martes, 31 de agosto de 2010

Yipsi Moreno: The queen's return

It goes fourth in the ranking of the IAAF

Camagüey, - The presence in Rieti of the Polish Ana Wlodarczyk and the Russian Lisenko made suspect that the possibilities of a gold of Yipsi Moreno was difficult, because in spite of her last victory in Lille the Italian meeting would be more difficult.

At the end surprised the girl of Camagüey again that not alone improved her previous mark but rather concluded in silver All happiness! There were European curricula of 77 meters and she didn't believe in them.

Although we repeat , is truly admirable that an athlete leaves the main sport scenarios and return suddenly to the shot circle of the implement, a reminder that at some time previous to the olympiad Athens 2004 were the best hammerer in the world.

All the specialists were said: “It is necessary to see like Yipsi is, it is necessary to see if she is still a competition woman”; and she seemed to respond: “Hey! I am here, I returned for medals, count on me!” she is 30 years old and is not outside of presage when is presented, look that she already goes for the fourth step of the ranking of the year; it seems sometimes the same of the 2001 and of the 2003 with her characteristic index finger making circles as if recreated the routine of the shipment, until is bothered of equal forms when makes foul.

In Rieti she threw 73,78 meters, evident progression of the 70, 20 of Lille, and if was behind Tatiana Lysenko is necessary to point out that the Russian loaded the batteries and she shook the powder of France with 74,80.

Not alone is to be very well but rather your rival doesn't have a good day, that passed the Lisenko in Lille and to Yipsi in Athens 2004, when was favorite and Olga Kuzenkova`s olympic record , took her out of concentration. Then the Cuban had a lot of pressure, all requested the gold like something sure for comparatively enjoyed the silver of Beijing and she cried with the same metal in the neck in the Greek capital.

Without many references the only source is the cables of the newsy agencies: The first thing for Yipsi was to classify in the first day of the Italian appointment and she made with relative easiness (71,32), to make matters worse as first of the list to the second turn, a small victory has more than enough Lysenko and Wlodarczyk.

Already on Sunday in three launchings was hardly necessary to define everything, with a system that measured the distance average How? At the end anything new first floor the sun, another element meter of the IAAF; at last of course that is rewarded as always and behind Yipsi the Chinese Zhang Wenxiu was located (73,70) and the Polish Wlodarczyk (73.57).

This is the main achievement of Rieti, the one that Yipsi demonstrated that don't go so well the pointers in spite of Anita's world record, the competition defines her everything and the girl of Camagüey returned for laurels. (Oreidis Pimentel Pérez)

Enlarge productive capacity of factory of Camagüey of milky products

Camagüey, 30 Aug. - The general repair of the factory The Cow, of the Company of Milky Products in this county, is one of the multiple investments that attacks that entity, with the purpose of to enlarge the productive capacity and to improve its indicators of efficiency, recognized in the country.

In the emblematic plantsof Camagüey improved all the industrial facilities and the conditions of sanitary security of its productive processes that guarantee the elaboration of cheeses, yogurt and other lines.

Milky Camagüey also assumed reconstruction works and maintenance in the plant Pasteurizator, center that assumes the biggest reception of fresh milk in the county, indicator that today stays on the 350 thousand liters, without including him the direct sales to the population that already surpass the 23 thousand liters.

In that industry the conditions are believed for the assembly of a factory of powdered Milk, recently approved to the county, what will facilitate a bigger use of the food in stages “picks”, as the current one, because the capacity of reception of the industry is still inferior to the deliveries of the cattlemen.

The workers of Camagüey has this year the commitment of gathering hundred two million liters of milk, and of them more than the half the peasants will surrender. (Raysa Mestril Gutierrez)

lunes, 30 de agosto de 2010

Pedagogic University of Camagüey will guarantee a good school course

Camagüey, 30 Aug. - The University of Pedagogic Sciences “José Martí", of Camagüey, is under conditions of beginning the school course with students' guarantee in classrooms, and of the cloister of educational entire, aspects included in the strategies for the effectiveness of the educational methodological work.

The registration of the regular daily overcomes the two thousand students, while for workers the figure is duplicated when receiving the present teaching in the central headquarters and in the branches of Camagüey, Florida, Guáimaro and Sierra de Cubitas.

In the central headquarters will receive classes students of first to third year, included 72 foreign students of 32 nations of África, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

In the first two years all the careers will be contained, while the third will only carry out the educational ones in formation in Special Teaching, Logopedia, Psychology-pedagogy and Foreign Languages. The rest of the registration is universalized, next to room and fifth years.

At the moment the material bases of study are completed and of life in moments in that are defined the internal structures of the central headquarters and the municipal pedagogic branches.

The Pedagogic of Camagüey intervened in the integration of the cloister of professors of the School “Enrique José Varona”-of that specialty - that reopens its doors, and shows a favorable situation for the beginning of the school course. (Aramis González Cruz)

domingo, 29 de agosto de 2010

Expresses gratefulness to Cuba a young of Green Cabo, graduated in Camaguey

Camaguey-Gratefulness to the Cuban Revolution from Minilita Paula Dos Santos, of Green Cabo, became public before representatives of numerous countries during the Night of the Solidarity, that weekly the Provincial Delegation of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Towns organizes (ICAP).

The letter, written by the young person before starting off for its country, expresses that in Cuba - and specifically in the Faculty of Technology of Health of Camaguey, not only learned professional questions, but also acquired deep revolutionary and human values.

In that context one remembered, in addition, anniversary 185 of the one of the Declaration of Independence of Uruguay, to which one talked about Marks Martinez, student of that South American nation and who attends the last year of the Medicine race.

To the closing of the past academic period in the province the graduated ones in the universities “Ignacio Agramonte” withdrew more than 150 foreign scholarship holders when adding, in the one of Medical Sciences “Carlos J. Finlay” and Pedagogical “Jose Martí”.

From now on those young people will become ambassadors of solidarity with Cuba in their respective nations. (Yamylé Fernandez)

Improve streets and highways of Camaguey

To start off of the next September, the brigade of avenues of the Engineering Construction Company (ECOING) No.15 will undertake the repair of important highways of provincial interest and the holes in streets of the city of Camaguey.

Leonardo García Jiménez architect , director of the organization of the Ministry of the Construction here, informed to Adelante that with cold asphalt mixture already “affected citadinas” execute the sellaje of the arteries, and in the second fortnight of the incoming month will initiate the earthwork in the aggravated sections of the highway of Lesca, that will be benefitted initially with inverted penetration for its paving when they have the quality asphalt 50-70, firmly deficit in the country.

In October, forces of ECOING 15 also will reclaim with inverted penetration the highway of Najasa, and Brigade 3 will finish to the three final kilometers of the route Guáimaro-Saint Miguel, action nonplanned for the present year and that will be possible when posponing itself for the successor the 2011 entrance of the abrecaminos to the rehabilitation of pedraplén Jigüey-Roman-Key Cross.

García Jiménez said that, in addition, the constructors will seal to cracks and pockets in the circunvalante of the provincial capital, although clarified that they will not take part in the roundhouses, required of resources of spread like the concrete and a complex road reordering.

“The province has three producing asphalt plants in operation: the one of Camaguey, with a good technical state; Villager, reinaugurada last December 5, and Flower of May, in Santa Cruz of the South, with a regular technical state, that will improve with own investments in coming October.

All mediates around 4 000 tons metric monthly”, extended the industralist of the MICONS. The Engineering Construction Company (ECOING) No.15 applies the System of Enterprise Improvement from the 2003. That year with 1 950 workers created values by 17 million weights and in the present one, with 300 constructors less, they will duplicate and plus the economic results. (Rolando Sarmiento Ricart)

sábado, 28 de agosto de 2010

Returns from successful tour of Italy Folkloric Ballet of Camagüey

Camagüey-After an extensive tour of southern Italy,returned the Folkloric Ballet of Camaguey Camaguey, which was presented from May to date in several cities in that European country, mainly with its show "Son of Cuba. "

Luis Molina, producer of the Company, highlighted the magnificent reception of the cast on Italian soil, where they also offered dance classes and Cuban folklore, traditional music and other presentations offered at the request of the public.

The invitation of the Italian company Sol Club Promotions SA to 14 members of Folkloric Ballet of Camagüey, allowed them to visit the cities of Loicri, Catansaro, Vianco, Bobalino, Andor, Lions and Palestrina gorges, including the southern peninsula.

