viernes, 30 de julio de 2010

Family of youth Ecuadorian doctor thank Cuba and Fidel

Dra. Libya Viviana Rodríguez Walls.

Camagüey. The world and Cuba have a thousand 600 new professionals of the health, graduated in the Medical University Carlos J. Finlay, of this city, institution that this year celebrates the anniversary 30 of its foundation.

Among the graduate ones as doctors, estomatolgies, graduates in infirmary, and technologists of the health, there are 160 youths coming from 24 nations, most of Latin America.

To the Square of the Revolution Mayor General Ignacio Agramonte, the relatives arrived of several of the students to share the happiness.

There was the Ecuadorian youth's family Dra. Libya Viviana Rodríguez Walls.

William Rodríguez, profession economist, is today a grateful father: “I feel a great satisfaction, because my daughter has finished with success her formation like professional; and to make it here is something very big because as Latin American I consider that the best option of studies is in Cuba, and she was necessary to make any effort to advance in the program of my daughter's studies.”

Rosaura, the Libya`s grandmother , could not get lost the moment of the delivery from the title to her granddaughter: “I give him thanks to Cuba that educated her to me. Today cry of pleasure, because you extended him the arms so that my granddaughter is something… “

Amid the emotion, do I ask to the grandmother Rosaura, how much had it cost him the medicine career to their granddaughter in Ecuador or in another University...?

The answer is very quick and eloquent: “Uyyyyy, street, not more street…. There it is very hard and a lot of selfishness exists. Here they have given affection and the heart to my granddaughter. For that reason, I repeat, Thank you, Cuba!.”

There don't lack the sincere words of the own Libya Rodríguez: “For me she has meant a lot to study in Cuba, I am very grateful to the Cuban Revolution that has become medical, in spite of the difficulties that have. It has been an unforgettable experience, and today my parents can share here with me the happiness and that they see my title. It has been to crystallize a dream.”

Libya Tapia, this Ecuadorian youth's mother that receives her title of doctor in medicine, also wants to share her opinion: “There we would not have been able to pay the studies, because hill a lot; on the other hand here, it is known that there is a lot of quality in the formation of the youths. The President of this nation gives a lot of opening to the education, then for us it is a pride, a satisfaction to know that my daughter receives her title of this country.

“Thank you, thanks to you and to Fidel. Thank you, Cuba!” (Miozotis Fabelo Pinares)

The saving is essential element of our economy

The productivity is, in the first place, saving of human resources and saving of time; but the saving to that we refer is the saving of goods, the saving of matters cousins, the saving of the resources for the production.

... we have spoken in other occasions of the necessity of saving the water, the big expenses of water, waste of water that take place for different reasons... the big electricity expenses; all the matter problems prevail, for example the wooden one to be able to increase the constructions, to be able to dedicate wood to the solution of the problem of the furniture. And, in general, the saving of matters cousins and of productive resources.

Fuel, for example, is another of the resources that we have to always know how to save, unceasingly; because the fuel is a vital resource of a modern society, of a country in today's world, of which you cannot do without. Everything moves with energy, everything! AND however, the nature didn't endow us of energy resources: neither coal, neither big rivers for the hydraulic energy. The petroleum is still in search process, in search process and in development beginning. Then, we have to save the energy, well in electricity form, well in form of fuel directly.

So that the mentality of the saving, the saving!, becomes another essential element of our economy.

Fidel, May 1st, 1971.

jueves, 29 de julio de 2010

Cooperatives of Camagüey diversifies agricultural productions

The diversification of the production of foods is a priority of the country.

Camagüey. The employment of traditional methods, cocktail with the application of novel modalities in the production of foods, constitutes priority in the Cooperative of Credits and Services (CCS) Strengthened “First of May” in the municipality of Camagüey of Mines, as Jorge Miranda Peral explained to, president of that grouping.

The breeding of pigs, the production of cow milk and of chiva, the development of the obtaining of bee honey and the viands cultivation and fruit-bearing diverse, are among the main lines to those that are devoted the cooperativists that is located among those of advanced in that northern territory of Camagüey.

Of equal forms there are partners that are devoted to the breeding of horses and mules, and the cultivation of varieties of fish of fresh water is also fomented, where results are already appreciated in the well-known place as “The Balastrera”, located in the circumvallation via Nuevitas.

Miranda Peral, president of the Strengthened CCS “First of May” of the municipality of Mines, highlighted that with the delivery of lazy lands for the production of foods, new partners were linked to the cooperative what allows to increase their results. (Eric Pacheco Fandiño)

miércoles, 28 de julio de 2010

The light of the teaching arrives to the neediest corners in the world

With the victory of the Revolution in January of 1959, the Cuban State was traced like goal to put the Education in the highest seat, not only in the island, also to take it to other countries of the world. From then on the solidary help is increased to countries of the Third World.

The first steps of collaboration as regards education took place in the first half of the decade of 60 in last century with the grant of scholarships to students coming from Asia, África and Latin America, to study studies in different specialties of half level and superior.

From then on have were graduated in Cuba more than 30 thousand foreigners, among level superior and technical means of 114 countries. To these figures sink foreigners' thousands that elevated their scientist - technique qualification by means of training courses and post grade.

Along our history more than 26 thousand educational offered their services in 31 countries of África, Latin America and the Caribbean, standing out in the literacy campaigns in Angola, Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua, besides other countries that apply with a lot of effectiveness the program "I can."

At the end of last century, Haiti requested Cuba the collaboration for the literacy of its residents. Thousands of Haitians were alphabetized in the experimental phase starting from 54 radial emissions. For this innovative and effective collaboration, the country has received International several Prize.

Still in difficult situations, the the Cuban socialist State offers its solidary help to the nations that have required without scanting material and human resources in the fight against the illiteracy. (Aramis González Cruz)

New options in the Web site of Camagüey Television

The team of work of the Digital Writing of Camagüey Television is buried in the implementation of new tools so that the internet users can have a bigger number of offers and services when they visit the Web page that has as URLs: and

Among the improvements that are being carried out are a Channel of Video incrusted in the own servant by what the users won't already have to go to to see the new videos, one of its advantages resides in that the own users, previously registered, can include in, this new one remote, the youtube videos that are of their preference. It is not difficult, coarse with alone to add the title and the URL of the same one.

Also, Camagüey Television, has an own Forum now in which will leave adding topics gradually and many will be at the request of the own users. Also who are motivated to be part of this work team, and be very active, will be able to in a future to be patternmakers of the same ones.

In the Forum is a Mailbox so that all, even the non registered internet users, can write their opinions and suggestions on our Web.

These are the URLs that you can visit from already.

* It consents or Register
* Channel of Video
* Forum of Television Camagüey

martes, 27 de julio de 2010

Overcomes company of Camagüey plan of textile productions

Camagüey. The Company of Textile Makings CAONEX, of the county of Camagüey, took place more than 466 thousand units of school uniforms for the next course, registration above the quantity foreseen up to now.

Jacqueline Beltrán González, of the team of address of the entity, informed that the matter prevails used comes in its majority of China, and the eight shops of CAONEX gave products with a good finish.

The pieces are dedicated mainly to the commercialization in Camagüey, but an exchange exists among the different companies of the country for technical questions that don't allow to elaborate complete the productions in oneself shop and are carried out in a cooperated way, added the source.

She added that in the last times investments were executed with teams coming from China in some shops, improving with the quality and efficiency of the makings.

After having culminated the school campaign, the shops prepared uniforms for the Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed forces (MINFAR) and those of the workers in the campaign against the Aedes Aegypti.

At the moment work to complete orders of stores colected of foreign currencies going to the sale in their units of prepared pieces for CAONEX, besides other applications.

"We have the matter prevails necessary to culminate the year and to reach the nine million pesos in values, never calculates before achieved", affirmed Jacqueline Beltrán.(Deneb González and Diosmel Galano (Students of Journalism)

Celebration with sense of the historical momet

By: María Elena Javier / Television Camagüey

The twentieth sixth day of July of 2010, was special in the central county of Villa Clara where people don't give truce to the good work and the constant desires of living. The 57 years of the epic moncadist poem were translated in combat and solidarity. In authentic podium of 26 one of the historical leaders enunciated current premises, indispensable to continue for the good road.

