viernes, 5 de febrero de 2010

Camagüey is given new works

As a beautiful gift for its birthday 496, several economic and social works were given this Thursday in the provincial capital, after intense days of effort.

Located in the Popular Council Latin America, 14 housings augment the residence patrimony of the city, like part of the plans of the Revolution in that front, with that which families that lived in complex situations benefit and that given the consistency of the constructions will be been able to protect in the event of meteorological contingencies.

The executer entity is the Provincial Company of Vial Maintenance that had the collaboration of the beneficiaries and other organisms that accelerate the actions to conclude other important works for these days.

New areas in the Company of Several Cultivations of the municipality head guarantee the maintenance of the agricultural machinery now, so much of the entity as of the close producers, and opened the first of the 52 purchase points related with the suburban agriculture, in the area of Los Ranchos.

Also a constructive brigade belonging to the Ministry of Education in the county, to which residents of the surroundings of the Square of Havana were added, they returned rehabilitated all the objects of carpentry of the Home of Camagüey of children without family help.

In an official way equally was carried out the opening of the headquarters of the Real estate of Tourism, institution in charge of the projects and investments of the hotel net in the county.(Eric Pacheco Fandiño and Jorge Navarro Torres).

Students participate in debates on the history of Camagüey

More than 400 students of all the teachings participated in the debates that propitiated the event "Histo - Camagüey", like part of the programmings conceived by the anniversary 496 of the foundation of the city.

Continuity of which carried out the educational on last Tuesday, the exchange allowed to analyze more than 160 works, about topics related with the history, heroes and martyrs of the town, the same as of personalities highlighted in diverse spheres of the society.

Professors and students responded this way to the convocation "Camagüey has its history", supported by the organizations of the historians and educators, next to the address of Education, of the universities of Camagüey and of the Office of the Historian of the City.

In the appointment the educational software was recognized linked to the local history, carried out by a community of teachers of the primary school “José de la Luz and Caballero.”

In its tenth edition, "Histo - Camagüey" ratified the profitable thing that in the educational centers continues deepening in the events and main characters that marked prints in becoming of the territory. (Aramís González Cruz)