domingo, 25 de abril de 2010

A vote for the unit. A vote for the Homeland.

By: Aymee Amargós / Televisión Camagüey

In the streets of the city of Camagüey elections are breathed. The town plays another historical moment with the vote for the unit.

From very early the neighbors select their representatives to the Municipal Assemblies of the Popular Power, those that will be the so much of the necessities of the neighborhood.

The pioneers of primary and secondary basic guard the urns in this democratic act.

Darliana Martínez, 16 years old, feels proud of being among the thousands of youths that for the first time exercise the right to the vote like voters.

"This Sunday is big for the Homeland. The town nominated its best candidates to represent us. Today will be a participation day, of town."

Starting from seven in the morning opened those more than 2032 schools of the county.

Many people of Camagüey converges to the urns and t vote for those who consider have merits and enough capacity, among those who figure women's thousands and young with prestige and proven virtues.

For the votes is only needed, to present the card of identity or document of identification of the armed institutes.

Up to six in the afternoon the electoral schools will welcome the voters to begin the counts of the votes.

The elections of the Popular Power of 2010 are fourteenth o'clock since in 1976 was begun in the Island such processes, like form of expression of the Cuban socialist democracy.

The partial elections are an exercise of frank demonstration of personal merits, human quality and popular approaches.

In the territory of Camagüey two thousand 361 candidates were nominated, among those that stand out more than eight hundred women, and little more than 500 youths; and also, were also proposed 592 of the current Delegates of the Popular Power, what ratifies the recognition from the town to their government representatives in the community.

Professionals, housewives, military, young and experienced conform the amalgam of the Cuban electorate, that that today, in very special Sunday day, vote for the merit, the virtue and the capacity.

It is a committed Sunday The secret and direct vote is a lesson of genuine patriotism. An opportunity to reject the campaigns of the imperialism and the European Union.

It is a different Sunday. In the electoral schools all the generations coincide of Cuban in a transparency act. In a united vote by the Homeland.

Fidel exercises his right to the vote

The Commandant in Boss, Fidel Castro Ruz, exercised at 10.10 in today's morning, in this capital, its right to the vote to the current elections of the Popular Power.

The electoral ticket of the leader of the Revolution arrived this Sunday to the school electoral number one corresponding to the district 13 of the municipality of the capital of Square of the Revolution to be deposited in the urn.

Such and like corresponds to the secret character of the voting, the properly bent and sealed ticket was given the President of the school Migdalia García García who deposited it on behalf of the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba.

In that way, Fidel became the voter 227 of that school, in which also exercise his right to the vote the other members of the CDR one and seven of the district 13.

The document was brought to the electoral enclosure by another voter that also fulfilled with sacred duty like the voter 226.

This is the third occasion in that the Commandant in Boss exercises his right to the vote in that school in these circumstances.

Both previous was October of 2007, 21 in partial elections and January 20 2008 in general elections. (Miguel Maury Guerrero)

Happy with her new house, Blanca Urbay voted for Cuba

Blanca Urbay, to the one who the hurricane Paloma and the penetration of the sea destroyed her humble housing in the coast of this town in November of 2008, voted today for Cuba and for the Revolution that gave her a new house.

When I went to the electoral school of my district I opted for a candidate of those nominated, but symbolically I made it forever for my Homeland, by free Cuba, by Fidel and for Raúl, expressed the 48 year-old woman and five grandsons' grandmother.

Main character of a picture that the world traveled, and showed it sitting among the brashes of what had been of her habitation while played a small television, the only saved article of the fury of the nature, Blanca is happy in her new housing and grateful to the Revolution.

Little by little we go buying things for the house and we already have the necessary thing, but mainly we have a sure construction that made us the State in some months, as Raúl promised us (Castro), she said referring to the General of Army and President of the Council of States and of Secretaries.

Hundred of families of the neighborhood of The Beach, where the havocs for the meteor were considerable, reside from principles of March in solid constructions located in points far from the sea.

Herminia Ernesto, another of the beneficiaries with one of these works of the Revolution, considered that the attendance of the neighbors to the voting is massive.

In spite of what are saying outside of Cuba against our government, people go here to the elections for conviction, because estimates it as revolutionary's duty, the worker of the kayak school expressed located in this city.

The fisherman Pedro Ripoll who continues living in “The Beach” where his habitation resisted the embate of the winds and of the sea, qualified the elections like a sovereign action.

Here is really chosen the one that is good in everything, with merits, and that leaves the town, he manifested.

