lunes, 27 de diciembre de 2010

FAO Representative to Cuba Highlights Role of Education in Agriculture

HAVANA, Cuba, Dec 27- UN Food and Agriculture Organization representative to Cuba Marcio Porto highlighted the important role education plays to achieve sustainable development in Cuban agriculture.

Porto said that Cuban farmers have all the knowledge they need to use new technologies that will allow them to raise yields in their harvests.

He said a good example is growing beans within mango fields which allows farmers to better use the available land, optimize the use of fertilizers and to have a profit in short time.

Porto pointed out that the sustainable development model Cuban agriculture is using is based in short, medium and long term strategies which are already producing good results in areas surrounding towns and cities.

This will allow Cuba to produce domestically all the food it needs in times when prices have skyrocketed throughout the world, due to the world financial crisis, he added.

Porto explained that farmers attending workshops are increasing their professional level, a situation that doesn’t happen in many other countries, where people don’t know the benefits food could bring them.

“If they don’t know that fruits contain minerals and proteins they don’t grow them, therefore they don’t consume them and stick to traditional crops that satisfy their appetite”. (acn)

Implement suburban agriculture in 156 cuban municipalities

Sancti Spíritus, Dec 27- In January 2011 the suburban agriculture will be implemented in the 156 foreseen municipalities, IT was informed during the national annual balance of the program of urban and suburban agriculture.

The doctor Adolfo Rodríguez Nodal , member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) and national boss of that activity directed by the Ministry of the Agriculture, informed the conclusion and approval of the projects that norman that work in each territory.

Highlighted the effort of those who developed the works starting from the experiences of the municipality of Camagüey, initiator of that work in April 2009, conceived to impel the good and rational use of the surrounding lands of the establishments with more than a thousand inhabitants.

When presenting the report of the results of the present year, Rodríguez Nodal, highlighted that of the objectives of the alone stage only are in execution the investments in the cultivations semiprotegidos when subtracting to conclude them in 102 hectares.

Among the difficulties stand out, said, the affectation of the watering in areas of the urban agriculture when lacking 410 hectares of those foreseen, question to solve in the first trimester of the 2011.

He also expressed dissatisfaction for the non termination of the investments in the organopony technology in almost 195 hectares.

During the encounter was proclaimed Sancti Spíritus like the most integral county in the program of the urban and suburban agriculture during the 2010, and as outstanding classified Matanzas, Ciego de Ávila and Villa Clara.

It was also recognized to the better producing of each territory and the Cooperative of Agricultural Production New Cuba, first in completing the 23 agreements signed between the Agriculture and the National Association of Small Farmers.

The encounter was presided over by Ulises Rosales del Toro member of the Political Desk of the PCC and vice-president of the Council of Secretaries; Miguel Acebo Cortiña, first secretary of the PCC in the county, and Gustavo Rodríguez and Orlando García, minister of the Agriculture and the Sugar, respectively. (Cristóbal Álamo Pérez/AIN)

Fidel Castro Speaks over the Phone with Cuban Doctors in Haiti

HAVANA, Cuba, Dec 27 - Cuban Revolution leader spoke over the phone with members of the Cuban Medical Brigade that is fighting the cholera outbreak in Haiti.

Fidel called Cuban Health deputy Minister Marcia Cobas, who is in L’Estere town in the Artibonite department, the most affected by the pandemic, and spoke with several doctors that graduated from the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM)

Cobas is following instructions from the Revolution leader to get in touch directly with all the members of the Henry Reeve medical brigade that are in Haiti, to find out how they are dealing with the tough conditions they are working in.

She asked the cooperants about their health, food, safety and how they are communicating with their families back in Cuba. She also forwarded greetings from Fidel and Cuban President Raul Castro and handed them over a card signed by Fidel.

Among them were Honduran Yorlenis Ramírez, US Gregory J. Wilkinson and Uruguayans Verónica and Brayan who thanked Cuba for having trained them as doctors.

Doctor Elisa Ortiz Vázquez, who heads the 145 health professional brigade in Artibonite, told Fidel they were proud of proving medical services wherever in the world they are needed.

The medical brigade has treated over 46000 Haitinas that had contracted cholera, and have kept mortality at a low 0.59 percent. They also checked over 181000 people and detected 1265 sick among them which they treated.(acn)

miércoles, 8 de diciembre de 2010

Cuba and Senegal to Strengthen Cooperation in Sports

HAVANA, Cuba, Dec 7 - Senegalese Sports Minister Faustin Diatta arrived in Cuba with the purpose of signing the first bilateral cooperation agreement in this sphere.

The visitor was welcomed at Havana’s José Marti International Airport by the Vice- president of Cuba’s Sports Institute (INDER), Alberto Juantorena.

During his stay, which will end on Wednesday, Diatta will hold talks with leaders of the Institute and of the National Committee of the Young Communists League, and will visit sports schools and institutions.

A young Senegalese is studying at the International School for Physical Education and Sports located in the municipality of San José de las Lajas, on the outskirts of Havana, from where another three have graduated; and a Cuban trainer of athletics is currently offering his services in Senegal.

Senegal is located in West Africa. It’s bounded by Mauritania to the north, Mali to the east, Guinea and Guinea- Bissau to the south, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.(acn)

Literacy Campaign Advances in Angola with Cuba’s Help

HAVANA, Cuba, Dec 7 - Cuba’s support for the teaching of basic literacy to thousands of Angolans was highlighted during a meeting in Luanda between leaders of the South African country and a Cuban delegation.

The Secretary for Political and Social Affairs of the Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) in that capital expressed his appreciation for the gesture of the Caribbean island of sending advisers to carry out this task, the Prensa Latina news agency reported.

Joana Quintas, first secretary of the MPLA in Ingombota, referred to the educational experiences they have acquired, and informed that, in two years, 108,000 adults of this municipality will learn how to read and write by way of the Cuban method Yes I Can.

Participating in the meeting were ambassador Pedro Ross; the third secretary of the diplomatic mission, Rosa Fonseca; and deputy Luis Ramirez, representing Cuba.

Ross expressed that the fruit of the literacy campaign are the best tribute to the internationalists that died in defense of Angola’s independence.

On this date of 1989, the mortal remains of Cubans who fell in combat in Angola, Ethiopia and other African nations were buried in pantheons built in their municipalities of origin, in ceremonies held simultaneously throughout the island.

The national mourning ceremony took place at the mausoleum of El Cacahual, where Commander in Chief Fidel Castro and Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos addressed participants.(acn)

South Africa Increases Financial Links with Cuba

HAVANA. Cuba, Dec 7- South African President Jacob Zuma announced on Tuesday the granting of a new credit line of 220 million rands (30 million dollars) to Cuba, a country he described as an ally of the entire African continent.

While closing the Cuba-South Africa Business Forum, held for two days at Havana’s Hotel Nacional, Zuma also announced the extension of credit guarantees to the value of 70 million rands, which will back South African exports to the island.

In addition, he also announced South Africa’s willingness to support Cuba with 14 million rands worth of seeds and fertilizers, in order to contribute to the island’s agricultural development.

The head of state said he was pleased because the main business organizations of his country were represented in the forum, to talk about and explore possibilities of trade between the two countries, in a way that bilateral economic bonds can be strengthened.

He expressed the gratitude of his government and people for the support given by the islandin the offering of essential services to the South African people, by way of programs in the fields of health, social development, housing and public infrastructure.

He also expressed his appreciation for the presence of over 400 Cuban professionals, among them architects, engineers and physicians, who’re now offering their services in communitiesof that African country.

Ricardo Cabrisas, Vice-president of the Council of Ministers, stated that those working inthe economic sphere in the two countries are responsible for creating favorable conditions to materialize the objectives agreed in this meeting.

Cabrisas highlighted the absolute willingness of the Cuban party to progress in the deepening, strengthening and diversification of economic bonds between Cuba and South Africa.

Also participating in the ceremony were Estrella Madrigal, president of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba; Rodrigo Malmierca, Minister for Foreign Trade and Investment, and Robert Davis, South Africa’s Minister of Commerce and Industry. (acn)

Ricardo Alarcon Ends Fruitful Visit to France

HAVANA, Cuba. Dec 7- Cuban Parliament President Ricardo Alarcón ended on Tuesday a fruitful visit to France, after carrying out a series of activities on his long agenda, which included a meeting with the president of the Senate, Gerard Larcher.