The first vice-president of the Council of State and of Secretaries, José Ramón Machado Ventura, summoned to the correct acting, without passions neither falsehoods, and without giving up the cubany that distinguishes us as fighting constants for the very social one.
The food of the town, primacy of the moment that we live, and all that it is for the men's benefit, is the urgent thing. Continue very united the tasks to reinforce economy and institucionality and all this requires loyalty, trust and mainly the defense of the dreams of justice.

Fidel said, recently that is possible even to save the human species, and with this statement the partner of fights continues giving samples of vigor and certainty, even amid the unfolding of military bases in America and of ships of war that make more imminent the one was in danger for the whole humanity.

In so impressive international context, he plays the Cubans to maintain the force of the survival, mated by convictions to Hugo Chávez and Simón Bolívar´s Venezuela , to who was devoted the commemorative day of July 26, at times of its birthday 227 and for the bicentennial of the independentists fights of the towns of the America.

The Moncada opened the way to the Cuban Revolution defended by its town and Cuba has been example in the fight of the men of the world for its rights and well-being, with the result that the 57 years of the geste of July 26 became solidarity and combats, but also in happiness and desires of being more Cuban.

The Moncada in Camagüey, starting point, goal, and much more

Beautiful and comfortable housings improve quality of life of the people of Santa Cruz.

For the residents of the plains of Camagüey - the most extensive county in the country -, the anniversary 57 of the assaults to the barracks “Carlos Manuel de Céspedes”, in Bayamo, and “Guillermón Moncada”, in Santiago de Cuba, is not single starting point and goal of realizations, constitute socio-economic day-to-dayness.

A thousand 150 families of the Popular Council “Cándido González”, in the coastal region of Santa Cruz of the South-distant 75 kilometers of the provincial capital -, synchronized their housings to the National Electroenergetic System(SEN), area of low voltage that depended on the unstable electric service generated in the local sugar industry.

The social investment, still amid the economic changes caused by the imperialistic blockade and the international global crisis, overcomes the 361 thousand dollars, and includes the assembly of 44 transformers, 38 posts, more than 30 kilometers of electric cables and 1 150 meters accountants.

In the same historical place where, February 12, 1996, Fidel Castro went to Santa Cruz from the balcony of the sugar address, in this occasion the population congregated to support to the Revolution and to recognize the workers of the Electric Basic Organization (OBE), of the Ministry of the Sugar and to neighbors that stood out in the execution of the important work.

The Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), Julio Cesar García Rodríguez, first political secretary of the county, presided over the electrification act, and later on traveled gastronomic facilities and of other services of that popular advice in direct dialogue with those his residents.

García Rodríguez, also in Santa Cruz of the South, visited the beautiful Community 50 Anniversary, where those reside in comfortable apartments damaged of the devastating hurricane Paloma, and then he went then until the whipped coastal belt, today transformed into having converged marine spa with varied alimentary and recreational offers.


Without neglecting the defense of the country in front of the warlike actions of the United States, the agroa sugar men of the county of Camagüey opens new hectares of several cultivations with irrigable and agricultural facilities.

The UEB The Farm of the Sugar Company Cándido González, is the most recent opening with the setting in march of two machines of watering of central pivot that benefit 64 new hectares dedicated to the seed of beans and corn.

Rubén Alba Rodríguez, director of Investments of the Ministry of the Sugar (MINAZ) in Camagüey, assured that the general system installed in single 22 days of overflowing work and whose mount economic he comes closer to the means million of Cuban convertible pesos (cuc) and national currency, will rebound in not less than 500 annual tons of agricultural products, plantations that are assisted by 130 workers of the sector.(Rolando Sarmiento Ricart)

Denounces Fidel North American selfishness and insensibility before hungry and needful of the world

Camagüey. In his meeting with family of the Commandant Juan Almeida, the reverend Lucius Walker, integral of the Caravan Shepherds for the Peace, the reverend Raúl Suárez, and well-known artists and creators, the Cuban leader Fidel Castro advanced some ideas that will express July 27, in a Reflection dedicated to “the strategic victory”, and that recaptures the military conception of the Rebellious Army during the last moments of the offensive against Batista, and he announced, also, a book in preparation, in which Katiuska Blanco has worked with the investigating .

Before the reverend Lucius Walker`s question, leader of those “Shepherds for the Peace”, on the future of Haiti, Fidel affirmed that “In the current world, he doesn't have solution that country. In the future of the one that am speaking, yes.

He adds that United States is a great producing of foods, he takes place for two thousand million people, and that would have capacity to build houses that resist to the earthquakes, but the problem is the form in that the resources are distributed, and concluded that to Haiti is necessary to plant another time its forests. But he doesn't have solution in the current order of the world, he asserted.

Fidel remembered the selfishness and the North American insensibility in front of the millions of hungry and needful of attention of health, particularly the children. Also, the blockade that suffers Cuba and the unjust prison of the Five antiterrorist Heroes in North American jails, victims of long condemnations.

In another moment the Commandant in Boss commented his encounter in Artemisa, and he added that he was seeing in the Round Table the histories linked the Moncada, and he added: “I discovered the music's value (that ran of bottom). Colossal. Fabulous. The music of (José María) Vitier. It is something that I won't be able to never forget. Nobody knows what is worth that. It is an infinite satisfaction. He didn't want to stop to surrender him I pay the men that give to the humanity with his music”, concluded. (Esther Borges Moya)

lunes, 26 de julio de 2010

As martí, the Cubans express give me Venezuela in what to serve you

By: José G. Valdés / Television Camagüey

Bolívar and Martí 7.30 a.m. July 26, 2010. José Martí has not died . He revives in the mind of more than 90 thousand people gathered in the center of the Cuban archipelago, to commemorate the anniversary 57 of the assaults to the barracks Moncada, in the city of Santiago de Cuba, and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, in Bayamo, both in the oriental region of the big island. The act for the Day of the National Rebelliousness is presided over by the General of Army Raúl Castro Ruz, president of the state Council and of Secretaries.

Martí is there next to the representatives of the generation of the centennial of its birth who constituted the detonator of the armed insurrection against the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista in July 1953 and of the continuators of the fight that took the rebellious forces toward the victory of the first one of January 1959.

He is there, when claps and vítores of those gathered in the Square of the Sculptural Complex Major Ernesto Che Guevara, of Santa Clara, express the pride of the recovery of a martian par excellence, Fidel.

It is there the intellectual author of the Revolution next to the Venezuelan friends, because this commemorative act is also devoted to the Liberator Simón Bolívar and to the Bicentennial of the beginning of the fights for the independence of Our America. It is not chance. Martí was considered pupil of Bolívar, to who called “Father of towns” and was nurtured of the bolivarian thought because “of the Brave one to the Patagonia is not more than a single town”. Today that South American nation is threatened by a claw of the yank imperialism that grows per day in the horizon.

In this historical minute, the Cuban followers of the marti ideas ratify the principle “Gives me Venezuela in that to serve you.”

Bolívar and Martí are present to conquer and to build the future of our towns

Where is Chávez

By: Rosa Blanco Ramos / Television Camagüey

All in Cuba waited the one announced presence of the Commandant Hugo Chávez at once Central National for the 26 of Julio.
The square of the Ché and his fight partners, next to almost a hundred thousand of Villa Clara waited for him. Plus the bolivarian leader presence, the physical presence was not possible.

Before the query followed the act for television of who, the doctor José Ramón Machado Ventura gave the answer. The Commandant Hugo Chávez which welded major in Boss, it is in his address position.

Serious are the threats that hang on the sister Venezuela from Colombian territory.

Imperial appetite that incites the war among towns siblings. Fidel yesterday alerted it. next hours and days are of great tension, can take place unchain events .

Chávez, the same as Fidel which WELDED COMMANDANTS IN BOSS, are in their positions. Their towns, the Cuban and the Venezuelan also.
In this hour of threats memory August 5, 1994. contrarrevolutionaries grupusculs, paid and encouraged by the Office of Interests of the United States in the Havana played a mediatic show in the pier.

Invited then by the Secretary of the FAR, General of Army Raúl Castro, a group of Cuban journalists was in the Cuban capital. Past the noon we would have an encounter with Raúl in the headquarters of the MINFAR.

He explained to us what was passing in areas of the pier. Today memory very well when he told us that as always Fidel was where he had to be and ast he had us accustomed in so many years of fight revolutionary. Fidel always to the front of each battle.

The marras encounter was brief. Raúl said goodbye to us and we leave rapid direct of the Square of the Revolution to the pier. And there Fidel was….. and there the town was….

For those same principles Chávez was not today in Santa Clara's square. The Soldier Major Hugo Chávez is where the duty…. next to its town….