The elections are developed with normality in Santa Cruz del Sur, as he told to the AIN René Macadam, president of the Municipal Electoral Commission.

This Sunday 35 thousand 773 voters are summoned, calculates that is not the total because a district doesn't converge to the urns.

The official explained that in the rural demarcation of Cupertina one of the two candidates died, reason why the National Electoral Commission authorized to carry out a new local assembly to nominate another candidate and to vote on coming Sunday.(Lucilo Tejera Díaz)

Yumilka Ruiz stands out transparency of the elections in Cuba

Yumilka Ruiz, glory of the Cuban sport, receives the ticket to exercise her democratic vote.

Yumilka Ruiz, ex captain of the Cuban team of volleyball, olympic champion in Atlanta 96 and Sydney 2 000, exercised this Sunday her right to the vote.

In declarations to Radio Cadena Agramonte, Yumilka qualified today's votes in our country like one of the freest and reveal of those that are carried out in the world.

“I think that this is one of the so many merits of the Revolution, to have achieved the cohesion and the unit of the town”, also manifested the integral of the Commission of Athletes of the International Olympic Committee who considers the attendance from the Cubans to the urns "like an answer of our town to the vile lies orchestrated against the Island by the government from the United States and their allies from Europe."

In her declarations the grateful athlete revealed that the movement sport of Camagüey, next to our town, will always be united to defend and to ennoble every minute to the Homeland. (Luis Pantoja Roca)

In elections workers of the health

Thousand of workers of the health participate today Sunday in the votes.

“Once again we will support to the Revolution and responding to the efforts that makes for the sector of the health with the investment of important resources in the personnel formation of , the acquisition of teams of tip technology and in improving the conditions of our center.”

The graduate showed this way in infirmary of the provincial hospital Manuel Ascunce Domenech, at the moment in functions of member of the provincial secretariat of the union of the field who said: We will choose to the best that go us to represent once again.”(Enrique Atiénzar Rivero)

In Camagüey the town is in elections

Like was expected: a popular answer has been the beginning of the municipal elections in this county, manifested in each one of the 2 033 electoral schools that today, at seven o'clock on the dot of the morning, opened its urns to the free and secrete vote of more than half million of registered voters.

The first voter in voting in the School 5 District 181 of the city of Camagüey, was the member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, Julio Cesar García Rodríguez.

After depositing the ticket for one of the three candidates nominated in that government demarcation, García Rodríguez, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in the most extensive cattleman-sugar territory in the country, said to the local and national press means that the beginning of the elections could not be in another way for the quantitative and qualitative results, many of them above the national stocking, of the preparations for the votes, like were the indicators of attendance, the presence of the women and youths postulates.

Highlighted the recognition from the town to the delegates, when nominating 61% of the current ones, aptitudes consolidated after the step of the devastating hurricanes Ike and Paloma for the county.

“One has seen organization, disciplines and commitment of the town before and during the beginning of the votings, in the performance of the authorities of the electoral tables, in the support of the organizations of masses of the districts as for to guide and to inform the population of the different steps… to choose to the best, to that of more capacity, of more virtues, to that of more merits.

“Here any delegate is not supported by money, for wealth, because he has properties, here what supports the delegate is the merits reached by his work in the neighborhood, for his social responsibility and because is highlighted in his work. It is the merit against the money, the shame against the dishonesty, is the true against the lie…is what today is putting the Cubans above the table against the infamies of the United States and other enemies of the Revolution, and for that reason the people of Camagüey will have a massive attendance”, he affirmed the maximum political authority of the county.

Julio Cesar García Rodríguez, expressed that April is one month that generates victory

and that next to the success of the partial elections, the town of Camagüey to the front, fights, cane to cane, to transform to the county into the first in completing the plan of sugar of the 2010 in Cuba like greeting to the First of May. The central Siboney, in Sibanicú, the first one that achieved in the country was.(Rolando Sarmiento Ricart)

Raúl Castro the first voter in the school of his district

The General of Army Raúl Castro, President of the Council of State and of Secretaries, was the first voter in voting in the Electoral School No. 1 of the District 107, of the Electoral District No.1 of the municipality Square of the Revolution.

Raúl arrived to the School before seven in the morning and he greeted the neighbors that were present, with some of which sustained a lively conversation around the strong drought that is affecting to several areas of the country, on that which underlined the graveness of the phenomenon to be more intense one of four o'clock in the last 109 years, what already harms the supply to some 500 thousand people.

After listening the notes of the National Hymn, Raúl and the neighbors of the School witnessed the oath of the members of the Electoral Table presided over by Lauids Pérez and the revision of the urn.