His last activity in Paris was a meeting with a dozen senators of different political affiliation, in which members of the Upper House of the ruling Union for a Popular Movement (UMP), the Socialist Party (PS), the Communist Party (PCF) and the Left Party (PG), as well as non-attached legislators, participated.

Alarcon spoke animatedly with the legislators, who were headed by socialist Senator Bernard Piras, president of the France-Caribbean Friendship Group, the Prensa Latina news agency reported.

The two parties welcomed with great enthusiasm the resumption of cooperation relations by way of an agreement recently signed in Havana, and expressed ideas to boost bonds at parliamentary level and between the peoples of the two countries.

The Cuban Parliament President updated his interlocutors on the situation of Washington’s blockade against the island, and gave a detailed explanation on the case of the five Cuban antiterrorist heroes incarcerated in the US for 12 years now.

martes, 7 de diciembre de 2010

Add 57 the Classes of Maceo created in Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, Dec 7 . With the creation of two new Classes of Maceo in this city, already adds in the country 57 those circles dedicated to preserve the thought and the moral values of the family Maceo and Grajales.

The new clubs were activated in the primary school Oscar Lucero Moya and the secondary Alberto Fernández Monte de Oca.

Victor Manuel Pullés, specialist of the Center of Studies Antonio Maceo and coordinator of the project, explained to the AIN that to promote the heroic traditions of the Cuban town is a form of contributing to the consolidation of his democratic ideals and patriotic feelings.

The classes that study the legacy of the mambi stock that gave their children to the independence of Cuba - among them the biggest general Antonio Maceo and José Maceo - carry out a systematic work with projection toward the communities, from schools, work centers and social and political organizations.

In this 2010, year of the anniversary 165 of Antonio's birth Maceo, of the one who José Martí said that had “as much force in the mind as in the arm”, his evocation has included cultural, political and educational actions.

Exhibitions about the eminent person's life, shops on their thought, donations of blood and encounters with combatants of the revolution, are some of the activities that are carried out with the support of the Center of Studies Antonio Maceo.

This December seven, when the anniversary is commemorated 114 of the fall in combat of Antonio Maceo, the classes will surrender homage to the brave mambí in all the monuments to his memory, and will direct special mornings to highlight his impronta in the Cuban history.

In Santiago de Cuba, the indefatigable qualified combatant's cradle as the Titan of Brass, the biggest quantity in those groupings works with antecedents in the Maceists Societies that arisen in the first half of the XX century, sowed the civic and patriotic values that made a relating of elegance, civism and courage. (Ekaterina Rivera Zvezdina / AIN)

Salvadoran president receives the Can

Havana, Dec 7 .The president from El Salvador, Mauricio Funes, offered a dinner of honor to the minister of External Relationships of Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez who concludes this Tuesday an official visit to the Central American country.

During the encounter topics of bilateral interest were approached, among these the cooperation projects in sectors of the health, education, trade and culture, refer an office of Latin Press.

The Chancellor's arrival happens after the Salvadoran President was in Cuba the days last October four and five, when both governments signed the first four projects.

In accordance with the program, Rodríguez will meet today with the national address of the Front Farabundo Martí for the National Liberation (FMLN), the biggest force politics in that nation.

Will also sustain a second interview with his homologous, Hugo Martínez, with who on Monday carried out official conversations in the headquarters of the Chancellery.

This visit is the first of a boss from the Cuban diplomacy to El Salvador in the history of both nations. (AIN)

miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010

Concludes initial phase of reanimation of commercial street

By: Adolfo Silva Silva- Picture: Rosa Blanco Ramos/ Camagüey Television

Camagüey, nov 10- The pedestrian and several traffic of the units of the first block of the most important via commercial of Camagüey, “Maceo”, were reopened according to the program of reanimation of that sector.

Located in the area proclaimed in the Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity 2009 , the artery and its two bordering squares figure in a process investor foreseen up to the 2011 to elevate its visual and functional attributes, in the third town with bigger population in the country.

The concluded work is the initially finished in the place and had its more complex task in the demolition of the street and the sidewalks, substituted by a pavement of a single level, of “granite” (terraze) Mexican ballad, and the one buried of the electric, external phone connections and of audio local.

That characteristic will be extended to the whole road, where the plan also inserts the rebuilding of facades, capital remodelings of properties, reuse of local, and the external placement of gardeners and awnings.

In the one referred block continues, in accordance with a project of progressive conclusion, the qualification of new facilities, like a branch of CADECA and a restaurant.

The task continues, also, in another tract of the artery, and in the two squares, in one of those which, that of the Solidarity, the park bordering will be reinaugurate in December, expressed the AIN the architect Yosmel Díaz, of the Office of the Historian of the City of Camagüey (OHCC).

Among the establishments of the area corresponding to the reanimation figure those of industrial products, cultural goods , gastronomic and of lodging, included the Great Hotel, national badge of the chain Islazul, and The Charm, one of the main stores for departments in Cuba.

THE OHCC is the coordinator of the entities in charge of the Investment.( )

miércoles, 3 de noviembre de 2010

Square of the Freedom gets ready for Party of the Earthenjar

Camagüey- A rejuvenate plan continues through the Avenue and the Square of the Freedom, the first sector of the city of Camagüey where - in the colonial time - the ordinance was applied of building external portals in the properties.

The two public spaces are the center of the neighborhood of The Charity, been founded in the XVIII century in a near area to the area proclaimed in the Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity 2009 .

According to that foreseen, the work will conclude with view to the Party of the Earthenjar, programmed cultural and sport event of the 7 at 13 in this month, with the main headquarters in the two mentioned segments and in tracts of traverse streets.

In the work the painting of facades prevail, communicated the máster Aileen María González, directress of projects in the Office of the Historian of the City of Camagüey (OHCC).

González underlined that the task of more span is the repair of more than 10 of the roofs of the portals, included in some the demolition and total substitution .

The OHCC and forces of the Ministry of the Construction attack the task, which will restore a quantity of stars in an ulterior stage - of fused iron - moved away by serious deterioration.

The III Body of the mambí Army entered December 30 ,1898 for that Avenue at Camagüey, and January 4, 1959 the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro pronounced in the Square his first speech in territory of Camagüey, in one of the scales of the itinerary of the Rebellious caravan of the east to the occident of Cuba. (Adolfo Silva Silva)

Swinish development in Vertientes strengthens alimentary Program

Camagüey - The swinish development in the peasant cooperative sector and of the municipality of Vertientes, in the county of Camagüey, can be exemplified through the experience and the love to work Rolando Pacheco, one of the best breeders in pigs of the Cooperative Juan Manuel Márquez, located not much more than 26 kilometers of the provincial head.

With more than 25 years in the agricultural chores, Pacheco works in his property “The Marías”, of two extension chivalries (26,84 hectares), where the several cultivations, the cane and the corn are fomented, to obtain 30 percent of the supplements that complete the system of feeding of the pigs, which are raised in a built ship with family effort, with capacity for 80 animals.

Also supported by his family this producer is very efficient in the tomato obtaining, when surpassing the 400 quintals of the vegetable surrendered to the state in each crop.

With traditional methods of breeding, in each agreement stage with the State feeds 80 pigs - in a period of four months -, with some seven tons of meat of total production, what highlights the potentialities of this project for the swinish development in Cuba.

Pacheco manifested that the foods for his herd are elaborated handmadely in his property, as long as the medications - when are necessary - he obtains them in the swinish Company of Camagüey.

The commitment of to continue linked to the agricultural works represents for the rural Rolando Pacheco the opportunity to support the alimentary program and the substitution of imports, the workers' of the cooperative sector fundamental objectives in the means south of Camagüey. (Fernando Capote Taño).

martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

Restore headquarters of the Superior Institute of Art in Camagüey

Camagüey - The project of repair of the educational headquarters of the Branch of the Superior Institute of Art in Camagüey, one of the three of its type in Cuba, was the main reason for the encounter between the professors of this center and Rolando González Patricio, rector of the facility.

With the attendance of distinguished personalities of the culture and the government of the territory, the appointment lapsed in the room of concerts José Luis Betancourt, of the Office of the Historian of the City of Camagüey.

Yaxely González Carmenates, general planner of the works for the building of the branch, highlighted the importance of the rehabilitation of the formerly the mothers' ursulinas convent, located in the area of the historical center of the city declared Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity.

The project plan the implementation of necessary enclosures for the artistic teaching as theater, library, wood and specialized classrooms for music.

