martes, 24 de noviembre de 2009

Inaugurate VIII provincial room of craft Camagüey 2009. Previous encounter to FIART

New tests of the good occupation in the art of the handwork artisans artists of Camagüey offer, during the VIII Provincial room of Craft.

By: Aymee Amargós\Televisión Camagüey

Each artisan, is payee of messages through his work.

The craft in Camagüey, its fullness and the talent of who cultivate is recognized in the eighth provincial room .El encounter is devoted to the traditional art as expression identitary of the Caribbean.

If a word was enough to qualify the image of the encounter would be without doubts that that contains the versatile spirit of a party. Kind of a revel among the real and lyrical that knows of the value of the pieces in the universe of the contemporary universal culture.

Heir of the more ancient and ingenious solutions the encounter gives continuity to the good one to make in the manual art.

More than 100 pieces compete in the gallery MIDAS. The sample constitutes a praise to the diversity.

Stop to be rigid the metal and the wood, bends the glass,gets lost with ease the skin like support of pictorial works and until an utilitarian object becomes for its beauty a great work of art.

Each artisan, is payee of messages through its piece.

Summoned by the branch of the Cuban Association of Artisans Artists in the territory, the appointment includes colateral exhibitions in the Provincial Library Julio Antonio Mella, in The Adult's Native House, in the galleries Miranda, Alejo Carpentier and Larios. As part of the event are also carried out theoretical sessions.

The biennial had a primicy of the International Fair of Craft of Havana. The of the capital Evidio Perdomo exhibited the collection "complementary" through a parade of fashions in the Square of the Workers. The designer was worthy of the Prize FIART 2001 and that of the Master Handmade 2006.Ha presented works in several countries like France, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Colombia.

The eighth room of craft shows variety of languages and topics.

The hands of the artisans artists are erected in the eternal game of the creation.

A challenge is the assembly expositive. Each of the works receives the suitable light, what makes it figure loaded with authenticity and unquestionable independence.

Multiple edges allow from broken into fragments images to reach an idea of the true dimension of the exhibition.
Pieces that are erected with force among the novisims airs of these times.

Camagüey, absolute leader in National Tournament of Boxing

By:Adolfo Silva Silva

[Yender Arrechea (D), of Camagüey,overcame Geordanis Duarte, of Santiago de Cuba, in the division of the 69 Kgs]

The squad of Camagüey conquered with 277 points the scepter of the National Tournament of Boxing for Teams, with the strong guarantee of the unbeaten one in the global outcomes in its five posters of the final one.

The local conquered in the closing program with eight victories to Villa Clara, in the auditórium Iván Hildalgo Funes, of this town, where sesioned yesterday the last stage of the confrontation.

Camagüey achieved the fourth position in the precedent event, and the previous crown in the 2006.

The leaders included today in their victories to those that ratified a trajectory without setbacks in three of their púgiles in the final . Those competitors are Yorman Rodríguez (51 kilos), Yudiel Naples (75) and Yusiel Naples (91) who conquered, respectively, for the opponent's non presentation, 6-2 to Rafael Morell (VC) and 8-0 to José Fernández (VC).

Yudiel was imposed with the tensest marker in the program, and with Jusiel a singular duet became in the contest: two united siblings also in the sport and in the victory of his county. Hugo Noriega overcame 15-7 in the 69 kilos to Yeinier Arrechea, and was one of the main pegadors villaclareños in the challenges.

In the remaining gives birth to you of the closing, Guantánamo defeated 53-34 points to City of Havana and Santiago deCuba 56-29 to Pinar del Río.

Guantanameros (243), santiagueros (227), Havanan (208), pinareños (171) and villaclareños (157) were from the second to the sixth positions, according to the commission of statistical of the fair one.

In the fair one previous, City of Havana, Guantánamo and Santiago de Cuba occupied from the first one to third o'clock position.

Yorman Rodríguez (CAM) and Jorge Luis Mustelier (STGO) were selected in that order the most combative and technician of the lid among whose assistants were who represented to the island in the last World Championship, in which the Cubans obtained the third step.

Cuban internationalists: delivery examples and love

Cuban internationalists: delivery examples and our love. Liquidate own debt with the humanity were the definition that gave the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz to the internationalist work carried out by thousands and women and men to name of this Caribbean archipelague, in different latitudes of the world.

The collaboration of the doctors, nurses and other specialists of the health of the bigger than the Antilles, began in the decade of the 60 in Algeria and from those initial actions the preventive work that characterizes to the Cuban Medicine, put on so far, in function of to save and to improve the quality of life of the more unprotected in nations of Asia, África and Latin America.

To name of the internationalism the Cuban doctors lend services in Venezuela, Bolivia, Haiti, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe and in other many countries of the third world, where next to the work prophylaxis assume tasks related with the teaching, to form doctors and committed specialists there with the health of the town and payees of a humanist ethics as the Che dreamt .

The workers of the sector of the health in Florida are a faithful example of this whole delivery process and consecration in favor of the health and the life of the poor of the earth. In recent days the national television gave to the people of Camagüey, the doctor's image Dunia Pérez Rosales, specialist in Medical Genetics of the municipality of Florida that in the sister Nicaragua works in the mission “All with voice.”

As Dunia, many of the physicians of Florida eave house behind, family, affections and social commitments, in answer to the integration call and collaboration with the men, women and children of other lands of the world, where the neoliberal and excluding politicians cause pain and long sufferings that can be avoided.

When new pages are written in the History of the Universal Medicine, the work of the professionals of the health Cuba will deserve an important chapter. When it is spoken of altruism, kindness, love to the fellow men and profesionality, on the example of the Cubans will be in function of the life.

County of Camagüey reduces electric consumption

The saving measures and other initiatives begin to give result and Camagüey comes closer to its plan of consumption of electricity of the present November, when being only overdrawn by 0.7 percent.

The reconciliation of the different organisms of the energy figures to consume, with the Electric Company, is one of the main actions that contribute to that after more than three months being one of the counties of worse results, the situation changes favorably.

Already during the weekend five municipalities fulfilled their plans of electricity consumption, they are them: Esmeralda, Nuevitas, Guáimaro, Sibanicú and the city of Camagüey

In the course of the present November have intersected more than 600 services, of those that stay sanctioned 152. (Pablo Cabero Viamontes)