miércoles, 15 de septiembre de 2010

The Suburban Agriculture needs more implements

The municipality head is the one that exhibits better situation

Camagüey.-Besides the increase of the areas of cultivations thanks to the delivery of lazy lands, one of the priorities of the Suburban Agriculture is the support of the shops of the agricultural companies in the construction and implements repair going to the properties.

In the case of this county, pioneer of this variant around the populational nuclei, the necessities of plows, tiers, carts, ruters and farming could retard the exploitation of small parcel the Ministry of Agriculture reason why (MINAGRI) impels the logistical help as for the acetylene for weldings and lathes able to rehabilitate metallic structures.

Between September and October the municipal directions will have the obligation of speeding up the transfer of machineries for the one clears of overgrowths, to control the requirements of resources for the implements repair and to increase the number of clever properties in the territories of recent incorporation to the suburban project.

The municipality head is the one that exhibits better situation, although presents deficit in the annual plan of setting in operation of carts, and in Slopes, Najasa and Guáimaro concentrate the biggest difficulties.

Vertientes could be one of the places of more recovery in this respect because have a Cattle Company, the Industrial Rice Complex (I FELL) Route Invasora and the Central Panama, a powerful structure of shops that can revert the current situation.(Oreidis Pimentel Pérez )

Efficient acting of the workers of Agricultural Producer Unit of Florida

Camagüey, Sep 15 - With little more than 500 workers, the Unit Agricultural Producer, known by self-consumption of Otero, in the municipality of Florida, assumes 37 percent of the productive administration of the Complex Rice Route Invasora of Camagüey.

At the moment the entity foments new areas and grows in the production of the established properties, in birds, bovine cattle raising, ovina and pigs, with different destinations, among them the territorial autosupply, in the net of state markets, although also covers commitments with the tourism.

He is also projected with more proposals in the making of food animal, responsibility in which replaces, with proven national formulas, foods that up to now were acquired abroad, in order to not to shrink in the cycle of improvements of the animals.

For the labor reorder of that unit of base of agricultural productions,plan to apply measures that, with the biggest rigor, allow to use in each position the exact number of workers that is required.

In similar principle new areas producers of foods are fomented that will be able to assume the force labor surplus, with the traditional benefit for the company and the workers. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz).

Answer of Chávez to Fidel's message

Havana, Sep 15 - Next we transmit the answer of the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez Frías, to the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz that publish today Granma newspaper and Juventus Rebelde:

Dear Fidel:

Truly that we are going by a wave of setbacks.

To today's dawn Tuesday, a helicopter of the Bolivarian Armed that participated in the successful rescue of 21 countrymen of two small lost crafts for 48 hours (still lacking a third craft), smashed and at this hour (10:00 hrs) I have just spoken with the Vice-admiral that commands the operations. They are rescuing some bodies without life. Another tragedy!

As you know, however, we are the children of the storm, Bolívar's children, "the man of the difficulties."

And we will leave ahead! To name of our Town, of the relatives of the deads, of the Revolutionary Government and for the memory of our martyrs, I make you arrive the deepest gratefulness for your notes of weighing and your words of solidarity.

You know it, Teacher that you have been in the face of the adversity that the revolutionaries grow us before it, or as told the Father Simón Bolívar "... we will fight against it and we will make it to obey us"

Until the victory always, Fidel!
We will conquer!!
Hugo Chávez Frías
10:25 HRS.

Message of condolence of Fidel to Chávez

Havana, Sep 15- Next we transmit the message of the leader of the Cuban Revolution condolence, Fidel Castro Ruz, to the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, with reason of the death of Willian Lara, governor of the state Guárico, and that publish today Granma newspaper and Juventud Rebelde.

Dear Hugo:

I want to transmit you the deep pain that caused me the death of Willian Lara, governor of the state Guárico, always friend and defender of the friendship among our two towns.

He fell challenging the danger and fulfilling the duty the Homeland and the Revolution. He didn't hesitate one second in crossing the bridge, already under the waters of the growing and wide river, like are usually in Venezuela; he worried about those that were to the other side of the current. Nothing else fair that to grant him the Liberator's Order and the felt words that you pronounced to the foot of his coffin.

But, he wanted the chance that, the same day, other faithful fighter died for the Bolivarian Revolution : Guillermo García Ponce.

When he took place, at the same time, the unhappy air accident in Bolívar's Venezuelan state, something characteristic of our upset time, the world had a test of what that Revolution means for the town; in question of minutes, all the available resources were put to disposition of the dozens of people survivors.

To the relatives that dear beings lost, those of those in that some member fights to survive, to the town of Venezuela, and to you, I want to transmit them my deepest feelings of solidarity.

Spirit and ahead!

Fidel Castro Ruz
September 13 of 2010
9 and 11 p.m.