Encouraged by the repair of this building and for the artistic potentialities of the territory, the educational ones proposed the rector of the Institute the future creation of day regular courses in Camagüey, service so far only toasted by the ISA in Havana. And for a nearer tomorrow requested the inclusion of other specialties like folkloric ballet.

The representation of important cultural institutions and political organs allowed the professors to value the achievements and difficulties of the course 2009-2010, until today that of bigger graduation of this center, besides facilitating him the layout of strategies for the development of the branch in the current educational period.

Rolando González exhorted to transform the institution into an imam for the talents of the centeroriental region of Cuba and highlighted the work of the educational ones and artists implied in the center.

Also, he insisted in the necessity of forming professionals according to the necessities of the territory. "I believe that we can count with which in a relatively brief term we have a deluxe branch, not only for the property, but for the own internal development of the branch", the rector commented and it congratulated all for the demonstrated institutional maturation.

In this course the branch of the ISA in Camagüey turns twenty-two years of having been founded. It began with music's disciplines, in the guitar specialty and danzary art in the ballet profile.

Today, sum nine musical instruments more to its teaching (piano, flute, saxophone, etc.), includes folkloric dance and the career of art of the audiovisual media, with five specialties, among them, address, production and sound.

Its current registration is of 112 students and the cloister 80 professors conform it (Rogelio Serrano Pérez).

Pablo Milanes will act in Camagüey and other oriental counties

Camagüey - The emblematic singer-author Pablo Milanes will carry out a national tour that will embrace the oriental, included counties Camagüey in his first stage, from November six to 16.

After 22 years without journeys of this type, Milanes will offer a series of concerts in open squares, so that all have the possibility to listen to him, specified in press conference Natacha García, directress of Communication of the Music's Cuban Institute (ICM).

Of this way, the author of songs like Yolanda and Something more than to dream, will be the day six in Guantánamo, the eight in Santiago de Cuba, the 10 in his native Bayamo, the 12 in Holguín, the 14 in The Tunas, and the 16 in Camagüey.

The rest of the national territory will enjoy his presentations in the first trimester of 2011, due to international commitments of the singer- author.

García highlighted that the idea of the tour is the result of the own Pablo's zeal, the ICM, the Ministry of Culture and the office in charge of the artist's work , PM Records.

The most significant in the event is that the Cuban town will be been able to always rediscover with its Pablo, that that marked the life of an entire generation and has not enjoyed more than for two decades live, pointed out García .

Pablo Milanes is considered, next to Silvio Rodríguez and Noel Nicola, one of the maximum exponents of the New Cuban Trova.

In 1967, he participated in the Encounter of the Song Protests, taken place by House of the America, and later on he integrated the Group of Sound Experimentation of the Cuban Institute of the Art and Film Industry.

During the years 70 began to win national and international popularity, he carried out numerous tours for America and Europe and music wrote for theater and cinema.

After more than four decades of work, Pablo Milanese possesses near 40 disks and he has participated in numerous collective works, and in May of 2008 he presented his most recent discographic production.

This is titled beyond everything, with the accompaniment of a deluxe piano, in the hands of Cucho valdés.(Alain Valdés Sierra)

Contemporary Ballet Endedans will be presented in Cienfuegos

Camagüey - The Theater Terry, of Cienfuegos, among November five and seven, will open its doors to the Contemporary Ballet Endedans of Camagüey, which will participate in the Season of the Dance that is organized annually also in the denominated Perla of the South.

The spectators will be able to enjoy emblematic works like "The Carmen", the most recent success in that company of Camagüey that directs Tania Vergara. The work is inspired by the classic of the literature, the music and the world dance.

Will also offer " Forgive me the fright of looking for you", "A paper, a mole, the time, and later...?, of the dancer and choreographer Denis Martínez.

It will also be projected, the documentary "The other Carmen", of the maker Rolando Admiral, material that picks up the vision of the interpreters on their characters and that was used for the first time September 22 in the National Museum of Fine arts.(Lázaro David Najarro Pujol)

Innovators of Nuevitas guarantee vitality of important industries

Camagüey, nov 2. - More than three thousand works dedicated to solve the problems caused by the economic blockade of the United States against Cuba, have applied in so far in year the members of the Association of Innovators and Racionalizators (ANIR) of the municipality of Nuevitas, located not much more than 80 kilometers to the north of the capital of Camagüey.

Higinio Pérez Cárdenas, President of the organization in that territory, highlighted that the works of those more than 1 200 associates guarantee that any center of the denominated Industrial City also stops to work, although many already possess technologies obsolete.

The leader of the ANIR added that with these works benefit the Factory of Cement 26 de Julio, the Thermoelectric October Ten, the Cocktail of Fertilizers, among other, which also improve its productivity and efficiency in general sense thanks to them.

In this to make stand out Pablo Perdomo and Alexis Hernández, outstanding innovative accustomed to dedicate talent and extra time to solve the lacks and difficulties generated by the blockade of the successive administrations of the United States against Cuba. (Pablo Cabero Viamontes)

New viality and conduction school

Camagüey - The inauguration of the Provincial School of Viality and Conduction, an old yearning of the Company of Transport and of the Address of Traffic and its Specialized Section of Engineering and Signaling, took place the weekend in areas of the base of taxis, located in Highway Central West corner to Martí, in this city.

In fact, the Law No. 109 or Code of Vial Security , in its Chapter II, Article 249, establishes that these facilities are responsible for the preparation from the applicants to drivers of self-driven vehicles, the training and the professional chauffeurs' recalification, as well as to promote the education in the road of the population's different sectors.

The School of Viality and Conduction that shows the name of the martyr Francisco de la Cruz López, have in its material base of study three classrooms endowed with modern audiovisual and on-line means, three cars for the practical classes and a specialized insole, among those that figures the administrative personnel, instructors and professors of the theoretical subjects.

This center of studies, without place to doubt, will contribute next to the educational actions, of signaling and popularization that carries out the Provincial Unit of Traffic in this territory, to diminish the accidents of the traffic, lash that whips the modern humanity and that in Cuba constitutes the first cause of violent death.(Orlando Durán Hernández)

Determined forest of Camagüey in increasing the forests of the county

Near 500 thousand hectares conform the forest patrimony of the county of Camagüey, that of bigger territorial extension of Cuba, of them some 300 thousand are only covered with natural, and very few forests are the areas with young plantations in the current year, to what is added that are still near 100 uninhabited of trees.

If in what is of 2010 was possible to increase the forest covering of the territory, Camagüey will only report something more than 22 percent of its areas covered with forests, what demands of an increase in the plantations, because nowadays this territory is that of lower covering boscose in the bigger than the Antilles.

Who are made responsible with this task, are not crossed of arms, so it is so the territory has been able to incorporate 77 percent of that that seed, allowing to grow in more than 750 hectares.

The drop boscose covering is for the most part causing of the forest fires, and in this sense the affected municipalities have been Camagüey and Esmeralda, which share great extension of San Felipe's plateau, punished severely in the last years by those catastrophes.

At the moment and by means of the delivery of lands in usufruct, conditions are believed for, in feasible places for it, to create some 20 properties, and of this the worker and their family will have their houses in the own area dedicated to the forest or near plantations to them.

So far, in the county had taken place more than four thousand 200 postures, fundamentally of trees , and are executed with effectiveness tasks like the reinstatement of flaws, maintenances, and seed of alive, fruit-bearing posts, plant melliferous and band that have a decisive work hidrorregulator around the reservoirs.(Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez )

lunes, 1 de noviembre de 2010

Witches' invitation in Camagüey

Camagüey, nov 1st- Annia Pérez and Frank Ramírez were the honored in the VI ACAALARRE, new edition of an unique competition of its type in Cuba that resuscitates in a whim to the dark witches with the Creole choteo.

Also rewarded in other versions of the contest, that artistic binomial conquered four recognitions in the current appointment whose 66 works in competition are exposed in the headquarters of the filial of Camagüey of the Cuban Association of Artisans Artists (ACAA), in the Square of the Workers.

The central jury conferred shared the prize in ceramic to the piece, without title, of Pérez-Ramírez, a witch with luxurious wardrobe, and of which a crow leaves his body.

That creation also obtained rewards conferred by the branch of the Cuban Fund of Cultural Goods, Library Provincial Julio Antonio Mella and the Sociocultural Project The Mud of my neighborhood.

