applied against the hidrocefaly, the interventions correspond to a technology of advanced of neurosurgery, very expensive and characteristic of highly developed countries.

Yaima Torres Sanabria, the most recent of those operated up to 22 of the current month, already received the high of the hospital.

The doctor Isael Olazábal, boss of the surgical community, specified that the procedure has been used in patient with ages from the four months until the 15 years.

Olazábal underlined the case of Elianis Samón, operated to the four months of life.

The hidrocefaly can cause the death and causes, among other anomalies, migraines, vomits, dysfunctions of the conscience, difficulties to eat; and in the childhood, a disproportionate increase of the size of the head.

That illness is potentially an increment serious of the volume of the cefalorraquídeo liquid inside the ventricles of the brain.

The referred operative method substitutes to the conventional one to annul the affection, and it appeals to a device that contains the instrumental of surgery and the video microcamera and a source of light to visualize the images in a monitor.

The reduction of the risks and of the time of convalescence figure among the advantages of the employment of the minimum access with the support of the video, effective in Camagüey in spheres like the neurosurgery, orthopedics, general surgery and gastroenterology. (Adolfo Silva Silva / AIN).

To conclude in Camagüey process of candidates' nomination

The nomination of 60 percent of the current delegates to the Municipal Assemblies of the Popular Power, evidences the trust of the town in the administration of their representatives in each demarcation of this county of Camagüey.

To the closing of the information of this Monday most of the territories of Camagüey concluded in the fundamental thing, only lack to finish the territory of Santa Cruz del Sur that will close the process in the county, when makes tonight its last assembly.

In comparison with the previous process, the postulation of women, young and black it is superior, selection that reflects the merit, the capacity and the virtue of people that are distinguished in the community.

Iris Jiménez Valero vice-president of the Provincial Electoral Commission in Camagüey, said that March 28, the pictures and the biographies will be published of those nominated and the list of voters will be exposed in public places.

It would work added that in the current process, the candidates will exchange in the community, similar process to which is carried out with the delegates to the provincial Assembly and Deputies to the Cuban Parliament. (María Irene Maxan de la Celda)

lunes, 22 de marzo de 2010

Nomination of Candidates concludes in Céspedes

By: Edel Quintana Lugo / Television Camagüey

The Process of Nomination of Candidates to Delegates of the Popular Power in Carlos Manuel de Céspedes already concluded. The meetings of neighbors in this town had 86,9% of attendance in the 128 foreseen assemblies. This time the proposals were directed toward the partners with more capacity to represent to the town from the base, the virtue, and the merit were the main wealth of the 105 proposed candidates.

Here the participative democracy was appreciated with the nomination at 32 black, 38 women, 25 youths and 26 delegates already proposed in the previous process.

The nomination of Candidates in Cèspedes like in the whole island, is sample to the world that here, it is the town who proposes, chooses and nominates their leaders, to have as premise the power of all, as Popular Power.

For the month of coming April the Electoral Commission in properties of Céspedes is projected the training of the different electoral tables for the sake of to Bounce and to choose the 25 to the best and more capable candidate.

viernes, 19 de marzo de 2010

New incubator for poultry of Camagüey

By:Lucilo Tejera Díaz /AIN

The assembly of an incubator that will elevate the efficiency, develop the National Poultry Combine in the county, and it is one of five installed in Cuba to be modernized and to reduce the production.

Of Chinese technology, the team has 15 machines, able to receive two and half millions of eggs of birds annually, almost double of what gets the plant in exploitation for 25 years.

Braulio Muñoz, in charge of the investment, informed that at this time it is worked in the civil part of the work, mainly in the reinstatement of tiles of zinc in the roof, in order to begin the assembling of the incubator in May and to toss to walk in June, according to the program.

The efficiency that is expressed in the natality of chicks that should reach the incubator will be of 90 percent, superior to the stocking of 80-85 of the one that is still in operation.

Virgen Traba, administrator of the plant, pointed out that some workers of the center will receive a training in the handling of the apparatus.

