martes, 22 de septiembre de 2009

Dedicate day to Vilma Espín and Rosa Elena Simeón

The innovator's day will be dedicated to stand out Rosa Elena Simeón and Vilma Espín paper, creative women examples and instigators of the feminine participation in the development of the science in Cuba.

In their evocation the V Encounter of Creative Women will be made, the days coming October six seven, in the ferial enclosure of Expocuba, said today to the AIN Jesus Suárez Bravo, president of the National Association of Innovative and Racionalizers (ANIR).

In the event the creative initiatives will be presented of feminine of the whole country, coming from the base that facilitate the recovery of teams, substitution of imports and energy saving, among others.

The homage to the innovators, from October first to eight, will be favorable mark, also, for recognition activities and stimulation to the associates, squares and more outstanding communities, declared Eduardo Leyva Colunga, member of the National Desk of the ANIR.

Among the actions foreseen to greet the beginning of the day, highlights the celebration in the centers of work of the National Shop on the Political and Innovative Thought of the Che
The 36 presented communities this 2009 to opt for the Prize of more Economic and/or Social Impact that annually the ANIR grants presented 142 solutions that made possible an economic saving of more than 30 million pesos.(William Fernández)

Support collective of Camagüey return to the constitutional president of Honduras Manuel Zelaya

Workers and students of Camagüey expressed, in previous acts to the beginning of the days of this Tuesday, the happiness for the return to the constitutional president of Honduras Manuel Zelaya that gives continuity to the fight for the return to the democracy in the brother town.

After 87 days of peaceful protests to reestablish the political order damaged by the military hitters the elect President's arrival for popular command can become the solution of the conflict that maintains isolated to that nation.

The communities pointed out the confused participation of the leader of Costa Rica, Óscar Aryans that has in Hillary Clinton, secretary of State, of the United States his main consultant; at the time that remembered the contained precepts in the Honduran constitution that outlines to perpetuate a right State that a political, economic and socially fair society that propitiates the conditions for the man's full realization assures and so that the consultation is completed, is alone with the Honduran town

The hit of state of the passed June 28, expelled illegally from the power to Manuel Zelaya and installed as facto president to the military Roberto Micheletti with the back of something or somebody that is above the Constitution of the Central American nation; but the town of Francisco's earth Morazán didn't slack in pawn him and the fight continues to return the constitutional order to the country. (Aramís González Cruz)

Beneficiated more than 4 500 Cubans with bony implant

In the last five years in Cuba have benefitted more than 4 500 patients with implant of bony fabric, processed in the Bank of the International Orthopedic Scientific Complex Frank Country, an expert announced.

The doctor Manuel Jaca, production vicedirector of having knitted implants of the institution, explained to the AIN that most of the patients were operated in that hospital center, and also apply proceeding in Cienfuegos, Sancti Spíritus, Matanzas, Holguín, and Pinar del Río.

Implant them of bony webs are used in seudoartrosis, fractures that don't consolidate well, benign or wicked bony cysts, tumors, hip fractures, to form a better channel for the hip prothesis, or of knee, the specialist of II Grade in Cardiovascular Surgery added.

There are also used in the escoliosis surgery to make the fixation and to create a new column, and in other to restore the size of the bone, asserted the physician.

Jaca, next to the professor Rodrigo Álvarez Cambras, will impart a conference about the topic in the International Congress of Orthopedics, in Bayamo, Granma whose sessions will extend up to September 26.

The same as the skin, the bone allows the prosecution and storage during long time, contrary to other organs like the cornea, the kidney, the heart, the lung or another fabric, the expert emphasized.

In the Bank of websof the Frank País skin is also processed to use it in burnt and other medical specialties.

Jaca announced that they work in the investigations to put to point in Cuba the employment of bovine bone in the human's substitution.

At the moment they process the web fabric, also pericardium for the repair of the hernias inguinals and abdominal, and produce swinish skin, of great demand in the services of burnt.

This web, delimited the physician, besides removing him the pain to the patient, it allows that grows the normal web under, avoids the loss of liquid, it is of immediate employment and it has saved many lives.(Iris de Armas Padrino)

President Manuel Zelaya in Honduras

Honduran constitutional President Manuel Zelaya returned to Tegucigalpa on Monday and is currently at the UN headquarters in this capital, his advisor Eduardo Reina reported.

"We can confirm that President Zelaya is here," Reina told Telesur television station.

The information was also confirmed by Vice Foreign Minister Beatriz del Valle.

Thousands of Hondurans are arriving to the international organization's headquarters in Tegucigalpa to welcome their constitutional president.

Zelaya had been forced out of his house by military putschists on June 28. (PL).

Municipality of Guáimaro headquarters of the provincial act for anniversary of the CDR

The provincial secretariat of the Committees of Defense of the Revolution (CDR) in the county of Camagüey gave to know the results of the emulation recently, being known this way the territories that more stood out in the period.

In that sense, was stood out as Provincial Vanguard and headquarters of the central act in the territory, the municipality of Guáimaro, result that owes itself in great measure to its stability in the execution of the appraisable tasks during the cederist year.

As Outstanding were the municipalities of Esmeralda, Céspedes and Nuevitas, at the same time that the territory provincial head received a Special Recognition for the advances in its work inside the organization.

The central act for the cederist date will take place the own day 28 at 10 in the morning in territory of Guáimaro. (Mariela Peña Seguí)

Camagüey puts roofs to the climatic fury

This oriental center of the Cuban county arrived to 47% of solutions of the residence affectations caused by the floods and the hurricanes Dennis, Ike and Paloma.

Leonel del Risco, director of the Housing in this territory, said that of the 118 641 mishaps of roofs, walls and total collapses have become rehabilitated 56 352 properties, with smaller results in the provincial capital, Minas and Nuevitas.

Céspedes, Najasa, Sierra de Cubitas and Esmeralda, with the 68, 65, 61 and 60 execution%, respectively, mark the leading in the important social answer.

The present annual plan of constructions of 2 000 new houses, includes, 1 381 corresponding to having damaged that lost its homes, of which 628 ended in the first half of the current year. The remaining belong to the denominated plan for outstanding workers and for own effort, by means of bank credits for the acquisition of construction materials.

Del Risco explained that more than a million 699 489 square meters of covered are on or are in process, and as more tiles and resources arrive to the county the agreement solutions they will advance with the established priorities.(Rolando Sarmiento Ricart )