lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2010

Camagüey, county with more tourist permanency in Cuba

Camagüey, 20 Sep. The information that has just published the National Office of Statistical, that Camagüey in the first semester is not only the county of more tourist permanency in Cuba full with joy to those that work in this sector, but to all the inhabitants of this center oriental region.

According to the study of the entity, the stay of the foreign tourists in the extensive and flat lands of Camagüey grew in 22%, the biggest figure reported by the counties and collection in the publication Tourism, indicators for territories.

Follows Camagüey, Santiago de Cuba with 13% and the Youth's Island with 6, territories that are able to increase the days of foreign tourists' stay, indicator associated to the expenses.

The international tourism arose properly to the beginning of the special period as important option to capture quick hard currency, to propitiate the economic recovery of the country and to revitalize other sectors like the slight and alimentary industries.

In Camagüey, to 550 kilometers of Havana, the biggest quantity in keys and islands of the country and 25% of the beaches of the Cuban archipelago are located, and to the capital city can be consented by the international airport Ignacio Agramonte.

The main attributes of the region are Santa Lucía's beach and the city of Camagüey, leaves of whose historical center possesses the title of Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity, granted by the UNESCO.

To the excellent beaches unite diving places and sport fishing. In the key of the north lives great quantity of species of the flora and the fauna, while in the ecological region Sierra de Cubitas assures to walk for among hills of green and humid flora, to explore caverns and to navigate for a labyrinth of almost virgin islands and to cross plains. (Enrique Atiénzar Rivero)

Camagüey is included in project for the integrated handling of coastal areas

Camagüey - A project of environmental conservation financed by the Program of United Nations for the Development (UNDP)-and approved for Cuba -, centers their actions in the protection and care of the natural resources of the coastal areas.

“Archipelagos of the South”, is the name of the plan that will look for mechanisms for its activation between the 20 and 24 in this month in the Beach Santa Lucía, during the National Shop of Training in Technical Participatives and Solution of Conflicts. In the event representatives will intervene of Ciego de Ávila, Camagüey and Granma, and the companies producers of these territories.

The coastal areas are vulnerable before the effects of the climatic change, experience the deterioration of the socioeconomic conditions of the populational establishments, and are victims of the deforestation of swamp forests and hidrographic basins.

With the application of the one referred program, is sought, by means of a regional focus, to integrate the different political, commercial and social actors that act on these areas of economic interest.

The purpose is to create five areas under the handling regime integrated to look for collective answers to the different ones problematic that are generated to the interior of those towns.

In fact, the most extensive region-and that is already built -, embraces five municipalities of the south of the counties Ciego de Ávila and Camagüey, in those that three marine protected areas are included: National Park Gardens of the Queen, Refuge of Fauna Macurije-Santa María, and Refuge of Fauna Keys of Ana María. When saying of José Martí Jomarrón, coordinator of the project for Camagüey, this is the first experience of the country of such a span.

The main conflicts of the referred area respond to the fishing of charismatic species for the tourist diving, the stealthy fishing of turtles, manatees and crocodiles, the hunt of jutías conginas-endemic species -, and the indiscriminate pruning.

The Provincial System of Protected Areas of the earth of the earthenjar, has seven spaces declared legally by the Executive Committee of the Council of Secretaries at the present time, shows of the indefatigable work of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment in Camagüey.

Among them: the already mentioned National Park Gardens of the Queen, the Fossil Forest of Najasa, the Refuge of Fauna of the Maximum River and the Ecological Reservation Lemon-Tuabaquey.

With the development of the program “Archipelagos of the South”, Cuba executes its adhesion to projects and international agreements that stimulate and demand the protection of the environment. (Arailaisy Rosabal García)

Message to the earthlings

By : Ernesto Pantaleón Medina / Television Camagüey

To you that the same as I inhabit this ball species more than ever today risk of flying in pieces, I direct these lines.

I wanted to call you partner, because not another thing is who face for millions of years the same luck, we breathe the same air and we drink the same water, that gas and that liquid that will be scare earlier than takes if the things continue like go, and that we need all equally, let us be or not white, black, Chinese, Muslims, Catholic, Jews.

But do I fear that the word bother , because maybe hurts a culture of differences that have inculcated us to many, an accumulation of intransigences, intolerances and of racism with which irrationally are adorned? some blond civilizations and of blue eyes.

To you that perhaps has closed (and still closing) na that another door, wanted to propose an imagination exercise, anything difficult neither disheveled in the times that run… of agreement? There we go.

… the world (what is) one day after the last bomb.

A person, almost a shade, crawls among the brashes, the ashes and the smoke, breathing through a mask, to avoid that the polluted air roasts him the lungs… poisonous vapors spring from the old sources of water.

In the distance, like a shade, something appears similar to a refuge, and the hope, a light one arises calls that titila in the bottom of its conscience.

It comes closer with great difficulty, and almost without forces checks that indeed it is a refuge; the delicate one calls cheers up and a wave of encouragement goes up from doesn't know where and heats him the heart, while the circulation accelerates.

With a last energy rest it hits the door, metallic, reinforced, safe against everything, and the noise spreads for the somber moor as the same death.

A, two, three times repeats the touch…

Suddenly, it is half-opened kind of a peephole and a rough, hoarse voice, empty of all feeling penetrates like a lance of ice in its reason, to kill the last vestiges of will and of hope.

¨ doesn't care who are, leave, you are not of ours ¨!

End of the imagination exercise; now What do you think?