lunes, 2 de agosto de 2010

Cuba guarantees the formation of the children from the earliest ages

Camagüey. The program Educates Your son, in Camagüey, assists around 98 percent of the children in the ages understood between zero and six years.

Directed to facilitate to the little ones to the initial bond with the school, allows to enlarge the preescolar formation through the non institutional roads, with the participation of the family, organisms and organizations of present masses in the community.

The educational actions in the family means are carried out from the pregnancy and allow to elevate the psychological and pedagogic preparation of the parents and the family in general.

In the non formal roads, the basic cell constitutes the parents, aided by the promoters and voluntary executers on behalf of compensating to the small ones whose first years of life lapse in the family breast.

Next to turn 19 years of having created, the program Educates your son, is based in a pedagogic program with interdisciplinary character elaborated by educators, psychologists, pediatricians, specialists in growth and development, in sport, recreation and culture, among others. (Aramís González Cruz)

Vertientinas dedicates to Vilma Espín condition of Provincial Vanguard

By: Luis Enrique Perdomo Silva / Television Camagüey

The members of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) in the municipality of Vertientes dedicated Vilma Espín Guillois, the condition of vanguard obtained by this municipality in the provincial emulation.

Mara García Robaina, general secretary of this organization in the territory, remembered the visit from Vilma to the central Panama-in November of 1988 - and assured that her example stays alive in the memory of those almost 20 thousand affiliated, many of them of the sugar sector.

A test of it is the column “Ana Betancourt de Mora”, forces from support to the production of foods, composed by women of the rural communities.

“This feminine contingent integrate for more than a hundred women of the sugar industry and the agriculture”, the leader assured and she added other favorable results of the organization, among those that stand out the work in the blocks and delegations, as well as the integration of young to the Military Service.

“The example of Vilma always accompanies us and in homage to her, our organization will surrender tribute to women internationalists, besides voluntary works dedicated to the reforestation and the production of foods, like sample of the community work that should always characterize us”, concluded.

The municipality of Vertientes obtained the condition of Vanguard, continued by the territories of Sibanicú, Nuevitas, Santa Cruz del Sur and Florida, located among the outstanding of this insistence that celebrates the means century of the organization, been founded by Vilma Espín Guillois on August 23,1960.

Union of Communist Youths is inspired by Fidel, indefatigable warrior's example

The Cuban youths are summoned to remain the whole informed time and alert mobilizing consciences, wills and the human being's better values

Have happened alone some hours of the momentous encounter that the Commandant gave to the youths, like sample of that special affection and trust that he has always had in the new generations of Cuban.

Ratified that of our to act responsible the future depends, in a historical moment marked by the imperious necessity of saving the life in the Earth.

The reflections, shared in the encounter, make vibrate to the revolutionaries of our dear Homeland and the Union of Communist Youths, vanguard of the Cuban Youth, is inspired by his example of indefatigable warrior, to continue building the work that bequeathed us.

One of the best children in this sovereign and independent Island, Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, is today tortured in jails of the North American empire; our youth's paradigm, next to his four siblings, also antiterrorist fighters, teaches us with his integrity the difficult one on the way to the sacrifice when of defending noble causes and you joust is.

The youths, with humility and the truth in the hand, we will lift our voices so that doesn't continue spilling out bleeds innocent in the world, because of the imperial appetites; we are summoned to remain the whole informed time and alert mobilizing consciences, wills and the human being's better values.

Union of Communist Youths


By: Luis Enrique Perdomo Silva/ Camagüey Television

“I am an open window that listens, for where to see dark the life. But there is a ray of light in the fight that always leaves the conquered shade”
Miguel Hernández

I still remember that episode of the popular North American series “CSI” where one of the criminologists was buried alive, accompanied alone of a firearm, journalist's recorder-for if he wanted to leave testament - and a strong light.

While his colleagues looked for a webcam each one of Nick's fatidical instants and a flock of ants prepared to prick him, the voice of its victimary arrived to the sarcophagus in tone of vengeance and threatened to take off the life behind since months the member of the investigating team he had found an evidence that inculpated one of the kidnapper's relatives.

The perverse and brilliant imagination of Quentin Tarantino, one of the scripter of that noted chapter “I am In Sepulchral danger”, he comes me to mind in these moments when the Cuban political prisoner Gerardo Hernández Nordelo remains in a cell of punishment call “the hole”, in the North American jail of Victorville, in California.

Also review Hitler's crimes, when buried alive to many that didn't belong to his race and I think of the deceaseds in the Russian submarine Kursk, the miners from China that lost his life or the history of a Cuban girl that died suffocated in a vault of a bank, when being sleeping after closing that crypt tightly.

Can the inventory of scenes be more comprehensive and more thrilling? Maybe. I admit that the claustrophobia that I enumerate startles me. What men that confinement like Nelson Mandela suffered will say, Miguel Hernández or Orlando Cardoso Villavicencio. What that men that suffered would say, in these same minutes, the own Gerardo, witness of these punishments and anguishes in those that this physical and psychological freedom is run over by his jailers.

When we listen this antiterrorist's name, inmerse in an appeal process (Habeas Corpus), let us remember the dimensions two meters long and a meter wide of that cell where remains wrongly. There, to more than 35 grades celsius of heat and with delicate situation of health, shares with another prisoner that darkness where “ lacks the space and the laugh has collapsed.”

It is said easy, declarations are read, silences are listened. But Gerardo lives the torture in flesh and blood. As the character of “CSI Las Vegas”, also to him can end the oxygenate and the patience. As the Nick that Tarantino wrote in the fifth season, he is also victim of a carefully planned vengeance.

Take place in Camagüey Symbolic Weddings of Amalia and Ignacio

Monument Simoni MuseumFifth Simoni.

Camagüey. The Museum Fifth Simoni, of the city of Camagüey, will take place today the Symbolic Weddings of Amalia Simoni and Ignacio Agramonte, activity that characterizes to that cultural institution of Camagüey.

In this occasion will get married four couples of young of Camagüey, selected by their political and moral conditions who, and like part of the tradition, will receive a conference about the love and the loyalty among Amalia and Ignacio that specialists of The Adult's Native House impart, and in the one that also participate their relatives.

The nuptial ceremony will be carried out in the old large house of the family Simoni Argilagos, starting from 10 in the morning, where will also surrender homage to the patriot of Camagüey.

Then, the couples will move to the Living room of Protocol of the Square of the Revolution where will place a floral offering in The Adult's statue and will sign the “Love Book.”

Those “Symbolic Weddings of Amalia and Ignacio” is a project of the Museum Fifth Simoni that is carried out also with the collaboration of the Native House, the Square of the Revolution "Ignacio Agramonte" and the Palacio of Camagüey of the Marriages.

The present edition belongs together with the anniversary X of the project, since the old house of the Simoni became a museum, in the year 2000. (Mariela Peña Seguí)