viernes, 18 de junio de 2010

People of Camagüey ratifies to Lugo Fonte disposition of producing more foods

The responsibility and the commitment of producers and directive of the agriculture and of the rural sector in this county of making produce each earth piece, it was ratified Orlando Lugo Fonte, National President of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP), in recent work encounter.

Although until May the territory fulfills the program of seed of several cultivations, dissatisfactions exist with the figures of achieved viands - below that foreseen -, and with that contributed by the peasants - the biggest taxpayers - who only arrive to 64 percent of their commitments.

Cuba designs a strategy, similar to the one applied with the milk, so that the producers take their crops directly to towns and near communities, without stopping to guarantee their commitments with the social consumption; with the result that the people of Camagüey has to accelerate the step to guarantee the demanded foods in the Cuban table.

Another very debated aspect was the related with the production of beans, line in the one that the country anticipate a strong investment in seed to guarantee a technological package to a group of peasants who will be in charge of of multiplying the production, what will allow that the country stops to care a hundred thousand tons of those grains. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)

Vilma, always Vilma

It was a sad day for all the Cubans, and because the women of the world not to say, personalities and means of press of diverse countries diffused the death of Vilma Espín, the unbeaten president of the Federation of Cuban Women.

With the fineness and simplicity that herself emanated, with the detail and the love that she knew how to put in each moment of her fruitful life, the Cuban women remind Vilma Espín Guillois, the indefatigable combatant, heroine of the secrecy and excellent combatant of the Rebellious Army, when being completed today three years of her physical disappearance .

There won't lack in the memory the days in that the girl that wanted to be ballet dancer was or rolled in her native Santiago's carnivals; of the excellent student of chemical engineering, of the intrepid Alina, Mónica, Dévorah or Mariela follower of Frank País to the front of the Movement July 26 , of Fidel and Raúl in the Sierra Maestra.

The greatness of her work, a work that was born and grew modeled by her ideas, carved in the formation of a woman that knows and is entitled the of not being discriminated against, of a childhood and a sure adolescence.

In the song mambisa, in the evocation to the couple's love that creó and procreated children, grandsons, values and virtues; in the heart that today is surprised and gets wider, in the tear that unrestrainable sprouts for the cheeks beyond the death, beyond the pain, it was inscripted, in the eternity, in the history of the Homeland.

The unbeaten President of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC),since its foundation, of the National Commission of Prevention and Social Attention, and the Commission of the Childhood, the Youth and the Equality of the Woman's rights, of the deputy to the National Assembly of the Popular Power, tribunes from which defended the rights and the infants' duties, the youths and the women, how to educate them to preserve the values and more valuable principles of the Cuban Revolution, based on treating people like true human beings, with unit and full independence. It is this way Vilma and will always be remembered.(Diosdada Sagarra Díaz )