martes, 25 de agosto de 2009

Camagüey surpasses the four thousand tons of pig meat

By:Lucilo Tejera Díaz

Camagüey. The Swinish Company of Camagüey overcame the four thousand tons of pig in foot marketed with the meat industry, register lightly superior to that of same stage of the previous year.

That entity of the Ministry of the Agriculture has foreseen to reach seven thousand 830 tons and up to now the situation is favorable to achieve this objective, which would be superior to that of the 2008.

Enrique González, director of “Swinish Camagüey”, pointed out that the main effort in is ahead will center in increasing the purchase to individual breeders, administration among the best in Cuba and with monthly averages of 340 tons, thanks to the support of the National Association of Small Farmers.

The destination of the production of the company is the family basket, the school snack and the supply to hospital centers, maternal homes and of old men, infantile circles and scholarship holders' schools.

It also supplies to gastronomic units, hotels and to the state agricultural markets.

From the 2005 the branch swinish Cuban undertook its revitalization after years affected by the severe material limitations during the critical phase of the Special Period.

In the last years facilities were rescued, there was stability in the food elaboration and in the import of reproductors of high genetic quality.