From Cuba in this 26 of Julio in Villa Clara greets to him and his town.

The Moncada pointed out the road until the final victory

Camagüey. July 26 ,1953 was in the history of this heroic, rebellious nation and revolutionary for tradition like a fact whose transcendency is lasting: the assault to the barracks Moncada, of Santiago de Cuba and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, of Bayamo.

March 10,1952 Fulgencio Batista played a treacherous military blow in cohabitation with the yank imperialism and a dictatorial government that sank to the nation in a deep political and bloody crisis, settled down and became worse the social wrongs that suffered with brutal fury the humblest and deprived sectors in that Cuba Neocolonial.

Oppressed by the abuse and the oppression, a group of youths directed by Fidel Castro and Abel Santa María, was given to the task of preparing a devastating blow to the tyranny, the attack to the barracks "Moncada" in Santiago fde Cuba and "Carlos Manuel de Céspedes" in Bayamo, actions that marked the beginning of the last stage of the fight of the town for its total liberation.

To the decision of the attackers united the historical and regional element: in East the three wars independentists had begun against the Spanish colonial domain, there popular insurrections took place in several moments and the spirit of rebelliousness of that heroic town, inspired the armed action by the second bigger strength of Cuba and the more far from the capital.

That Sunday of carnival of Santiago the young combatants, dresses with uniforms of the Army and directed by Fidel, executed the attack plan in total disadvantage in front of a superior enemy in weapons and in men, causes that gave origin to the failure of the action.

The assault to the barracks Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes didn't mean the victory of the Revolution in that instant, but it pointed out the road and it traced a strategic program of national liberation that multiplied the fight ideas that later reproduced in the Gamma, the Sierra and in Girón Beach. (Edilena Escobar)

domingo, 25 de julio de 2010

Chávez will be speaker in act for the Day of the National Rebelliousness in Cuba

Caracas. The Venezuelan president, Hugo Chávez, announced today that, to application of its Cuban couple, Raúl Castro, will be at once the speaker of honor July 26 central for the Day of the National Rebelliousness in Cuba.

October 14, 2007, Hugo Chavéz transmitted from the Square Ernesto Che Guevara his program Aló President.

Chávez informed in the closing of the third World Union Encounter that Raúl Castro invited him to go to the Cubans in the activity for the native date in Santa Clara's city.

The leader had already announced at times his visit to Cuba of the celebrations in the Island.

According to the calendar that announced in his last declarations, he should leave toward Havana this Sunday, for dawn July 26 in the Caribbean nation.

During his speech, the ruler referred in several occasions to the heroism demonstrated by the Cubans in more than 40 years of American blockade.

He spoke also of several projects of collaboration that exist with Cuba, among them, a binational fleet fishing , the installation of a submarine cable of optic fiber to connect to the two countries, factories of clothes, and to a factory of ice Coppelia. ( Latin Press)

Decked out square Ernesto Guevara for the act of the 26

Santa Clara. The Square Ernesto Guevara, scenario of the central act for the Day of the National Rebelliousness, glitters after a preparation process that included constructive actions and of embellishment.

More than 100 thousand habitants there will participate in the central national act for the Day of the National Rebelliousness, this Monday 26 of Julio at 7:30 o'clock a.m., in Santa Clara.

At once for the anniversary 57 of the assault to the barracks Moncada, of Santiago de Cuba, and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, of Bayamo, will be honored the siblings Abel and Haydée Santamaría, and the combatants Roberto Mederos, Pablo Agüero, Elpidio Sosa and Osvaldo Socarrás of Santa Clara, fallen in the geste of July 26, 1953.

The Square was inaugurated December 28 , 1988, and among its moments outstanding figure the arrival of the remains of the Che and his partners' part from the Posse of Reinforcement to this seat, October 17, 1997, in ceremony presided over by the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro.

October 8 of last year were integrated to the Brief, the Museum, and to the rest of the structures already enabled in the Complex, the Mausoleum Front of The Villages with the remains of the deads in the combats for the liberation of the old county of The Villages, and of those who died later to the revolutionary victory and were part of the forces that faced to the batistian tyranny.The organizational chore continues in the installation, while two giant flags, a Cuban and another of the 26 of Julio, appropriate of that environment permeated for the history.

José Ramón Comas, vice-president of the Council of the Administration of the Popular Power in Villa Clara, said to the AIN that from the appointment of the county like headquarters of the act for the 26 of Julio, the works began in the Sculptural Complex that takes the Heroic Guerilla's fighter's name.

He enumerated some of the works carried out as cleaning and restoration of the image in brass of the Che, murals and pedestals of the tribune, improvement of internal and external green areas as well as the rehabilitation of the hydraulic system that favored the spout of the sources.

Change of interior carpentry, embellishment of the gardening, rejuvenate and painting of the museum-brief join to the rehabilitation of other local of the Complex, he added.

Comas informed that images of big allegorical dimensions were placed to the date and a beautiful wooden tribune, contiguous to that of marble in the Square, where the presence of some 100 thousand people is expected.

The installation of modern communication teams, the opening of press rooms in two carps, the disposition of six big tanks for drinkable water, the location of spaces for the personnel of health and the Red Cross, are part of the works, he explained.

Raúl Castro will preside central act for the Day of the National Rebelliousness

Havana. The National Central Act for the anniversary 57 of the assault to the barracks Moncada and “Carlos Manuel de Céspedes”, will take place this Monday July 26, at 7:30 in the morning, in the Square of the Sculptural Complex Major.

The General of Army Raúl Castro Ruz, President of the Council of State and of Secretaries will preside over the commemoration whose headquarters won the county of Villa Clara due to the results reached in diverse spheres of the political, economic and social life.

In the celebration will be present attackers to both strengths, expeditionaries of the Granma, combatants of the Revolution, as well as a wide representation of the town of Villa Clara that has beautified the city for this occasion.

In this opportunity the address of the Party will dedicate July 26 to the Liberator Simón Bolívar and to the Bicentennial of the beginning of the fights for the independence of Our America.

The act will be transmitted by the national channels of Cuban Television, the national chain of radio, International Cubavision and Radio Havana Cuba. (Taken of digital Radio Rebelde).

sábado, 24 de julio de 2010

Memories and goals of a July 26

Camagüey. July 26 means for the cuban a date of consecuent fullfilness, the results we are able to exhibit are the show of the continuity of the revolutionary process which definite stage began in 1953 with the actions in the Moncada and Carlos manuel de Céspedes barracks.

Today stay recorded in the memory of the people of Camagüeythe words of Raúl on July 26 2007, in the square Ignacio Agramonte, where called to increase until the highthat demands each goal as only consecuent actitude woth the history.

That is the main reason of fullfilnessthree years later, to ovefulfil the different economic, politic and social misions, in the province and in the whole Cuba.

It is true que still are luck to transform in the good of all, but as we had made it during 51 years, had achieve own efforts and defending always the values that caracterizes the price of any sacrifice.(Jorge Luis Moreira Massagué)

Began provincial act of Camagüey for the anniversary of the Moncada

Camagüey. Gave beginning in the most west part of the territory of Camagüey the provincial act for the anniversary of the Moncada, presided by Julio César García Rodríguez, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in Camagüey and it had began with a tribute to Ana Betancourt de Mora illustrus defender of women rights in the XIX century.

With a radiant sun, Camagüey celebrates, the same than the rest of the country, the 57 anniversaryof tha asalts to the barracks Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, in a vistory saturday, that moves the heart for the insoslayable evidence of the triumph of the revolution and its efects.

Camagüey emphisizes that the Generation of the Centenary opened the way to the truth independence, in a unic process begining on October 10, 1868, and that it had continuity through differetnr generations, proud reason for the people of Camagüey that fight for a quarter 26.(Esther Borges Moya)

sábado, 17 de julio de 2010

More than 900 new students of the University of Camagüey

Camagüey. With the promotion of 929 new professionals the University of Camagüey Ignacio Agramonte and Loynaz, carried out its ngraduation 39, dedicated to the Anniversary 51 of the Victory of the Revolution, in ceremony taken place in the historical Square of San Juan of God of this city.

The incredible reality of Idielyn

A score of specialties contributes to the combat for the development of this county and of other territories of Ciego de Ávila, The Tunas and Holguín, with formed professionals, so much in the central headquarters as in all the municipalities, through the universalization of the teaching, with registrations of regular courses and for workers, and 22 of other nations of Latin America and of África.