After the return to the City of the earthenjar, members of the dance company, "said Luis Molina, will begin in early September to mount a new show as a tribute to its next anniversary since the mid of this month, which will provide like opening, the public Camagüey.(Raysa Mestril Gutierrez)

Coppelia Ice Cream Factory of Camaguey guarantees productions for summer

Camagüey, 28 Aug Productive guarantee for the current summer offer workers of Coppelia Ice Cream Factory in this province, who in spite of the limitations of their equipment, have maintained production above 700 thousand gallons per month from June to date.

Mario Diaz Méndez, manager of the industry, acknowledged the crucial contribution of this group, with a female majority, who along with productive tasks take those necessary to maintain high factory.

He said the manager that the vintage compressors and freezers, constantly receiving attention of the members of the brigade outstanding plant maintenance, to protect the production rates and quality of food.

It Was stimulating for all, prove as significant as on date on August 13 that industry, with more than 40 years in operation, remains among the most effective of the country, breaking the record production and deliver more than 2 300 gallons of ice cream in a day. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)

viernes, 27 de agosto de 2010

Traveled on foot the work of Maceo street

The important commercial via of Camagüey will be clever for next summer.

Camagüey, - The Office of the Historian of the City of Camagüey (OHCC) incorporates to its summer routes the journey for the works of reanimation of Maceo street , considered the main commercial artery that was beautiful, but not functional.

In this area of the segment proclaimed Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity, every Wednesday and Saturday those inscribed will be able to exchange with specialists and executioners about the reasons of the intervention, the work stages and the approach to the final views of the project.

“The population has many expectations with the paviment, the sidewalks, the drainage system and the readiness of the resources. We have thought, calculated, planned and saved for two years, when this was only an idea”, the architect explained to Yosmel Díaz Pérez, advisory of investments of the OHCC and guide of the journey.

The exit will be from the Scale model of the Historical Center, located in the street Independence, corner to General Gómez. In the own institution will be open the inscriptions from August 23, of nine of the morning at six of the afternoon, and will be been able to consult through the telephones 22-1388 or 28-5496.

The exchange with the community has been transcendent in the actions for the rebirth of the important one via commercial, foreseen in the summer of the 2011, and that has had the support of the political and administrative address of the territory. (Yanetsy León González )

Grows in Camagüey production of goat milk

Camagüey, - The production of goat milk, or of chiva like is commonly denominated, increased in this county thanks to the delivery of lands and incorporations of new producing to the rural sector and at the end of the summer months overcomes the 100 000 liters.

With less demand of grasses and bigger use of overgrowths amid stationary droughts, the livestock caprino becomes a viable economic option for the rural of Camagüey that allow the creation of at least a sale point to the population in the municipality head.

Another favorable fact is that amid the combat to the overgrowths and the one dismounts of marabout, the flock caprino facilitates that the incipient properties of the Suburban Agriculture still surrender fruits before receiving to the condition of lists to enter formally to the project.

Among the entities of Camagüey highlights the Cooperative of Credits and Services (CCS) Abel Santamaría that has Guillermo Vives, the adult producing of milk of goat of Cuba whose delivery volume to the industry ascended to 19 500 liters in the 2009.The figure could also exceed the 20 000 liters in the 2010 and the county plan to surpass historical bench marks.

In spite of the increase, the Milky Industry doesn't still have the whole necessary logistics to differentiate the prosecution of the milk caprina of the vaccine and for lack of containers routes of collections are used in dependence of the orders of the Ministry of Health. Neither takes advantage the great acceptance and quality of the cheese in the tourist sector, variants to perfect in the growing national cattle raising.

The properties of the milk of goat periten its use like food of great nutritional value in hospitalized patients or intolerant people to the lactose, of there their importance from the social point of view. (Oreidis Pimentel Pérez )

jueves, 26 de agosto de 2010

Labor Estres causes exhaustion

One of the environments in the one that the human being more moves is the labor one and is in many occasions a great estres generator.

The main symptoms are exhaustion, restlessness, sensation of being in tension, tires, difficulty to concentrate and alteration of the dream.

The exhaustion caused by the estres constitutes a process that is defined like a sensation of deterioration and progressive fatigue, with eventual energy loss. In general accompanies it a marked motivation lack.

The symptoms are manifested at physical level as alterations of the dream, excessive tires, gastrointestinal dysfunctions, back pains and of head, different reactions in the skin or vague heart pains, to those that the person doesn't find them explanation.

According to the specialists, some professions for their own nature are estres source and anxiety.

The professionals of the arts and the shows, as musicians, actors and dancers that work in public, face the anxiety before and during the performance.

Among the general recommendations that are made to apply individually figure to establish priorities, to delegate tasks and to request help.

It is also advisable to share the thoughts and to communicate the concerns, to develop interests unaware to the work, to enjoy the free time and to exercise physical.

In certain cases it can be necessary the medication to treat a case of serious anxiety. In this respect should take into account that as much the antidepressants as the ansiolitics can only be prescribed by a doctor. ( Doris Hernández, AIN)

Genesis of the Cuban State: polemic in national colloquy

Camagüey. - The polemic about the birth of the Cuban State in the fights independentists of the XIX century is vivified in a national colloquy again, the next September 16 ,17 in this city.

Denominated “The mambisas constitutions and the Cuban constitucionalism”, the event will be dedicated to the anniversary 115 of the third of the four great letters of the liberal, subscribed wars September 16 1895 in the area of Camagüey of Jimaguayú.

A group of investigators of the University of Camagüey Ignacio Agramonte and Loynaz are buried in demonstrating the origin of the Cuban State scientifically in the referred century, in which arose formally with the Constitution of Guáimaro, signed April 10, 1869 in that town of the east of the county.

The máster María Eugenia Grau, member of the team, expressed the AIN that among the results of the study--even unconcluded--to argue the mentioned approach, figures the compilation of 27 laws, ordinances, resolutions, circular and regulations, applied in the practice.

Promulgated of 1869 at 1878 for the Republic in Weapons, the texts mention to topics as the administrative and judicial organization, civil marriage, public instruction, elections, internal debt, own paper currency, salaries, delegation of abilities in the Executive, mail and government printing.

Jurists' sectors, historians and politologers-- added-- differ of the hypothesis of the university community, and locate the genesis of the Cuban State in 1902, after ceasing the occupation yanki, after the Spanish colonialism.

The forum of September will approach, among other contents, diverse topics present in constitutions and legislations of the movement liberator in the Island, currents of the political thought in the XIX century, and José Martí and the Cuban Revolutionary Party. (Adolfo Silva Silva)

Guarantees the Industry of Materials in Camagüey arid for the works

Camagüey, - Near 150 000 cubic meters of selections of the stone, and artificial sand of resistance, have produced the workers of the mill Heroic Viet Nam in Camagüey.

The most important center in the Industry of Materials of the Construction in the territory, located in the rests of the Sierra de Cubitas, 35 kilometers to the north of the provincial capital, stands out for the productive efficiency by means of the electricity saving, it dilutes and the reduction of the costs.

Their 65 direct and stable workers in the production, manage them to maintain of high the obsolete industry of mixed technology, the deficit of loaders and trucks in the quarry front and, before the limitations of the plan of electric power consumption, take advantage of the stops for the opportune maintenance of the mill and their accessories.

In 1995 were supplied of water of the prey Maximum, distant 18 kilometers, but with the construction of a well in the place and the assembly of a Spanish hidrocyclon that recycles the liquid in the laundry of the sand, achieve a product of more quantity and quality.

Florentino Rodríguez Miró, administrator, highlighted the participation of those “millers” and his inventives for, in front of the limitations of pieces, to have active the stone factory and sand with more than three decades of exploitation. (Rolando Sarmiento Ricart)

Camagüey dominated the rodeo of the center-oriental area

Camagüey, - The jeans of this county confirmed their favoritism in the Tournament Center - Oriental of Rodeo with headquarters in the “it Trades July 26” of The Tunas and with more than 13 000 points classified for the phase semifinal in Sancti Spíritus.

The result validated the condition of zonal champions of the people of Camagüey and maintained The Tunas and Granma in the remaining positions.

Individually highlighted Israel Guerra in the connection of calves, Ángel Arturo Márquez in the demolish by hand of heads, Guillermo Costilla in wag the tail, the amazon Ariacné Ramírez, the referee Vicente Vera; and in the couples Francisco Blanco-Juan Guerra in double knot and Juan and Israel Guerra, father and son, in the milk of cow savage.

