jueves, 15 de julio de 2010

Leadership of Camagüey in school rhythmic gymnastics

Camagüey. The county of Camagüey reached, with 69 points, the first place of the rhythmic gymnastics in the XLVI National School Games, disciplines whose tests were developed in the Palacio of the Sports Rafael Fortún Chacón, of this city.

Santiago de Cuba and The Tunas occupied the second and third positions, with 65 and 61 units, respectively.

In Camagüey, also continues the chess competition, in the one which Villa Clara goes to the head after the sixth beat, with an accumulated of 13.5, while continue City of Havana (13) and Matanzas (12), in that order.

The boxing begins today in the town, and will continue until the next 20, with the participation of sportsmen of all the counties and of the special municipality of Island of the Youth, as well as three representatives of Mexico. (Sindy Domínguez and Deneb González )

Will use for the first time two work Contemporary Ballet Endedans in Camagüey

Camagüey - The Contemporary Ballet Endedans announces next two premieres for its summer season - from 15 July 17 - in the Main Theater of Camagüey.

"Forgive me the fright of looking for you", small piece that also owes its title to a verse of Jesus David Curbelo, opens the night in a vein of high visual attractiveness.

It is continued for "The Carmen", the acquaintance's contemporary version "Carmen", of George Bizet, in arrangements of Rodión Shedrín, the most ambitious proposal and polemic of this collective danzary that unites to Tania Vergara`s choreography the designs of wardrobe of the Teacher and National Prize of Design Eduardo Arrocha and the scenery of the plastic artist Guillermo López.

The premiere of "The Carmen"articulates Endedans with the realizer Rolando Admiral who leads the filming of rehearsals and functions to give life to a project aided by the CENESEX, the Center Martin Luther King, the agency CARICATOS and the AHS.

Of this presentation, several artistic products will be obtained that will point out as much as happens in this premier, also gathering the impact of the work in the public and the encounter with young who - starting from the one mentioned work - dialoguen about the sexual diversity and other edges tunes to the topic.

The functions will be made the days 15, 16 and 17, July to the 8:30 PM.y and the 18 to the 5.00 PM.

Cultural proposal for the children in their day

Camagüey - In the context of the parties for the Day of the Children, the Brigade José Martí, jointly with the Office of the Historian of the City, invites to all the small ones to participate in a beautiful cultural proposal, July 18, to the 9.00 am.

The appointment will take place in the House of Children Without Help Branch, located in the street Means, No. 317, Square of Havana. There one will be able to enjoy the performance of the Choir Harlequin and the artistic talent of the Brigade José Martí.

The mentioned choir belongs to the sociocultural project "Harlequin", favored by the OHCC that includes the work of preservation of traditions from the dance, the theater and the plastic arts.