The young Idielyn Cabrera Marreno, coming from the career of Chemical Engineering was the graduate one more integral who ratified the incondicionality to the Revolution when pronouncing the oath of this promotion.

There were also worthy of special recognitions the students Abel Rodríguez Algeciras, Yunier Paneque Ruiz, lga L. Ginestá Caballero, Sandor Viamontes Borás, Lisandra Docampo Díaz, Edisner Rock Hinojosa, Yainer Gálvez Pons, Arvid Amresh Durpalli (foreigner), Lisbet Gutiérrez Triana.

For the different municipalities were rewarded equally Yadier Ortega Caceller, of Camagüey; Gustavo Olano Pineda, Carlos Manuel de Cespedes; Anisley Vázquez Luzardo, Esmeralda; Gerardo Cepero Sarduy, Florida; Ismary Blanco Veázquez, Sierra de Cubitas; Pedro R. Rosco Morales, Mines; Yunislay Galbán González, Guáimaro; José E. Gomero Abella, Sibanicú; Yaima Rodríguez Borrero, Jimaguayú; Yosmani Martínez Morales, Najasa; José Run R. Basulto, Nuevitas; José Rodríguez Horta, Vertientes; and Saray Marino Borrero of Santa Cruz del Sur.

In the central words of the act, the Dra. Lianet Goyas Cespedes, rector of the House of High Studies, referred to the main challenge of the University that takes the Hero's name Epónimo, in battling for the development, such and like the Commandant summoned at times in Boss in that same scenary Centennial of the fall in combat of The Adult, where should act in an active way, as much the new professionals as the current students.(María Delys Cruz Palenzuela )

Fidel Castro dialogues with Cuban ambassadors

Fidel Castro in the headquarters of the MINREX.

Havana. During little more than an hour and a half, the maximum leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro dialogued with the Cuban ambassadors gathered in the Ministry of External Relationships (MINREX), about the serious dangers that hang on the humanity if an aggression loosens against Iran or Korea of North and gave them personally a letter directed to each one of them, to its minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla and to his Council of Address.

Transmits Table Round encounter of Fidel Castro with Cuban ambassadors.

Responding questions or the national diplomats' comments, Fidel reviewed press cables and political analysis of the most diverse sources to conclude that the pressures that Iran faces at this time are “a copy to the coal of what made Mohamed Mossadegh”, the First Secretary of that nation that was overthrown by a state hit encouraged by United States and other western powers when a politics of nationalization of their resources undertook in the decade of 50 in last century.

The Commandant in Boss commented in his meeting with the ambassadors some of the questions that he left outlined to the economists of the CIEM during his recent visit to that center, among them one 20 or 15 years ago grieves nobody would have outlined: Can stay the empire if the market disappears and would have some value the dollar if the world market didn't exist?

Again he insisted in the arsenal of more than 20 thousand strategic and not strategic weapons in being able to of the big powers and he/she wondered which the difference is with the calls conventional weapons of today that United States seeks to promote as alternative, if the arms technological development of the last years grants to all similar one to be able to destructive.

He noticed that it is already ridiculous to think of the nuclear handbag with a button that was the panic of the Fries war beginnings . “All the answers are already programmed. It is single question of seconds”, he/she affirmed and he/she didn't forget to remark that although several sources exclude the fact, it is known that Israel is the sixth nuclear power of the planet.

Workers of the MINREX and neighbors of the Preserve that concentrated spontaneously when knowing there of his presence, said goodbye to Fidel with a lingering ovation and alive excited. From the multitude congregated in the sidewalk, a youth lifted his diploma of graduate university student being devoted it with gratitude to him.

Will take place in Camagüey National Symposium "Homage to Nicolás Guillén"

Camagüey. The II National Symposium “Homage to Nicolás Guillén” the coming year will be developed in this city , where was born and began to exercise the intellectual personality of Camagüey his poetic and journalistic work.

The convocation of the event distinguished the activities for the 21 years of the death of the National Poet of Cuba, made today in the Center of Studies that takes the bard's name.

Programmed to be made from the July 14 to 17 , 2011, will propitiate the exchange among investigators, specialists, professors, writers and studious, as well as of national personalities and foreigners linked to the life and the sublime intellectual's work.

The forum will have as central thematic the anniversary 60 of the “ Chose Jesus Menéndez” and the 80 of the poemary “Sóngoro cosongo”, to link in the author's works the treatment of the personalities and the relationship of the lyrical one with the music.

Today's commemoration included, also, the presentation of several relative books to the poet, as “Nicolás Guillén in Mexico”, of Humberto Rodríguez Manso.

Born on July 10,1902, Guillén died on July 16, 1989, when he was member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) and president founder of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba. (AIN).

Grant Prize Pisto Manchego to journalists of Camagüey

Pedro Paneque Ruiz, experienced journalist of the Radio, receives his reward.

Camagüey. Professionals of different means of diffusion of Camagüey received today Friday the Prize Pisto Manchego, conferred by the provincial headquarters of the Union of Journalistsof Cuba (UPEC) to recognize the work of the year and dedicated to the National Poet "Nicolás Guillén", beloved son of this region of shepherds and hats.

Of the Adelante newspaper Otilio Rivero was rewarded , in graph and Yanetsy León, in Written Press, while of the radioemisory Cadena Agramonte was honored Gualveris Rosales in the category of digital journalism, and the journalist Pedro Paneque, in Radio.

A special recognition was also granted Miozotis Fabelo, correspondent of Radio Rebelde in the county, and one of the winners, this year, in the National Competition of Journalism “ July 26 .”

Besides the delivery of the Prizes Pisto Manchego that recognize the work of the professionals of the press of Camagüey during one year, took place the graduation of a Graduate of Journalism, imparted to graduate of other specialties that intrude in this sector. (Yamylé Fernández)

viernes, 16 de julio de 2010

Will celebrate Cuba the International Day of Nelson Mandela

Havana. The Commission of External Relationships of the National Assembly of the Popular Power of the Republic of Cuba agreed, in extraordinary session, to take place every year July 18, as International Day of Nelson Mandela.

The decision responds to the call of the General Assembly of United Nations, November 10, 2009, to commemorate internationally the famous southafrican patriot`s birthday , for his exceptional contribution to the elimination of the regimen of the Apartheid in his country, and to the liberation and the unit of África.

The Cuban Parliament's document highlights the resistance example and Mandela's unbroken spirit that could not be given in for who contained during 27 years, under the most difficult conditions, in the prisons of its country, and also its exemplary life dedicated to the humanity's service.

It also picks up the meaning that has for the town of the bigger than the Antilles the legendary African leader's figure who has always demonstrated special sympathy toward the Island and a beloved friendship with the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro, forged in the common fight by the noblest causes.

In an separates with the press, the deputy Magalys Llort, Fernando González`s mother, one of the Five Cuban Heroes imprisoned wrongly in United States, affirmed that Mandela constitutes an inspiration for his son and his partners.

It is a light in the road after 12 years of torture for the imprisonment of our children, three of those which gave their contribution to the liberation of África, affirmed.

The parliamentarian urged the North American president, Barack Obama, of who said has African roots, to be inspired by Mandela's example and to liberate Fernando, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, René González and Gerardo Hernández. (Ernesto Vera Mellado)

The National Association of Blind and its 32 years in Camagüey

Camagüey. The National Association of Blind in Cuba was founded , (ANCI) is the first unable organization that is believed in the country, and although before the Revolution (1959) there was some flash of this grouping type were only small lacking groups of coherence, legal and support forces of the State.

2 in the same month but of the year 1978 the ANCI is believed in Camagüey and from that date its constant work for the community invident and weak visual is characterized by the constants actions that promotes for the incorporation from this populational segment to the society in an useful way.

In the 13 municipalities of the county a branch works facilitating the direct attention to the associates.
In this sense the rehabilitation is achieved with bigger results and the movement of activists at municipal level it plays a fundamental part to achieve the insert of the unable in the society.

These activists receive appropriate courses that qualify them in the handling of the international norms so that the person invident or weak visual achieves the abilities that allows them the appropriate orientation for the mobility.

Other important achievements of the ANCI in the territory are the incorporation to the study, to the work, to the sport and the cultural activities of a considerable number of its membership.

The ANCI together with the National Association of Deaf of Cuba (ANSOC) welcomes in its lines to people with the double physical limitation and develops a group of actions to incorporate them to the useful life in the measure of its physical conditions..