She added that the modernization works is developed without stopping the productive process and with the contribution of workers of the center, with the purpose of diminishing the investment costs.

With the new technology Camagüey will cover its demand of substitution of egg-laying hens, in accordance with the current capacities, and will offer an extra for other counties of the country.

The introduction of these incubators is part of the program that from 2005 Cuba develops to revive the specialized poultry keeping, which contemplates, also, the incorporation of ships and new drinking troughs and troughs and of amplification of the elaboration of food.

This branch in Camagüey suffered with force the damages of the hurricanes Ike and Paloma 2008, of whose considerable damages have not been able to recover fully.

In 2009 the egg production for the basic basket and the social consumption was of 103 million units, and in the current one should be about the 111 millions, around 85 percent of the necessity of the county.
The lack is replaced with shippings from Villa Clara and Sancti Spíritus.

Cuba and its democracy

By:Yamila Cruz Romero / Television Camagüey

The electoral process in Cuba is unic in the world for its special characteristics, the town is the one that proposes to its candidates and the vote is free for all Cuban citizen, the democracy appropriates of the important event and it is imposed this way, the responsibility of those who choose and are chosen, reason that constitutes a route to traveling after finish the period.

In each district becomes necessary the presence of a leader that makes of it, together with its residents a favorable and opportune reason that guarantees the respect and the mutual help among its inhabitants.

The electoral processes in our country, carried out for more than thirty years, were of the points of analysis of the First Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, taken place in December of the year 1975, of there that have maintained their socialist and revolutionary character, proper conditions of a society like ours.

jueves, 18 de marzo de 2010

Prints of the XVII century in Camagüey

It is a disclosed reality so little that walks hidden for most of people, and one of the passages hardly marks well-known or unpublished of Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe.

It has, maybe, the appearance of a speculation: emigrated of a wide origin diversity lived in the XVII century in the today city of Camagüey.

Ecclesiastical documents and of clerkships of the time testify that the population of the village didn't only integrate , as for the foreign origin, originating of Spain and África.

The rest of the strange presence came from places like Ireland, Rome, Genoa, Venice, Sicily, Great Britain, Germany, France, Holland, Portugal, Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Guatemala, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Santo Domingo.

Of the emigration in that century were in yellowish folios names as Domingo Antonio of Aritona, Bartolomé of Xaynes Sunnia, Manuel of Coffin, Juana of Silva Copengier, Martin of Estert, Manuel of Roha, Juan de Li Coé, Antonio González de Figueroa, Lope Rodríguez of Ximénez and the Indian Francisco Carrión.

It was singular that multinational fork in a stage in which the village had, for example in 1689, hardly two thousand 739 inhabitants, and distabed a lot the beginning of its consolidation stage, begun in 1800 according to experts in the topic.

To it sinks the permanency of the establishment, from 1528, in its definitive location in the center of an enormous savanna, that which condemned her to a supposed isolation.

Sacred María del Puerto del Príncipe had lost its primitive coastal location and the difficulties of its contacts increased with the exterior, in one period in which the marine road was the main communication road in the Island.

So many setbacks didn't impede the migratory currents from so many dissimilar points to a town where in a majority way Spaniards resided, a population's African and Creole, as well as Indian survivors decimated by the conquest and the colonization.

How many of those no belonging to the migratory flows more nurtured in the XVII century to the village died there? How did they influence in the thought, in the customs and in other facets of the local life? Which descending its still reside in Camagüey?

Those are alone some of the questions whose answers, even in the most complete cases, have notorious cracks in the history of one of the oldest human establishments been founded by Spain in the New World.

They are, also, one of the so many enigmas that have arrived to our days with more than 300 years of existence, and continue withit veil spread in one of the less well-known centuries of Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe. ( Adolfo Silva Silva, AIN)

miércoles, 17 de marzo de 2010

Oriental part of Cuba registers unusual seismic activity

Fifteen movements have felt in so far in the year in the southeast of the country, an unusual quantity in our registrations.

