miércoles, 2 de septiembre de 2009

The case of the Five is an artificial aberration

Miguel d'Escoto affirms in encounter with the relatives of the Cuban antiterrorists, prisoners in USA

By:Deisy Francis Mexidor

El case the Five "it is an artificial aberration", he affirmed the eve the president of the sixtieth third period of sessions of the General Assembly of the Organization of the United Nations, Miguel d'Escoto, during an encounter with family of the Cuban antiterrorists, political prisoners in North American jails 11 years ago.

D'Escoto who is in Havana in work visit, reiterated his critic to the autoproclamade war against the terrorism rushed by the White House and he said that it is completely absurd that Gerardo, Antonio, Ramón, Fernando and René are in prison, in fact, to have obtained information has more than enough criminal plans that "from Miami got ready against the sister and always solidary Republic of Cuba."

He advanced that that it will be one of the topics that will approach in the final speech of his command before the General Assembly, the next September 14, and ratified his personal commitment with this cause "until justice is made."

He specified that the American leader, Barack Obama, can correct this injustice immediately and urged to that put in practice the proposal of change that impelled it to the presidency of that country, because "regarding this case that change doesn't leave", he remarked.

Equally, he referred to all the "tremendous suffering to them and their families" that have caused these years of arbitrary imprisonment.

At the end of the encounter, the also priest and Nicaraguan revolutionary, made a separated with the press to explain that he is payee of the book Letters of love and trills, and a missive of the relatives to Obama with the petition that are granted the visas, especially to Adriana Pérez and Olga Salanueva, Gerardo and René´s wifes, respectively to who the government of USA has denied them in a reiterated way that permission.

He pointed out also that this case is hitting the image of USA and delimited that today is no longer to rectify anything "but that they put them immediately in freedom."

D'Escoto finally condemned the coup of state in Honduras and claimed the return to the institucionaly to the Central American nation, he also qualified the installation of USA bases in Colombia like a "terrible setback". it is a "he threatens to the peace", he sentenced.

Dedicate the school course 2009-2010 to the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro

It has been the main instigator of the Cuban educational work. More than 6 000 youths begin their studies in educational institutions of the FAR.

By:Margarita Barrios

Near three million children and youths went to the classrooms to begin the school course, marked by the zeal of elevating the quality of the teaching, for that which will put into practice novel and deep transformations.

The Vocational Preuniversitary Institute of Pedagogic Sciences Tomás David Royo, (IPVCP), located in the quarter of El Vedado, was the headquarters of the act of the capital for the beginning of the course, in which surrendered homage to the National Hero José Martí, inspiring of the Cuban educational work.

In a special way the students wanted to give him this lective period to the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro, to make reality the legacy martiano of: «To be learned is the only way of being free».

The work of the brigades was also recognized that worked in the rebuilding of 156 school centers in the capital. In total are more than 13 000 schools and 68 universities, as well as about 160 Municipal University Centers (CUM) those that will welcome the students of the whole country.

Soraya Paneque, directress of the IPVCP, meant the responsibility of the cloister of professors to form in each one of the students the values to those that aspires a socialist society.

At there were present Pedro Sáez Montejo, member of the Political Desk and first secretary of the Party in the City of Havana; Ena Elsa Velázquez Cobiella, minister of Education; Juan Contino, president of the Provincial Assembly of the Popular Power; and Marta Hernández, provincial directress of Education in the capital. (Margarita Barrios
A course also green olive tree

The act of beginning of the new Year of Instruction in the educational institutions of the Revolutionary Armed forces, was made in the morning of this Tuesday, in the Interarms School General Antonio Maceo—Order Antonio Maceo—located in the municipality of Caimito, in the county of Havana.

There it was known that their studies began in the different educational institutions of the FAR more than 6 000 youths, and that acts like this were carried out simultaneously in all the centers of teaching of the armed institution.