It is worth to highlight that three members of the team have experience in events of the Central American area as the cases of Costilla and Juan and Israel Guerra who have foreseen in the 2010 to travel to Costa Rica.

In the last national contest Camagüey concluded in the sixth position and of the 5 at September 9 will compete next to the jeans of Santic Spiritus and Havanan in search of overcoming the previous bench. (Oreidis Pimentel Pérez)

miércoles, 25 de agosto de 2010

Yipsi is big again

By :Yoelxy Pilliner López /Camagüey Television

The sportwoman of Camagüey Yipsi Moreno is big again when being titled champion of the athletic meeting of Lille, France. The hammer pitcher-Cuban only representative, after its not convincing performance in Berlin last Sunday - it achieved a shipment of 70.20 meters to arrive at most high of the podium.

Far still of the registrations that locate it among the punters of the world in this event, the girl of Camagüey put on in the tip of the competition with a discreet shipment of 69,81 meters. The fourth shot of Yipsi already put definitive figures, to leave behind at the third of the world ranking, the Russian Tatiana Lisenko who alone could throw the hammer up to 69.60 meters. In the third position it was the moldava Zalina Marghieva with 69,50.

This result has been of vital importance for the her, since the catapult to stellar planes after its license of maternity.

Agricultural producers of Camagüey foment cultivation of fruits and vegetables

Camagüey. After the successful mango crop, concluded recently, the workers of the basic Unit of cooperative production (UBPC) January 1st, in the municipality of Camagüey, work in the recovery of 20 hectares dedicated at other fruit-bearing ones, and eight for viands, like part of the program of diversification of the production.

Oscar Ramírez, administrator of the community explained that they also mount a nursery tecnificated that will contribute them annually half million of postures, as long as they revive the two hectares that, with watering guarantee, dedicate to the obtaining of vegetables.

Integral of the “January 1st” recaptured the cultivation of the pineapple, of which have four sowed hectares and equal calculates in preparation, and hope to begin the crop at the end of year; the gathering of fruit bomb cultivated in new areas prepared by them also already began.

The productive increment of the workers of this UBPC of Camagüey will allow them, to the closing of the current month, to surpass those thoroughly more than eight thousand given quintals of fruits last year, and to create the conditions for a significant increment in its viands contributions and vegetables. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)

martes, 24 de agosto de 2010

Close of the summer in Camagüey, options for all the likes

Camagüey, 24 Aug. - The bookstores Athenaeum and “Mariana Grajales”, next to the Provincial Center of the Plastic arts and 15 sale points in the street Republic, in the capital provincial , will be to disposition of the people of Camagüey next Friday in the Festival of the Reading that will close the activities of the summer here.

It is also announced for the occasion the performance of magicians, clowns of the circus Areíto and the dance Group Sangre Gitana, and the premiation of the Little competition Camagüey 2010, on the thematic of the Peace in the world.

Homage to sport glories and-jointly - the possibility to participate in domino games and of chess, to enjoy a canine exhibition, of the Plan of the Street, and departir with integral of the sport Rock “Miguel Caldés”, are some of the options, to those that the community artistic shows are added

The Project Carsueños will show a dollies exhibition, and starting from two in the afternoon the Provincial Center of the Plastic arts will offer artists' of the Catalog of Excellency of that institution paintings, in homage to the anniversary 109 of Carlos Enríquez`s birthday .

The Party of the Reading of next Friday will count, also, with the presentation of the book Casabe and matajíbaro, of Olga García Yero, and of the magazine Cuban Cinema, next to the conference “Carlos Enríquez, the character.”

Already in hours of the afternoon, in the portal of the bookstore Athenaeum the show of the instructors of Art of the House of Culture will be presented “Joaquín de Agüero” that includes painting on the asphalt, rural dances, and the actings of the Group musical Tradition, and of declaimers and oral narrators, besides participation games. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)

Reward applauses Spanish performances of the Artistic Group Maraguán

Camagüey - The Artistic Group Maraguán, badge of the movement of fans in Cuba, represents to the Island in the cycle of folkloric festivals that is carried out in countries of the old continent in the summer.

In the current tour, the students of the University of Camagüey, finished their presentations this weekend in the XXII International Festival, in the region of Cieza-Murcia, in Spain.

The members of Maraguán, shared scenarios with the Folkloric Ballet "Simyonov Tucovic", of Serbia; music's Company and dance of Peru, "Rhythms and Customs"; and the Group of Choirs and Dances of Cieza, and the Rock Corner of The Torres of Gossipers, both Spanish groupings.

The Artistic Group Maraguán was responsible for, the animation in the Night of Folklores in the Walk of Cieza, with the Cuban show; and also, in the inaugural parade of the XXII Folkloric International Festival for the Walk of Cieza. Maraguán to the rhythm of its drums, crawled to those more than a thousand 500 assistants, and left good impression in the credited press.

The program also included, the participation of the people of the Camagüey in the XXIV International Festival of Folklore Villa of the Torres, also in Spain

The Artistic Group Maraguán was presented with "Cuban" and "Caribbean Iam", show that received the public's ovation that in superior number to the 2 000 spectators recognized, in having reiterated occasions, the coloring, the scenic development and the choreographic acting of the youths.

This Monday the grouping of fond artists, students of the University of Camagüey, was presented in unique function in Madrid, the Spanish capital. (Miozotis Fabelo Pinares)

lunes, 23 de agosto de 2010

Highlight performance of Artistic Group Maraguán in Europe

Camagüey - The Artistic Group Maraguán, of the University of Camagüey, of the Cuban county of equal names, highlights for its recent presentations in scenarios of the old continent.

The grouping intervened with success in the international festivals of the Towns of the World (Cáceres, Spain) and of Moncoa (Portugal), where was recognized by its profesionality and quality.

This year the group fulfilled its fifteenth tour to Europe, where is also included the participation in the Orense Festival .

In the journey the community will attend until September to eight forums distributed in the two mentioned countries, and will act additionally in Madrid, the Spanish capital.

The repertoire of Maraguán, been founded in 1981, contemplates five shows, among them, Cuban and For the fields of my Cuba.

Taken of DTC News

Congratulates Provincial Assembly from the Popular Power to the women of Camagüey

Camagüey, 23 Aug. - The Provincial Assembly of the Popular Power emitted a congratulation message to the women of Camagüey, at times of being commemorated this Monday the anniversary 50 of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC).

August 21 2010
“Year 52 of the Revolution.”

To: Federated of Camagüey

Dear partners:

In the memorable day of August 23 ,1960 when the FMC, Fidel was born expressed: “… And today the women meet and constitute this Federation of Cuban Women, united in that word, Cuban ‘', and united in that flag that take in their hands. And have united to work; to work and to fight…”

Fifty calendars have been behind from then on, and in each one of them, refulge the full materialization and glorifier of those ideas, disseminated today for the whole insular geography and particularly for our Camagüey, as a perennial pact of honor and commitment of you with their Revolution.

There have been five decades of tenacity, of tears, of love, of hopes and shared heroism that germinated and were secured in the furrow, in the hospital, in the school, in the industry, in the military unit, or in the unbeaten trench of the home, under Mariana's Sun, Ana, Amalia, Celia, Vilma…

Happiness women of Camagüey in this anniversary 50 of the Federation of Cuban Women, especially, to those that from the district and until the National Parliament give life to our democracy through the Local Organs of the Popular Power. For all, this gift martian that seems to be discovered today: "The whole Homeland is in the woman. If she fails we die; if she is loyal we are…”

Provincial assembly of the Popular Power


viernes, 20 de agosto de 2010

Swiss Comics from today in Camagüey

Eduardo Rosales, director of the Provincial Center of the Visual Arts, assured that according to the available references the sample is the first of the mentioned expressive branch in the territory.

Presented previously in Cuba in the 2008 in Havana, the panoramic offers a retrospective one with reproductions of fragments of comics of dozens of authors.

The profesionality, wide variety of styles, topics and publications testify the ancestral print of the Central European country in becoming of an artistic slope whose theoretical foundation and practice is attributed the Swiss Rodolphe Topffer who lived from 1799 to 1846.

In the exhibition figure, also, works of 13 personalities of Camagüeya, several of which concern to the cómics, a branch that has its main creator in Juan Padrón in the Cuban responsibility, with the series played by Elpidio Valdés.