Digital Redaction / Television Camagüey

Specialists of the Geodinamic Observatory of Cuba detected a "high seismic activity" in the southeast of the island, when counting 15 telluric movements in so far in the year, the last of them in the night of Monday, of magnitude 4,2 in the scale of Richter.

The telluric movement of magnitude 4.2 in the scale of Richter, was registered at eight nine in the night (local time), in the coordinates 19.92 North latitude and the 75.94 longitude West and according to preliminary reports was felt in several municipalities of the counties of Santiago deCuba, Granma and Guantánamo.

Its epicentre was located to five kilometers to the south of Green Sea, in the municipality of Santiago de Cuba, to 20 kilometers deep.

The specialists of the Geodinamic Observatory of Santiago de Cuba "continue working intensely in the prosecution of the information related with the high seismic activity in so far in the year, regarding equal dates of 2009."

"The occurrence of the night of this Monday of the perceptible earthquake fifteenth of 2010, of medium intensity, emphasized the necessity to know and to get ready before these natural phenomena, taken place by the sudden liberation of the energy accumulated in an area of the interior of the Earth."

The last earthquake happened previously, of magnitude 4,4, took place February 12, fair one month after the strong earthquake that razed Haiti and that was perfectly perceptible in the Cuban oriental end.

The experts study possible relationships with the earthquake of Haiti and its numerous replics. The east of Cuba and Haiti are separated by a strait of hardly 77 kilometers. (Digital Redaction - With Information of the AIN)

Use for the first time in Camagüey movie Martí, the eye of the canary

With the national premiere of this film of the maker Fernando Pérez, this Tuesday began in the city of Camagüey the XVII National Shop of Film Critic.

With the national premiere of the film Martí, the eye of the canary (2010), of the maker Fernando Pérez, this Tuesday began in the city of Camagüey, the XVII National Shop of Film Critic, in edition dedicated to the woman's presence like creator in the Cuban cinema, to the 50 years of the Cinemateca of Cuba and the new makers.

The event will extend until the day 19 with the theoretical debates, and until final of month will be shown to the population more than a hundred audiovisual realizations, among them 15 film titles, among those that highlight Dialectical of the spectator, of Tomás Gutiérrez Alea and Other ways to think the Cuban cinema, of Juan Antonio García Borrero.

As invited artists participate in the exchange the director of the Cinemateca of Colombia, Sergio Becerra; the makers Marina Ochoa, Arturo Soto, Jorge Molina and Karel Duchase, the artists Eslinda Núñez, Roberto Perdomo and Dayana Legrá, and the critical Luciano Castillo, Frank Padrón, Desiderio Navarro and other outstanding specialists of the yard.

New Fernando Pérez`s largometraje exhibits and exteriorize to the Apostle between the nine and the 17 years of age, only years in that he knew closely to his Homeland and in those that learned how to love her and to understand it, to make the great work that he took him the rest of his life. The movie is not a biography: it is a spiritual itinerary. (Juventud Rebelde)

martes, 16 de marzo de 2010

Recognize outstanding journalists and carry out day of work volunteer to celebrate day of the Cuban press

A day of homages, premiations, workshops and voluntary works developed the workers of the sector in Camagüey in homage to the day of the Cuban press

By: Aymee Amargós / Television Camagüey

Professionals of the letters and the words have the mission of satisfying informative necessities of several generations.

They reflect the chore of the county of Camagüey through the newspaper Adelante, the agency of Information, the radio radio stations and the television. There are multiple the efforts that are carried out so that the population stays informed.

On foot of furrow the workers of the sector celebrated the day of the press with a voluntary work in areas of the farm state victory 1, belonging to the company of several cultivations and storings.
Then a group of professionals received the distinction Félix Elmuza for 15 years or more of uninterrupted work in the journalism and for the contributions in the reflection of the social reality. Maximum badge that grants the Union of Journalists of Cuba.

For their consecration, the labor spirit and their trajectory deserved the prize for the work of the life Rolando Ramírez the colleague Oscar González, of the radio station radiates chain Agramonte.