There are eight the universities of the Revolutionary Armed forces: the Interarms Schools General Antonio Maceo and General José Maceo, the Military Technical Institute José Martí; the Naval Academy Granma; the Military Superior School Major Arides Estévez; the National School of Special Troops Baraguá; the School of Military Medicine and the Academy of the FAR General Maximo Gómez.

The military ceremony was presided over by the member of the Political Desk of the Party and vice minister of the FAR, general of army body, Ramón Espinosa Martin. (Luis Hernández Serrano)

Spanish newspaper interviews Elizabeth Palmeiro, Ramón Labañino´swife

Elizabeth Palmeiro, Ramón Labañino´s wife, one of the five antiterrorists Cuban political prisoners in USA, told to the Spanish newspaper The Republic: “How can be my husband prisoner and Posada Carriles free?”

In an interview to that newspaper that CubaDebate reproduces, Palmeiro expressed that many children lost their parents in a flight of Cuban of Aviation that exploded, for a sabotage that planned the terrorist Luis Posada Carriles .

"Like wife of Ramón, I wonder like he can be prisoner to combat the terrorism, while Posada has been promoter of the death walks free", he asserted.

He specified that of the 19 years that take of married more than 10 they have passed them separate, and during that time she has lived experiences that have been good him to grow as person, as mother, as woman, as combatant, as Cuban revolutionary.

"I share the same ideas that Ramón, the same convictions, and this is also not only part of all the mixture of feelings that they are united to be able to face difficult situations, being in love of him", he underlined.

On the visits , explained that are the maximum thing, but they constitute a punishment rather because it cannot take him a candy, a picture, anything.

"My daughters are those that more has suffered the cruel savagery of the government from United States, they have treated them with the same cruelty that have treated the adults, and it is not exactly because they as any prisoner are entitled to receive their visits",indicated.

People from Camagüey visit the room museum of the Security of the State

Camagüey, Sep 2. An important number of people, among them children, adolescents and young, visit daily the room museum of the Security of the State , of the county of Camagüey.

In the exhibition five stages of the fights of our town are shown to preserve the Revolution that include facts happened in the territory of Camagüey, from 1959, until last year.

Among the cases operated by the Security of the State terrorist actions stand out, of biological war, of contrarrevolutionaries organizations, as well as busy means of communications.

The room museum was inaugurated the past August 13, like part of the activities of the Ministry of the Interior, in the territory of Camagüey for the birthday 83 of the Commandant in boss Fidel Castro.

Numerous people of Camagüey visits every day the room museum of the Security of the State, located in the street Patriotic Society almost corner to the avenue of the Freedom, in the city of Camagüey. (Orlando de la Cruz Barbán)

In Camagüey peasants receive watering system to impel sub-urban agriculture

Camagüey, Sep 2. More than 80 watering systems that cover same quantity of hectares, receive for these days rural of Camagüey, with the biggest responsibility in the program of the sub-urban agriculture that advances in the areas that surround the city and that the country takes like reference for its extension to other towns.

A specialized brigade of the Agriculture of Camagüey, with the support of the own peasants assumes the assembly of the technology, the one that includes pipes of several diameters, valves, mouthpieces for the watering in the field and turbine.

One of the beneficiaries with this system, is Camilo Mendoza who from his property “La Nueva Esperanza, in the south circumvallation of the city, mentions among the possibilities that offers him to it the remarkable increment in the yields, protection against the plagues and guarantee of seeds of different cultivations during the whole year.

The outstanding peasant and integral of the Cooperative of Credits and Services Renato Guitart, added that it will also contribute to that is remarkable in some months the change of the areas that surround the city, all sowed and already many in viands production, vegetables, grains and fruit-bearing.

The same as Mendoza, Jorge Viera, Placencia, Emilo, Maceo, Adolfo Yordy, Sarahy and other rural today are also benefitted with watering systems for his properties, integrated to the movement of the Sub Urban Agriculture in Camagüey.

According to the specialists for next week should be working a great part of these systems in fields that define the sub-urban agriculture in Camagüey, but already Camilo, began his tests, watering the sweet potato recently field and appreciating his benefits. (Rayza Mestril Gutierrez)