The premiation in ceramic also relapsed in the doctor veterinary Ángel Bank Miralles, with “we will Arrive late to the one Acaalarre”, an allusive work to an ox zebu to the one which two malicious women, one dressed and another naked one, try to drive on a gotten muddy land.

Received the remaining first places granted by the central jury, Yosvany Rodríguez (skin manifestation), Gerardo Crow (textile) Yoisdel Rotillet (metal), Yohacne Téllez ( carves in wood), María Bad-Elvia Mc Cormack (paper maché) and Dasmián Sánchez (miscellany).

The program of the forum includes the opening of nine samples equally with pieces outside of competition, with inaugurations between November 27 and December 18.

Summoned every two years for the branch of the ACAA, ACAALARRE gathers members of that institution or not, in an event of wide competitive participation and public's attendance.(Adolfo Silva Silva)

Profitable encounter among young radialists of Camagüey

Camagüey, nov 1st.. - An excellent scenary was the municipality of Mines, for the celebration - during Friday and last Saturday -, of the Third provincial Encounter of young passionate radialists, in which was exchanged around topics of importance for the work in the radio stations radial of Camagüey.

The impartition and debate of conferences and other studies, tune to the radial means, they were valid proposals for, starting from successes and mistakes, to offer a better programming to the town.

In opinion of “old and experienced passionate radialists” that shared with the youths in the event, the appointment opens a very favorable field to the creation and the insert of a radio of Camagüey, to tone with the times that run and difusor of the socialist reality in the current Cuba.

Concerning the topic, the provincial director of the Radio, Onelio Castillo Corderí, qualified the exchange like very profitable for the responsibilities of this means as difusor of the processes of transformation of the current society and the protagonism of Camagüey in the invigoration of the work of the Revolution.

Castillo Corderí thanked to the community of the Voice of the Bayatabo - radio station of that territory of the north of Camagüey -, and to the authorities of there, for the dedication and organization of the encounter that already marks rules for the chore of the radio of Camagüey. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz).

Comely Camagüey for better sugar harvests

Camagüey.- Representatives of 30 cooperatives of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) in Camagüey ratified the agreement of the Cuban Rural Congress of having all their sowed cane areas and resowed to greet the anniversary 50 of the organization the next May 17.

The rural of Camagüey assured that with technological means, fertilizers and herbicides of last generation that facilitates them the State, they will be able to prepare in the fixed date of more than five thousand hectares of cane of the spring plans and winter with better agricultural yields.

Given the rise of the sugar in the international market and of the prices that will be paid the next war to the Cuban producers - of about 94 pesos the ton of cane - and the stimulation in convertible currency for the most productive farmers, the alternative was outlined: Or the fields are assisted to reach high yields or the areas of little agricultural tonnage will be dedicated to the cattle production or other alimentary uses.

Specialists estimate of the sector that, without specifying certain variety neither system of specific seed, a hectare takes 10 416 grafts, and 50 of them can provide a ton of cane.

The next sugar harvest in Camagüey the coming one will begin December 5 with the central Argentina, of Florida, in the Southwest of the county, and that same month will start up in the east, the Siboney, of Sibanicú, genius badge of the territory for their stable milled and sugar of good quality. (Rolando Sarmiento Ricart)

viernes, 29 de octubre de 2010

Fix in Cuba new residential electric rates

Havana - New electric rates were established in the residential sector for the consumers of more than 300 kilowatt/hour monthly.

Granma newspaper explains that will begin to be applied to the consumption that is carried out in the second pay period of coming November.

Such and as usually happens, the Electric Union will register this expense in the reading of the meter count during the second pay period of the following month - in this case, December -, so the corresponding collection will become effective in January of the 2011.

The one mentioned newspaper specifies that this measure, which doesn't affect to 94,4 percent of the homes, has as purpose to stimulate the saving.

It refers that it involves those that spend more than 300 kilowatt/hour (kwh), which constitute today 5,6 percent and consume 14,4 percent of the electricity of the residential sector.

In the period lapsed from the last modification of the residential electric rate in November of the 2005, the price average of the petroleum was increased from 56 to 78 dollars the barrel.

It has provoked a considerable growth in the costs of the electricity and in consequence an increase of the subsidies of the State.

In Cuba more than 50 percent of the fuel that wastes away every year is dedicated to the electricity generation.

While the state sector has diminished the consumption with regard to the 2009 in more than 10 percent, the rhythm in the residential one continues in ascent, for what is necessary a more rational use of that energy.

The fixed current rate of 1.30 cents for those who consume of 301 until more than five thousand kwh modifies in the following way:

The consumption 301 at 350 the kwh settles down to 1.50 cents; of 351 at 500 the cost becomes of 1.80 cents the kwh; of 501 at thousand will be paid to reason of two pesos the kwh; the one of thousand 001 at five thousand notices three pesos the kwh; and more than five thousand will charge to five pesos the kwh.

New expo of Manual Arts in Museum Native House of Ignacio Agramonte

Camagüey - Domain of the technique, beauty and elegance together with the utilitarian function are the characteristics of those more than 30 pieces, knitted by hand, exposed in Ignacio Agramonte `s Native House, since October 27 until the month of November.

Their authors belong to the community cultural Project, directed by the artisan Reyna Casamayor, began two years ago and resides in this central museum of the city of Camagüey, some 30 members meet every Wednesday, in hours of the morning, to give loose rein to a popular art practiced by our grandmothers, but abandoned, for the modern technologies.

"We have begun this project in the House Fifth Amalia Simoni almost for two years, but it was decaying. For luck, the museologist Maritza Walls, of the Native House, welcomed us and here we are working, with a lot of enthusiasm, due to what one is knowing the group and are no longer retired only, but workers and young.

"We have the objective of carrying out personal and collective exhibitions where our works can be appreciated with the techniques from the fabric to the crochet, with two needles and the miñardi.

"In September we made a presentation in Television Camagüey, with an exhibition of fashions and we knew that it liked a lot, from then on the applications to integrate our Project have increased.

"Another reason to feel happy is that a member of the group, Raquel Ching, obtained a mention in the specialty of fabric of handbags in the exhibition of the Living room of the Cuban Association of Artisans Artists (ACAA), here in the city.

"We aspire to consolidate the Project and although the limitations are undeniable to consent with profusion to the matter prevails, something is always gotten without stopping, stamen, or another fabric type.(María Socarrás)

Cooperative of Camagüey among the best in Cuba

Havana - A cane yield superior to 75 tons for hectare, allowed to the Cooperative of Credits and Services (CCS) Abel Santamaría, Camagüey, to be located among the best in Cuba in the production of cane of sugar.

Although this unit of the municipality of Vertientes has as main program the cattle raising, the result in the cane development demonstrates the welcome of the systems of productive diversification in the cooperative sector that contributes more than 70 percent of the agricultural products that consume the people of Camagüey.

The cooperative also integrates the productive movement to contribute a million liters of milk to the industry and to contribute this way to the substitution of imports; also, it exhibits significant results in the several cultivations and the breeding of smaller livestock, refers the digital version of Radio Cadena Agramonte.

Such yields subscribe to the project of delivery of lands in usufruct that has allowed to increase the cultivation areas in the properties and to elevate the production of foods for the town, commitment of the rural members of the "Abel Santamaría."

jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

Recognize writer of Camagüey in Sancti Spíritus

Sancti Spíritus - The Provincial Committee of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) in Sancti Spíritus surrendered, in this city, the Distinction Song of City and the Recognition UNEAC to outstanding writers of Cuba.

Pedro of Oraá, essayist, poet and critical of art, received during the XXII Day of the Cuban Poetry, the Distinction Song of City, maximum reward that grants the institution from Santic Spiritu, for his half century of cultural work and his 42 years tied closely to the organization.

As long as, Sixto Edelmira Bonachea, president of the UNEAC in the territory, when conferring the recognition from that institution to the poet and essayist of Camagüey Jesus David Curbelo, underlined his acting as critical literary.

For first time in Sancti Spíritus the Provincial Center of the Book and the Literature(CPLL) granted the Recognition Fayad Jamís to the honored bard in the 2010, reward that relapsed in Rigoberto Rodríguez Entenza, and to the editor with better results, in this case Arturo Delgado.

Yanetsy Pino Reina, directress of the CPLL, said that Rigoberto Rodríguez Entenza deserved this year the Prize of the Foundation of the City of Matanzas and has published three titles with different houses publishers.