The delivery ceremony was presided over by the First secretary of the party in the county Julio Cesar García.

The celebration of the day of the Cuban press, March 14 coincide this year with the anniversary 118 of the foundation of the native newspaper.

With the apostle's example we will continue working in a noble profession. In the exercise of the journalism, with the commitment of diffusing the truth.

lunes, 15 de marzo de 2010

In Camagüey cash device of health faces the virus A (H1N1)

The fight against the virus of Influenza A (H1N1) continues intense in the county, still with the remarkable falling tendency of revenues in the main groups of risk for infection suspicion.

One of the evidences of the descent concerns to the daily reception of pregnant for the intern, that which had its " itch” October eight 2009 with 43 revenues, and has oscillated from one to nine cases per day in the course of March until last Tuesday.

During the year, registers a hospital reclusion in the period of the puerpery, stage between the childbirth and the recovery.

In the other slope of more vulnerability (those smaller than five years of age), the revenues also register a significant reduction.

The Influenza A (H1N1) has not caused, also, any death in the groups of more risk in the territory of Camagüey.

Izaida Montero, subdirector of the Infantile Maternal Program of Attention in the county, underlined the effectiveness of the device to face the illness whose notorious decrease doesn't imply to crack the measures dedicated to counteract it.

Montero highlighted the preventive and therapeutic work, in order to contain to the possible maximum an affection with serious impacts, and to which the World Organization of the Health considers that it is diminishing in general in the orb, but in some areas continues in propagation process.

The Cuban program includes checkings to detect affected with the influenza virus, urgent employment of the treatment in the situations of suspicion - included the entrance if were necessary - and the massive diffusion of norms guided to impede the infection. (Adolfo Silva Silva )

jueves, 11 de marzo de 2010

In Camagüey web site on the Juvenile Technical Brigades

A web site dedicated to the popularization of the actions that develop the Juvenile Technical Brigades (BTJ) in the Pedagogic University José Martí of this city, was located in the intranet of the Ministry of Education.

The graduated Geisel García Vidal, author of this initiative and president of the BTJ in the educational institution, conceived this means for the information, superation and the investigating youths' motivation that are part of the scientific movement in the county of Camagüey.

By means of that place you can consent to scientific materials and specialized bibliography, besides knowing and interact with the events and processes that can interest the members of the juvenile organization.

It has a gallery equally in which pictures of the participation of the brigadists are exposed in scientific days, conferences and exchanges with specialists of centers that present outstanding results in the investigation.

Yaneisy Castillo Ramos, member of the National Council of the BTJ, commented to the AIN that the creation of this space gives to the fret with the necessity that there was in the county of disclosing the experiences of the investigating youths, of summoning to events and of consulting different bibliographies.

It constitutes a fact that should be systematized and to be generalized in Camagüey and much more, Castillo Ramos who is also directress of the Center of Study of Instructive Games and Sotware assured (CEJISOFT), first of its type in the country, inaugurated March 16 ,1993.(Yaniuska Macías Rivero)

miércoles, 10 de marzo de 2010

Intense work to disclose pictures and data of having nominated to publish

The preparations of the elections to choose the delegates to the municipal assemblies of the Popular Power, have to the county of Camagüey buried in preparing the pictures and the autobiographical data of those nominated.

That work together to the meetings of neighbors that are developed from the past February 24 to propose and to select candidates, is those that surround the chore of the provincial electoral commissions (CEP), municipal and of district.

Eulogio Pimentel, secretary of the CEP, said to the AIN that the weight carries out the district commissions, in that referred to the pictures and summary of data for the making of the biographies.

Both documents, one graph and the other writing, will be exposed in public places after it finishes this part of the preparations for the elections of the coming April 25 in first turn, and one week later in the cases that have second.

That is the only propaganda that will receive those nominated, because in Cuba it is not prohibit the electoral campaign, and the main guarantee resides in their merits in the course of the life, mostly exposed for the residents in the community when making the proposal.

