miércoles, 4 de agosto de 2010

Camagüey and the sea

Camagüey, - To “astride” on the same center of the county that inhabit, to more than half hundred of kilometers on-line straight line of anyone of its costs, the residents of the city of Camagüey seem for antonomasia to suffer the strangest in the possible nostalgias in an insular resident: the nostalgia for the sea.

Result of one of the most atypical colonizatories processes of the Hispanic America that implied successive transfers of the then village of Santa María of the Prince's Port from that original location next to the coast until mediterranean settlement, so strange current establishment “ailment” it suffers every year to thousands of people of Camagüey, mainly during the summery months, when Caribbean sun is determined to burn to all that inhabits this island.

They begin for then with having doubled impulse the preparations for “to go to the beach”. Practically nobody escapes to the process. They don't care the distances to travel, sometimes superiors to the hundred of kilometers, or the difficulties to make it. Neither are impediments trifles like the fatigue of a previous night of parties or some years in the almanac.

During June, July and August, (although in fact the phenomenon extends with more or smaller intensity during the whole year) the people of Camagüey for thousands rushes to the (re)conquist of their beaches.

Santa Lucía, Santa Cruz, Port Pilot, The Caneyes and Beach Florida are the more mentioned and important points of the regional geography again. Toward them travel thousands of people of Camagüey and arrived visitors of other counties daily and even beyond opposite, all aided by the common credo of the sun and the sea.

Even some how many hours are enough for “to load piles”, to appropriate of dozens of snails and shells for friends and family, or to teach to swim to the smallest in the family; but mainly, to return as before made it parents and grandparents, to that same sea, beginning and final of the Island, where everything began.(Amaury Valdivia)

Maximum authorities in Camagüey call to save more electricity

Camagüey. The application of measures that drive to the most immediate electricity saving, demanded the Provincial Energy Council that sesioned this Monday, where was known that the territory of Camagüey was exceeded slightly in the consumption during the recently concluded month of July.

Continue as the biggest spenders, the municipalities of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, Sierra de Cubitas and Camagüey, of those which the head provincial evidence the biggest equivalent overdraft to 20 times what was exceeded the whole territory of Camagüey.

Concerning the matter, the first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) in the county, Julio Cesar García Rodríguez, called to act in consequence to stop that hairspring in the expense, inadmissible for the Cuban economy.

In such a sense was urgent to a bigger rigor in the electricity cuts to those that are exceeded in the state sector, next to an action of more efficient convincing in the residential sector.

On the other hand Luis Ynchausti, the provincial government's president, announced that the investigation carried out in each meter accountant of labor centers, will be made with the population marries for house to determine where the overusage is, because it harbors the approach that as generality, the population saves and is disciplined. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz)

Informative news on Gerardo Hernández`s state, antiterrorist prisoner in United States

In yesterday's morning, August 3, the Hero of the Republic of Cuba, Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, communicated telephonically with his wife, Adriana Pérez O'Connor and he informed her that in the afternoon of August 2 had been transferred of the punishment cell where he was from the past July 21 for the habitual area where completes his unjust condemnation.

Gerardo Hernández free of the “hole” thanks to world support

The Department of State, in the afternoon of Monday, had informed to the Cuban authorities on this transfer.

Adriana, in the conversation, found him with good state of spirit and high moral.

On behalf of the Cuban town we thank the support samples and the solidarity shown by diverse organizations and people of good will that claimed to put an end to this cruel and inhuman treatment. We will continue in the fight until it is made justice and the Five return to the Homeland.