viernes, 11 de diciembre de 2009

Obama,win the Nobel!

By: Amaury M. Valdivia Fernández

Such it was the unanimous birdcall of dozens of foreign students and people of Camagüey that, gathered in the headquarters of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Towns (ICAP), demanded December 9 the immediate liberation of the Five antiterrorist fighters of the Island prisoners in the United States for already eleven years.

The necessity of a bigger popularization at international level about the truth of the unjust judicial process to that have been subjected the Cuban patriots and aspects related with its exemplary attitude in front of the American government's pressures centered the analysis of the international panel that there sesioned.

"It is of more than a decade of infamy, of unjust imprisonment for the unforgivable one "sin" of defending to their Native and even to the own North American town", highlighted Jorge Enrique Jerez Belisario, member of the Provincial Secretariat of the Federation of Students of the Secondary education (FEEM). "for that reason we cannot slack in the constant battle of the solidarity, only road so that Gerardo, Fernando, Antonio, Ramón and René, be liberated."

Already in the resentence process to that they were subjected three of the five patriots, the judicial authorities of the northern nation should recognize the strong international pressure that forced to revise the case and to reduce the excessive condemnations partly with which they were sentenced in 2001.

For that reason, "State bigger than the Solidarity" in Camagüey, called to intensify the popularization actions on the unjust process using all the possible roads: from the electronic mail until the debates "man to man."

"The towns of the world are next to the town of Cuba. That never forgets it", the Uruguayan Marcos Martínez Moreira affirmed, the 6º year-old student, "and will be this way especially in the battle for the liberation of our five partners who more than an example for Cuba, constitute a symbol for all the Latin American youths and of the world."

In September of 1998 Gerardo, Fernando, Antonio, Ramón and René who terrorist organizations and Cuban residents' criminals watched over in the south of the Florida, they were stopped by the North American authorities. From then on them fell all the hate that, against the Revolution, the politics of Washington has marked during half century, an injustice that now the American President could revert.

To work in the public's education essential in the Cuban art

The importance that contains the live musical accompaniment for the dance, alive musical, mainly of the piano, centered this Thursday the Teacher's exchange Fernando Alonso with dancers and students and professors of the filial of Camagüey of the Superior Institute of Art (ISA).

The experienced professor manifested that it should not only be worked in the formation of artists but also in the public's education, for a correct interpretation of the works that are presented.

He also manifested, to feel a special affection for this county, where he was founded and directed during 16 years the Ballet of Camagüey; grouping that enjoys grateful national and international prestige.

In the conversatory that the Teacher Fernando Alonso in the headquarters of Camagüey of the ISA, was announced that soon a class will be inaugurated that will take the name of that alive legend of the art of dance. (Yamylé Fernández Rodríguez)