As part of the activities of the day that gathers lovers and creators of verses, Mario Alberto Nájera, writer and compiler of the texts of Fayad Jamís Bernal (1930-1988), presented the book "José Martí. Interculturality and humanism", of José Antonio Aparicio.

The work, stood out, it compiles the works presented in the First International Colloquy José Martí, taken place in August of 2009, in the Intercultural University of Chiapas, of Mexico, and to the one that attended delegates from Venezuela, Cuba, El Salvador, Puerto Rico and the Aztec countr.(Yainerys Ávila Santos)

Will welcome Camagüey the Party of the Witches

Camagüey - With the exhibition of a sample of the works in competition, begins October 31 the Festival ACAALARRE in its Sixth edition, encounter favored by the provincial branch of the Cuban Association of Artisans Artists.

The opening day is announced for Sunday, at 9:00 o'clock a.m. in the Square of the Workers, of the capital of Camagüey, with the inauguration of the Central room, and the performance of the Company of Ballet Endedans, in the premiation ceremony.

In this edition, the Party of the Witches has the peculiarity of extending during two months, because the central sample remains open until Saturday November 27, when in the own Square of the Workers and in the Gallery Midas, in the capital city, the expo bipersonal is inaugurated "Embrujo,style of two", of Gerardo CuervoTorres and Ricardo Leyva Beltrán.

The Party of the witches will also have continuity, December 18, with the presentation of several colateral samples.

It is announced also, in the artisan's workshop José Daniel Gutiérrez, the inauguration of his sample tropical ACAALARRE; that constitutes a homage to his 30 years of artistic work in skin.( Miozotis Fabelo Pinares)

People, blockade, Camilo and Fidel

Camagüey, - When Camilo Cienfuegos was ahead to the multitude that Castro advanced with Fidel to the front toward the Regiment Number 2 “Ignacio Agramonte” of Camagüey and dismantled the treacherous Huber Matos to open the doors from the military strength to the town, the history recorded the brave new and heroic page forever Major in the plain of Cuba.

There have lapsed 51 years of the popular victory against the seditious intenton in Camagüey and of the Hero's irreparable physical absence who of return to Havana in a fragile air ship under a pregnant sky of storm, disappeared in the black firmament to be rocked with his wide boy smile in people's heart.

Camilo lives in who met him: Thin, agile, affable, playful, clean smile, winged hat, thick and black beard, shirt green olive tree with crowded pockets of important papers…He lives, in those that listened in his vibrant voice, to charge life the verses of Bonifacio Byrne: “If discards in small pieces / arrives to my flag turns some day / our deads, raising the arms / will know how to still defend it…”

But, How is it possible that the following generations until our days, today boys and girls know by heart?

It is that the Homeland, the Revolution, was won with the blood and the examples of the martyrs and arisen heroes of the town whose ideas prevail in a continuous history, so that the scream mambí never dies of: Free Cuba live!, for that reason “… in the town there is many Camilos “, sentenced Fidel.

Cuba, yesterday has just conquered another popular victory - with the value and Camilo's ideas - in front of the long blockade imposed by the United States. The Commandant in Boss, in the commemoration of the anniversary XXX of the disappearance of the Hero of Yaguajay, expressed:

“What would Camilo say if suddenly he read a cable in that we are said from United States how measures have to apply to be good revolutionaries, good socialists and good communist? What bourgeois and capitalists reform have to apply so that good revolutionaries consider us, good socialists, good communist; because now there are two types of revolutionaries, two types of socialists, two types of communist: the good ones and the bad, according to the definition of the imperialism. And us, what honor, we are among the bad…

“We are bad because we are incorrigible, because we don't make what tells us the imperialism that we should make, because we don't begin to flirt and to play with the capitalism in this country, because we already saw and we live some of the consequences of these games, and we are cured of fright and already of return of those caprices, and with more firm, more solid convictions that never; convinced than never of what can the socialism”

October 28, 1989, Fidel's words dedicated to the unforgettable Major of the landing of the Granma, the Sierra and the rebellious invasion of East to West, charge total validity in the historical moment that the Cubans live:

“… Today Camilo would be happy, and if there is fight for before, happier still; if there are difficulties, happier; if there is challenge, happier; if are injustices to correct, happier; and if he stays in all their vigor the heroic and historical fight of our town against the empire, happier he would be Camilo!

“It is necessary to make that made Camilo in the barracks of Camagüey: to be ahead; and perhaps be already being ahead, or maybe the times are wanting to go back, and we don't want to go back “(Rolando Sarmiento Ricart)

Camilo Cienfuegos, flight to the history

Camagüey, TO the six and a minute of the afternoon of October 28,1959, the twin-engine airplane mark Cessna 310 C, of five squares, left the airport of Camagüey bound for Havana.

On board, the pilot and first lieutenant, Luciano Fariñas Rodríguez; the soldier Féliz Rodríguez and the Boss of the State bigger than the Rebellious Army. Comandant Camilo Cienfuegos Gorriarán.

The time lapsed and the airship didn't arrive to its destination. The restlessness began to appear in the main leaders. Later, the anguish was general.
The following day, the nascent government revolutionary made public the disappearance of the Cessna and his tripulants.

The note emitted by the Section of Press of the Rebellious Army informed that the searches made until that moment had been fruitless. It was considered that the accident had happened in some point to the north of the counties of Camagüey, The Villages or Matanzas.

Turbonades among Ciego de Ávila and the last of these counties could cause the tragedy.
Report offered by the companies of other airships indicated that, apparently, the Cessna fell inside a powerful storm that came from the south, that which made the pilot to stray of the habitual route and to fly more to the north.

With this maneuver, the trip became longer and the fuel was insufficient. Under those circumstances, the possibilities to survive became remote.

During two weeks, in all Cuba was carried out intense search for sea and air. The areas for which could have flown over the air ship were revised span to span.

The youth revolutionary State used for this end all the available means, while the press maintained informed to the town of the efforts that were made to find Camilo and his partners. But the airplane never appeared.

November 12, 1959, Fidel Castro announced the definitive disappearance of the Hero of Yaguajay.

That day, the maximum leader affirmed that in the town there was many Camilos, and he pointed out: "(.) the only thing that we can request to our town is that, every time that the Homeland is in a difficult situation and in a moment of danger that remembers Camilo."

There have passed 51 years and the memory of the from then on Mr. of the Vanguard he lives in the memory of the Cubans.

The yank imperialism, in its desire to discredit to the Revolution, has tried to sell the history that Camilo was murdered by supposed disagreements with the revolutionary government in the making maximum leaders.

Before the reactionary conspiracy arisen in Camagüey days before his physical disappearance, the Commandant Camilo Cienfuegos faced, denounced and captured the traitors, fact that demonstrated his loyalty to Fidel and the historical direction of social justice for which always fought.(Dai Liem Lafá Armenteros)

People of Camagüey lovers of the rumba danced with Yoruba Andabo

Camagüey - The Havanan group Yoruba Andabo conquered in Camagüey a new success in the tour for seven counties, with its 25 year-old reason dedicated to one of the emblems of the Cuban culture: the rumba.

Directed by Geovani del Pino, the cast carried out this Wednesday its last performance in this town, in the School of Instructors of Art that takes the name Nicolás Guillén, a person of Camagüey that won the attribute of National Poet of Cuba with a monumental legacy based on the miscegenation of the culture of the Island.

Of the Pine expressed his satisfaction for the impacts registered in the course of the journey, which also had scales in Guantánamo, Santiago of Cuba, Granma, and Holguín, and that will offer the next presentations, in accordance with the program, on Friday in Trinidad and on Sunday in Santa Clara.

The group has acted in Colombia, Canada and the United States of America, among other countries, and shared scenaries with interpreters like Pablo Milanés, Lázaro Ros and Tata Güines.

workshops and seminars figure in the pedagogic work in charge of the cast whose name consists of two words of African origin associated to the concept of the friends, admirers and followers of the earth and the culture of the ethnos yoruba.

According to the Cuban music's Dictionary, of Helium Orovio, the rumba arose of the slope African-American-Spanish , with special print in the first of those components. Its origin is urban and semi-rural, and possesses three expressive modalities, yambú, guaguancó and columbia.

Diverse studies also consider to the rumba the Cuban musical gender more influenced directly by direct Hispanic factors, the key and the cry. (Adolfo Silva Silva ).

