sábado, 17 de julio de 2010

More than 900 new students of the University of Camagüey

Camagüey. With the promotion of 929 new professionals the University of Camagüey Ignacio Agramonte and Loynaz, carried out its ngraduation 39, dedicated to the Anniversary 51 of the Victory of the Revolution, in ceremony taken place in the historical Square of San Juan of God of this city.

The incredible reality of Idielyn

A score of specialties contributes to the combat for the development of this county and of other territories of Ciego de Ávila, The Tunas and Holguín, with formed professionals, so much in the central headquarters as in all the municipalities, through the universalization of the teaching, with registrations of regular courses and for workers, and 22 of other nations of Latin America and of África.

The young Idielyn Cabrera Marreno, coming from the career of Chemical Engineering was the graduate one more integral who ratified the incondicionality to the Revolution when pronouncing the oath of this promotion.

There were also worthy of special recognitions the students Abel Rodríguez Algeciras, Yunier Paneque Ruiz, lga L. Ginestá Caballero, Sandor Viamontes Borás, Lisandra Docampo Díaz, Edisner Rock Hinojosa, Yainer Gálvez Pons, Arvid Amresh Durpalli (foreigner), Lisbet Gutiérrez Triana.

For the different municipalities were rewarded equally Yadier Ortega Caceller, of Camagüey; Gustavo Olano Pineda, Carlos Manuel de Cespedes; Anisley Vázquez Luzardo, Esmeralda; Gerardo Cepero Sarduy, Florida; Ismary Blanco Veázquez, Sierra de Cubitas; Pedro R. Rosco Morales, Mines; Yunislay Galbán González, Guáimaro; José E. Gomero Abella, Sibanicú; Yaima Rodríguez Borrero, Jimaguayú; Yosmani Martínez Morales, Najasa; José Run R. Basulto, Nuevitas; José Rodríguez Horta, Vertientes; and Saray Marino Borrero of Santa Cruz del Sur.

In the central words of the act, the Dra. Lianet Goyas Cespedes, rector of the House of High Studies, referred to the main challenge of the University that takes the Hero's name Epónimo, in battling for the development, such and like the Commandant summoned at times in Boss in that same scenary Centennial of the fall in combat of The Adult, where should act in an active way, as much the new professionals as the current students.(María Delys Cruz Palenzuela )

Fidel Castro dialogues with Cuban ambassadors

Fidel Castro in the headquarters of the MINREX.

Havana. During little more than an hour and a half, the maximum leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro dialogued with the Cuban ambassadors gathered in the Ministry of External Relationships (MINREX), about the serious dangers that hang on the humanity if an aggression loosens against Iran or Korea of North and gave them personally a letter directed to each one of them, to its minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla and to his Council of Address.

Transmits Table Round encounter of Fidel Castro with Cuban ambassadors.

Responding questions or the national diplomats' comments, Fidel reviewed press cables and political analysis of the most diverse sources to conclude that the pressures that Iran faces at this time are “a copy to the coal of what made Mohamed Mossadegh”, the First Secretary of that nation that was overthrown by a state hit encouraged by United States and other western powers when a politics of nationalization of their resources undertook in the decade of 50 in last century.

The Commandant in Boss commented in his meeting with the ambassadors some of the questions that he left outlined to the economists of the CIEM during his recent visit to that center, among them one 20 or 15 years ago grieves nobody would have outlined: Can stay the empire if the market disappears and would have some value the dollar if the world market didn't exist?

Again he insisted in the arsenal of more than 20 thousand strategic and not strategic weapons in being able to of the big powers and he/she wondered which the difference is with the calls conventional weapons of today that United States seeks to promote as alternative, if the arms technological development of the last years grants to all similar one to be able to destructive.

He noticed that it is already ridiculous to think of the nuclear handbag with a button that was the panic of the Fries war beginnings . “All the answers are already programmed. It is single question of seconds”, he/she affirmed and he/she didn't forget to remark that although several sources exclude the fact, it is known that Israel is the sixth nuclear power of the planet.

Workers of the MINREX and neighbors of the Preserve that concentrated spontaneously when knowing there of his presence, said goodbye to Fidel with a lingering ovation and alive excited. From the multitude congregated in the sidewalk, a youth lifted his diploma of graduate university student being devoted it with gratitude to him.

Will take place in Camagüey National Symposium "Homage to Nicolás Guillén"

Camagüey. The II National Symposium “Homage to Nicolás Guillén” the coming year will be developed in this city , where was born and began to exercise the intellectual personality of Camagüey his poetic and journalistic work.

The convocation of the event distinguished the activities for the 21 years of the death of the National Poet of Cuba, made today in the Center of Studies that takes the bard's name.

Programmed to be made from the July 14 to 17 , 2011, will propitiate the exchange among investigators, specialists, professors, writers and studious, as well as of national personalities and foreigners linked to the life and the sublime intellectual's work.

The forum will have as central thematic the anniversary 60 of the “ Chose Jesus Menéndez” and the 80 of the poemary “Sóngoro cosongo”, to link in the author's works the treatment of the personalities and the relationship of the lyrical one with the music.

Today's commemoration included, also, the presentation of several relative books to the poet, as “Nicolás Guillén in Mexico”, of Humberto Rodríguez Manso.

Born on July 10,1902, Guillén died on July 16, 1989, when he was member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) and president founder of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba. (AIN).

Grant Prize Pisto Manchego to journalists of Camagüey

Pedro Paneque Ruiz, experienced journalist of the Radio, receives his reward.

Camagüey. Professionals of different means of diffusion of Camagüey received today Friday the Prize Pisto Manchego, conferred by the provincial headquarters of the Union of Journalistsof Cuba (UPEC) to recognize the work of the year and dedicated to the National Poet "Nicolás Guillén", beloved son of this region of shepherds and hats.

Of the Adelante newspaper Otilio Rivero was rewarded , in graph and Yanetsy León, in Written Press, while of the radioemisory Cadena Agramonte was honored Gualveris Rosales in the category of digital journalism, and the journalist Pedro Paneque, in Radio.

A special recognition was also granted Miozotis Fabelo, correspondent of Radio Rebelde in the county, and one of the winners, this year, in the National Competition of Journalism “ July 26 .”

Besides the delivery of the Prizes Pisto Manchego that recognize the work of the professionals of the press of Camagüey during one year, took place the graduation of a Graduate of Journalism, imparted to graduate of other specialties that intrude in this sector. (Yamylé Fernández)