Also linked to the sample, will be inaugurated at the four and 30 of the afternoon, in the gallery of the municipal Government's headquarters, an exhibition of creations of Osvaldo Díaz, of Camagüey.

Image convergence and schemes, the cómics, denominated puppets popularly in Cuba, possesses one of their remote antecedents in the Egyptian papyruses, those which although with other objectives, reflect messages based on the illustrations.(Adolfo Silva Silva)

Tribute to highlighted radialists in Camagüey

Camagüey, 20 Aug. - Because it is difficult to conceive the current life without the presence of the Radio and the feminine impront, the workers of the provincial radio station Cadena Agramonte took place this Friday the anniversary 88 of the massive means in Cuba and the 50 of the creation of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC).

The day was favorable for - between poems and songs - to give the Stamp “Anniversary 85 of the Cuban Radio” to Brenda Graciela Vilató, Benito Gil Lacal and Francisco Canela Ciurana, pensioners; besides to Esther Borges Moya, boss of the Digital Writing, all with a highlighted trajectory in function of recreating, to inform, to mobilize and to educate to the town of Camagüey.

It didn't miss in the simple ceremony of this Friday the back the cause of our Five Heroes, imprisoned wrongly in United States, which became patent in Domingo Marcos` interpretation , instructor of Art of the House of the culture “Julio Antonio Mella” who made musical notes of Ramón Labañino`s poem, “Undeniable.”

Between poems and songs the celebration of the radialits of Camagüey lapsed for the birthday 88 of the Cuban Radio and the 50 of the FMC who revealed its commitment of continuing making of the radial waves and its messages SOUND to SEE. (Tay Toscano Jerez).

Do I maybe exaggerate?

After referring the days 17 and 18 of August to Daniel Estulin book that relates with irrefutable facts the horrible form in that the minds of young and children from United States are deformed by the drugs and the massive media, with the participation aware of the North American and English intelligence organisms, in the final part of the last Reflection I expressed: “It is terrible to think that the intelligence and the feelings of the children and the youths from United States are mutilated in that way.”

Yesterday the cable agencies communicated the offered information of a study published by the University of Beloit, in which points out facts that happen for the first time in the history of United States and the world, associated to the knowledge and the American university students' customs that will graduate in the 2014.

The newspaper Granma informs the news with eloquent language:

1º “they don't take clock to see the hour, but rather use their cellular ones.”

2º “they Believe that Beethoven is a dog that knew in a film.”

3º” That Miguel Ángel is a computer virus.”

4º” That the electronic mail is ‘too much slow',accustomed like they are to type messages in sophisticated wireless telephones.”

5º” Very few of them know how to write in italic.”

6º” they Believe that Czechoslovakia never existed.”

7º “That the North American companies have always made business in Vietnam.”

8º” That the Korean automobiles have circulated the whole time in their country.”

9º” That United States, Canada and Mexico have always been bound for a Treaty of Free Trade.”

One stays cold, when you go to what extent the education can be deformed and prostituted, in a country that counts with more than 8 000 nuclear weapons and the most powerful means of war in the world.

And to think that there are still sensible people able to believe that my warnings are exaggerated!

Fidel Castro Ruz
August 19 , 2010
11. 13 a.m.

Singapur: Juvenile or mercantile olympiad?

By: Fidel Alejandro Manzanares Fernández (Student of journalism) / Television Camagüey

Its bigger brother already bill with more than a century of existence, and apparently, what a principle seemed a battle based on the principles of the fraternity has become a commercial war of speculative might. Beijing was the most recent sample in it; and the disappearance of sports that don't attribute earnings to the organizers and television chains as the baseball left the “park.”

Now the family Olympic bill with a new conceived tenant hardly two years ago and materialized by these days in the Asian region of Singapore; while the summery show of winter even lasts for the lovers of the skating and the slips in the snow or the ice.

But the “chiquilín” will be our topic and question. The Youth's I Olympic Games whose headquarters was granted February 21, 2008 by the 105 members from the COI to this oriental city, victorious in its dispute with a great city like Moscow. But, why some JJ.O.O?

At first sight it sounds like a brilliant proposal where the homos sapiens of smaller age with sport attitudes has the possibility to compete and to demonstrate all category they possess. More than a thousand 500 competitors coming from more than two hundreds of countries signed up in 26 disciplines, they proclaim the magnitude of the encounter.

Now, although it is certain that the juvenile ones needed their universal space, love of the different ones world and regional competitions for the inferior categories, the party of Singapore has a dual character because the goals that are pursued are not completely healthy; or it is that we have maybe forgotten what has become the sport.

The recently concluded World Cup of Soccer is the most alive example in the intercontinental economic character of the fair ones that not leave millionaire figures alone for organizers but also for those of the Niké, Gatorade, Puma, Coca Cola or for those of the ADIDAS; however this is not enough, is that was even a cabinet better in this juvenile exchange.

And is it that the future is to guarantee , truth? To those of the professionalism if that put to him in tray of “silver”. is a fresh merchandise point of offering.

I didn't want to seem arrogant and a lot less than the topic is repetitive but I find impossible to close the eyes or to live back to the society.

The delegation of Cuba is also present in the Youth's first Olympic Games and already bill with three medals thanks to the work of fighters and pesistas, although in the island we all await for the outburst of our voleyballmen whose payroll heads the most immediate handout in this discipline, Wilfredo León. It is an unique opportunity to measure to the house pupils and fire them in the international sand.

Let us wait that the 26 next when fades the flame and lower the flag of the five hoops, the inhabitants of the planet are satisfied with all that happened in sport matter. The rest is benefits of some few ones in this new auction played by the capital.

The weapons and the good sense

By : Ernesto Pantaleón Medina / Television Camagüey

I like the weapons, I admit it, a due liking maybe to that, when boy my father, old cattleman, conserved some of his time of splendor, in the years 30 and 40 of last century.

I consider some pieces like beautiful jewels, works of the genius of artisans and mechanics, and of course, I make abstraction of its lethal purpose when I consider them ornamental objects, to figure in a panoply, as same is placed a samurai katana or the lance and the shield of a Zulu warrior.

It is comprehensible, at least for the earthlings of the present that a policeman carries a defensive instrument, or that the soldiers should possess armament to keep the sovereignty and the integrity of the nations.
However, in spite of that species of platonic admiration, I find difficult to assimilate the fact that for each a hundred citizens from the United States, exist 90 firearms.

Do you imagine how many irritable people, how many social and deliquent inadapted, how many young with behavior problems, how many frustrations are given in the breast of any society?

In the earth of men of peace like Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln or Lucius Walker is easy to channel a tantrum in form of mortal shots.

They don't surprise the news that retail in the media yankis, then relating massacres in schools, gas stations or supermarkets, bombs in buildings of apartments, marksmen executing people at random with a combat rifle.

Coarse that an unpopular professor makes center from his academic demand to the such student, so that this looks for at night in the drawer of the table of the father, or in the closet of the garage a gun, a shotgun or a rifle, undertake to shots with the teacher and in passing, murder ten or twelve schoolmates before to be placed the canyon of the weapon in the mouth and to press the trigger (anyone can be remitted to Michael Moore`s documentary in connection with the events of the town of Columbine).

I know the influence of the Association of the Rifle, and that the sale of weapons is a juicy business, but I consider that any civil society, ordinate, intelligent and balanced, can allow such a proliferation of death, and much less to stimulate the violence from the simple ¨Muñe¨ until the video games, the movies or the adventures of real hawks that throw bombs and missiles has more than enough Iraq and Afghanistan.

The same hawks that today threatens to take a good part from the planet to the nuclear holocaust.

It is time that the humanity takes a first step and NOT say to the weapons, then she will be saying YES to the good sense and a tomorrow of peace like legacy for the future inhabitants of this suffering and battered blue sphere.

miércoles, 18 de agosto de 2010

Rewarded in Camagüey labor communities with efficient feminine force

In any place where work, the women of Camagüey shows efficiency and industry.

Camagüey, 18 Aug. - Collective of Camagüey with good productive results and wide feminine representation, as the Packer “Raúl Cepero Bonilla”, the Factory of Sodas “August 23”, and that of Tobacco “The Furrow”, centers were declared “50 Anniversary of the Federation of Cuban Women”, next to others with similar conditions in the 13 municipalities of Camagüey.

In morning special, Betsy Rodríguez and Marta López, general Secretaries of the feminine organization in the county and in the capital municipality of the territory, explained to their workers that for the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) is a pride to give that stimulus, in which is summarized the effort and the strength of the women of Camagüey along these five decades.

