jueves, 10 de junio de 2010

This 14 will also be day of light

The date will be the same one in that the chance or the destination decided to make coincide the birth of two men of all the times. The reasons, in essence the same ones that moved them to them and other many to fight... and to live.

Different will be June 14, different the juvenile faces, another will be the combat field, but without place to doubts, Maceo and Che will be next to the young of Camagüey and of other nations that will go this Monday for the justice, for Cuba.

To denounce the mediatic campaign against Cuba, organized by those that determine to destroy the Revolution from the exterior; to claim the immediate liberation of our five heroes antiterrorist prisoners in the United States, and to commemorate Antonio Maceo `s birthdays and Ernesto Che Guevara will be the reasons that will summon to hard-working youths' thousands and students of the four universities and other centers located in the provincial capital.

The march will leave around four in the afternoon of the University of the Medical Sciences Carlos J. Finlay and will travel the streets General Gómez and Cisneros until concluding with a political-cultural act in front of the emblematic preuniversitary Álvaro Morell.

During the day will also be organized numerous recall acts to the heroes in student and labor centers of the whole county. In hours of the morning of own Monday, a group of new militants of the UJC will receive its cards in the Square of the Revolution Ignacio Agramonte and outstanding pioneers that conclude the ninth grade will be recognized.

June 14 ,1845 Antonio Maceo was born , one of the main martyrs of the fights independentists in Cuba, while eight decades later, in 1928, he made Ernesto Che Guevara, the Heroic Guerilla fighter of the last war of national liberation happened in the Island. (Amaury Valdivia)

Radio Cadena Agramonte: 53 years in the heart of the town

With the certainty of perfecting every day more the work and to continue inserted in the heart of the town, the workers of Radio Cadena Agramonte took place, June 9, the birthday 53 of the provincial radio station.

Been founded in 1957, Cadena Agramonte main columnist of the chore of Camagüey has become, mainly starting from the revolutionary victory of January 1st,1959 and has accompanied to it town in the construction of the socialist society.

Such is the commitment of the new generations of radialists of the plant provincial villager, located in the vanguard of their similar ones of Cuba, according to the results of the National Festival of the Radio, developed to beginnings of this year.

It was revealed this way in the morning of today, in workers' tribune that had the presence, among other, of José Luis Cadenas and Isidro Ramírez, founders of the plant, as speaker and operator of control master, respectively.

With but of 70 proposals in its daily programming, during the 24 hours, the radial product of Cadena Agramonte includes a high informative percentage, a varied musical offer and a very liked dramatic offer, with the invoice of the cast of the Group “Nino Moncada”, one of the most noted of Cuba.

Highlights in the last decade the exit to the cíber space of digital www.cadenagramonte.cu,site that was among the first of the country in exposing the Image Cuba outside of the national frontiers, and that has obtained four Big Prizes in the Festivals of the union, and a First Place in the most recent event, besides other rewards nations and international. ( Pedro Paneque Ruiz )