viernes, 2 de octubre de 2009

Summoned peasants of the municipality of Camagüey of Najasa to produce more food

The general direction of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) and the Communist Party of Cuba in the municipality of Najasa, located to the southeast of Camagüey, summoned the peasants of the territory to produce foods and to complete the plans concerted for the present year.

The presidents of the rural communities surrendered bills of the concrete situation for which cross, in the full that had for headquarters the Cooperative of Agricultural Production (CPA), Augusto Cesar Sandino.

It was known that the viands production and grains show sensitive back payments, those that are on time of reducing with the seed of at least a line of sweet potatoes in each cooperative and of inserted beans.

On the other hand they complete the recruiting of smaller and more swinish livestock and will complete in date the five million conventional liters of milk with the Industry.

The full of the ANAP also evaluated the derived commitments of the tenth rural congress in the organizational and ideological processes.

The peasants of Najasa are a strength with which counts the address politician-administrative of the municipality to guarantee most of the volumes of production of foods that the population needs. (Alfredo Ferrer Abelarde)

Camagüey accelerates trainning for National Tournament of Ascent

The team of this county accelerates its training process for the National Tournament of Ascent (TNA) of the Masculine Basketball whose opening will happen in October.

Holguín and Camagüey divided in friendly end of basketball

Occupants of the third square during the last version, people of Camagüey will try to continue their progression, although some of their main players will be absent, included the pivot Leonel Batista (2,06 meters), affected by a lesion that presumably will require surgical intervention.

Nevertheless, on the court they will have their double deluxe, composed by the international Yordani Jaca and Yorman Polás who print a high rhythm to the acting of the selection.

The zonal rivals have enough category like to demand to the maximum, because Ciego de Ávila, current king of the country, gathers in its regular alignment to talented athletes like Joan Luis Haiti and to Michael Guerra, as long as Villa Clara faces the challenge with beginner that come with desires of disputing upper-class positions.

The rest of the opponents, Cienfuegos and Sancti Spíritus, appears virtually discarded, resulting perception of the absence of good balances during the precedent lides, besides being integrated by figures in the middle of formation process.

Inside the preparation process, the cortege of Camagüey faced to its couple of Holguín, and it was able to be imposed in the first comparison with slate of 93-68, aided efficiently by the offensive of Yosvani Baldó(32 points) and Vladimir Francis (15).

The visitors recovered and were able to assure the success in the second and last party, when conquering 94-90, also favored by the employment of the banking of the square host.

Similar dividend was of the commitment made before Las Tunas, basically used to train the players of the reservation, all time that the collective visitor doesn't belong to the strongest competitors in the country.

In the crash of opening of the TNA that the coming nine begin , Camagüey will visit to the potent square of Ciego de Ávila.(Gilberto Rodríguez )

Camagüey with more than two thousand planted hectares of cane

With more than two thousand hectares planted in September, this county came closer to the possible execution of the annual program of cane seed, essential to elevate the production of sugar.

In the 2009 the Sugar Managerial Group (GEA) of the territory planned to water seeds in 15 thousand 824 hectares, and at this time it is to 17 percent of reaching.

Of the eight companies dedicated to the cultivation of the gramineous , six report an important advance, almost sure of conquering the plan, but the other are very distant of achieving that foreseen when with October closes the rainy station and most of the plantations are in unirrigated land areas.

Leonel Sánchez who directs the cane production in the GEA, said that the probable execution will be based on the extra contribution of some entities like Panama, Brazil and Cándido González.

For Camagüey that in the coming sugar cane factory will fuction only four of their eight power stations for the deficit of the high matter in the farms, to reach the program of this year would contribute to increase the readiness for the two following campaigns.

Manolo Rogel, expert of the sugar sector in the county, pointed out that it is important to conquer the plan of the 2009, but also to assist these fields and the other appropriately.

In the crops the main stump is that of the sprouts, strongly damaged for the plastered, that which makes diminish the agricultural yield and the duration the plantations assured.

Recently, Erduin Delgado, one of the directive of the GEA, said that Camagüey in the fact possesses the most difficult situation of Cuba as for cane, increased by the damages of the hurricanes in the 2008.(Lucilo Tejera Díaz)

Grupo of Camagüey Desandann finished its most successfull and extense tour

The vocal group of Camagüey Desandann returned after its most successful and extensive tour, with the stimulus of a prize granted in Canada to the disk that recorded with Jane Bunnett.

Emilia Chávez, directress of the group, dialogued about the international 24 traveled of the cast, of about five and a half months for the referred country and Great Britain.

The Cubans and the remarkable piper-saxophonist received in the course of the itinerary the prize Juno, considered the Grammy of Canada, granted in the category of contemporary jazz to the CD "Embracing voices", recorded there in the 2008.

Desandann acted in that nation in cities like Ottawa--the capital--, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Vancouver, and had its main task in the participation in 16 music festivals, not competitive.

In British territory it conquered in Edinburgh the only prize granted in the second phase of the event The World Festival 2009, and in London--the capital--he/she offered a concert in a theater.

Among another activities in the European country recorded, in creole, songs for a CD--still without name--, in one of the studies of the discography The Real World, headed by the musician Peter Gabriel.

The relative journalistic covering to the tour in general included to means like the British radial radio station BBC.

Integrated for descending of Haitian, the artistic community has in its repertoire works in creole, Spanish and English, and the coalition of its musical capacity and corporal development transforms to its shows into a virtuoso sound offers and of scenic arts.(Adolfo Silva Silva )