During the encounter, workers and federated highlighted how pleasing turns out to celebrate the birthday of an organization been founded by Vilma Espín Guillois to application of the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro, and that during every year has been proven unit samples and fidelity to the Revolution.

To 50 years of having constituted the FMC, its more than 200 thousand integral in the Camagüey reflect the disposition, the tenacity and the shame of the awomen of Cmagüey, the equality of rights and the women's insustituible work in the work of the Revolution.

In the county, 50 communities of factories, shops, agricultural productive units, schools, and other centers whose good results owe to-in good measure - when making feminine, receive for these days the recognition for the means century of the feminine organization that is completed the next one exactly August 23. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)

Praises to "Maraguán" for performances in Spain and Portugal

Camagüey - The Artistic Combined of Camagüey Maraguán received praises in letters remitted the Secretary of Culture of Cuba, for the successes of its participation in great foklorick events in Spain and Portugal.

The missives correspondents to Abel Prieto are subscribed by the directors of the most recent editions in the international festivals of the Towns of the World (Cáceres, Spain) and of Moncoa (Portugal), adds a report remitted by the Direction of the cast to Camagüey.

The texts highlight elements like the discipline, profesionality, human quality and the public's welcome.

Headed by the engineer and choreographer Fernando Medrano, the grouping carries out its fifteenth visit to Europe, and until next Thursday 19 will remain in the Festival of Orense , in Hispanic territory.

In its current tour, of about two months until September, the community will attend according to that foreseen to eight forums distributed in the two mentioned countries, and will act additionally in Madrid, the Spanish capital.

Attributed to the University of Camagüey Ignacio Agramonte and Loynaz, Maraguán escen in its journey five shows, among them, Cuban and For the fields of my Cuba.

Been founded in 1981 and integrated for the most part by students of that facility, the group is the honored in becoming of the national contests of artists fond of the FEU. (Adolfo Silva Silva / AIN)

martes, 17 de agosto de 2010

Prosecution of milk increases in Camagüey

Camagüey, - Intense days live the workers of the Company of Milky Products of Camagüey , during the present month of August. Near 358 thousand liters of milk surrendered daily to the industry by the cattlemen of this centroriental county constitute reason more than enough to put in tension to all the factories of this, the biggest entity in its type in the country.

So important productive volume, habitual for this time of the year, it is processed in the eight industrial facilities of the company, located in the provincial capital and other five municipalities of the territory. Also, little less than a million liters of milk it is given to every month to the counties of Granma and Holguín, going to the supply of the basic basket and other spheres of the social consumption.

Milky Camagüey almost gathers a third of all the milk that is processed industrially in the country. Among their productions stand out the flowing milk, distributed among children, old men and people with medical prescription; the soya yogurts and milk; the ice creams and cheeses. It leaves of those deliveries are dedicated to the market in foreign currencies and the supply of the tourism. The entity also works to be able to be inserted in the international market, with the objective of generating foreign currencies for the country.

In the current campaign milkmaid the cattle of Camagüey seeks to surrender to the factories more than 95 million liters of milk, in the fundamental thing during the period of rains that extends from May until November.

To face that production Milky Camagüey has developed a wide group of investments, concluded this way recently the capital repair of The Cow, one of their more emblematics and old procesator plant. There improved all the industrial facilities and the standards of sanitary security of their processes rose productive, considered today among the most efficient in the country.(Amaury Valdivia)

Contributes University of Camagüey to the formation of professionals of other countries

Havana- The Center of Study of the Sciences of the Education of the University of Camagüey “Ignacio Agramonte and Loynaz” elevates the Cuban and Latin American professional's quality, starting from the implementation of intensive projects for the formation of doctors and masters.

Countries like Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Republic Of the Dominican Republic and Venezuela have received the educational-pedagogic and scientific impact of the institution, and achieved for their respective universities a better category for the acreditation process.

Alodio Mena Campo, investigating professor of the educational center of Camagüey, considered that with the intensive projects of non alone superation the graduates benefit, but also the cloisters of Cuban, and international professors, those that enrich in the mutual exchange and know other experiences and educational, educational and pedagogic realities.

The expert explained that through the mentioned projects, during the past course were formed 89 masters in the Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla, in Mexico.

Federated of Camagüey beside the furrow

Camagüey- Marta Pérez Bolaños, residing in the municipality of Vertientes - distant to some 26 kilometers of Camagüey - united to the call of to produce more foods and to substitute imports, fundamental pillars for the economic development of Cuba.

“I rise in the morning and I pick up the milk that milk my children and my husband and the transfer until the collection point that is to some six kilometers of the property”, this 40 year-old woman, beneficiary with the Ordinance Law declares 259 that grants lazy lands in gratuitous usufruct.

“When I return I begin to assist the animals, without forgetting the works characteristic of housewife" says the only woman producer of the Cooperative of Credits and Services (CCS) Battles of the Guásimas, organization that received the Flag 50 Anniversary of the Victory of the Revolution for the first time, for the results in the storing of milk.

With the certainty of taking out profit to her property, the rural Marta Pérez Bolaños, prestigiate the efforts of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), organization that August 23 will arrive to its half century of existence.

“To cultivate the earth doesn't kill anybody. The work benefits and more when make next to your family”. (Froilán Fontela Oviedo)

Little by little, but one can

By: Ernesto Pantaleón Medina / Television Camagüey

Yes one can, hoist sights for the General of Army Raúl Castro, president of the Council of State and of Secretaries, rises beyond the simple message and becomes a way of acting for the Cubans; little by little, with difficulties and inadequacies, but advances.

Let us put for case the substitution of imports, titanic zeal if it is analyzed that the country acquired in the Socialist Field 85%. of its purchases in the exterior, and that still today, only in foods, pays every year more than l 500 million dollars.

In Camagüey, to the closing of 2009, l3l products coming from 28 companies was exported, while the chains of stores collected of foreign currencies sold 52% of its lines of national origin.

They don't mean such data that everything goes well, but it is undeniable that begins to be traveled a road, with short but firm steps, have more than enough objective bases.
The county contributes to the national balance of foods 25% of the milk, 27% of the head meat and 60% of the butter, while it is foreseen for the year in course to produce 40 000 tons of rice.

The price of the cereal rises to l 500 dollars the ton, for what a simple arithmetic operation offers a white devises of how much it is saved in foreign currencies, mainly if one keeps in mind that to Cuba he finds difficult commercial operations much more than to any other nation, for the difficulties that the blockade imposes, when having to look for more distant markets, condition unfavourable for the payment and shipment points in remote latitudes, except for governments friends that have demonstrated its support and trust.

It is certain that it is not reached to satisfy all the necessities and although there is a lot for before as regards saving, efficiency and productivity, in creating a more and more clear mentality of exporters and non importers, of producers instead of consumers, we grow in a modest, but sustained way, in spite of limitations, of the marabout that is still necessary to banish forever of the fertile lands, of the hurricanes and the droughts that place in the biggest road challenges.

We think and we act today in a more rational way and with the on view in difficult zeals, but reached; the daily chore demonstrates that little by little, but yes one can.

lunes, 16 de agosto de 2010

The rumba of the century was presented in Camagüey

Camagüey - Rumbatá showed its creative genius and the expressive possibilities of the rumba in the offered unique concert this week again, the first one in which promote its next phonogram, titled "The rumba of the century", in masterización process in the house discográfica Bis Music.

The Main Theater opened the curtain to the rhythm of a gender arisen by the integration of Spanish and African variants that mixed by this grouping of Camagüey with samba, flamenco, Latin jazz and rap, surrender homage to the trova in twelve songs, among those that is Twenty years, of María Teresa Vera, masterfully interpreted by Vania Borges.

The show, driven and directed by Yuri of the River, had among their companies the group of flamenco inspiration to Walk you, trovadoras and writers, when being inserted in the program of the VII Literary Crusade.

One of the essences of Rumbatá is the clarity of its dancers and musicians when being known rumberos, like Wilmer defends Ferrán Jiménez, managing founder of the group in 1996. From then on its guide are renovating steps in the Cuban folclor. The concert reflected the reach of its purposes because, parodying the topic of the closing Rumba for the rumberos, not included in the CD, the one that doesn't dance the rumba, likes to look at it although is from a balcony.(Yanetsy León González)

Foundational of Camagüey could be located nearer to the current establishment

Camagüey - If previously was considered that the second siege foundational of Port Prince was in the northwest of the current county, recent investigations outline the hypothesis that Caonao, toponimia that also designates the indigenous slaughter of the XVI century, could be next to the current city of Camagüey.

