lunes, 22 de marzo de 2010

Nomination of Candidates concludes in Céspedes

By: Edel Quintana Lugo / Television Camagüey

The Process of Nomination of Candidates to Delegates of the Popular Power in Carlos Manuel de Céspedes already concluded. The meetings of neighbors in this town had 86,9% of attendance in the 128 foreseen assemblies. This time the proposals were directed toward the partners with more capacity to represent to the town from the base, the virtue, and the merit were the main wealth of the 105 proposed candidates.

Here the participative democracy was appreciated with the nomination at 32 black, 38 women, 25 youths and 26 delegates already proposed in the previous process.

The nomination of Candidates in Cèspedes like in the whole island, is sample to the world that here, it is the town who proposes, chooses and nominates their leaders, to have as premise the power of all, as Popular Power.

For the month of coming April the Electoral Commission in properties of Céspedes is projected the training of the different electoral tables for the sake of to Bounce and to choose the 25 to the best and more capable candidate.