viernes, 10 de septiembre de 2010

Social workers of Cuba: one decade next to the town

Camagüey, 10 Sep. - To one decade of having been founded up today the program of Social Workers that contains in the county of Camagüey to more than three thousand youths dedicated to become well-being, health, and happiness, the life in each community.

For initiative of the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro, these doctors of the soul, as him qualified them, they carry out from September of the year 10,2000, important tasks for the economic and social development of Cuba.

The contribution of the social workers in productive works, their protagonism in political and cultural activities, in the substitution of teams high consumers inside the Energy Revolution, and in the Combustible Mission, were activities that defined their chore .

“During these 10 years we have been next to the town, assisting the old men that live alone, the detached youths of the study and the work, the unable, the not well nurtured children, and the critical social cases”, Milaydis Tabares said, boss of the program in the territory.

“From the year 2008 work under the conception that people are able to transform for themselves, that is to say that all the individuals that are object of our attention, become subject of their own transformation”, specified Tabares .

“To Fidel we tell that trusts us that maintain the same enthusiasm with the one which created us, fulfilling all the commended tasks and with the conviction of defending the Cuban Revolution”, expressed the functionary. (Yaniuska Macías Rivero / AIN).

The exhibitions of the Fidelio return

Camagüey, - The edition twenty-six of the Provincial Living room of Visual Arts, Fidelio Ponce de León, will begin in the Gallery Center of Art at 9:00p.m o'clock. of the 14 to extend up to September 17 in diverse cultural spaces of the city of Camagüey.

This year the Living room will participate more than thirty artists in manifestations like painting, photographs, facilities and sculpture. Twenty-five works in competition of those more than sixty correspondents will show the talent of the artists villagers in galleries like the “Alejo Cerpentier” and “Salvador Cisneros Betancourt”, besides spaces like the Office of the Historian of the City, the Academy of the Arts “Vicentina de la Torre” and the Provincial Museum “Igancio Agramonte.”

Among the main attractiveness of the Fidelio 2010 will figure the four curatorials projects carried out by outstanding professional of Camagüey like Olga García Yero who with “Casabe and Matajíbaro III” it will gather, among other, to the plastic villager's upper-class artists like Agustín Bejarano, Flora Fong and Roberto Fabelo.

Besides the novelties provided by the house youths, other already consecrated as Nazario Salazar, Joël Jover, Martha Jiménez and Oscar Rodríguez Lasseira, will offer their works to a public accustomed to deliveries superiors every year, mainly, as for diologicity with the urban scenary of the city .

The X Shop of Theory and Critic of the Plastic arts, included in the Living room, will have distinguished intellectuals of national size as the Msc. Jorge Santos Caballero and the Dr. Rafael Acosta de Arriba.

The theoretical reflections will rotate around diverse practical artistic in European and Latin American scenaries, with emphasis in the guardianship, and to the tradition and artistic renovation in the image of the city of Camagüey. (Rogelio Serrano Pérez)