Pimentel informed, also that up to now a thousand 383 assemblies of neighbors were made, of little more than three thousand 340 that should take place up to 24 in this month.

Of those proposed, 355 act at the moment as district delegates, that is to say representatives of these demarcations in the municipal assembly.

In the country more than 17 thousand people are candidates, as informed the National Electoral Commission recently.(By: Lucilo Tejera Díaz)

Symphonic Orchestra of Camagüey will be presented in the Academy Vicentina de la Torre

The Symphonic Orchestra of Camagüey will take its good art to the Theater of the Academy of the Arts "Vicentina de la Torre", this Wednesday, at 8:30 in the night, and with free entrance.

The community will be governed by the Teacher Jorge Rivero Tirado and its Enclosed Directress Betzabet Consuegra Riverón. There will be, also, with the presence of four soloists.

The program for that night understands: "Overture Carnival", of André Dvorak; "Sorcerer's apprentice", of Peter Dukas; Overture of the opera "Guillermo Tell", of Rossini and "Concerted Symphony for Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon and Corno", of Mozart.

As soloists will act: Jorge Rivero, in the oboe; Niurvis Douglas, in the clarinet; Félix Terrón, in the bassoon; and Efraín Hernández, in the corno.

martes, 9 de marzo de 2010

The women claim our right to know us superior

By: Moraima Borges / Television Camagüey

The man of the XXI century, in Cuba, has inwarded so much the woman's full equality that now doesn't offer the seat in the bus, neither he offers the hand to descend of the same one, because That wanted, to enjoy the same rights! It is as if the courtesy lack meant recognition of equalities. To the woman is screamed and is offended, even with words disqualified by the norms of the good education, is The cause that our hearings are similar to the men's that of the less elegant one?

I have seen the violent expression or the defiant attitude because of woman's victory, doesn't care the lid; can that until in the simplest domin combat. Do they feel same or not?

A friend, given to the occupation of writing, called to my telephone to interview on the women of my time; wanted to establish a comparison with the feminine generations that precede me in the time. I immediately conversed on the rights conquered in the education, the culture…in the full freedoms of those that Martí spoke.

But superiors in the art of the recognition have descended in the flatteries and the privileges of a vigorous and splendid treatment, endowed with singular excellence for our cohabit as regards goods.

For fortune it is always the last male of time, the one that clings to the antaño…the one that still gives flowers and uses poetic speeches, or the tender and romantic gallant able to make that, more than same, the woman sits down a SUPERIOR being.

To claim rights is part of the history of women's generations, almost from the beginnings of the XX century. We want participation equality, equivalence in the opportunities… but never nobody said, in these two centuries that we gave up the courtesy and the distinguished treatment as mothers, friends, sisters, daughters or partners…

The women deserve, as natural prerogative, the respect and the man's love; the one that enjoys the elementary right to the life by virtue of ourselves.

lunes, 8 de marzo de 2010

Woman that builds dreams

By: Rosa Blanco Ramos/Televisión Camagüey

A hundred years of celebrations are completed in favor of the woman, that natural and indispensable forge of the human work. And it is that without them, the same life would not exist.

In Cuba more than 50 percent of the active professional force are women. But was not always this way. The revolutionary process should happen to untie it in creative vortex. For that reason March 8 in the Caribbean island the Woman's International Day is celebration.

For these days takes place an interesting process that involves to millions of people in their residence places. It is the elections to delegates of the popular power in the main government link that exists in Cuba.

It happens that the neighbors in their proposals pose their look in the women and they say that they have demonstrated to make the things better in the neighborhood.

There is fight tradition and to battle in Cuba with feminine protagonism.. Mariana Grajales, Amalia Simoni, Ana Betancourt, Celia Sánchez, Vilma Espín and so many others are names that the Cuban historiography keeps with zeal.