The same as the adults the children and young with this discapacity also belong to the Association.
The invident children and adolescent and weak visual as the deaf ones and the limited physical motors have guaranteed their studies in special schools.

The ANCI like the other unable associations have the full support of the Cuban State.(María Socarrás H.)

Deck out Guáimaro for the National Day of Rebelliousness

Camagüey, - Hardly to eleven days of taking place the National Day of Rebelliousness, the territory of Camagüey of Guáimaro decks out the whole urban perimeter, understood in the municipal head and of the towns of Martí and Cascorro.

This municipality became accrediting this year of the celebration of the provincial act for the anniversary 57 of the Assaults to the Moncada Barracks and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes of Santiago de Cuba and Bayamo, respectively.

The historical date is good to impel important programs of production of foods and of the cattle branch, its main economic support, as well as a score of works of different productive and social sectors.

The first secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba there, Héctor Rodríguez Beltrán said that the embellishment of the labor centers embraces also those located in the periphery.

Guáimaro is a municipality of acentuated history, in that scenary the Cuban patriots escenificated the First Constituent Assembly of the Republic in Weapons April 10 ,1869.

There Ana Betancourt being ahead to her time proclaimed the necessity of the woman's emancipation.

As same made the bayameses, the guaimareños, before fell the town in hands of the Spaniards, preferred to set on fire it.(Enrique Atiénzar Rivero)

Impacts of Fidel in a painter of Camagüey

Camagüey. Fidel's recent presence in work centers and in a Round Table reinforces even more the trust of the town to who consider a guardian guide of the Cubans, affirmed the painting of Camagüey Joël Jover.

Member of the contemporary vanguard of the plastic one in the country and an enthusiast to reflect in the painting edges of the man's behavior, highlighted the great popular happiness to corroborate the lucidity and the improvement of the health of the historical leader of the Revolution.

It is also a renovated security toward the trust with which the Commandant in boss has continued, in other circumstances, the battle for the destinations of the nation, the speaker specified.

As for the appearance in the Round Table, he underlined the necessity to keep in mind Fidel's warnings about the risk of a war in the Middle East caused by United States and Israel.

It is not any alarmism, he added, but of one of the samples of the meridian clarity of who is very informed, has an extraordinary experience, and for example in 1989 in Camagüey, at once for the 26 of Julio, he spoke about the probable fall of the socialist field, happened later on.

For reasons of health, Fidel has not been for a while visible, but never absent, because his presence continues with his Reflections in the press, which maintain a high expectation, specified Jover.

He underlined his purpose of reflecting pictorially Fidel of whose image that that more impacts him is the look that qualified as teller, and full with nobility and modesty.

Jover evoked when in a reception the Commandant in Boss spread the hand and in the exchange of looks confirmed the irrevocable certainty of the referred attribute.

The artist also announced the intention of taking equally to the painting to Ignacio Agramonte who is one of his two main paradigms with Fidel. (Adolfo Silva Silva / AIN)

jueves, 15 de julio de 2010

Leadership of Camagüey in school rhythmic gymnastics

Camagüey. The county of Camagüey reached, with 69 points, the first place of the rhythmic gymnastics in the XLVI National School Games, disciplines whose tests were developed in the Palacio of the Sports Rafael Fortún Chacón, of this city.

Santiago de Cuba and The Tunas occupied the second and third positions, with 65 and 61 units, respectively.

In Camagüey, also continues the chess competition, in the one which Villa Clara goes to the head after the sixth beat, with an accumulated of 13.5, while continue City of Havana (13) and Matanzas (12), in that order.

The boxing begins today in the town, and will continue until the next 20, with the participation of sportsmen of all the counties and of the special municipality of Island of the Youth, as well as three representatives of Mexico. (Sindy Domínguez and Deneb González )

Will use for the first time two work Contemporary Ballet Endedans in Camagüey

Camagüey - The Contemporary Ballet Endedans announces next two premieres for its summer season - from 15 July 17 - in the Main Theater of Camagüey.

"Forgive me the fright of looking for you", small piece that also owes its title to a verse of Jesus David Curbelo, opens the night in a vein of high visual attractiveness.

It is continued for "The Carmen", the acquaintance's contemporary version "Carmen", of George Bizet, in arrangements of Rodión Shedrín, the most ambitious proposal and polemic of this collective danzary that unites to Tania Vergara`s choreography the designs of wardrobe of the Teacher and National Prize of Design Eduardo Arrocha and the scenery of the plastic artist Guillermo López.

The premiere of "The Carmen"articulates Endedans with the realizer Rolando Admiral who leads the filming of rehearsals and functions to give life to a project aided by the CENESEX, the Center Martin Luther King, the agency CARICATOS and the AHS.

Of this presentation, several artistic products will be obtained that will point out as much as happens in this premier, also gathering the impact of the work in the public and the encounter with young who - starting from the one mentioned work - dialoguen about the sexual diversity and other edges tunes to the topic.

The functions will be made the days 15, 16 and 17, July to the 8:30 PM.y and the 18 to the 5.00 PM.

Cultural proposal for the children in their day

Camagüey - In the context of the parties for the Day of the Children, the Brigade José Martí, jointly with the Office of the Historian of the City, invites to all the small ones to participate in a beautiful cultural proposal, July 18, to the 9.00 am.

The appointment will take place in the House of Children Without Help Branch, located in the street Means, No. 317, Square of Havana. There one will be able to enjoy the performance of the Choir Harlequin and the artistic talent of the Brigade José Martí.

The mentioned choir belongs to the sociocultural project "Harlequin", favored by the OHCC that includes the work of preservation of traditions from the dance, the theater and the plastic arts.

miércoles, 14 de julio de 2010

Simultaneous premiere tomorrow of film Lisanka

Havana.The comedy Lisanka (2009), of Daniel Díaz Torres, will be used for the first time simultaneously this Thursday in film rooms of this capital and of counties.

The premiere will take place in Yara, Payret, Acapulco, Room Two of Multicine Infanta, Lido, Boulevard, Ambassador, Regla and main cinemas of counties, informed the Cuban Institute of the Art and Film Industry.

The history lapses in Cuba, in 1962. During the Crisis of October, Lisanka, a young tractorist, should choose among three men that disputed her love, two Cubans and a Soviet .

The script, of Díaz Torres, Eduardo del Llano and Francisco García is based on the story In the kilometer 32, of the writer Francisco García.

Díaz Torres` filmography includes Love me and you will see (1995), Kleines Tropicana (1997), to Be made Swedish (2000) and in route to the Eden (2007).

Miriel Cejas debuts in the cinema in the protagonistic of Lisanka, paper with which obtained the Prize to the best Feminine Performance in the XX Ibero-American Festival of Ceará, Brazil.

Among other interpreters figure Carlos Enrique Admirante, Rafael Ernesto Hernández, Blanca Rosa Blanco, Enrique Molina, Jorge Alí, Raúl Pomares, Kirill Zolygin, Vladislav Vetrov and Osvaldo Doimeadiós.

Also José Ambrosio Pérez, Paula Alí, Otto Ortiz, Giselle Fundora, Eduardo del Llano, Antulio Marín, Meneses, Jorge Molina and Rogelio Blaín.

Trips for reservation Lemon-Tuabaquey, in Camagüey

Ecological reserves Lemons Tuabaquey
Camagüey, A trip for the Ecological Reservation Lemons - Tuabaquey, of the National System of Protected Areas, comes to be the proposal of Provincial and Fauna Flora Company of Camagüey.

The journeys began this summer and will extend until September for a price of 50 pesos for person, and include lunch, transport and a guide, informed the AIN Lianis Hernández, specialist of the entity.

Lemon-Tuabaquey, located in Sierra de Cubitas to 32 kilometers of the city, it possesses around 600 species of plants, of them 232 of trees maderables and 22 of beautiful wood, besides endemic birds of Cuba like the tocororo and the cartacuba.

The visit to the reservation includes paths like the Step of the Walls, a opens up of the own mountain range of about two kilometers long and with paths high walls, almost so white as the marble that invite to the most daring to the mountaineering.

One can also see from a mirador the Hole of Bonet, with 80 meters deep, full with legends on its formation, ferns that end up surpassing the height of a human and microscopic and varied mushrooms.

Another option in this reservation is the one of going into in the cave María Teresa, with discovered aboriginal pictographies the same as those of other caverns of the place, before the famous paintings of the Spanish Cave of Altamira.

