jueves, 8 de abril de 2010

People of Camagüey supports accusation of Cuba

Residents of diverse sectors of the life of this city expressed today their total support to the accusation of Cuba, on the political and mediatic campaign in its against organized and financed by United States.

María Mercedes Antúnez, teacher of the primary level, 55 years old,, manifested to be offended by the terrible things that are said of the island in Europe.

To express that Cuba violates the human rights constitutes a tremendous injustice, because our nation is an example for the world of solidarity and internationalism, demonstrated in those more than 50 years of Revolution, she pointed out.

She mentioned the thousands of doctors that at the moment lend service in dozens of countries, as Haiti and Bolivia.

She said that will attend the parade of the coming May First next to the thousands of hard-working women of the county, true representatives of the Cubans and that live off their honest wage.

Marino Caballero, 43 years old and turner in a workshop of the Ministry of the Agriculture, underlined that campaigns like the current , denounced by the president Raúl Castro and the editorial of the periodic Granma, give more moral force to the Cubans revolutionary.

We will continue and when is necessary and possible we will grow in our disinterested solidarity with the towns of the Third World, something that should learn and to make United States and Europe, he expressed.

He also manifested that who affirm that Cuba has political prisoners they don't know the reality of the country, which is not the one that traitors assure and salaried to the yank imperialism.(Lucilo Tejera Díaz )

Thousands of women will open labor parade in Camagüey

A block of 15 thousand workers of all the sectors of the sectorsof the life of this city will open the parade for the coming May First, in the Square of the Revolution Ignacio Agramonte.

They will go with their relatives to express the support to the Revolution and their social system, expressed Oscar Rivero, general secretary of the Power station of Workers of Cuba (CTC) in the county of Camagüey.

In press conference he added that there will be a wide representation of women of the sphere of the health who give their internationalist and solidary contribution in diverse countries and they take care of the health of the town.

He said that it is waited the participation in the parade of more than 200 thousand workers with their relatives, like it is traditional in these acts.

In total, more than 400 thousand people of Camagüey will be mobilized the May First and in precedent acts in rural towns.

Edelso Sedeño, of the direction of the labor organization in the territory, pointed out that among the activities in the days previous to the celebration figures a massive voluntary work next Sunday.

The main effort will go to the manual cut of cane to support the sugar harvest in its final stage and the execution of the production plan of raw before May First, he manifested.

He/she also mentioned as tasks of importance the siembra of agricultural cultivations, and the sanitation in the city of Camagüey to give a combing to vectorial trasmisores of illnesses.

Lidia Rosa Morales, equally of the direction of the labor power station, he mentioned to the elections of April 25 to select the delegates in the municipal assemblies of the Popular Power as task that support the unions.

Days before that date, in morning or evening in each work center it will be explained how to carry out the vote so that it is of quality, and to avoid mistakes in the moment to exercise the vote, she specified.

Camagüey has affiliated to the unions contained in the CTC to more than 234 thousand workers, calculates that it represents 93 percent of the universe of men and women used in the state sector and the Basic Units of Cooperative Production.(Lucilo Tejera Díaz)

Of supposed weak nature...

By: Moraima Borges Mariscal / Television Camagüey

Vilma Espín and Celia Sánchez. For my great surprise, I found their pictures in a mural of the University of East: young, slender and beautiful; dressed sportswoman`s uniform. From then on, with the ball, she had already learned how to challenge to her contrary. The print was also in Santiago's streets. Vilma had been coordinator of the movement July 26 in the city where, since little, the Sierra looked like omening her most valiant steps.

She was born there in the Santiago Rebel April of the year 7, 1930, in the house that served from general barracks to the lift of Santiago of Cuba, in the eve of the landing of the Granma Yacht; and of the one that came out to conquer the stature and the heroine's dimensions, or the emancipated woman, or the wife, or the partner, the mother or grandmother of a family crowned by the example…

Vilma got dressed of Cuba and her voice was each Cuban; she exercised the protagonism, the symbol, and drove us in the one on the way to finding, with the Revolution, the possibility of a space, a mission, a position…Her presence in the Federation of Cuban Women made that of flower we were gardens, and of decorations we became tools and that, of supposed weak nature, we changed to strong and indispensable.

Today, in the Olympus of the Heroes, Vilma completes her 80`s. The history doesn't stop for who continue being essence and life in the zeal of believing possible the dreams of the immortality and the impront.

Makers of Camagüey competes in Festival of Television

By: Luis Enrique Perdomo Silva / Television Camagüey

The video room “New World” of Camagüey welcomes the theoretical sessions of the IV Provincial Festival of Television, audiovisual event that extends until the coming April 9.

Rafael Daniel Hernández, maker of Center Vision Yayabo was responsible for the conference “Tendencies of the Contemporary Journalism”, as long as the teacher María Antonia Borroto, of the branch of the Superior Institute of Art, lectured on “The Means and the construction of the reality.”

A jury presided by Alfonso Banderas, of Telecristal, and other professionals of the country, evaluated the 125 works in competition, where participate, besides the provincial telecenter, the five Communitary televisors Nuevavision, televisora located in the municipality of Nuevitas.

For the closing time, foreseen for this Friday, will take place a conversatory on the Dramaturgic Analysis in the Direction, besides the premiations elegance.

The colophon of the IV Festival of Television Camagüey will be played by the projection of the documentary “Ave María” of the maker Gustavo Pérez Fernández, rewarded in the recent International Festival of Latin American Cinema and finalist in the Ibero-American Festival of Guadalajara, Mexico.