Investment of Hydraulic Resources will improve quality of the water in Camagüey

Camagüey -The investment of more than 40 thousand pesos with a high component in foreign currency and in national currency that will be executed by the Institute of Hydraulic Resources in the Plant Potabilizator located in the capital of Camagüey, will allow to improve the supply of water to more than 80 percent of the population of the City of the Tinajones.

When offering the information the engineer Alexander Bebert Meléndrez meant that the advance steps in the treatment of the water will facilitate to improve the parameters of quality for its consumption.

At the own time will be incorporate modern and potent motors to the rebomb unit to substitute to teams with more than a decade of exploitation, and other necessary components were recovered for the process of purification of the water.

To the experts' of the Managerial Group of Aqueduct trial and Sewer system, with the new investment the county will be under conditions of reaching disinfection levels above 98 percent.

To medium term will leave connecting modern hipocloradores and clorogas teams, what will allow to increase the quality of the cloration until eliminating the sludges that acquires the liquid during their journey from the source supply until the treatment plant. (Alex López Almaguer).

miércoles, 27 de octubre de 2010

Factory of vinegar in Camagüey contributes to the substitution of imports

Camagüey. Oct 27 - The half of the vinegar and 38 percent of the produced dry wine this year in the factory of Elite of Camagüey, substitute imports in the hotel branch of the tourism and in the chain of stores collected of foreign currencies.

The stable community of that industry that dates of 1929 and whose technological teams overcome most the four decades of exploitation, took place until the closing of September near four millions of liters of both condiments.

The 75 workers of the Elite-of them 32 are women -,produce vinegar and came dry going to the social consumption, and more than half million of units were dedicated to the conservation of vegetables, quantity that will increase in the measure that are also increased the crops of the urban and suburban agriculture of the provincial capital and its13 municipalities.

During her recent visit to the place, the Minister of the Feeding, María del Carmen Concepción, guided the gradual substitution from the product to bulk in the 2011 for the bottled entirety so that arrives to the population with the best quality.

The factory of Camagüey sends its production from the county headquarters to Guantánamo and closed the first seven months of the current calendar with efficient economic indicators and superior utilities to the 265 thousand 700 pesos.

Juan Ramón Bardanca Sarduy, boss of production and cuarentenary of the Elite, said that they process some 480 thousand monthly liters of the product, included the productions with the wine base of the brewery Tínima for a saving of 43 liters of liquor for each thousand of vinegar of quality. (Rolando Sarmiento Ricart ).

University students of Camagüey ratifies continuity of the Revolution

Camagüey, Oct 27 - With the commitment of giving continuity to the Cuban Revolution, the Federation of University Students (FEU) in the county of Camagüey entered to their lines to more than a thousand 800 first year-old students.

The universities of Medical Sciences Carlos J. Finlay, of Pedagogic Sciences José Martí, the “Ignacio Agramonte” and the Superior Institute of Physical Culture in the territory, welcomed the new members of the FEU.

This organization has always been rampart of the dignity, the sacrifice and the intelligence, inspired by the execution from the support tasks to the Revolution, Danaya Céspedes, first year-old student expressed.

For us it constitutes a pride to belong to the FEU, which promotes also, the study and the scientific investigation, the actions of the Student Brigades of Work, the preparation for the defense and the integrality of the professional futures of the Cuban nation, added.

Ismary Bisué Estrada, president of the student organization in the University of Medical Sciences, informed that also received this condition, 150 third year-old students coming from the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM).

In this occasion the entrance ceremonies were devoted to the anniversary 51 of the constitution of the University Brigade José Antonio Echeverría, at the 65 of the Commandant in Boss `entrance, Fidel Castro, to the University, to the V of their speech in the Great Classroom and at the 88 of the foundation of the FEU. (Yaniuska Macías Rivera)

Will participate pioneers of Camagüey in productive works

Camagüey- Around 15 thousand students of the Basic Secondary education of the county of Camagüey, will support during the whole school course the program of the urban agriculture.

Roberto Nápoles Arredondo, Metodologist of Labor Formation in the Direction of Education, informed the AIN that the youths will act in self-consumptions, school orchards, organoponics, and areas of covered cultivations and semicovered.

The linking study-work constitutes one of the limits of the Organization of Pioneers José Martí (OPJM) in the territory, which supports this task in coordination with the ministries of the Education and the Agriculture.

Miyannis Torres, president of the OPJM in Camagüey, declared that starting from the necessity of fomenting a mentality of producers from the first ages, the pioneers of Secondary Basic will be linked to these non alone works from the formative point of view.

This implies, also, an economic contribution, remarked Torres, like form of involving to this sector of the society in the economic battle that liberates the country.

The students are also mobilized in camps with the participation in the School to the Field, to offer their contribution to the agrarian sector.

In the previous educational calendar, some five thousand pioneers of the Basic Secondary education of the county of Camagüey reported a superior entrance to the 45 thousand pesos for the works in the tomato crop, malanga and yucca, the one weeds of bean, the cleaning in the plantations of bananas and the clean of cane. (Yaniuska Macías Rivero)

Will inaugurate in Camagüey expo dedicated to the contemporary art

Camagüey - The collective exhibition of visual arts contemporary Here!=¿arte II? will be inaugurated this Wednesday, October 27, at 8:30 o'clock p.m., in the headquarters of the UNEAC in Camagüey.

The sample integrates the creative René de la Torre Aguilar, Caridad Hernández Carlos, Bienvenido Letford Rodríguez, Nazario Salazar Martínez, Osmar Yero Montero, all members of the Association of Plastic Artists of the UNEAC, and those also creative Asniel Herrera González (Chuli) and Eduardo Rosales Ruiz, in a guardianship of Jorge Santos Caballero.

This expo pursues to validate an art that reconsiders the life permanently; as well as to involve the creators to show their works, to motivate them to demonstrate the flow of their igneous force, to leave apathy stages, and to generate a spirit of sensibility and certainty with what is made, starting from a focus of what means the intellectual responsibility in the current moment, beyond tendencies and used techniques. ( Eduardo Rosales Ruíz)

Rural of Camagüey sells to the State 50 million liters of milk

Camagüey - The affiliated cattlemen to the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) in the county of Camagüey, have marketed 50 million liters of milk with entities of the Alimentary Industry and of the Interior Trade.

With strong growths in the production of this food in the last years, the territory hopes to finish the 2010 with around 65 million liters, estimated Erasmo García, of the agrarian organization.

That quantity would be to some three millions of liters of the planned figure, but in connection with last year it would mean an increment of more than seven million liters.

Six years ago, these cooperativists hardly sent to the State 30 million liters.

The official explained that in the last weeks the level of I milk newspaper lowered due to the excess of humidity in the herdsmen as a consequence of the frequent rains.

The fields are in very bad state so that the flocks can move without limitations in grass search, confirmed Héctor Martínez, president of the cooperative Abel Santamaría, which already has in it a million 200 thousand liters sold to the State.

Adding all the producers, Camagüey dedicated up to now to the Company of Milky Products for its industrial prosecution or to the direct distribution from the dairies to the points of sale retailer more than 65 million liters, informed Humberto Hernández, provincial subdelegate of the Ministry of the Agriculture.

This territory contributes to the Cuban economy around 28 percent of the flowing milk. (Lucilo Tejera Díaz).

lunes, 25 de octubre de 2010

Will make the Party of the in Camagüey

Camagüey - The Party of the Earthenjar , show of the most genuine values in this Cuban village, Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity, will take place from next November 7 to 13.

Conceived starting from the Cuban musician's original idea Adalberto Álvarez, "The Gentleman of the son", the festivity will promote before the world the cultural, historical values and the traditions of this city of east of the country, of which is Illustrious Son the artist.

Residents and tourists will enjoy during those days of the talent of the artistic vanguard of Camagüey, call in Cuba the "City of the earthenjar" to be this typical object of mud a symbol of the town, used from the time of the colony until the present time to keep rain water.

The earthenjar of Camagüey is seemed to the Andalusian ones and fundamentally appear placed in the patios of the houses, mainly in those built ones in the old village of Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe(1514), today Camagüey.

The inaugural program of the event plan an artistic cavalcade for the main arteries of the city and a cultural elegance. The influences of the Hispanic, Haitian cultures and African will tinge the parade.

In the course of the revel, in which all the manifestations and cultural institutions are involved of here, will be carried out theoretical events, presentations of books, exhibitions of plastic arts, parades of fashions and dancing of popular and traditional music.

