jueves, 26 de noviembre de 2009

Artist of Camagüey Ernesto Suárez prepares exhibition about environment

By: Aymee Amargós / Televisión Camagüey

The artist of the plasticErnesto Suárez Cano uses waste of metals, unites them and forms pieces of big dimensions. It uses those elements for an exhibition on the environment. It is 12 works that show serious problems from the environment to those that the human being faces.

The sample exhibits the aggressions to the ecosystem. He tries to promote a rational use of the natural resources, because tomorrow will be too much afternoon.

With recognition of the Association of Artisans Artists of the County of Camagüey, Ernesto Suárez, takes more than 10 years working the metal in different ways. He also devotes to the design and realization of furniture.

Now of his hands leave pieces of great size guided to increase the knowledge on the nature. Singularities of lands are part of the thematic variety of the exhibition.

Ernesto Suárez with his vision wants to achieve an socioenvironmental education from a responsible attitude.

To secure the Cuban economic pattern, mission of the ANEC

By:Enrique Atiénzar Rivero
In more than an occasion the Cuban president Raúl Castro has claimed the necessity an economic model that guarantees the irreversibility of the Revolution like human, solidary social and participative project to assure.

It corresponds the members of the National Association of Economists of Cuba (ANEC) to cooperate to the concretion of that objective, directed to demonstrate that it is possible the superiority of the socialist company on the exploiters interests of the private property.

Today is a day of joy for the accountants and economists when being completed an anniversary more than the foundation of the ANEC, but, mainly, the fifty years of Ernesto Guevara`s appointment, as president of the National Bank of Cuba, coincident with the delivery of the certification of the exemplary combatants of America Cuban citizen.

With their diagnoses and opportune investigations the professionals of the sector favor to increase their work in the internal control and to that the accounting is reflective of the economic facts that originate in the companies, production centers and in the budgotten units.

They have for before the honorable task of suggesting how to consolidate the rationality of the resources, to fight against all voluntarism manifestation and to make valid the rich flow of concepts of the Che in his renovating and revolutionary economic thought.

Camagüey attended in the county of The Tunas to the celebration of the national act for the date, with the aspiration of occupying a place highlighted in the emulation that favors this social organization, presided over by Roberto Verrier and that is honored among its members with the academic, Osvaldo Martínez, president of the Center of Investigations of the World Economy with headquarters in the capital.

The members of the ANEC in Camagüey deploy an important work in multiplying the knowledge in the different segments of the society on the impacts of the global economic crisis that lives today the world with unemployment waves-I didn't seize in Cuba - and with other effects like the closing of big industries.

Ready people of camagüey for the Strategic Exercise Bastion 2009

The forces and means of the Military Region of Camagüey are ready to begin the Strategic Exercise Bastion 2009, training that has as obejtive to elevate the dissuasive and defensive capacity of the country, besides the preparation to face the imperialistic enemy's possible aggression.

The austerity, the efficiency and the invigoration of the military invulnerability, will characterize the training in which will participate the Militias of Territorial Troops next to the regular units of the Revolutionary Armed forces, from this Thursday until the coming day November 28.

In accordance with the approach of the organizers, in the county of Camagüey, the execution of the Strategic Exercise Bastion 2009 is a necessity of first agreement order with the situation military politician that characterizes the confrontation of Cuba with the North American imperialism.

The day November 29 will be carried out the National Day of the Defense, where the members of the defensive devices of our territory will get ready, by means of exercises dedicated to the population's protection and the economy, as well as the training of the units of the reservation and the Militias of Territorial Troops.

The men and women of The Adult's earth will be present in the Strategic Exercise Bastion 2009, and will complete those that the General of Army Raúl Castro said that is preferable to spill rivers of perspiration before rivers of blood. (Orlando de la Cruz Barbán)