viernes, 2 de abril de 2010

Insurer of the future

Is almost impossible to refer to the services of the Cuban Public Health in any part of its geography and to pass for high the results of the Infantile Maternal Program of Attention (PAMI). Such a case happened us to our step for the municipality of Florida, to about 40 kilometers to the west of this city.

The graduated Marlenys Sierra, coordinator of that program in the territory, qualified the 2009 as a good year, with a rate of 2,4 died by thousand born alive, the best in all the times there, even, below the registered one in the county: that it was of four, the best in its history and for fourth serial year smaller than five.

It is exactly to highlight that at the end of last year maintained in zero their rates of mortality in smaller than one year the municipalities of Carlos M. de Céspedes, Sierra de Cubitas and Jimaguayú.

The PAMI in Florida, like in each corner of the country, contemplates no less than 17 consultations for the pregnant and 30 diagnostic exams to detect in their future children serious sufferings or congenital malformations, while from the same moment of the birth begin to be immunized against thirteen illnesses.

As the Program… it concerns the adolescents equally, to the women in fertile age, to the family and the community, it is that it constitutes object of concern for the graduated Marlenys the one that an important number of gestants in its territory is smaller than 20 years, reason why it assures, it is required from a bigger sanitary education to level of the communities, areas of Health and teaching centers, because to not avoid a pregnancy wanted by means of the use of the condom, it also impedes, the appearance of illnesses of sexual transmission, with the inclusion of the HIV-AIDS.

It would be unjust to obviate the extrasectorial support that the PAMI receives that shows results of the first world, even when Cuba is a economic, commercial and financially blockade nation for more than half century for the United States of North America.(Olga Lilia Vilató )

Highlighted of Camagüey receive distinction Ninth Congress of the Union of Communist Youths

A group of young of this county that stand out in the productive works, in the science and in the services, next to outstanding students of the teaching Technician-professional, received the distinction Ninth Congress of the Union of Communist Youths (UJC).

In the Square of the Revolution "Ignacio Agramonte", in the city of Camagüey, and at few hours of the beginning of the Congress of the juvenile organization, in solemn ceremony the recognition was given that also forms part of the activities for April 4.

Special and very significant was for those youths the moment in that listened the concept of Revolution in the Commandant in Boss voice, Fidel Castro, and the fragment that receive very closely, when he says that Revolution is Modesty, Indifference, Altruism, Solidarity and Humanism.

Enrique Sánchez, juvenile leader in Camagüey, when sharing with the honored exhorted them to continue assuming the paper of vanguard, because otherwise they would not be consequent with the worthy fight history that precede the victories of this town, and to the thousands of youths that offered their blood for what today has.

He dded that, even, for the reach of our Revolution we would be failing each human being that harbors the hope of a better world in the world and we would fail our children, condemning them to the last oprobioso that faded already 52 years ago of this earth. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez- Radiate Chain Agramonte).

The will of saving lives

By :Yamila Cruz Romero / Television Camagüey

Las donations of blood in Cuba has free character, all citizen that possesses the requirements and the in agreement age, can donate, action this that constitutes a responsibility and a worthy solidary fact of recognizing.

The Committee of Defense of the Revolution (CDR), in the year 1962 began to make this its initiative, from then on it has become tradition for our country.

Reasons are more than enough to carry out so solidary expression, what only bears to a purpose: to save lives.

In a district of the municipality of Camagüey, in of the neighbourhood The Guernica, was formed a contingent of voluntary donors that accumulate among all men and women that conform it, a figure that surpasses the signal number, they have as another of their objectives to achieve the unit of the town.

It is to donate on time, and not to make wait the one who immediately needs it.

The will and the love are imposed before this altruist fact that is thanked by the one that recovers the life and for the whole society.