There will also happen multiple theater shows, dances and music, among other attractiveness, in those that the traditions of Camagüey of the folcklor .

A novel proposal of the Branch of the Fund of Cultural Goods is the public demonstration of the production of a earthenjar of mud, in charge of the artisan of the territory Ramón Vicente.

Adalberto Álvarez `s great concert and their orchestra will be the day 12.

The Party of the Earthenjar is an encounter of the town with its own culture, Joël Joint, general coordinator of the event affirmed.

He said that the city seeks to transform it into another distinctive event in the island, although different,like are already its traditional Parties of the San Juan and the Week of the Culture of Camagüey that takes place every February with reason of the birthday of this village.

Adalberto Álvarez, besides orchestra's director, is pianist, composer and arreglist, and son`s Gentleman title of the are is due to the anthological innovations and contributions carried out to that traditional and contemporary gender.

At the moment is the more Cuban soner versionated in the Latin environment of the last 30 years and aspires to revitalize the world of the popular music of their county.

Camagüey is pronounced to elevate production of foods

Camagüey, Oct 25. A birdcall to elevate the production of agricultural foods to improve the supply for the population, made in this city the Provincial Assembly of the Popular Power.

A report of the commission of productive activities presented to the delegates of the organ of government of Camagüey points out that except the viands, which is considered with more presence in the market, the main lines of the territory fall in connection with last year.

It mentions among them cow milk, pig meat, rice, hen egg and vegetables.

In that situation influence objective and subjective aspects that force to that the county is supplied of the brought foods of other regions of Cuba, precise the document.

It recognizes that Camagüey has capacity to revert that state of things by means of the prioritized attention and opportune to the activity, concentrating the efforts and resources on the most productive areas.

Especially refers to investments, mainly in watering, without being executed by question of the lack of credits in national currency to agricultural entities.

Luis Inchausti, president of the Assembly, claimed to apply sure work systems that guarantee that everything is assisted permanently, in order to give answer on time to any obstacle or problem that arises in the development of the production, storing or commercialization of foods of the agriculture.

What is needed at this time is a great effort to take place more, he expressed.

The session also tried about the attention to the population, matter in the one which Julio Cesar García, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in the county, called to eliminate the subjective obstacles that limit a good result in this work front.(Lucilo Tejera Díaz )

Completes Central Siboney program of cane seed

Camagüey, Oct 25 . - The agroindustrial of the central Siboney, in the municipality of Sibanicú, distant some 45 kilometers of the provincial capital, were recognized by the addresses of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) and the Government in the county, and the sindicate of the union, to be erected in the first ones in turning the program of seed of cane of the present year.

To that sowed will incorporate other 120 hectares, those that will receive the gramineous seed of the sweet one in the two months that are of the year, by means of a work in which forces of support of different sectors of the municipality will intervene.

As long as in the Siboney the enlistment tasks advance for the coming campaign, to which should incorporate December 15, with the purpose of paying to the commitment of sugar of Camagüey in the “small harvest” that closes in order to year.

For the acting in the war preparations and the efficiency reached in the previous campaign, the central Siboney was chosen, for, the next one November five, to be host of the Demonstrative Exercise of Harvest, of the oriental sugar industries.

In the Siboney are notorious the advances of the preparations in tachos, boilers, and the organization that present the works of the tandem, that that when saying of their community, headed by Yolexis Guerra, puts them under conditions of repeating the successes of the last harvest in that were the first ones trustworthy of the country

The Siboney will process in the near harvest some 173 thousand 200 tons of own cane and coming from the plantations of the Brazil, in the municipality of Esmeralda, to some 94 kilometers of the province, by means of a rail linking, dedicated to be efficient from the first day. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz)

The pediatric oncology in the aim of the blockade

José Miguel Rodríguez Rondón`s history, a hardly four year-old boy that suffers a wicked illness of type Linfoma No-Hodgkin abdominal estadio III (in a scale of IV), today can be counted thanks to the efforts that Cuba carries out as regards health, in spite of the absurd obstacles that imposes the economic blockade of United States.

From the Territorial Center of Reference in Pediatric Oncology, of the infantile hospital Eduardo Agramonte Piña, of the city of Camagüey, this history of hands of the Doctor arrives Juan Carlos Arranz, boss of that service in this institution.

“When José arrived around four months ago to our center, he had a severe malnutrition-caquexia in terms medical- and we had to go to the parenteral feeding, a treatment that is quite expensive, besides the chemotherapy and the early rehabilitation. But for complications of the illness was necessary to apply him a surgery, to which has evolved quite well, and is already clever to continue with the therapies.”

In Cuba people with cancerigenic sufferings are assisted in centers specialized by multidisciplinary teams that fulfill the international norms of treatment protocol for the surgery, the radiotherapy, the chemotherapy and the immunotherapy. In accordance with Arranz, the Island exhibits indicators of survival and of similar cured patients to those of the first world.

At the present time is of highlighting the qualitative jump of the Cuban medicine in the development of therapeutic vaccines for the cancer with satisfactory results, and in use in several countries of the five continents.

But, according to the doctor Juan Carlos, this attention to patient with wicked illnesses in the pediatric age, bears treatments with multidisciplinary teams and support that require highly expensive financial resources, for example, the equipment for the surgery of minimum access of cerebral tumors, the endoprothesis use in bony tumors to avoid the amputation of a member, the radiotherapy with lineal accelerator and the cytostatic ones.

And although all these resources, fortunately, can be acquired - challenging the North American commercial monopolization -, the worsening of the blockade with the approval of the laws Helms Burton and Torricelli, prevent to obtain them in a systematic and planned way, nevertheless to be indispensable to continue elevating the quality of life of the oncopediatry patient. Also, those farmacs or matters available cousins in other markets, far away, imply a bigger amount for the mount of the transportation.

Along these years, one of the areas of the affected specialized medical care has been the oncology, even forbidden, to use medications and efficient technologies that can only be bought in the northern country.

According to the most recent report “Necessity to put an end to the economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by United States to Cuba”, another time the sector of the public health appears as white of the aggressions and violations that supposes the application of this almost fiftieth anniversary political instrument.

Between May of 2009 and April of 2010, the one mounts economic of the blockade to the sector of the public health overcomes the 15 million dollars, to that which sink, the psychological affectations, the pain, the desperation that supposes for the patients and their families.(Arailaisy Rosabal García )

viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010

Adalberto and his orchestra in the Party of the Earthenjar

Camagüey, 22 oct-The man from Camagüey Adalberto Álvarez and his orchestra will act next November 12 in the Square of the Freedom, of this city, in the cultural and sport event “Party of the Earthenjar.”

The appointment, of from seven to 13 in that month, will have its main area in the Avenue and the Square of the Freedom, first segment of citizens where in the colonial time the ordinance was completed of endowing from portals to the properties, that which created the biggest sector of external corridors in the town.

Tracts of traverse streets and the Country Casino--the most extensive urban park in Cuba-- will also be scenaries of the encounter that will offer artistic, literary, recreational, sport activities, commercialization of cultural goods and of gastronomic products.

The program includes a forum debates in the one which presenters like Adalberto Álvarez will participate , author of the idea of the celebration of the Party whose only previous edition was in the 2007.

A parade with around 500 people will inaugurate the event that will conclude with a show in charge of the orchestra Marvel from Florida, of agreement with the programming disclosed in a press conference.

According to that foreseen, starting from the current one 2010 will be made annually the event whose name inserts an evocation to the one leader of the emblems of the ancestral one and notable use of the mud in the town, denominated the City of the earthenjars.

Coming from Andalusia, Spain, those enormous devices had a primary use as commercial containers of liquids and grains, but the necessity of using them to store water reproduced them for thousands in a net of potteries, supplied by near locations of clay. (Adolfo Silva Silva)

Reward winners of competitions of Adelante

By : Luis Naranjo / Television Camagüey

El Sport Competition of the newspaper Adelante concluded with the premiation of 8 of those more than 100 participants of the territory of Camagüey.

In the final part had to be carried out 8 beats of questions, because 7 had been tied, but among all they were victorious the technician in computer science and historian of the Cuban sport Humberto del Risco.

The premiation was developed in the headquarters of the weekly publication of Camagüey, where participated the Sport Gloria Felipe Sarduy and the current members of the provincial team of baseball Vicyohandri Odelín, the also pitcher Ariel Sánchez and the square player Alexánder Ayala.