The summer proposal of Provincial Flora and Fauna Company of Camagüey arose three years like an option ago for the lovers of the nature.(Susana Vázquez Vida (student of journalism)

Proud the people of Camagüey to have Fidel Castro´ s guide

Camagüey. Feelings of happiness and gratitude for the good state of health and Fidel Castro´s illustrious analyses, invade to the people of Camagüey who thank the good guide of the maximum leader of the Cuban Revolution.

Pablo Soto, pointed out that “Fidel continues giving everything for the humanity, and added, “with his intervention demonstrated his deep knowledge once again on the Empire and his desire of dominating the world.

“If the big leaders of this planet thought fairly as Fidel, said Soto, we would live calmer.”

The lawyer of Camagüey also expressed, to feel very happy because “Fidel continues in the battle, alerting as always to our town and the world, and saying truths that displease many, but that truths finally, are imposed.

The doctor Ismael Ferrer Herrera, professor of the University of Medical Sciences of Camagüey, also manifested his happiness of seeing again before the cameras to Fidel Castro: “I saw him lively, with that great analysis power that has, putting a day to the national and international public opinion on questions that we worry about them to all, because one is speaking of the imminence of a nuclear war.

And he added: “When seeing him in the Round Table, he gives us the security that we have Fidel for while.” (Aramís González Cruz)

martes, 13 de julio de 2010

Effective scientific consultantship to farmers of Camagüey

Camagüey. Of very effective evaluates the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP in this county, the combined work of the Agriculture, the Ministry of the Sugar, the University and the scientific centers of Camagüey, in the advice to the peasants, after better productive results.

The possibility to know the characteristics of the floors; to combat plagues and illnesses; to contribute clones and healthy seeds; and to give projects for the breeding and feeds animal on scientific bases, are some of the collaborations that today applies with agrisuccess in properties and cooperative of Camagüey.

Much contributes to the productive development, starting from the advances of the science and the technique of the peasant, the work that the members of the filial of Camgüey of the Associations of Animal Production carry out, and that of Agricultural and Forest Technicians in the direct training to the producer and in the transfer of technologies.

Also starting from the integration of this organizations, the service of Agrarian Extension and of the Veterinary Scientific Council, the farmers of Camagüey has a decisive support for their acting, the one that bears the delivery of resources and improvements in the conditions of life and work. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)

Simply, Fidel is much Fidel

By: Noel Manzanares Blanco /Camagüey Television

Is public my devotion for the partner Fidel. Of here that today I hardly reiterate my happiness to know how well is the Commandant in Boss of the Cuban Revolution, the Leader of the International Revolutionary Movement who continues with from his trench of Journalist grows to the imperialism in his fair measure. Now memory that in his titled Reflections “The cynic politics of the imperialism”, written May 25, 2008 and disclosed for I don't know what number of press means in Cuba and other latitudes, expressed that would not be honest on his behalf to keep silent after the speech of Obama the afternoon of the previous one May 23 before the Cuban-American Foundation, created by Ronald Reagan; that he didn't keep bitterness then toward the candidate to main tenant of the White House, because has not been responsible for the crimes made against Cuba and the humanity; and that for he didn't fear to criticize it and to express with frankness his points of view on the words of the current President of the United States.

Nevertheless, with more clarity I conserve the delicate questions that formulated Fidel the those mentioned Reflections without seeking to receive answer the partner, that is:

1º Is correct that the President of the United States orders the murder of any person in the world, be which be the pretext?

2º Is it ethical that the President of the United States orders to torture other human beings?

3º Is the state terrorism an instrument that should use such a powerful country as United States so that the peace exists in the planet?

4º Is good and honorable a Law of Adjustment that is applied like punishment to a single country, Cuba, to destabilize it, although it costs the life to children and innocent mothers? If it is good, why is not the automatic right of residence applied the Haitians, of the Dominican Republic and other countries of the Caribbean, and is the same thing made with the Mexicans, Central American and South American, that die as flies in the wall of the Mexican frontier or in waters of the Atlantic and the Pacific?

5ºCan United States be able to do without of the immigrants that cultivate vegetables, fruits, almonds and other delights for the North Americans? Who would sweep their streets, would lend domestic services and would carry out the worst and less remunerated works?

6º Are fair the hauls of illegal aliens that even affect children born in United States?

7º Is moral and justifiable the robbery of brains and the continuous extraction of the best scientific intelligence and intellectuals of the poor countries?

8º You affirm, like I remembered to the beginning of this reflection that your country noticed a while ago to the European powers that it would not admit interventions in the hemisphere, and at the same time reiterates the demand of that right, claiming at the same time the one of intervening in any part of the world with the support of hundred of military bases, naval force , air and space distributed in the planet. Do I ask him, is that the form in that United States expresses its respect for the freedom, the democracy and the human rights?

9º Is it exactly to attack surprising and preventively sixty or darker corners of the world, as the flame Bush, be which be the pretext?

10º Is it honorable and sensible to invest millions of millions of dollars in the industrial military complex weapons that can liquidate several times the life in the Earth to take place?

I should specify that escaped to the chance that today brought this dozen of queries. I make it because I consider that it constitutes a relating one significant to understand his last Reflections better about the real and very dangerous threat that have on yes Iran, Korea of the North and the humanity everything because of the feeble ambition-aggressiveness of the Eagle Imperial.

I am absolutely convinced that the appearance of the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba yesterday in the radial and television program “Round Table” an insustituible complement of light becomes to know the risks of a tragedy of incalculable dimensions and, for that, a clarinada-call to the combat by all possible means humanly possible that allow the harmony nature-society-person.

There is the reason here I say “Simply, Fidel is much Fidel.”Simply, Fidel is much Fidel

lunes, 12 de julio de 2010

That is my hour for the boss

By: Moraima Borges /Camagüey Television

The boss, Fidel, is always environment to my table, his vitality and force encourage my faith and my fight. It is present same in each conversation that I sustain with my son that is already 16 years old and he doesn't stop to read none of his reflections.

There were never indispensable for me his pictures to know it about foot and of front before the fair causes of the world; but what satisfaction that is today in the Round Table of television, there is its perennial place as its ideas... and will be for wise
show us and profetic.That will be today my hour for the boss.

Biteeeeeeee... roosteeeeer..!

By: Jose Gilberto Valdes/ Camagüey Television

As a caguairan, one of the Sierra Maestra stronger trees. Tall, vigorous, as a fight rooster, with the brilliant feathers that it is health, as an old pilferer of the family said, with long and sharp spurs to face the enemy.

They are the images that crowded together in the mind when I listened for the radio station Radio Clock the news, soon after of six in the morning: Fidel in the Special Round Table, for radio and Cuban television, stops here and for the world.

After the surprise in the habit of being early rising, the morning and the afternoon I passed investigating on the topic. I could find little more than the announcement that would reappear in the small screen to argue, first hand, the dangerous events that take place in the Half East.
However, to this event that will happen in some minutes - I write these lines. at 5 15 p.m local time- have preceded him several “Reflections of the partner Fidel” that have alerted to the world about the career toward a warlike conflict of unforeseeable results.

Also, some days ago, I had the opportunity to read an article of the colleague's Ernesto Pantaleón, titled “The luxury of another war”. Of that journalistic material appropriate, with the appropriate consultation ethics, of some paragraphs to invite them to think about the dangers steps that gives a state applicant to world gendarme.

A radial commentator North American summarized his journalistic work in the following way: “We cannot allow ourselves the luxury of a new war”, and pointed out that instead of financing warlike campaigns funds should be dedicated to “to bolster our streets, our schools, our cities…”
And it is not for less: the governments more guerreristas of the orb, if we count the last yank administrations, have invested and continue investing hundred of thousands of millions of dollars in the conflicts with Iraq and Afghanistan, and now Obama prepares to begin a military escalade in Iran.

While… the Americans suffer cuttings in the budgets of social attendance, the taxes increase, close employment sources and more children get lost, siblings, husbands or parents, died by actions of the resistance in the busy nations.

They extend per years the confrontations and exit is not glimpsed, at least an airy exit for those “the uncle's boys Sam.”

Not this far from the partner's recent reflection Fidel, (Julio 11 of 2010
8 and 14 p.m.)
“Today everything lolls of a delicate thread.

My main purpose went to notice to the international public opinion of what was happening.

I have achieved it partly observing what happened, as political leader that I was during long years facing to the empire,its blockades and its unqualifiable crimes. Plus, I don't make it for vengeance.

I don't hesitate in running the risks of committing my modest moral authority.