And the science covers illustrious women. Rosa Elena Simeón belongs to them.
And if you look at the patrimony built Cuban will find its impronta.
In the city of Camagüey the prizes were given to the work from the life to two hacedors of constructions of armed concrete and of men and women that dream to lift buildings, factories, housings…

More than 20 years dedicated to the investigations and the formation of professionals make of the Graduated Josefa Primelles Fariñas and of the Architect Zenaida de los Ángeles worthy of the prize to the work of the life granted by the Filial of Camagüey of the Union of Architects and Engineers of the Construction of Cuba.

They and the rest of the professionals of this specialists' of the construction organization subscribed a support declaration to the nation of Haiti to go to that hit country to help in the reconstruction of the built patrimony.
Haiti, Caribbean nation of historical poverty, was whipped by an earthquake of great devastating power that transformed into ruins jewels of the architecture.

The architect dreams, the woman architect or ingenier also dream better of a future. They, the Cubans, owners of their future have in their hands and in their lines dreams that to transform into new buildings, factories, schools, housings, for that reason in March 8 appropriate of all the congratulations.
Say woman and everything will have been said.

viernes, 5 de marzo de 2010

To grow more...

By: Yeter Palmero / Television Camagüey

More than thousand editorial novelties are to the public's disposition during the 19 International Fair of the Book Cuba 2010.

Camagüey celebrates the event for these days in the grateful Country Casino as the biggest urban park in the country. Here nature and culture go of the hand in an event that outdoors foments in people of all the ages the habit of the reading.

The sample includes, among other slopes: narrative, poetry, history, politics, artistic and literary rehearsals; with special emphasis in topics for children and adolescents.

The invitations to the event, insert the authors María del Carmen Barcia, Reinaldo Gonzáles, Eduardo Torres Cuevas, Roberto Méndez, Orlando Cardoso Villavicencio, Ciro Bianchi, Jesus David Curbelo and Nicanor León Cotayo.

In the appointment, the editorial Ácana of Camagüey, participates with copies of its 29 works published in the previous year and the four of so far in the current year.

Besides the literature sale, simultaneously conversatories, presentations of texts, cultural and recreational activities liven up the party of the book. There don't also lack spaces to read in tranquility and to converse a little.

jueves, 4 de marzo de 2010

María del Carmen Barcia: Honor Guest of Camagüey

María del Carmen Barcia, National Prize of Social Sciences.

María del Carmen Barcia, National Prize of Social Sciences, received the title of Honor Guest of the County of Camagüey, conferred by the Government in the territory.

Eduardo López, member of the Provincial Desk of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), and Jesus García, president of the Popular Power in the territory, gave the reward to Barcia, one of the two authors to who the International Fair of the Book is dedicated Cuba 2010.

Granted in Camagüey , the laurel is a new tribute to an excellent teacher and investigator, which has acted in topics as the historiography, family and slavery in Cuba.

"The illustrious last names: black in colonial Havana", it is also the most recent published work in the honored, author, of the rehearsals Women to the margin of the history, A society in crisis. Havana at the end of the XIX century and popular Layers and modernity in Cuba (1878-1930).

Reynaldo González, National Prize of Literature, and to the one who equally the fair is dedicated, will be distinguished today with the diploma of Honor Guest of the County of Camagüey.

Initiate this Wednesday, the local phase of the event will conclude on Sunday after offering more than 250 000 copies from a superior figure to the a thousand 200 titles.
The main sector of the appointment resides in the Casino Country, bigger urban park of the Island. (Adolfo Silva Silva)

miércoles, 3 de marzo de 2010

Day of the press: the encounter with the inexperienced crowds together old memories

By: María del Carmen Fuentes /Television Camagüey

The encounter in the House of the journalists of Camagüey united to several generations of colleagues... Even, develed that the small Alejandro with eight years old, and of mom journalist, already has a blog in Internet to speak of his school, his friends and his family. He, perhaps won't be a reporter, but with the time he will remember that attended that place and he heard speak with passion to men and women of a very special work: that of Journalist.

Of all them, some like Elio Véliz, to who was necessary to tell you when of sugar journalism was spoken in this earth, formerly power in the production of the central ones and in the cane seed.Today Elio is retired but he didn't waste the opportunity to count on his genesis in this profession to which loves dearly.

Others as the fat Valdés that arrived in the decade of the 60 to the writing of Adelante to learn making. To the youngest in the journalistic exercise or those that cimient the continuity of the union from the university classrooms, counted them of the demands of the proofreaders that more than once put him the gone up face that its red identificative mane , of the one which by the way is no longer almost anything.

The Marías of the newspaper, that of television, and some there present, agreed or remembered with nostalgy those experiences in the writing or the shop of a daily newspaper; the tests of galleys, the lead of the linotype, the urgencies of the news of last hour, the nonexistence of computers then that forced to search in situ with more efforts... In short, moments that sometimes the dynamics of the life and the advances of the technology dark in the time and that, however, deserve their space then not only formed the work spirit and delivery of journalists' generations in Camagüey, but in the country.

The youths that already link studies with labor practice, value the worth of proving the theory in the active and sometimes until bustling writings of the press means. In them, assured we prove ourselves how much we like the career and which our true talent is.

This encounter, propitiated by the Union of Journalists in Camagüey, left us the pleasing flavor of a time lived with professional honesty, revolutionary surrenders and forces in the thought, values that last in our means and take shape from the same school.

martes, 2 de marzo de 2010

Up Fair of the Book to the county of Camagüey

Editorials and readers from Camagüey, Ciego def Ávila, Santiago de Cuba, Granma, Holguín, The Tunas and Guantánamo wait anxious the arrival to those territories of the cultural event of more public affluence in the Island, the International Fair of the Book Cuba 2010.

During its journey for the Cuban east, like it is habitual, there will go to the main activities of the Fair, outstanding intellectuals among these Reynaldo González and María del Carmen Barcia to who the current year the event is dedicated.

Among the most prospective titles stand out classic of the Russian literature as "Crime and Punishment", of Fiódor Dostoevsky, "The war and the peace", of León Tolstoy, "The teacher and Margarita", of Mijaíl Bulgákov, as well as "chosen Texts", of Alexander Pushkin.

The editorial appointment was inaugurated on February 11 in the Cuban capital for the president Raúl Castro and the minister of External Relationships of Russia, Serguei Lavrov whose country attended this year like guest of honor.

The International Fair of the Book of Havana that has presented more than 400 titles and six million books in its tenth ninth edition, to the readers' disposition, will have its closing the seven coming in Santiago de Cuba.

Abel Prieto Jiménez, Secretary of Culture, at the end of the literary party in occident, expressed that the Fair confirms as event of the Cuban family for its masivity and preference.

lunes, 1 de marzo de 2010

Inaugurate in Camagüey community 50 Anniversary of the Victory of the Revolution

With its more than 200 apartments, in the municipality of Santa Cruz del Sur, whipped by the hurricane Paloma, it is a sample of the efficiency that can be reached in the constructions.

The community 50 Anniversary of the Victory of the Revolution was officially inaugurated this Saturday in Santa Cruz del Sur, territory strongly hit by the hurricane Paloma.

The member of the Political Desk of the Central Committee of the Party and vice minister of the FAR, general of body of Army, Ramón Espinosa Martin, presided over the cultural political act for the delivery from the housings to families damaged by the hurricane.

In journey made by the community, with 56 completely new buildings, the also Hero of the Republic of Cuba, meant as the task assigned by the General of Army, Raúl Castro Ruz, was completed in brief time and with quality.

To supply the community, an organoponic of two hectares was built, with semiprotected technology , in which 280 stonemasons got up for the production of vegetables and vegetables. They also have a hectare of fruit-bearing. Since the productive process began 27,2 tons of fresh products of twelve varieties have already been marketed.

Espinosa Martin aimed that this community is an example that demonstrates that when they are wanted to make the things well, one can make, even in reasonable and brief time, as need it the town and the damaged families.