As one of the first villages of Cuba and of America, the territory impels the archaeological and geodesic prospectings that next to historical sources as old testimonial manuscripts of the colonization help to clarify possible indications of establishments.

The work "Possible areas of geographical location of the second establishment of the village of Santa María of the Prince's Port", of the Máster in Sciences Odalys Brito and a community of authors of several institutions, exposed during the V Colloquy of Regional History in November of 2009 some advances of the investigation and after several months wakes up bigger interest.

Among the works are aimed the revision of a part of the basin of the river Caonao, of about 154 kilometers, by means of teledetection methods in both riverbanks.

However the direction seems to take more toward the center of the since county are not vestiges that ameriten to continue the the previous places.

Esteban Pichardo`s map (1874) helps to locate some possible reference points and on the other hand the hypotheses on the outlet of the river are contradicted with Miguel Rodríguez Ferrer `s postulates.

With the inferences based on narrations of the slaughter of Caonao that relates the march that made the conquerors to the control of Pánfilo Of Narváez, the range is used from 12 to 14 hours of trip of the group like calculation of between 30 or 40 kilometers like traveled distance.

The Indian village where the massacre of the aboriginal ones took place needed of plantations, question that can be verified by means of teams of modern technology, indicators of old earth movements, and after several coincidences the investigators arm the great one "puzzle" of the search of the "second" Port Prince.

Other references that should fit as pieces are those of the father Antonio Perpiñá, of Fray Bartolomé de las Casas and of the historian Juárez Cano.

Some few places fulfill the profiles, among those that stand out the coincidences with the hills or areas with characteristics tune in Jigüey, River Stones and the property Saramaguacán, to which referred the conquering Diego of Ovando, all with more vicinity to the current one "City of the Earthenjar."

Sacred María of the Prince's Port still hides many mysteries and even her awake foundation a great debate as for the date primigenia in Tip of Güincho, next to Nuevitas, because there still is not consent in the country on if was in 1514 or 1515.

Another archaeological group also looks for hints in the costs and the certain thing is that its history of city consolidates as a "legendary Camagüey" whose historical center belongs to the Humanity's Patrimony.(Oreydis Pimentel)

People of Camagüey sang Fidel with love and thrills

Camagüey - A concert of love and thrills in the humanity's defense and dedicated to the leader of the Cuban Revolution especially Fidel Castro, concerning his 84 birthday, left closed in Camagüey the Literary Crusade of the Association Siblings Saíz.

The Auditórium "Iván Hidalgo Funes", located in the vicinity of the Country Casino, in the capital of Camagüey, welcomed the musical presentation in which united their voices recognized minstrels who were accompanied by the groupings "Hade" and " Complains."

Between chords and sounds the multitude applauded to beginner interpreters of the trovadoresque song, musical tendency arisen in Cuba last, and considered century one of the most important artistic currents for its transcendency beyond the Latin American context.

Hours before the concert that closed the pages of the Crusade of the Association Siblings Saíz, were presented a group of literary novelties, billed by the stamp editorial camagüeyano "Ácana", at the same time that took place visits to historical places of interest and poetry recitals.(Alex López Almaguer)

Unit around the Revolution makes stronger to Cuba

The difficult current situation for which crosses the world not only includes the economic crisis, and its repercussion in the financial spheres, energetics, alimentary, half environmental and of the water, but also in the culture, the morals of credibility and the gobernability, to such a point that the experts value that for more than 80 years a so comprehensive one didn't take place.

Although Cuba has designed a group of strategies so that its affectations are minimum, is not exempt of its damages, those that rebound negatively in the price of the nickel-that doesn't surpass the 10 thousand dollars; and also in the high costs of the milk, the grains, the rice and the chicken, among other basic foods that have triplicated their prices, as long as continue descending those of the tobacco and the coffee, everything increased it by the descent of the world tourism.

The bigger than the Antilles inmerse is, also, in the increment of the production of foods and the reduction of imports, and in being made economically more competitive so much from the internal point of view, as external.

This is of the situations that demand us a bigger effort, the extra, like we usually say in good Cuban. But we will know how to also conquer all the obstacles because to our favor is the majority unit around the Revolution.(Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)

viernes, 13 de agosto de 2010

Inaugurate photographic exhibition dedicated to Fidel and Raúl Castro

Camagüey. Photograph taken to Fidel and Raúl Castro during the last 10 years, conform the exhibition "Thought and Action", of the fotorreporter Raúl Abreu Acuña, which opened up this Thursday, August 12, in hours of the night in the Gallery-shop Larios, of the city of Camagüey.

The sample conforms 35 images captured in different contexts and circumstances to the two leaders, and that also pick up the instrumentation of the martian thought in becoming historical of the Revolution.

Following the protagonism of the Cuban town in the construction of the new homeland, with Fidel and Raúl`s guide, the exhibition has visited other five counties and was presented in the passing Trades International of the Book of Havana.

When saying of Eugenio Suárez, director of the Office of History of the Council of State, the pictures of Abreu promote our memories and feelings, and will transcend in the time, as portator of historical moments.

The exhibition "Thought and Action", will be open during several days to the public and will serve like greeting to the birthday 84 of the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro. (Mariela Peña Seguí )

Coppelia of Camagüey to the doors of a record

The women almost represent the workers' of the Factory of Icy Coppelia of Camagüey

Camagüey. With the biggest production in its history, ten thousand gallons in a single work day, the workers of the Factory of Icy Coppelia of Camagüey, celebrate the birthday 84 of the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro August 13.

The previous productive record of that entity belonging to the Milky company Camagüey dated of more than two decades ago when, with an equipment under better conditions technical and bigger stability in its supplies, was able to reach the eight thousand gallons of ice cream in 24 hours of work.

At the present time Icy Coppelia of Camagüey is the second bigger industry of its type in the country and possesses a well won prestige for the quality of its productions, recognized as much for the consumers as for specialists in the field.

Its 187 workers, 117 of them women, work to elevate the production and efficiency of the industry that presently year has been able to increase its deliveries from about 40 thousand monthly gallons, in January, until more than 100 thousand of those units, correspondents to the population's consumption during the recently concluded July.

“Those advances have been due in the first place to the effort and the sense of all our workers' ownership”, explains Mario Díaz Mena, director of the factory. “Thanks to its delivery we have been able to maintain in operation teams with more than four decades of use and of disparate technologies.”

During the last months the institution has been able to reduce the nonfulfillments with the Gastronomy and other destinations that had accumulated during the first weeks of 2010, a situation that plan to solve before concludes the year, reaching the plan of more than a million gallons of committed ice cream with the country.

Potentialities to achieve it seem to exist in the entity of Camagüey that has increased in a significant way its deliveries going to infantile and social centers without neglecting the quality during the current vacacional season and completing the parameters of energy consumption that has assigned.

For that reason among the workers of the entity the trust prevails in the possibility of reaching the ten thousand gallons foreseen by the birthday of the leader of the Revolution, a zeal that began at eleven in yesterday's night August 12 and seek to culminate in today's day.

“If during the last four months our factory has been able to increase its production so much, how won't we be able to fulfill Fidel?”, Asks Ana María Morales del Sol, production assistant. “That doesn't fit doubt that we reach them. Women and men have more than enough here to achieve what we intend, and much more if it is for Fidel.”

Registers Lugo Fonte to outstanding cooperative of Camagüey

Camagüey. Orlando Lugo Fonte, president of the National Association of Small Farmers, ANAP, gave the Flag 50 Anniversary of the Victory of the Revolution, to the members of the Cooperatives of Agricultural Production (CPA) Martyrs of Cascorro, of Guáimaro and "Jesus Suárez Gayol", in this municipality of Camagüey.

The recognition confers for only time, the Council of State to proposal of the ANAP, and of the 125 worthy cooperatives in the country, 12 are of Camagüey, in those that productive and social results are conjugated and mark in Camagüey the outpost of the rural protagonism in their contributions of several cultivations, cattlemen, apicols and swinish.

In the solemn act, in which were given to the communities the condition of National Vanguard next to the flag, Lugo Fonte expressed that in her goes implicit the blood of the moncadists, the expeditionary of the Granma, the combatants of Girón and of our internationalists.