I will continue writing Reflections on the topic. There will be several more after this to continue deepening in July and August, unless some incident that puts to work the murderous weapons happens that today some are aimed to other.”

When comes closer the moment of the round table, I remember the exclamation of the old pilferer of the family, with the red face, the swollen veins, and forces in the words:
Biteeeeeeeeee roosteeeeeeeeeeeeeeer.

For you Fidel, today I also recognize them ...

By: Maria del Carmen Fuentes/ Camagüey Television

I don't have left doubts, I learned how to admire and to love Fidel thanks to my father. From very small he made me understand the truth from that man to the one that my mother, also, eulogized for his virile poise and his strong and good look .

For them, humble workers, the Revolution was something more than an event of the history, was the opportunity to feel same and to trace the path of its children. My father, revolutionary of faith and convictions, has Fidel in the peak of the values and although he is a staunch critic of him not well fact and of what steams up the gestated work and conformed under his guide, has suffered in silence the physical absence of the Commandant of the public scenary because dad, as all those that we take to Fidel in the heart trust every day his lucidity and in the opportune orientation for the fair moment, still in spite of his ailments.

In minutes, as me and most of the Cubans and friends - or enemies - of any latitude of the world, my father, accompanied by my mother will listen attentive Fidel's ideas on the situation in the Half East. Perhaps he won't express his feelings and impressions with words until having finished the emission of the Round Table, but in each one of his expressions and gestures I will know how to interpret his empathy, his satisfaction to see him from the screen, to know him like one more in this daily combat to the one that surrendered without limits and wanting that the days had more than 24 hours. Fidel today will be its great happiness. We will enjoy it together.

This afternoon, Special Round Table with Fidel

Special Round table today, at 6:30 o'clock p.m., Cubavisión, International Cubavisión, Radio Rebelde and Radio Havana Cuba will transmit a Special Round Table with the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro Ruz, to value the dangerous events that take place in the Half East. The Educational Channel retransmit this program at the end of their emissions of the day.

Ballet of Camagüey will be presented during the Summer 2010

Works of the international classic repertoire and of their own choreographers will interpret the Ballet of Camagüey, of the 22 at the current July 25, in the Main Theater of the capital of Camagüey.

The company that Regina María Balaguer directs the Great Pas of the ballet will interpret "Paquita", in version of Elena Vinogradova on the original.

Also, will take to scene "The dancer and the lady", of Osvaldo Beiro, and "Vivaldiana", of José Antonio Chávez who takes place his 40 years of artistic life.

These summer functions of the second community of classic ballet of Cuba will be dedicated to the fifteenth anniversary of the cultural institution Project EJO.

The most recent presentations in the Ballet of Camagüey took place in the county of Granma, where was presented with public's success and of critic in Bayamo and Tree.

At the moment, Regina María Balaguer and the dancer Oscar Valdés represents Cuba in an international competition with headquarters in City of the End, Suoth Afric.( Bárbara Suárez Ávalos. (Radio Cadena Agramonte).

Surrend homage to the Argentinean poet Alfonsina Storni

The literary coffee shared Dreams, of the municipality of Madruga, county of Havana, surrendered homage to Alfonsina Storni who next to Juana of Ibarbourou, Delmira Agustini and Gabriela Mistral is part of the poets of the American continent. In the encounter the theather and writer Enrique Rivero talked about that Argentinean intellectual's life, of its creative and combative force, as long as his poems as You love me white, Saturday, Romance of the vengeance and I am, were remembered by the teacher Ileana Bernal.

“This actress's work, teacher and writer of plays, in its first part, consist of erotic and sensual originality where the feminist poetry prevails, and later acquires an abstract and effective tone”, the poet Diosdado Padilla said Alfonsina has more than enough Storni.

In the occasion the book Steps of salt was presented, of the narrator and local poet Yamirka González Meneses.

“She proposes us eight histories of varied thematic, from the committed with the reality of the contemporary Cuba, until one in which the fantasy shines”, the writer expressed Iván Domínguez Hernández.

“That work keeps autobiographical stories, of the life of very near friends, and problems that are presented to newspaper, and from my point of view would qualify this volume of rebellious and revolutionary”, emphasized on the other hand González Meneses.

This author who has obtained prizes and mentions to municipality level and county in story and tenth, read a fragment of the story “The last cigarette”, which is part of the book.

It also declaimed verses of her summary of sonnets “God willing” that, although are not part of the work, were accepted pleasurably by the assistants. (Yunet López Ricardo, student of Journalism / AIN)

Mariana Grajales: the mother of Cuba

Mariana tossed to the world children loaded with value, and with her, she contaminated to the one that can hesitate in seizing the machete. What greatness that of her forge, of where men like Antonio and José Maceo emerged , patriots, rebellious, brave, educated…!

How much integrity stops after the echoes of the bell of The Demajagua, to share the heroism of the manigua next to the most virile, without thinking then of her 53 years neither in her woman condition!

The National Hero of Cuba, José Martí, when valuing the parents of the Titan of Brass, with its fine and sharp prose wrote: “… of the mother more than of the father, the son comes, and is great misfortune duty the body to slack or null people, to who cannot be due the soul; but Maceo was happy, because lion wine and of lioness.”

That lioness was Mariana; able to engender children and to offer them so that fought for the light of their earth although behaved them to the death.

To 195 years of her birthday, Mariana Grajales, perhaps from the infinite, feels pride for those mothers that repeat her sentence to today's sprouts in her own Island: “… we swear to liberate the Homeland or to die for her". (Leonel del Val)

More than ninety schools of Camagüey will stay open this summer

With diverse recreational proposals will maintain their doors open 93 educational centers of the county of Camagüey, in the current summery season that extends up to August 29.

In coordination with the cultural promoters, art instructors, professors of Physical Education, librarians and teachers, the children and young next to the community, will enjoy artistic activities, sport competitions, visit to historical places, competitions and shops.

Elier Rodríguez, general subdirector of Education in the territory qualified of high-priority the execution of this summer plan, and called to potencite the work in each chosen student center to guarantee a healthy recreation.

Music festivals, dances, theater and plastic arts will be developed in the school facilities of the municipality of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, while in those of Najasa will carry out conversatories with writers of the town, narration shops, and competitions of disguises.

In the northern territory of Mines the projects Art Street , Titiritando, Sings with me and Saturday to dance, besides the practice of table games like domino, chess and parchís.

The schools of Florida propose a fílmic cycle with the work of the Cuban maker Roberto Chile, as well as the presentation and debate of audiovisual materials and summer courses on it films and local history.

Stimulations to hard-working vanguards and pensioners, and to collective and outstanding squares of the sector, will be given in Vertientes-to the center-south of Camagüey -, during July and August, where will also take place a Festival of Wheels of Casino and shops to learn how to play guitar and to manipulate marionettes.

Of equal forms in the schools of the towns of the municipality of Santa Cruz of the South the children and youths will be able to participate in competitions with ornamental plants, fish, favorite mascots, cloth dolls and balls. (Yaniuska Macías Rivero/AIN).

jueves, 8 de julio de 2010

Expo Alive Art stands out the mother's Nature details

Camagüey. It is already shown in the Gallery - Shop Larios, the exhibition personal Alive Art, of the creative of the Camagüey Fidel Penín Oliva who - with an ecological focus -, recreates the nature and its biodiversity.

Composed by 21 pictures of medium and great format, the expo reflective images of the biosphere captured by the artist's lens who stands out moments of the natural life that commonly the human being passes for high.

Exquisite sensibility and love for the nature stand out in these pictures whose curatorial work was in charge of Alfredo Fuentes.

Exposed up to August 6, Alive Art will also be tinged by different activities and promotional actions, among those that highlight chats on the biodiversity and the specificities of the photonature work, and the realization of several concerts.

Penín Olive, of self taught formation, has in its to have near 40 presentations, and it is part of the Club “Bioencuadre”, specialized in photonature. His works have been exposed in Spain, United States,Argentina, Southafric, Canada, Portugal and Jamaica. (Mariela Rock Seguí)

Will dedicate cultural space to the bolero in Camagüey

Camagüey - The Branch of Music of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) in the county of Camagüey, will restart the next one July 10, the rock of boleros "The glory is you", with the soloist's performance Simón Roberto and his companies.

This way the people of Camagüey give continuity to the defense of the bolero, led by the teachers "Papito" García Grasa, Pablo Varona, Ela Calvo, Miguel de Gonzalo and Servando Vázquez, among others.

