martes, 9 de marzo de 2010

The women claim our right to know us superior

By: Moraima Borges / Television Camagüey

The man of the XXI century, in Cuba, has inwarded so much the woman's full equality that now doesn't offer the seat in the bus, neither he offers the hand to descend of the same one, because That wanted, to enjoy the same rights! It is as if the courtesy lack meant recognition of equalities. To the woman is screamed and is offended, even with words disqualified by the norms of the good education, is The cause that our hearings are similar to the men's that of the less elegant one?

I have seen the violent expression or the defiant attitude because of woman's victory, doesn't care the lid; can that until in the simplest domin combat. Do they feel same or not?

A friend, given to the occupation of writing, called to my telephone to interview on the women of my time; wanted to establish a comparison with the feminine generations that precede me in the time. I immediately conversed on the rights conquered in the education, the culture…in the full freedoms of those that Martí spoke.

But superiors in the art of the recognition have descended in the flatteries and the privileges of a vigorous and splendid treatment, endowed with singular excellence for our cohabit as regards goods.

For fortune it is always the last male of time, the one that clings to the antaño…the one that still gives flowers and uses poetic speeches, or the tender and romantic gallant able to make that, more than same, the woman sits down a SUPERIOR being.

To claim rights is part of the history of women's generations, almost from the beginnings of the XX century. We want participation equality, equivalence in the opportunities… but never nobody said, in these two centuries that we gave up the courtesy and the distinguished treatment as mothers, friends, sisters, daughters or partners…

The women deserve, as natural prerogative, the respect and the man's love; the one that enjoys the elementary right to the life by virtue of ourselves.