When referring to the high stimulus and at the same time the peasants' commitment of these cooperatives when receiving the banner, the president of the ANAP in Cuba, told them that when more difficulties face to complete his objective of taking place for the town, look toward the flag, the one that contains the sacrifices of these years, to give continuity to this socialist Revolution.

Also in this occasion, was given the recognition to the members of the Martyrs of Pine Three of Santa Cruz of the South and the Battle of the Guásimas of Vertientes, tomorrow will receive that of the “Benito Viñales” of Mines, while in coming September will make the communities of the Martyrs from Nicaragua of Sibanicú and the “Abel Santamaría” of this municipality of Camagüey. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)

jueves, 5 de agosto de 2010

Foreign scholarship carry out solidary day in Camagüey

Camagüey. University youths of several nationalities will develop until next day 13 a day of solidary contribution, begun in one of the organoponics of this city with the realization of agricultural tasks.

The Salvadoran Cecilia Carrillo said that the voluntary work allows them to become integral people and it is a small expression of gratefulness toward the Cuban Revolution that facilitates them to be formed as professionals, according to appointment the place digital Cadena Agramonte.

Also thanks to the international solidarity Gerardo Hernández, one of the five Cuban antiterrorists, prisoners wrongly in United States, was already transferred from the hole to their habitual cell, declared Carrillo .

The Argentinean Darío Therkeslián, expressed that in his country the museum Che Guevara and the brigade Jorge Ricardo Masseti continues the condemnation against the cruel confinement of the Five, and demand their excarcelación.

The members of the Brigade Friends of Cuba, will attack other days of work volunteer, and will culminate with a special edition of the Night of the Solidarity, traditional space of the provincial branch of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Towns.

A toast for Rafael Fortún in his birthday 91

Rafael Fortún Chacón.

By :Leonel of the Val Sordo

Today the Cubans, and especially the people of Camagüey, remembers in the anniversary 91 of his birthday to an excellent figure of the national and continental athletics who was able to be erected as the absolute owner of the short distances in America between 1946 and 1954: Rafael Fortún Chacón.

Of small wanted to be a boxer but his mother opposed herself; with the result that enrumb his vocation toward the athletics, first for the jump of height, until definitively opted for the speed, in the one that found the glory and some that another displeasure like corridor of 100 and 200 plane meters.

The hints were him more attractive and were good him to be the only champion triple of the hectometer in Central American Games and of the Caribbean. Fortún also had participation in the Olympic Games of London, in 1948, and in Helsinki four years later, contests in those that arrived to semifinals.

One of his team partners commented: “... he had for more, but the hunger, the misery, were his main competitors...”

His national record in the hectometer fixed in 10.3 seconds remained effective during one decade (1950-1960), as long as that of the 200 meters (21.2 seconds) reigned fourteen years!, from 1951 up to 1965, until another extraclass, Enrique Figuerola, was able to improve them.

Rafael Fortún was the first champion double in the Pan-American history when being imposed in the 100 and 200 plane meters in the hemispheric appointment of Buenos Aires in 1951; in those games conquered, also, silver medal in the short relief.

And go prize to the return to the Homeland for the “Guinean Fortún”-as told him -, had been dismissed, without work to stay. Time later, the bitterness persisted when being outside of the Olympic Games of Melbourne, Australia, in 1956.

Pity that the governments before 1959 didn't worry about the sport; pity that the Revolution had not triumphed before 1959.

The victory of January arrived when the racing car of Camagüey had already left the hints; in an occasion commenting about the retirement expressed: “... one knows that he has to arrive, until he gets ready, but nobody resigns...”

This Thursday August 5 had celebrated his birthday 91 the outstanding sprinter of Camagüey, that black one poor that always preferred the affection of his town, the one that never wanted to compete against Cuba.

Today the Cuban athletics honors with the homonymous National Championship of Speed that is made in its native city Camagüey, and the sport in general with the name of one of the biggest rooms in the country: the polivalente Rafael Fortún Chacón.

Let us toast then for this legend, with the hope that his stock multiplies in the champion futures that so much awaits the liking when of electrizant careers in the hint is.

Young researcher of Camagüey specializes of the rice in Japan

Camagüey. The strategies to increase the utilities of the rice production in the cooperative and rural sector, is one of the objectives of a master that studies in Japan a Cuban youth researcher of that cultivation.

The agricultural engineer Damián Márquez Fong, of the Experimental Station of the Rice, in Vertientes, Camagüey, is qualified thanks to the projects of collaboration between Japan and Cuba to form professionals that contribute to the development of its countries, including of the African continent.

The production of hybrid rice has charged a lot of force in Asian nations that get superior yields to the eight tons for hectare”, the scientist assured via electronic messaging.

He added that Cuba lacks this type of experiences, there the decision that sent it initially to China and now to Japan, in function of contributing to the scientific-productive development of its municipality, one of the five that undertakes a program of alimentary self-sufficiency in the bigger than the Antilles.

Vertientes is very strong in the production of the grain and it is in the outpost with several committed cooperatives to harvest 100 thousand quintals (some four thousand 673 tons), modality productive potenciated in the last years.

Márquez Fong has the Cuban primicia in the realization of this type of master scholarship in Japan, which studies in the University of Tottori, to the southeast of the Japanese archipelago, in the preparation for the Japanese language, and that of specialization in that of Shimane, more to the southeast.

His work in the Station of Investigations of the Rice, branch of the National Institute of Investigations of Grains, is sustained in projects of studies on this cultivation.

At the moment that production is in a good moment for the stimulating prices for the producers, the renovated machinery and the investments that are executed in the Cuban industry. Young researcher of Camagüey specializes of the rice in Japan
Camagüey. The strategies to increase the utilities of the rice production in the cooperative and rural sector, is one of the objectives of a master that studies in Japan a Cuban youth researcher of that cultivation.

The agricultural engineer Damián Márquez Fong, of the Experimental Station of the Rice, in Vertientes, Camagüey, is qualified thanks to the projects of collaboration between Japan and Cuba to form professionals that contribute to the development of its countries, including of the African continent.

The production of hybrid rice has charged a lot of force in Asian nations that get superior yields to the eight tons for hectare”, the scientist assured via electronic messaging.

He added that Cuba lacks this type of experiences, there the decision that sent it initially to China and now to Japan, in function of contributing to the scientific-productive development of its municipality, one of the five that undertakes a program of alimentary self-sufficiency in the bigger than the Antilles.

Vertientes is very strong in the production of the grain and it is in the outpost with several committed cooperatives to harvest 100 thousand quintals (some four thousand 673 tons), modality productive potenciated in the last years.

Márquez Fong has the Cuban primicia in the realization of this type of master scholarship in Japan, which studies in the University of Tottori, to the southeast of the Japanese archipelago, in the preparation for the Japanese language, and that of specialization in that of Shimane, more to the southeast.

His work in the Station of Investigations of the Rice, branch of the National Institute of Investigations of Grains, is sustained in projects of studies on this cultivation.

At the moment that production is in a good moment for the stimulating prices for the producers, the renovated machinery and the investments that are executed in the Cuban industry.

Unable persons workshop; first in Camagüey in completing its plan of the year

The unable persons workshop of the Basic Unit of Local Industries of Florida turned the production plan from the year to the closing of Julio's last month, becoming the first entity of its type in the county in reaching this reward.

Stand out among the achievements of the 14 workers of this center, in its majority with deficiencies motorboats, weak visual and deaf and hipoacustics, the making of articles with paper, cardboard, leathers, skins and dead nature, a great part of these marketed in foreign currency and others in the net of stores of the Company of Trade of the town and other municipalities of the county of Camagüey and the country.

The labor community also exhibits good results as regards energy saving and the substitution of imports, with the use of recyclable materials for the production of its productions and other lines like the skins to which is given treatment in the same entity.

miércoles, 4 de agosto de 2010

Camagüey and the sea

Camagüey, - To “astride” on the same center of the county that inhabit, to more than half hundred of kilometers on-line straight line of anyone of its costs, the residents of the city of Camagüey seem for antonomasia to suffer the strangest in the possible nostalgias in an insular resident: the nostalgia for the sea.

Result of one of the most atypical colonizatories processes of the Hispanic America that implied successive transfers of the then village of Santa María of the Prince's Port from that original location next to the coast until mediterranean settlement, so strange current establishment “ailment” it suffers every year to thousands of people of Camagüey, mainly during the summery months, when Caribbean sun is determined to burn to all that inhabits this island.

