lunes, 21 de septiembre de 2009

The music is universal, it arrives to all the hearts

Emilia Díaz Chávez assured, directress of the vocal group Desandann that carried out a tour of six months recently for Canada, England and Scotland.

By:Enrique Atiénzar Rivero

Still Emilia Díaz Chávez, directress of the vocal group Desandann, has not recovered of the fatigue of the tour of six months for Canada, England and Scotland, where the grouping harvested the public's resonant victories and of the specialized press.

However, she found time to witness yesterday concert “Peace Without Frontiers”, organized by Juanes, the Colombian singer-author that left a pleasing impression among the Cubans.

“I could enjoy for television of the Concert for the Peace and I found a spectacular thing. There were really moments in which many styles were conjugated with oneself purpose and it is that the peace is really a phenomenon that all human being desires because he gives the possibility to build, of being projected, of living and of being better.

“It is necessary to see with what courage all those artists-and is what we have to thank the Cubans - they took the step, jumped the fence, like we say us, to come to Cuba to see the Cuban reality and to feel it that is very important.

“It was proven that the music is an universal language that arrives to all the hearts.”

The Concert was already made by the Peace, it was already made!”

By: María del Carmen Fuentes /Television Camagüey

6.55 of the afternoon. Havana. Cuba. “! The Concert by the Peace was already made , it was already made!”, Juan Formell exclaimed, founder of the Cuban musical train: the orchestra Van Van.

It is the closing of the great party, of the great concert that challenged incantations, curses and it is not known how many pressures more, because were sublime the desires that was such and as Juanes dreamt.

And there are the images for the world. The town vibrates, and them so alone not, also who preceded the Van Van in the scenary. The Tañón, Bosé, Yovanoti…Juanes, that of the black shirt that dressed all of white this afternoon. One afternoon in which have become present to alive voice the countries of our America, the one that will always be united but for the political wills now more than ever for the art, the culture.

For that reason unite Cuban, Spanish, Italian, Colombian voices and the verse is improvised with similar feelings: of peace, of love, of friendship... Olga, Yenny, Robertón, May, the Lele, Danny Rivera, Juanes, Orishas.... and of all Alive, alive Cuba! While this country is moved an and another time, and I don't doubt it, many in the world also. Thank you Juanes. The Peace this time you are.

Expose unpublished pictures of Juan Almeida in sociocultural project EJO

Expose unpublished pictures of Juan Almeida in sociocultural project EJO, inaugurated by him 11 years ago. They dedicate veiled cultural to the commandant of the Revolution like recall homage.

By: Aymee Amargós/ Televisión Camagüey

The Commandant of the Revolution Juan Almeida Bosque gave us the possibility to know its sensibility before the world and in the face of the life.

To the rhythm of his songs, surrendered him homage in the sociocultural project EJO of Camagüey. A place that he inaugurated11 years ago.

In a cultural veiled local artists interpreted musical topics and poems of his responsibility.

Next to the music, the photographic exhibition MEMOIR, opened the doors to the public.
Ten instantaneous unpublished that pick up the presence of Almeida in this institution. A space that is devoted to the artistic and cultural promotion of the different manifestations of the territory.

It is remembered this way to the composer of musical topics and the writer, to the man that left a work literary, excellent material for the study of the history of the Cuban Revolution.

A hero with music in the soul like they called him at some time whose legacy to the artistic patrimony constitutes real test of the life.

Festival of Street Theater Teatrino 2009

The fifth edition of the festival Teatrino was inaugurated in Camagüey. The encounter of street theater organizes the provincial Council of the Scenic arts, the infantile group The wanderer and the Adarga Theater.

By: Aymee Amargós / Television Camagüey

The theater appropriates of the streets. Companies of Camagüey and invited participate in the Fifth Edition of the Festival Teatrino. Street encounter dedicated to children and young. Local groups and companies participate in the festival, organized by the advice of the scenic arts, the companies La Andariega and Adarga Theater

The work “Caputesco”, inaugurated the sample. In the presentation the artists interactuared with the courtesy

The Maceo square, the room the Age of Gold, the newly born Jurunela and other spaces are invaded by imaginary charts, to transform to Camagüey, during four days in a theatrical city.

The event also includes the impartition of shops, for example the teacher of Santiago de Cuba Odalys Ferrer deepened in the topic of the corporal expresivity to stimulate the search of a vocabulary characteristic of movements in the students.

It is important the participation of the Movement of Fond Artists, Instructors of Art, integral of the Brigade José Martí, Actors, Playwrights, Theatrical Directors, Specialists of other manifestations and the public.

The festival teatrino revitalizes the production of the theater for children and young.

Each artist puts its touch of grace in the character. Dance, movement and performance appropriate of a street scenary.

Landscape of peace after the battle

Cuba sang with Juanes, Juanes sang with Cuba. Hurt to who hurts him, like told to open heart Juan Formell, the founder and director of The Van Van. A million people, sheathed with white garments in their majority, celebrated a beautiful invitation for the peace in the Square of the Revolution José Martí, along more than five hours of a burning Sunday, in which the impressed artists summoned by the Colombian singer-author demonstrated an ethical height and a sensibility human copy.

