martes, 25 de mayo de 2010

Will have attractive proposed Festival of Theater in Camagüey

With a homage to the beloved actor René de la Cruz and a great opening pastreet in the Square San Juan de Dios, in the capital of Camagüey, will begin May 29 the XIII edition of the Festival of Theater of Camagüey, one of the biggest events in the scenic panorama that returns for approval of our cultural movement with 18 assemblies of national production in competition and a theoretical event on the dramatic chore in the Island.

Works for children and proposals for adults appear in the competitive program that will evaluate the main jury integrated for critical, designers, playwrights and directors among those that are counted Amado del Pino, Juan Carlos Cremata, Abel González Melo and Frank Padrón.

The ten days that will have as headquarters the Main Theater, the Guiñol of Camagüey, The Age of Gold, Theater of the Wind and different squares of the city of Camagüey will serve equally from encounter to specialists and investigators that will approach different thematic centered - in their majority - in the roads of the current Cuban theater.

Presentations of books, magazines and projections of audiovisual, documental and teletheaters will also surround, in a colateral way, to the appointment, scenary of dialogues and exchanges for happening theatrical.

A gift to the village in absolute premiere

By:Yamila Cruz Romero / Camagüey Television

The premier of the documentary "Enrique the American", of the maker Eduardo of the Tower, was the beginning of the day of documentaries that is developed in Camagüey from the 24 to May 28 . The room New World was the scenary of so important event.

An entire homage to Henry Reeve, one of the heroes that fought in the wars of independence is the topic of the audiovisual one.

The producer house Latin World plays the presentation, this institution up to its birthday 24 with great professional experience, and dedicates its work to the diffusion of videos and documentaries was and inside the country, in these moments works in projects of supreme importance for the county of Camagüey, according expressed its General Director Omar Olazábal Rodríguez.

Since its creation, it has produced hundreds of materials of different thematic; social, cultural, historical among other, standing out series dedicated to Cuban personalities as "Cuban in First Plane."

The artistic kitchen opens step in Camagüey

An artistically worked pumpkin.

Hardly some months ago was the first contact with the specialists of the tourist pole of the Beach Santa Lucía, where skilled chefs and professors of the Hotel School of the town showed all that one can make in culinary ornamental matter, with imagination, desires and the available resources, mainly vegetables.

Chosen cooks of the whole county went to that encounter with the spirit of learning everything, until the elaboration of the cotters, kitchen knives and other instruments with those which to make attractive figures, almost all groceries.

Then they met with other practitioners of the occupation in the House of the Chef of the city of Camagüey, headquarters of the Culinary Association of this county, to begin a cycle of shops for all the municipalities that has not still finished.

The main objective, as Teófilo Ramón , president of this entity explains, it is “to develop among our more than four thousand affiliated the abilities to consolidate and to maintain the practice of the artistic kitchen, not alone in the net of hotels and restaurants for the international tourism, but for the population's gastronomic facilities.”

The parakeet is also of pumpkin.

Martin Urdelino, a chef of Camagüey of wide international experience, affirmed that the culinary artistic decoration should be generalized until in our homes, because few know what can be made in this sense, simply having a pumpkin, cucumbers and carrots, alone is necessary to put to work the imagination.

All that is to set and to please the tasting of foods in the table is welcome. Of what is now is of generalizing this practice in all the restaurants of Camagüey.(Jorge Luis Peix Agüero)