The President of the Council of State and of Secretaries went to deposit his vote in the urn guarded by the pioneer Carlos Daniel Murguido and Andy Pérez Suárez, of the primary schools Gustavo and Joaquín Ferrer and Luis Arches Bergnes, respectively, to which congratulated to fulfill their civic and patriotic duty.

Before retiring, the Second Secretary of the Party received on the part of the President of the School a recognition to have been there the first voter and the application of making him arrive a greeting message to the Commandant in Boss on the part of all the neighbors.

Cuba: the free right to the democracy

By :Ernesto Pantaleón Medina / Television Camagüey

--Neighbor, Have you already vote?

Elections in Cuba - People of Camagüey Interrogant that repeats in thousands of blocks in the whole country, in the occasions in that the Cubans go to exercise the sacred right to the vote, or what is the same thing, to choose from free way and sovereign to those of our more qualified countrymen, with more merits and capacity to represent us in the Government of the Town.

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They are not simple words, but rather it is a practice that is carried out an and another time since in l976, we took an important step in the institucionalization of the archipelague, with the creation of the Organs of the Popular Power.

And something that can be good to clarify the ideas to more than a doubtful or not well informed in any latitude: in the earth of Marti and Fidel is not abstentionism, inherent characteristic to all the electoral processes in the calls “democracies” in those that you grieve 50% converges to the urns and sometimes less than the citizens with age for it (that non right, because to many are vetoed, he buys or manipulates).

The attendance to the elections in Cuba surpasses 85% like average thoroughly, and until people of very advanced age, handicapped physical and sick persons demand are transferred, still in seats of wheels, toward the schools, to feel direct participants of so important decision. To other, are taken the ticket to their homes, guarded by representatives of the organizations of masses (never of the Communist Party, or of the Armed Bodies) with a grateful prestige before their neighbors, and something that has not lacked a single time: the children of the Organization of Pioneers “José Martí” that guarantee the transparency of a fact of such a seriousness with their presence, and ratify with the characteristic greeting that everything goes of agreement with the strictest norms.

You choose to who govern it, since from the same beginning of the electionary process, in the nomination assemblies, next to the rest of the residents of the vicinity, proposes to the most capable and with more prestige, given by their attitude before the other ones, their delivery to the work and their honesty to all test. Then taking the word, argues the reasons, and the other ones, after listening other options, decide, in an open way and raising the hand, to nominate the candidates to delegates of the district level.

After the elections, as this of tomorrow, and with the quarry of base representatives, the Municipal Assemblies are constituted, that is to say, the maximum government organs in that level.

With similar diaphaneity, and with the total absence of campaigns, we choose the Cubans to those who administer our social system.

For that reason, very early, and as species of friendly competition that goes after the very common one, somebody knocks on their door in the luminous morning that begins and after the one forced “good morning” with a frank smiles, informs : “ I already vote, and you?

Elections in my Cuba

By :Yuldys Márquez Díaz / Television Camagüey

I still remember the first years of my life, of pioneer, when in electoral process, I played to take care of the urns. We were a group of boys that we got up early very excited for the task that were indicated and we made it with total seriousness, even when raised us then there was certain displeasure, because we didn't want to leave on the side of the urns. In an occasion sprinkled and my uniform was wet and I could not get dressed as the other pioneers, my shame was noticed, because to take care of the electoral urns is for each pioneer a task of honor.

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In this electoral process, already happened and for a lot, my years of pioneer. Today the honor is another. The one of being able to also choose the person that will represent me, to my neighbors and family, without a convulse climate mediates, contrary to what happens in the elections of other countries. In Cuba the town is who chooses by means of the free, direct and secrete vote.

For these elections besides exercising the vote, I have the responsibility of, by means of my profession, to tell to the world how transparent is this process in my Island. To counteract all the mediatic infamy that is schemed around our revolutionary process.

To tell them that in the partial elections of the Popular Power 2010, main characters that don't take another name know that it is not town. Magali, the neighbor of the neihgbourhood The garden that takes lending her house for more than ten years so that are carried out the votings of her area there; Daniel, a grandfather that today dawned wanting to be the first one in voting, for not losing that tradition in its district and it stops then to support to the electoral table in that it is necessary. To also count them that Rafaela is part of the group of women of Camagüey that support the Cuban electoral process unconditionally in the county of Camagüey. To assure them that the feminine genius has its protagonism in the one filled of documents, the work in the informative system, the communications, among other insurance.

The elections in Cuba are this way, only a look without obstacles, can show it.