lunes, 23 de agosto de 2010

Highlight performance of Artistic Group Maraguán in Europe

Camagüey - The Artistic Group Maraguán, of the University of Camagüey, of the Cuban county of equal names, highlights for its recent presentations in scenarios of the old continent.

The grouping intervened with success in the international festivals of the Towns of the World (Cáceres, Spain) and of Moncoa (Portugal), where was recognized by its profesionality and quality.

This year the group fulfilled its fifteenth tour to Europe, where is also included the participation in the Orense Festival .

In the journey the community will attend until September to eight forums distributed in the two mentioned countries, and will act additionally in Madrid, the Spanish capital.

The repertoire of Maraguán, been founded in 1981, contemplates five shows, among them, Cuban and For the fields of my Cuba.

Taken of DTC News

Congratulates Provincial Assembly from the Popular Power to the women of Camagüey

Camagüey, 23 Aug. - The Provincial Assembly of the Popular Power emitted a congratulation message to the women of Camagüey, at times of being commemorated this Monday the anniversary 50 of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC).

August 21 2010
“Year 52 of the Revolution.”

To: Federated of Camagüey

Dear partners:

In the memorable day of August 23 ,1960 when the FMC, Fidel was born expressed: “… And today the women meet and constitute this Federation of Cuban Women, united in that word, Cuban ‘', and united in that flag that take in their hands. And have united to work; to work and to fight…”

Fifty calendars have been behind from then on, and in each one of them, refulge the full materialization and glorifier of those ideas, disseminated today for the whole insular geography and particularly for our Camagüey, as a perennial pact of honor and commitment of you with their Revolution.

There have been five decades of tenacity, of tears, of love, of hopes and shared heroism that germinated and were secured in the furrow, in the hospital, in the school, in the industry, in the military unit, or in the unbeaten trench of the home, under Mariana's Sun, Ana, Amalia, Celia, Vilma…

Happiness women of Camagüey in this anniversary 50 of the Federation of Cuban Women, especially, to those that from the district and until the National Parliament give life to our democracy through the Local Organs of the Popular Power. For all, this gift martian that seems to be discovered today: "The whole Homeland is in the woman. If she fails we die; if she is loyal we are…”

Provincial assembly of the Popular Power