This Sport Competition was summoned in the mark of the Festival of the Written Press Camagüey, but it will be carried out annually.

The moment was suitable to also reward the winners of the cultural competitions The Hendija and others of historical character, all, have more than enough pages published Adelante during this year in the weekly publication of the region of Camagüey.

Cattleman job

By: Ernesto Pantaleón Medina / Television Camagüey

Camagüey contributes around 30% of all the cow milk that wastes away in the country, and more than 25% of the head meat, numbers that say a lot without doubts.

And it is that the Cuban county of more territorial extension, possesses plains that were designed for the cattle raising, for the type of floors, for the sources of water and for the grasses that here sprout with easiness.

But anything falls of the sky, as sent by the gods; a lot of effort, constant dedication to the attention of the flocks, a war without barracks (although not always victorious) against a thorny plant called marabout, characterize the chore of thousands of children of this earth .

Doesn't have the cattleman weekend rest, neither festival or traded days, the luxury cannot be given of remaining in the channel up to the six or seven in the morning on Sundays, neither to be preserved of the rain or the cold when the time is inclement.

In no way: the animals should be picked up at the same hour every day, to milk the cows each day with chronometric accuracy, because their biological clock dictates inviolable rules; it is necessary to loose the bovine ones in the precise moment so that they pasture freely in the herdsman, a time that is not for the rest, but to repair fences, to cut the weeds or to look for forage to feed them in the night.

It without counting the care with which is necessary to treat the calves, to watch over the zeal of the females in reproduction so that they are gestated, to assist the births and some that another imponderable.

If the cowboy makes sick, he should overcome at the uneasiness and both or the three of the dawn to begin the milk; otherwise, to look for a substitute, because the cows cannot remain with the full udders, what would almost surely cause them dysfunctions of graveness.

And still in the case of the substitute, the results are not the same ones, because the animals stress¨ and they hide a part of the milk, they unfriendly become aggressive.

If it rains, it is necessary to be soaked until the bones, if there is cold, the man go to shiver; if the mire arrives to half leg, what setback, but it is necessary to continue.

It is for that reason that this work is seen in a simplistic way as an occupation, hard but necessary; however, the commitment with the flock is born from beyond the action of every day, of the to press the hands and to tighten the muscles… it springs from a place more penetrate, of that deep and inexplicable place that welcomes the vocation and the art.

To that call many cattleman pride.

Santa Lucía Beach, a deserved culinary headquarters

The encounter was in the restaurant The Coconuts, of the Company of National Tourism
Santa Lucía Beach, - This tourist pole was a deserved headquarters of the provincial act for the Day of the Cuban cuisine, and obtained the first integral place for its integral results of the present year, so much in the restaurants of the hotels, like in the popular gastronomy, continued by the municipalities Vertientes and Florida, with the second and third positions, in that order.

In the coastal territory 125 kilometers to the north of the city of Camagüey, those more than 100 chef and cooks belonging to the Culinary Association of this county, maintain a constant superation, not alone in the hotels of the international tourism, but also in the 33 restaurants and popular cafeterias resided here and in the communities Lucía's Palms, Camalote and San Miguel.

The Badge to the culinary merit, of the Federation of Cuban Associations, was received by eight specialists of the turn, with outstanding trajectories for ten or more serial years, while the Badge to the culinary friendship obtained seven professionals and squares of different sectors, like Trade, Education, Presses and other, with a systematic support to the ACC.

Teófilo Rodríguez Rodríguez, president of the Association, informed that they have 3989 members and in the training have arrived to virgin territories in that sense like Sibanicú and Mines.

During the period-he added - imparted 31 courses with 743 registered and 10 shops with 273 qualified associates, while they continue working in the condicioning of the classroom laboratory and the center of documentation of the headquarters.

They have a provincial team of women specialized in culinary art, for the participation in different events.

As it is habit in each encounter of the cooks of Camagüey, there was that day a presentation of different plates that facilitated an useful exchange of forming of elaboration, to generalize in the base the best experiences.

René Carrero Morales, specialist of Provincial gastronomy of the Sectoral of Trade, in the conclusions highlighted how the Association has contributed to generalize the service of tables buffet in most of the restaurants of Camagüey, as well as the increment of the plates with the help of ram and rabbit.

He called to the present to continue improving the quality of the offers, for that which at the moment receive training courses the administrators of the establishments.

He announced the preparations for the Party of the earthenjar, in which there will be a strong presence of the food of Cuban and Camagüey, for the population's enjoyment. The event will take place in the city of Camagüey from November 7 to 13, and the president of the organizing committee of the event will be the Teacher of the music Adalberto Álvarez.(Jorge Luis Peix Agüero )

jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

Patriotic march in Camagüey

By: Rosa Blanco Ramos / Television Camagüey

This Revolution, like in the days of the war, has single two roads: To conquer or to Die,expressed Camilo Cienfuegos, the Mr. of the Vanguard, one day like today to the people of Camagüey, after being frustrated the desestabilizator intent of Hubert Matos in 1959.

Amid the street din in support to the Revolution, the Commandant in Boss got off his car in the central Republic street, and he walked next to the town toward the address of the INRA, in San Pablo street .

Still many veteran combatants remember the tumult in General Gómez street, where the leaders joined, and from the one that Fidel would head the walk heading for the Military Regiment.

Today to the dawn thousands of youths, workers and town in general, reissued the march. Fidel and Camilo are also present as that memorable day.

From four points of the center of the capital of Agramonte, lowering General Gómez, the town down the street continued until the old Agramante Barracks.

The birdcall for the freedom of the five heroes prisoners in North American jails, patriotic songs and Cuban flags, marked the rhythm of those that October 21 filled the streets of the Legendary Camagüey to ratify its support to same triumphant Revolution of Fidel, Camilo, and all the Cubans that we will know how to defend it to any price.

Project rescue of capacity producer of several cultivations in Sierra de Cubitas

Camagüey, O ct 21 - To materialize a growth that rescues the potentialities producers of several cultivations in the red lands of Sierra de Cubitas, is projection of the Ministry of the Agriculture, as was announced after recent visit of its Holder to this county.

The planning has a decisive investment in systems of watering of water of advanced technology that assure the humidity required for each cultivation, without depending on the caprices of the climate like up to now, with the traditional affectation for the yields for area.

The irrigation will extend for some 2 400 hectares of fertile plains of that municipality of the north of Camagüey, although will also benefit to traditional rural producers, and to those that more recently work the earth, favored by means of those surrendered by the State in gratuitous usufruct.

As part of the recuperator purposes of the readiness of alimentary production in Alone, registers the rehabilitation, for its immediate use, of the 12 houses of protected cultivation that there exist. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz)

Devele badge dedicated to precursory canary of Cuban literature

Camagüey, - A brass badge with unpublished references on Silvestre of Balboa and Troya (1563-1649), author of the first work of the Cuban literature, with unknown and misticized life, was develed in this city, Day of the National Culture.

The piece a hundred pounds weight, with a meter wide and seventy centimeters of high, distinguishes the author of the poem Mirror of Patience (1608) and the writing of this in the old village of Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe, current Camagüey.

With golden letters on bottom black, hard-working of Camagüey of Rail Shops fused, to a side and envelope the silhouette of a parchment, the real octave of the first song, and to the other one, a text that recognizes the residence here of Balboa between 1600 and 1641.

In the little square Juana of the Castle, one of the places proclaimed Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity, the writer and investigating Ramiro García Medina, author of the initiative of the Association Canaria of Cuba, carried out the develing next to its granddaughter María of Jesus Fields García, coed of seventh grade, and José Ángel Sosa Castillo, of fifth grade.

“I give this badge to the new generations with the desire that the people of Camagüey defends the merit of the region like Cradle of the Cuban Literature”,declared the immigrant canary, resided in Cuba since 1959.

García Medina announced the next exit of his book Life of Silvestre of Balboa and Troya (1563-1649): The precursory canary of the Cuban Literature, in edition process in the territorial editorial Ácana.

That material summarizes the results of his investigation about Balboa, carried out during 18 years, and that will clarify for the data found in more than 500 photocopies of documents of the General File of Indies, Spain, added.

The homage to one of the notaries of the formerly village had the presentation of the group Canaricuba that preserves songs and dances of the Islands Canaries, region with more representativeness in the Hispanic community of Cuba.(Yanetsy León González)