They begin for then with having doubled impulse the preparations for “to go to the beach”. Practically nobody escapes to the process. They don't care the distances to travel, sometimes superiors to the hundred of kilometers, or the difficulties to make it. Neither are impediments trifles like the fatigue of a previous night of parties or some years in the almanac.

During June, July and August, (although in fact the phenomenon extends with more or smaller intensity during the whole year) the people of Camagüey for thousands rushes to the (re)conquist of their beaches.

Santa Lucía, Santa Cruz, Port Pilot, The Caneyes and Beach Florida are the more mentioned and important points of the regional geography again. Toward them travel thousands of people of Camagüey and arrived visitors of other counties daily and even beyond opposite, all aided by the common credo of the sun and the sea.

Even some how many hours are enough for “to load piles”, to appropriate of dozens of snails and shells for friends and family, or to teach to swim to the smallest in the family; but mainly, to return as before made it parents and grandparents, to that same sea, beginning and final of the Island, where everything began.(Amaury Valdivia)

Maximum authorities in Camagüey call to save more electricity

Camagüey. The application of measures that drive to the most immediate electricity saving, demanded the Provincial Energy Council that sesioned this Monday, where was known that the territory of Camagüey was exceeded slightly in the consumption during the recently concluded month of July.

Continue as the biggest spenders, the municipalities of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, Sierra de Cubitas and Camagüey, of those which the head provincial evidence the biggest equivalent overdraft to 20 times what was exceeded the whole territory of Camagüey.

Concerning the matter, the first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) in the county, Julio Cesar García Rodríguez, called to act in consequence to stop that hairspring in the expense, inadmissible for the Cuban economy.

In such a sense was urgent to a bigger rigor in the electricity cuts to those that are exceeded in the state sector, next to an action of more efficient convincing in the residential sector.

On the other hand Luis Ynchausti, the provincial government's president, announced that the investigation carried out in each meter accountant of labor centers, will be made with the population marries for house to determine where the overusage is, because it harbors the approach that as generality, the population saves and is disciplined. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz)

Informative news on Gerardo Hernández`s state, antiterrorist prisoner in United States

In yesterday's morning, August 3, the Hero of the Republic of Cuba, Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, communicated telephonically with his wife, Adriana Pérez O'Connor and he informed her that in the afternoon of August 2 had been transferred of the punishment cell where he was from the past July 21 for the habitual area where completes his unjust condemnation.

Gerardo Hernández free of the “hole” thanks to world support

The Department of State, in the afternoon of Monday, had informed to the Cuban authorities on this transfer.

Adriana, in the conversation, found him with good state of spirit and high moral.

On behalf of the Cuban town we thank the support samples and the solidarity shown by diverse organizations and people of good will that claimed to put an end to this cruel and inhuman treatment. We will continue in the fight until it is made justice and the Five return to the Homeland.

martes, 3 de agosto de 2010

Cuba participated in event of invidents rehabilitation

Havana. The Cuban professor José Raúl Baquet participated in a meeting of specialists of the Latin American Union of Blind (ULAC), made in Bolivia, in which was on the rehabilitation of this populational sector.

Baquet, leader of the ULAC and director of the Center of Rehabilitation of Blind in the Island, said to the AIN that present 31 experts of same number of entities of the region who gave to know experiences in the social integration of the invidents .

He added that an integral model of those services was also exposed, elaborated in Spain, and a technical manual made by professors from Latin America.

He aimed that in Cuba the man National Association of Blinds and the State work jointly in the full incorporation to the visual society of the handicapped ones to who it is guaranteed employment, education, and the access to the culture and the practice of sports. (Félix Milián)

Young artists will show their works in Literary Crusade in Camagüey

Camagüey. Dedicated to the XX anniversary of the Editorial Ácana, to the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro`s birthday and to José Lesama Lima`s centennial, will lapse, from this Saturday, the VII Literary Crusade, the one which favored by the Association Siblings Saíz, proposes multiple cultural options starting from making of the young artists in Camagüey.

The Program of the prospective Crusade will already begin on own Saturday, in the headquarters of the filial of Camagüey, with the inauguration of the personal exhibition of the Plastic arts The Blood of the Air, of Yosvel González Recio.

Also, in the Terrace of the Creative Youth's House, and at times of the anniversary 53 of the murder of the Siblings Saíz of who the association takes its name, will be open the Coffee with Lemon, where the writers will read their works and will offer a concert of the group Ksabe Blues.

On Sunday, participants of several counties will visit the municipality of Guáimaro, where will be present the group of narrators oral Telescope of Story, besides the habitual presentations of books and reading on the part of several writers, while in the community of Cascorro, and in the Park of the Constitution, in that territory will carry out a rock for the children.

The presentation of the book Pulse of the Air, of Aldo Linen Sánchez, in the headquarters of the Association, on Sunday in the night, it is another of the proposals of this encounter of the youths creative of Camagüey with friends from all Cuba and the community, occasion in that in that will also offer a concert the minstrels of Camagüey Iron and Glass, Antonio Batista, Aldrobandy and Harold Díaz.

The writer Yoandra Santana one of the organizers of the Literary Crusade, gave to know that the programming will have a theoretical space the day 10 in the Bookstore Athenaeum, to meditate about the publications of authors nobeles. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)

Camagüey in a fist of long fingernails

Camagüey, - Has Always been said that them, our federated ones, are as firm or delicate as demands the occasion, and the result of that quality is summarized in that the women of Camagüey has just included Camagüey among the five counties Vanguards of the country, an entire fist of hefty softness in defense of Cuba.

The results of the Emulation Anniversary 50 of the FMC invite, if it is that it fits, to look more attentively at our partners. In the stage, elevated the integration, deepened in 200 shops of values the one referred to the equality and elevated their inclusion in the Service Military Feminine Volunteer.

The recently concluded one processes eleccionario he/she left us in the municipal assemblies to 328 delegates that mean increment against the previous one and speak very well of the woman's promotion that neither fears to be sweated the hands: more than 1 800 of them produce foods from units of the MINAZ and other 2 800 seed and harvest in companies of the Agriculture, an entire pride of the Column Ana Betancourt, while a third force of 1 800 grows green lands received in usufruct.

Most of the 186 groups of the system of social prevention accuse advances in popular advice and districts and from the House of Orientation to the Woman and the Family the multidisciplinary advisory technical team contributes to the tribunals a complementary look in the treatment of very sensitive cases for the home.

For fortune, the laurels don't blind. The first one in subscribing him is Betsy Rodríguez Cardoso, general secretary in the county. She recognizes that the results are not homogeneous because lack a lot so that the 929 blocks are vanguards.

“The challenge is that all are vanguards or outstanding”, the secretary declares in front of the Diploma recently received in the capital. The new tasks of the 290 895 members of the FMC in Camagüey? “To be more dynamic and to elevate the activism from the community, the study centers and of work”, Betsy responds while the journalist repairs in her fists of federated.(Enrique Milanes León)

Looking at the city from another perspective

It works of the photographic exhibition “Another perspective”
Camagüey, - The survival of this city in front of the implacable weight of the time is the essential topic of the first photographic exhibition of David González Pérez, inaugurated in the expositive room Nicolás Guillén, of our Adelante newspaper.

The sample “Another perspective” of eight instantaneous digital, worked from the color to the usage of the analogical technique, reveals the multiple provocations of an artist that remake the image of constructive landmarks.

The sensation of the watching of the shades in the details of constructions of the religious, residence and administrative repertoire, surprises with more intensity due to the overlapping of cracks and vegetation characteristic of places deteriorated by the humidity.

The spaces of David, like the healer Adela María García Yero pointed out , play with a seemingly chaotic atmosphere starting from the fragmentation of the image, but invite to retrace “the paths of the cultural memory, to meet with the tangible city, to poke in a city that is herself and at the same time many other.”

Although David expressed his satisfaction to dare to expose results of his facets in the creation, his modesty didn't remain silent that merit of problemic young when intertwining remembers and day-to-dayness, when throwing the challenge to the current inhabitants of the perpetuity city Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity.

David González Pérez acts as graphic designer from 2004. He is member of the Cuban Association of Social Communicators and of the National Union of Architects and Engineers of the Construction of Cuba. He also maintains bonds with entities and institutions of the county, especially with the Cuban Association of Artisans Artists and the Office of the Historian of the City of Camagüey.(Yanetsy León)