Since the Puerto Rican Olga Tañón put to point her merenguer fire, until The Van Van set on fire the atmosphere with their efusive and integral son, each one of the participants contributed her reasons sung in a veiled unforgettable.

The Second Concert of Peace without Frontiers surpassed its expectations. From early hours of the morning of Sunday, a town river flushed toward the Square of the Revolution José Martí.

Olga invited students of the conservatory Amadeo Roldán, the Spanish Luis Eduardo Aute and Victor Manuel bequeathed his indispensable and lucid songs, the brother Danny Rivera inflamed the heart with the eternal Madrigal; the Italian Jovanotti vibrated as him alone he knows how to make with the force of the rhythm, Miguel Bosé was mated with Carlos Varela to demolish prejudices—he said that was "the dream of the peace, of the concord, of spreading a hand, of the dialogue, of the fraternity, of the love"—, Cuckoo Diamond and Yerbabuena traded a pact rumber with Yoruba Andabo and Oguere, and finally we met the Ecuadorian Juan Fernando Velascosensible junglest line. .

The multitudinary auditory foresaw the aura of the songs unmissed of Amaury ahead of time Pérez, the meaning of Revoluxion in the voice of X Alfonso, the interactive textual battery of Orishas, and Silvio Rodríguez, to who Juanes knew through his songs when he didn't think at least to be a ícon. This editor knew how the Colombian, in the office of the Music's Cuban Institute, shared with his holder a couple of topics of Silvio in the moment to present the proposal.

"I cannot believe what my eyes are seeing. This is the most beautiful dream in peace and of love that I have been able to experience after my children. This is the true love and I celebrate deeply to be able to be here with you", a Juanes affirmed moved amid so much enthusiasm.

The Chan chan, of Compay Second, summarized the spirit of a day of peace, in which the poetic reason triumphed.


I don't know what will say now who tried to sabotage the concert of Havana and subjected Juanes to brutal pressures so that desisted of his convoking nobleman. It was of such a magnitude the event that neither the own means that dominate could ignore to give news and still to reproduce entirely or you leave of the megaconcert. They raged this Sunday to more not to be able to, but they had to admit an objective fact: the music like message of coexistence and cordiality.

The most recalcitrant elements that dream of destroying the identity and the Cuban nation in Miami were those registered of a campaign of hate and unculture that included from the destruction of disks of the Colombian singer-author, in act that he reminded to many the barbarism of the Nazi hordes that burned books and squares in the middle of acme of the fascism, until threats of death in the purest style in the paramilitary bands that have razed Latin America.

In an intent despaired to be stolen the show they tried to arm an alternative to the concert in Havana, with something that should happen in Miami at the same hour. A certain Javier Ceriani, to name of a fantasmagoric Exile Productions, announced that they would make in the south of the Florida a contraconcert. The idea didn't pass of being a soap pomp. Neither with the millions of dollars that moved, neither the names that were managed, could arm a condemned monster ahead of time to the failure.

However, almost at the same hour, in Puerto Rico, Andy Montañez, in the Center of Fine arts Ada Mage Zayas, of Juana Díaz community, in the southeast of the Island of the Charm, led a concert of solidarity with Juanes, Cuba and the peace, to which Mapeyé contributed, Roy Brown, we are This way and other musicians.

"It is a form of counting what we live there and of sharing with the public boricua the work carried out by our cultural delegation, the most numerous and diverse so much in musical goods as generacionals that Cuba has visited" Andy said when evoking the dedication to Puerto Rico for Cubadisco 2009.


Cuba completed conscientiously and with great height the commitments with the event promoted by Juanes: to consecrate to the peace the concert, not to manipulate a cultural expression politically, to diffuse to the world openly the image of the concert, and to promote a vote for the human understanding.
A learned, cheerful and solidary town responded to the convocation. And not for the first time. That is our sign. (Pedro de la Hoz)

Present architectural, cultural guide and of landscapes of Camagüey and Ciego de Ávila

The architectural, cultural patrimony and landscape of Camagüey and Ciego de Ávila was picked up in a Guide for the visitor. Up to 1976, these two regions conformed oneself territory.
By: Aymee Amargós / Television Camagüey

The declaration for the UNESCO of the historical center of Camagüey like Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity, has been good to recognize the architectural, urban value and landscape of the whole county.

Starting from now will be introduced to the visitor an architecture guide and landscape of Camagüey that includes, to Ciego de Ávila, because up to 1976 conformed oneself territory.

It is a product that responds not only to necessities of a tourist guide, but rather it contributes elements with scientific rigor.

The presentation was in charge of the doctor architect Lourdes Gómez, of the University of Camagüey, and gathered other collaborators and professionals linked to the preservation and conservation of the patrimony, led by the Office of the Historian of the City.

Fruit of a Protocol of Collaboration concerted in the 2001 by Government's Provincial Assembly in Camagüey and the Meeting of Andalusia, Spain, the copy was organized in 5 parts that includes geography and the historical context, architectural elements, the historical Center capital of Camagüey and the city of Ciego de Ávila.

This is the fifth work of its type in the country. Before two guides were carried out on Havana, that of the old county of East and that of Trinidad.

To diffuse the patrimony of a region could be the starting point for its conservation.