viernes, 2 de julio de 2010

Will have new channel Multivisión in Camagüey

Camagüey - With an exit to the air of 24 hours a day, the Channel Multivisión becomes independent with a new channel for the televiewers of this city, the third in population from Cuba.

Previously alternated its emissions with the Principeña Sign or channel 49 of the community telecenter of the city that transmits from Friday to Sunday from eight to 11 of the night with an informative programming, didactics and recreational.

Yanelda Ruiz Yero, directress of Radio Cuba Camagüey, in charge of the project, declared to the AIN that the idea of installing another channel for the sign of Multivisión arose due to the little geographical covering in the municipality of local television, because the used transmitter is of low power and another of more effectiveness is needed.

Alleged that many tele spectators complains about deficiencies in the quality of the sign of Multivisión for both channels, or that cannot capture that of the mentioned telecenter, that which is determined by the lack of appropriate antennas of type UHF in the roofs of the housings that are not marketed by Radio Cuba.

On the other hand, the city of Camagüey is one of those of more extension with around 40 square kilometers.

Although the quality of the television transmission is objectionable, the main prerogative for the time of summer is the possibility to have six channels for the full enjoyment of the national and provincial programming.

Factory of fertilizers in Nuevitas has new cooling towers

Workers of the Company of Fertilizers “Revolution of October” celebrate Day of the Chemical Worker

With the inauguration of the six Towers of Cooling of Water, of the Managerial Unit of Base of Chemical Productions, was made in the Company of Fertilizers “Revolution of October” of this city, the provincial act for the Chemical Worker's Day.

The meeting began with the call of the National Union of the workers of the Chemical, Mining and Energy Industry, to close the one in route to the criminal manifestations, to continue the Battle of Ideas, to increase the saving of the energy payees, the substitution of imports and to apply in an appropriate way the budget of each center.

In the mark of the activities for the Chemical Worker's Day was selected in Nuevitas the area of establishment of the cooling towers to recognize the men and women vanguards of the center, to give the Distinction “Ñico López” and diplomas to those that have from five up to 40 years of permanency in the industry.

In the celebration also surrendered recognitions to the Managerial Units of Base of Serviquímica, Service and Maintenance and Paintings Vitral, the same as to the workers that participated in the foundries of the six towers, to be this the first work object concluded as part of the project of technological modernization of the Alternative Bolivariana for the America (ALBA).