lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

Selected poster of the San Juan of Camagüey 2010

The poster that will preside over between the 24 and the near June 29, the carnivalesque of Camagüey - well-known as San Juan - was selected among the shippings to the summoned contest, and corresponded such a merit to the young Oscar Alejandro Viñas Pendones.

Instructor of Art in the specialty of the Plastic , Viñas Pendones was able to synthesize - with the use of codes of grateful permanency in the local folklore, as the earthenjar - the essence of that old and always very prospective traditional reason.

By means of an excellent use of the color and an in agreement design with the message to transmit, the poster will promote the actions of the San Juan, which June 24 will begin with the reading of the traditional Decree, although will be preceded by popular parties in outlying areas of the capitalof Camagüey, in previous weekends.

Among the contents that maintain their validity formerly from the foundational time of the village of Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe - current city of Camagüey - is the collective elaboration in each block of the Ajiaco, broth made with salted meats and viands.

The Government in the head municipality of Camagüey will take to roads in fact this expression of popular joy that - with San Juan's denomination - is folkloric element with sui géneris characteristics in the national context.(Yolanda Ferrera Sosa)

Votes for his Cuba highlighted artist of Camagüey Joël Jover

Vehement to reflect in the painting the human restlessness, Joël Jover affirmed that today's elections is another sample in defense of the Revolution in front of the enemy's new escalade against Cuba.

One of the grateful members of the contemporary vanguard of the plastic in the Island, highlighted the importance of choosing the best and more capable candidates, for their possibilities to contribute to solve problems and to channel to the masses.

Sober in the use of the colors and exuberant in the reflections about the man and their existence, he specified that in the elections the expressed non alone population their back to the partner-economic-political system, but also to the destination of the Homeland and the Revolution.

He underlined that the Government in Cuba is of the town, licit, democratic, with characteristic as the nominations and free elections in the base, and with the imperium of the voters of revoking the delegates.

If the town didn't want the revolutionary process - that already overcomes the 50 years -, he would not have, because in the history of the bigger than the Antilles, the examples of the popular oppositions are plentiful, even with the weapons, the artist declared, of the one who works have been exposed in more than 10 nations of America and Europe.

Among the recognitions received by Joël Jover figure the Medal Move away Carpentier, Distinction for the National Culture and Diploma to the Artistic Merit, granted by the Superior Institute of Art. (Adolfo Silva Silva/AIN)

Sugar Company of Camagüey to fulfill the county and the country The community of the Sugar Company Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, in the municipal

The community of the Sugar Company Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, in the municipality of the same name, this Monday should be inserted in the payroll of the trustworthy of the plan of production of sugar in the county and the country, and will continue to contribute an extra.

In the day Sunday operators of having combined of cane and other members of those communities, buried in the crop of the gramineous in a tense harvest end, but of possible execution, asserted to have voted for their preference candidate.

To pick up the whole programmed cane to mill, without leaving in the fields a piece that can go to the geniuses is the zeal, with the purpose of extracting it the sugar that requires the execution of export commitments and the national consumption.

Showed this way to Julio Cesar García Rodríguez, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in the county and to Luis Ynchausti, president of the Government at that level who contacted with agroindustrial of the sugar in harvest tasks, this Sunday.

On the other hand, the engineer Vladimir Pérez, Director of the Sugar Managerial Group, assured that Camagüey will parade the First of May with the firm success in the elections and the plan of fulfilled sugar, more an extra.

Such to proceed been worth the inclination of the immense majority of the people of Camagüey and Cuban to preserve their status of socialist society, and to enjoy multiple benefits that are possessed by right of Revolution. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz)