lunes, 5 de julio de 2010

Hill Tuabaquey: Great gentleman of the heights of Camagüey

The step of the Walls figure among the main attractiveness of Lemons - Tuabaquey.

Hardly has 330 meters on the level of the sea and its magnitude doesn't wake up any astonishment. But in spite of the report of the altimeters is the great gentleman of the heights in Camagüey, the county with the most extensive plains in Cuba.

The hill of Tuabaquey constitutes a natural watchtower in the northern Sierra de Cubitas, where the red earth is sprinkled by the plentiful presence of the “dog tooth”, name common of pointed calcareous rocks of marble-like whiteness.

The elevation also represents one of the emblems of the protected area Lemon-Tuabaquey whose notorious natural wealth also include, among other values, to two singular places in Cuba, the narrow pass The Walls, as well as the Hole of Bonet, of extraordinary botanical variety.

A path leads to the summit, crowned by a mirador in a landscape of marked antithesis, the great plain interrupted by the mountainous chain, of altitude average of 150 to 200 meters.

Aboriginal communities transformed to the hill into one of its sanctuaries, and in the cave of “Pichardo” bequeathed one of the most famous pictographies indigenous in the bigger than the Antilles, a colored deity to several meters of the floor, in a concavity illuminated by the solar light.

A service of guides offers to foreign and Cuban visitors, attention in the itinerary toward the peak, the same as in the contact with the other sectors of the protected area, included in the programs of the nature tourism.

It is not the hill of Tuabaquey a challenge for the mountaineers, but yes a convocation for those who want to arrive up to where Camagüey zoomed amid its vast plains.(Adolfo Silva Silva / AIN)

Guillermo Fariñas ingrate`s service

By :Noel Manzanares Blanco / Television Camagüey

I have given pursuit to the case of the mercenary Guillermo Fariñas, a psychologist formation thanks to the opportunities that offered him the system that emerged in Cuba after the First of January of 1959. He, after about four months in their maniac strike of hunger, seems to head to the point of I don't return to the possibility that continues with life.

Transcended of press inform that the aforenamed one has received in the unit of intensive cares of the Hospital University Arnaldo Milián Castro, in Santa Clara's city, to the center of the Island, the services of noted specialists and the most advanced and expensive treatments many of which are acquired in the exterior, for the sake of feeding his existence.

The doctor Armando Caballero, boss of the Services of Intensive Therapy of the mentioned hospital, certifies that the patient has refused voluntarily to eat for via oral; and that takes 125 days in this situation, because was two weeks in his house during which he said that didn't ingest foods before being hospitalized.

“We receive him with certain physical deterioration and for that reason was interned”, expressed the physician and pointed: “He accepted, was aware that we applied him nutritious, feeding for parenteral via, that is to say, for the veins”, “all that requires a diet balanced for any human being.”

Then, he specified more the doctor: “To the point of Fariñas arrived at our room with 63 kilos of weight and at the present time it is oscillating between the 67 and 69 kilos. His corporal weight has increased during its entrance and has in fact been for the parenteral feeding that he is receiving.”

That is to say that this person could still survive, if she stopped to insist in his absurd behavior, because he is perfectly prepared for the ingestion of foods. There is not any contraindication in this respect. Only its desire can be an important medical factor in the solution of its problem of health”—the marras specialist was plentiful who clarified:

“We are medical to save lives; however, the norm before a case as east is to respect the will of the patients. We cannot fight against that will, unless this is unconscious and be approved by his close relatives.”

Nevertheless, at this time Guillermo Fariñas has a potential danger of death due to a complication in its state of health—very in spite of as much as one makes for that him alive.

When I referred to this individual's absurd behavior, he was thinking of that published by Manuel David Orrio, Cuban journalist that infiltrated in the activities of the contrarrevolutionaries grups and that, therefore, he is a person authorized to talk of the topic and preserve tests about the moral tasting of those who are able to sell them the soul to the selfsame Satan for some how many pesetas.

Orrio gives faith that when Fariñas was in one of its strikes of hunger, an official of the Security of the State of Cuba was presented and he told him that he could die when he gave him the desire; he asked him how much he pays his mom the connoted contrarrevolutionary Martha Beatriz Roque [25 convertible pesos a month—the striker responded]; and she made sure him she could die when she gave him the desire, but that before she saw a video, she read some invoices and she listened a recording in the one which the mentioned Martha Beatriz told to her pal Silvia Iriondo who resides in Miami: “That is necessary is that Fariñas has just died to be able to arm a good show!”

There are elements here that devel the reason affirms that is ingrate Guillermo Fariñas service to the gentuza that rejects the Homeland that he saw be born.

What did Chávez Abarca come to make to Venezuela?

Fragments of the accusations formulated yesterday for the President Hugo Chávez on the infiltration in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela of the one connoted terrorist Francisco Antonio Chávez Abarca , faithful subordinate of Luis Posada Carriles.

For that reason walk desperate trying to set on fire the country or that there is a hit of state against Chávez. None of those things will happen, we won't allow it.

Last nightt was captured a great terrorist that wanted to enter to Venezuela, by the way of last name Chávez. He came with false name, and belongs to the terrorists of Posada Carriles.Question that asks memyself from last night is: what did thatman come to make to Venezuela? Why that trip to Venezuela?...

Here the page of INTERPOL is: Chávez Abarca, Francisco Antonio is his own name, although he came with another name and is part of the mafia of Posada Carriles. Last night recognized who is, he recognized to be the terrorist that has the Red Code, pointed out by INTERPOL like very violent person.