He commented, also that in spite of the problems with the resources that it faces the country, consequence of the economic crisis that is developed in the world, the desire was imposed of making and the sacrifice and the combatants' of the Ministry of the Interior effort (MININT), of the Revolutionary Armed forces (FAR), and of the town of Santa Cruz.

He affirmed that the new town is a sample that the Revolution doesn't abandon to its town and that this makes an effort to solve the most urgent problems, consequence of the embates of climatological phenomena.

«One works in all the counties of the country and in the areas more affected as Pinar del Río that was impacted by two phenomena previous to Paloma».

He considered of extraordinary the efforts that are carried out for the maximum address of the country, for the different addresses in each territory and for the town to face the problems that have brought the atmospheric events: «We trust the Cuban town, in its fight capacity and in the Revolution».

He valued that it is still necessary to continue working and building: Not everything is made neither everything can be solved at the same time. To this municipality and Camagüey, for example, he lacks them to solve affectations, but without a doubt that made is an advance that tells us that there is hope, will, and that what lacks will solve, he pointed.

He congratulated to the southern town and the people of Camagüey for that made, to the FAR and the MININT for the unconditional support, and recognized to all the organisms that participated in the construction of the community next to the combatants.

Espinosa who was here from Paloma's first winds, informed that the country works in two main addresses to face similar future events: in the warning plans, evacuation and the population's protection, and this way to avoid lost human and to reduce the economic impacts, and the construction of resistant constructions to the winds and far from the vulnerable places to penetrations of the sea and floods.

«In Guayabal and in Santa Cruz del Sur the penetration of the sea is it that more has affected the population and for that reason all that is made should be made this way», he insisted.

It meant as the continuous country getting ready, even for the possible occurrence of earthquakes and of tsunamis: «We cannot hope one arrives; from now on everything should become retired of coastal areas and lower», he concluded.
A prettier Santa Cruz.

At once of inauguration of the new town was read and given, for the boss of the Oriental Army, general of division Onelio Aguilera Bermúdez, the letter that officialized the delivery of housings to the damaged families, to Julio Cesar García Rodríguez, member of the Central Committee and first secretary of the Party in the county.

García Rodríguez informed that this community welcomes in its 280 apartments at hundred of residents of the neighborhood of The Beach, practically missing after Paloma's step.

He stood out that the municipality resurged much more beautiful, just as the President of the Council of State and of Secretaries, General of Army Raúl Castro, in his visit after the tragic meteorological event.

The directing of Camagüey highlighted that in this development area, place where are located the new housings, moved

185 000 cubic meters of earth, melted some 1 300 of concrete, 20 cisterns, 12 000 contenes meters and sidewalks were built, and 3 700 tons of asphalt were used in the pavimentation.

He reaffirmed like in Santa Cruz del Sur, in spite of the integral recovery, the challenges are bigger, and that demand from all to work hard, with organization and it disciplines.

One of the beneficiaries with the new housings, Milayda Pons Cardoso, in the neighbors' of the community representation, said to be thanked by the gift of the Revolution and committed to take care of what so much sacrifice has cost to the country.

The colonel of the Reservation, Mauro Espinosa Yero who was to the front of the contingent 50 Anniversary of the Revolution, integrated by combatants of the FAR and the MININT, explained like during the 14 months of uninterrupted work the personal and collective effort, and the firm decision prevailed in each one of the members of fulfilling the task assigned by the General of Army, Raúl Castro Ruz.

In the activity recognitions were given to all the organisms of the territory that supported the construction of the comfortable establishment.

There also participated, the division generals José Carrillo and Romárico Sotomayor, bosses of the political addresses of the FAR and the MININT, respectively, and the partner José A. Valeriano, boss of Department of the Central Committee of the Party.

This county had 10 210 affectations to the step of the hurricanes Paloma and Ike, calculates that it represents 58 percent of the residence bottom of the territory. Of these 6 353 are already recovered, what represents 62 percent. Yahily Hernández Porto
(Taken of Juventud Rebelde)