The design of the program carried out the own Simón Roberto, next to the teacher "Papito" García, and will be a true gift for the people of Camagüey that will surely thank the opportunity to enjoy of the immortal music of José Antonio Méndez, Cesar Portillo de la Luz, Rosendo Rosell, Red Ñïco, María Teresa Vera and Martha Valdés, among others.

The bolero, arisen in the ends of the XIX century in the traditional trova of Santiago de Cuba, is music and text. Holding as "You, my delirium", "Cuban Night", "With you in the distance", and "How it was", among other, indispensable pieces have become in the Cuban music's history. (Lázaro David Najarro Pujol)

Contributes innovation in thermoelectric of Camagüey considerable energy saving

The thermoelectric 10 October of this city of the north , applies an innovation that favors the saving so far of more than four thousand 600 megawatts-hour (mw-h), equivalent to the consumption of two months of the whole county.

A variation in the form of the maintenance and setting in operation of the burners of the ovens of the generating units five six of that power station, was projected and executed with success by a team of technicians of that power station, also favoring a saving of seven thousand 311 tons of fuel.

Such results are equal to more than a million pesos in freely convertible currency, but as said Nelson García Alberro, main author of the initiative, this result also rebounds in the environment when propitiating a smaller emission of gases to the atmosphere, taken place during the combustion, because diminishes the free oxygen in the process.

The work undertaken by the group that integrate also, Fernando Prieto, Alain de León and Eddy Pérez Castro, contributes to the decrease of the overpressure of the oven, of the electric input - that is the electricity required to pull up the machines -, and favors the increase of the efficiency in the generator of vapor.

This work is proposed by the National Association of Innovative and makers (ANIR) for the Prize to the Innovation of better Economic and Social Impact. (Jorge Luis Moreira)

miércoles, 7 de julio de 2010

Camagüey, Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity

By: Noel Manzanares Blanco / Television Camagüey

Just one day like today, the Committee of the World Patrimony of the UNESCO, gathered in the Canadian city of Québec in the mark of its XXXII has found yearly for a couple of years, decided that the historical center of Camagüey, Cuba, obtained the condition of Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity.

The reason of this high distinction granted to the extraordinary poet's cradle Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda and of the National Poet of Cuba Nicolás Guillén, is synthesized in the document “Exceptional Universal Value.

Historical Urban Center of Camagüey like ‘Patrimony of the Humanity '. Camagüey 2008”, located in Web Site of the Office of the Historian of the City []. There it is read:

“In the Historical Center of Camagüey is corroborated, with singular connotation, the persistence of attributes and qualities that trafficking for the different historical periods, have acquired a true character of authenticity, making recognizable inside the system of colonial cities of Cuba and the region of the Caribbean.”

Next, stand out the most outstanding and representative values that identify the exceptional and universal character of the defined area, with the following features:

* The irregularity of the plot urban foundational that generates a wide system of squares and little squares, transforms the area into an unique case in Cuba and the continent, probably caused by a slow growth of two centuries and a very marked lack of urban control.

* The urban structuring of the area is characterized by the church and the square like nucleus; where the tower of the temple constitutes the landmark of the neighborhood or congregation that stands out on the rest of the village of low and lineal profile; for what the appellative has been won of “city of the Churches.”

* The proposed area maintains a great unit, inside a wide diversity and variety of types and architectural styles. The juxtaposition of the different constructive stages, grants visual integrity, cohesion and authenticity from the architectural point of view; while the narrow streets and of curvilinear layout and the spaces in multiple ways make from the urban point of view.

* The mud, local material, used for the elaboration of construction bricks, tiles, floors, earthenjar and more contemporarily works of art, grants a characteristic color to the volumetry and atmosphere of the group. The earthenjar use, resemblances to the Andalusianses and placed in the patios, have allowed recepcion the rain water and have made call the “city of the earthenjar.”

* The vegetation is an element that has great presence, contrary to other Historical Centers; in the yards of the houses, in urban spaces and open spaces (Country Casino), overalls if the group is observed from certain height.

* The different types of patrimonies: cultural and natural; tangible and intangible; piece of furniture and property, and the recovery of customs and traditions that are reflected in the alive culture give to the combined identity and authenticity.

If to the above-mentioned and other values are added customs and traditions that are reflected in the alive and authentic culture and in their rich History, it is understood better than the grant lacked chance to the urban historical center of Camagüey the condition of Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity. To maintain such a reward, there is the challenge here.

Register in Camagüey to outstanding cooperative

The Cooperative of Credits and Services (CCS) Sabino Pupo of the municipality of Vertientes inaugurated the process of delivery of the flags “50 Anniversary of the Revolution” in the county, reward that with character only delivery the Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) to fifty rural entities of the country for its exceptional trajectory and execution of productive commitments.

Inside the group of the means hundred, highlights that in the case of the county of Camagüey thirteen cooperatives become worthy of the distinction, significant number that demonstrates the weight of the rural sector in the production of foods in the territory.

The “Sabino Pupo” also arrived to the condition of National Vanguard to be the second of it type in the county and in the country, belonging to the Ministry of the Sugar (MINAZ) that arrived to the million of liters of bovine milk. It productive mark happened in the 2009 and like part of the adjustment process in the agriculture that includes the absorption of the MINAZ, its cane areas passed to another cooperative and perfects its work in the cattle raising.

The select group of Camagüey is composed of the Cooperatives of Agricultural Production (CPA) Frank Country and Abel Santamaría of Florida, the CCS Niceto Pérez and the CPA Martyrs of Cascorro of Guáimaro, the CPA Jesus Suárez Gayol, CCS Abel Santamaría and CCS Renato Guitart of Camagüey, the CCS Benito Viñales of Mines, the CCS Cándido González and CCS Martyrs of Pine Three of Santa Cruz del Sur and the CPA Martyrs of Nicaragua of Sibanicú. (Oreidis Pimentel Pérez)

Center of Studies Nicolás Guillén: for the sociocultural enrichment of Camagüey

The month of July marks new anniversary, in this case, the number 15, for the Center of Studies-old of Sociocultural Investigations “Nicolás Guillén” - of the county of Camagüey. Its presence in the scientific and educational environment has contributed to the profundization and rescue of as much as aspect of the socio-cultural life of the territory and of Cuba, contribute to the enrichment of the dearest patrimony.

From its breast, and directed by the Máster Ernestina Hernández Bardanca, acuciousspecialist given to the task of poking in edges of significant importance, linked with personalities, movements and actions of diverse nature.

It also facilitates the teaching of different educational categories, among them the Master in Latin American Culture that has just completed its seventh edition. Of it have egresado until the present 103 graduates in the area of Humanities, as long as other 64 will make in the next promotion.

From the year 1995 began this to act consequent with the zeal of agglutinating educators and pupils for the sake of combatting the intellectual inertia, and of fomenting the rigorous study, of its reach. Today per Today, this Center of Studies is recognized nationally by the excellence of its deliveries and results.

Of it give faith-when one speaks of figures -, its 231 publications between books and texts; the 20 annual prizes and the reward of investigations, achieved in the 2003, all with national character and the opening for the qualification of doctorates, among other realities.

The Center of Studies “Nicolás Guillén”, ratifies the National Poet's aspiration and beloved son from the Camagüey, of which takes name, of fomenting the study and the investigation, able to enrich to the homeland and Cuba its horizons in the sociocultural sand.

And yes that has achieved it. (Yolanda Flat Ferrera)

martes, 6 de julio de 2010

Room of Rehabilitation of Camagüey elevates quality of rural populations' life

Camagüey. The nobleman and humanitarian work of specialists and workers of the Room of Rehabilitation of this western municipality , facilitates that that community is reference in the attention to the patient among those of its type in the county.

Been founded in the 2004, the center is also in charge of the residents of remote communities of Céspedes like Natalia, Nazareno, Magarabomba and Delicia, fact that reaffirms the Cuban maxim as regards health of to arrive until the most intricate corner and to offer its medicine to any person without some distinction .

The people of Cespedes - before being created that Room - had to move to the capital of Camagüey or the near municipality of Florida to receive Electrotherapy with Ultrasound, Current and Laser, and today receive 12 specialized benefits there.

To increase the number of patient for the sake of a better quality of life constitutes a challenge for this group of workers of the Public Health in Camagüey that also shows the condition of "Moral Community", for its consecration to the population's service, with high levels of satisfaction and quality. (Zenia Donet García)