jueves, 7 de enero de 2010

Sugar “energized” with less fuel oil

By: Rolando Sarmiento Ricart

The Sugar Managerial Group (GEA) in Camagüey just by four power stations in short harvest, will contribute to the National Energy System (SEN) 8 517 Megawatt and will save in its generation electric total 37 262 tons of fuel oil.

Edwin Luis Delgado, technical director of the GEA, said that to produce the 43 663 MW/h planned in the sugar geniuses, the stable industrial and milled efficiency is decisive for the electricity autosupply in a range of 116%, more the delivery to the SEN, starting from the consumption of biomass (trash).

In the purpose of the GEA, of becoming this year the capital of the electric generation of the sector in the country, will be decisive, also, the definitive stabilization of the I upset condensant of 5 MW of the central Carlos Manuel de Céspedes.

This turbogenerator of the year 50, was recovered of the one disabled electric plant Manuel Julién, of the city of Camagüey, the one which, next to the two of German origin installed in the referred factory of sugar, could give around 8 MW/h, without consuming fuel oil.

Celia, the most autochthonous flower of the Cuban Revolution

By: Yuldys Márquez Díaz \ Television Camagüey

This January eleven are turned 30 years of Celia Sánchez Manduley`s death

Among the Cubans that have name of Revolution we find Celia, inseparable friend of Fidel, combatant indefatigable, dynamics, daring, ocurrent, was this woman. Many of us remember Celia Sánchez Manduley as the rash heroine and she was much more than that.

This woman with mixture of passion and uneasiness, intrepid and sensitive at the same time was an autochthonous Cuban. She always behaved with her grace and accent peasants, of town people. With that criolness that characterizes us.

Celia also made a great sense of the aesthetics, people count that she stood out in the manual arts and that she designed school uniforms, lightweight jackets for women as well as she participated in the decoration and conception of places so important as the General Command of the Silver, in the Sierra Maestrar.

This simple woman of unforgettable smile was also very attached to the nature. It is known that she fascinated the orchids, the ferns and the natural thing. She was also very retailer.

Her fondness and her passionate way to want to the other ones were others of her qualities. Not for pleasure all we know her as The most autochthonous flower of the Revolution.

A flower that germinated in the mountain and she became her eternal and sweet smile.

Begin on Saturday in Camagüey municipal assemblies of the Communist Youth

By:Amaury M. Valdivia Fernández

With its municipal assembly, this Saturday January 9, the communist youths of Santa Cruz del Sur will begin in this county the asambleary process in that level, previous step to the Ninth Congress of the Union of Communist Youths (UJC) that will take place in the city of Havana in next April.

The discussions with a view to the Cuban youth's more important event began from October of 2009, 28 when in Open Assemblies carried out in the whole country, the youths—militants or no—debated the most burning topics in the national day-to-dayness.

With posteriority, the analyses passed to the breast of the Committees of Base, primary organizations of the UJC, of where emanated the immense majority of the restlessness that now will center the attention from the delegates to the assemblies foreseen in the thirteen municipalities and four districts of this central east county.

“We seek to carry out a superior asambleary process , pointing out the problems with name and last names' and taking the analyses to the search of concrete solutions”, pointed out to Adelante Maríade los Ángeles Rodríguez, boss of the Ideological Department of the Provincial Committee of the UJC in Camagüey. “Thematic as the ideological preparation of our militants and of the Cuban youth in general, besides the paper of the youths in the battle for the development of the country and its commitment with the historical continuity of the Revolution, will be in the center of the discussions.”

The municipal assemblies of the UJC will lapse during the months of January and February, while in March will take place the provincial event, previous step to the National Congress, the days 3 and 4 of April, and to the one that should attend 54 delegades of Camagüey, selected three of them in a direct way.

Managerial sector in Camagüey contributes to the protection of the Environment

A palpable answer of the managerial sector is appreciated in Camagüey with the practice of concrete actions directed to diminish the emission of polluting substances of the environment.

In such a sense highlights the Hospital of the municipality of Nuevitas, the Center of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology and shops for the repair of refrigerators, where the air conditioning cameras are replaced by others that don't emit harmful gases for the layer of ozone.

Also entities like the Company Brewery Tínima shows the condition of Free of Bromide of Methyl, toxic compound for the environment, and several hotels - next to the Comercializer Company of Fuels - are payees of the National Environmental Recognition.

There are also carried out actions to protect to the environment in the Factory of Cement “26 of Julio” and in the Base of ammonia, both in territory of Nuevitas and considered important focuses of contamination.

The actions that execute several companies of Camagüey to control the negative impact of their fundamental activity in the environment, are linked, in many cases, to the process of Managerial Improvement that includes that topic like an important indicator. (Yamylé Fernández Rodríguez)

Options that enrich the life of women of Camagüey

The Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) in the county intensifies a group of actions in neighborhoods and communities, with the purpose of improving the quality of life of the femaleness and the family, like one of the main challenges of the organization in to the recently initiate year.

With the purpose of preparing the women for the labor life, the FMC maintains open registrations for training courses in some ten modalities, among those that figure, hairdresser, corporal massage, relate public, calculation, among others.

The superation actions are directed to the detached youths of the study fundamentally and of the work, by means of an attention prioritized by the educational sector and the organ of territorial work.

That strategy also includes the teaching of educational chats guided to the preservation of the values, the history and the local culture, which take place in a good part of the blocks and delegations, structures in those that it is organized the feminine movement in Camagüey. (Alex López Almaguer)

2009, year record for Camagüey

By:Yamila Cruz Romero / Television Camagüey

The county of Camagüey reported the lowest rate in infantile mortality of its history, with a figure of 3,97 for each thousand born alive in the year 2009, according to obtained fact, locates it as the lowest in all the times.

The balance is test of the effort and the achievements in the stability and efficiency of the Infantile Maternal Program of Attention in the territory, which contemplates a wide range of actions for the pursuit and care of the gestants and the newly born ones on the part of the doctors, nurses and the rest of the workers of the health in Camagüey.

The municipalities of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, Sierra de Cubitas and Jimaguayú maintained in zero their rates of mortality in smaller than one year, results that constitute a commitment and an important challenge to maintain in coming years.