martes, 16 de marzo de 2010

Recognize outstanding journalists and carry out day of work volunteer to celebrate day of the Cuban press

A day of homages, premiations, workshops and voluntary works developed the workers of the sector in Camagüey in homage to the day of the Cuban press

By: Aymee Amargós / Television Camagüey

Professionals of the letters and the words have the mission of satisfying informative necessities of several generations.

They reflect the chore of the county of Camagüey through the newspaper Adelante, the agency of Information, the radio radio stations and the television. There are multiple the efforts that are carried out so that the population stays informed.

On foot of furrow the workers of the sector celebrated the day of the press with a voluntary work in areas of the farm state victory 1, belonging to the company of several cultivations and storings.
Then a group of professionals received the distinction Félix Elmuza for 15 years or more of uninterrupted work in the journalism and for the contributions in the reflection of the social reality. Maximum badge that grants the Union of Journalists of Cuba.

For their consecration, the labor spirit and their trajectory deserved the prize for the work of the life Rolando Ramírez the colleague Oscar González, of the radio station radiates chain Agramonte.

The delivery ceremony was presided over by the First secretary of the party in the county Julio Cesar García.

The celebration of the day of the Cuban press, March 14 coincide this year with the anniversary 118 of the foundation of the native newspaper.

With the apostle's example we will continue working in a noble profession. In the exercise of the journalism, with the commitment of diffusing the truth.