Current last names, Chávez Abarca. Name: Francisco Antonio. Place and date of birth: El Salvador, where he lived many years Posada Carriles, that same one that put the bomb in the Cuban airplane, that that here tortured and sent to kill many Venezuelans when the ADECO gave him to be able to and era Boss of Operations of the DISIP, that that now the government from United States protects in his territory.

What did he come to make Chávez Abarca to Venezuela? To "turisting", to know Canaima, Island Margarita? What relationship will have the arrival of Chávez Abarca with the despair of the Venezuelan bourgeoisie? What did come to make Chávez Abarca, this gentleman?

INTERPOL that Chávez Abarca a terrorist says is considered in active, author of several violent acts against Cuban interests. It has put bombs in Cuba, inside Cuba— look until where arrived!—because Inn put the bomb to the Cuban airplane, but was here in Venezuela, taking advantage of the complicity and the support until of the officials of those regimens ADECO. But this intruded inside Cuba.

April 2 1997: placed an explosive load that produced serious damages in the disco Aché of the hotel Meliá Cohíba, in Havana.

April 30 ,1997 placed an explosive load in the floor 15 of the same hotel that didn't end up exploding.

Mexico, May 24, 1997, is suspicious of having placed an explosive load in the office Cubanacán, Cuban tourist company. Between 1997 and 1998 recruited several guilty terrorists of the detonation of explosive loads in Cuban tourist facilities that a death and several wounded caused, besides damages in different properties.

He should be one of those terrorists that were to the control of Posada Carriles that was captured, being Fidel in Panama—I was also—, the King from Spain and the presidents from Latin America and Iberian Europe. He will put a bomb to kill Fidel. The objective was Fidel, and I was in the means. And they captured him. And later the government from Panama, the government of then, the free ¼ for pressures of who? Of Bush's government. And there is protected. That is the boss of this that last night grabs. What would he come to make Chávez Abarca to Venezuela? To eat up a socialist round maize loaf in the silence, or to go for a walk for Guaraira and Repano in the telespheric? Terrorist of the highest danger is captured.

Last night they tell me that was very desperate, after he realized. They are terrorist well trained, clear, with a false passport. When he realized that was discovered, he says then: "It is well, I am the person." And a little later entered in despair, as informed me.

It is necessary to interrogate him, because there is a question: what did he come to make here? With who did come to gather? Who or who and for what reason were they waiting for here? Questions that, of course, we will investigate. Hopefully he collaborates.

Chávez Abarca acted under the orders in the terrorist Luis Posada Carriles` actions, with who has maintained permanent contacts, he has military training and knowledge. It is expert in production and manipulation of explosive devices, sniper, terrorist. Captured in Maiquetía last night with false passport.

We will see if Globovision and the means of the bourgeoisie say something on this. Good, perhaps he says that Chávez is inventing this that is an assembly that is a very respected priest that he came stops here that the Pope sent and I don't know how more. They are able to invent any thing. Good, didn't invent and did present to the world that video that in Bridge Yaguno Chávez was the one that sent to kill people that killed? They don't have limits in their hate and in their capacity to manipulate.

Behind all this, the hand of the CIA, the Central station of Intelligence of the yanki Empire that sent to kill Fidel Castro is behind all that.

What would Chávez Abarca to come to make Venezuela? What did move the hand of the empire and ofPosada Carriles that is there in United States, to move to one of their more zealously kept squares?

Who did bring it? Who was waiting for him?

The most valuable gift is also for Guillermo Fariñas

By :Ernesto Pantaleón Medina / Television Camagüey

In Cuba, the most valuable gift is the life, and numerous medical statistics give faith of it, when one knows that every year die less than five children for each thousand born alive, while grieve register maternal deaths.

But still those minimum indicators, inferior to those of many developed nations, sadden to doctors and state authorities, because the aspiration is that decrease to the absolute zero, although well is known that at least today, such a yearning is impossible to reach.

And there is more: each Cuban when being born has guaranteed, from that instant and until the end of his days, doctors and completely gratuitous medicines, independently of the graveness of his sufferings or of the resources that is necessary to use.

To anybody is asked when arriving at a clinic or hospital which the color of its skin, its occupation, its religious belief or its political filiation, as neither investigates if it contributes or not to the construction of that society to that we aspire all the children worthy of this earth.

In the center of the country a Guillermo Fariñas is debated between the life and the death, for own will, and in spite of having a team of ten doctors of the highest professional qualification, and the most modern equipment at your disposal that prepares. It is only this way explained that has survived to more than l20 days of fast.

This person, of agreement with the boss's of the Services of Intensive Therapy of the hospital declarations where is assisted, conscious and in the middle of use of his mental abilities is; however, of anything have been worth that specialist's intents, with who maintains good relationships, to make that collaborates with the science in the zeal of saving his life.

They are to his favor in that combat resources that would cost more than a thousand 300 daily dollars in any nation, without counting the hundred of laboratory tests that have been carried out, and the medications that it is necessary to acquire abroad, as the experts refer, but abides to who knows what reasons, and refuses to live.

The favorable doctor-patient relationship has extended to the family and the friendships that have not shown complaint some of the specialized attention.

What does move a man to make the painful decision, contrary to all rational order, of being deprived of the life? If it possesses religious beliefs What does make be erected in God to take off what was granted as supreme grace?

Incomprehensible for this editor who requests only at random, to the nature, to the clinical science and the love toward their similar of a medical team that unhappy trance Guillermo Fariñas, already extended for more than 120 days of suffering, have a happy end.