lunes, 28 de junio de 2010

Unfortunate week for the Cattlemen team

In spite of falling in their three week commitments, the Cattlemen team maintained the tip of the Square of Baseball in Camagüey with balance of seven victories and five defeats, while the discreet team Rice fields recovered land in the chart and harasses to the sublíder Farmers.

Among the parties of the fourth week of competition Farmers gave the first blow to Cattlemen for slate of 4-1 and Rice fields followed the example with two overwhelming 6-1 and 11-2 during Thursday and Friday in spite of acting in this last challenge the right Fidel Romero.

The grout of the days was to bill of the left-handed of Guáimaro Maikel Abreu who acts with Farmers, that which collapses in the basement to the novena of Fishermen.

Calls the attention the drop jonroner production, with hardly Nelson's bambinazo Fort on last Friday and a liderato that has three men with three sticks of complete turn tied in the pigeonhole.

The chart of positions exhibits Cattlemen with 7 and 5, Farmers 5 and 4, Rice 5 and 5 and Fishermen with 3 and 6. The games in the stadium Cándido González continued during Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. (Oreidis Pimentel Pérez)

Cuba: The special education arrives to all the needful

Thanks to the love, patience and the professors' dedication, these children improve their quality of life.

Until a small town of the east of Cuba the special education, fruit of the insomnia of the revolutionary state arrives in preparing for the life and the full incorporation to the society to girls and children with mental delay, I slow in the psychic development or behavior dysfunctions.

It is the town of Martí, in the municipality Guáimaro, distant to some 80 kilometers of Camagüey, where the special school works Horacio Cobiellas, with a registration conformed by 146 children, coming in its majority of rural areas and homes with difficulties in its operation.

There the pupils studies from the first grades until culminating the secondary education, but for on all the things receive a lot of love, result of the self-denying and beautiful work of a cloister that its main mission in lavishing the bigger than the affections to the minor.

How different is the panorama of the special education in United States, where the students with discapacities suffer physical punishments, practice of the one that neither their classroom partners escape, as denounced organizations of human rights that claim the prohibition of those repressive acts.

In accordance with the press agency EFE, a document published by those organizations affirms that the employment of disciplinary methods of physical character can increase the problem of the smallest and therefore to harm its education.

But it is alarming that adds the fact to so inhuman to be proceeded that in 20 of the states of the North American Union, mainly in the south of the nation, the corporal punishments to the students in the classrooms are considered legal.

The country that seeks to dictate behavior norms to the world should overturn look toward inside before prosecuting to other and in the particular thing to determine to harm the image of Cuba whose clean executorship has been recognized by the international community to the being elect vice-president of the Council of Human rights of United Nations (Oscar González Vázquez)

People of Camagüey highlighted in sugar sphere of Cuba

Four persons of Camagüey integrates the payroll of highlighted directive in the Cuban sugar sphere who, next to the desert recognition, areas of economic, cultural and social interest of this county traveled during two days.

Almost a thirty of the 40 men and excellent women in their acting as leaders of the sugar sphere in Cuba, received their respective recognitions of hands of Julio Cesar García first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), in the county and Luis Ynchausti, president of the Government at that level.

Among them Daniel Delgado Chirolde, boss of production of the central “Siboney”, Manuel Frizzy Gentleman, director of the Company of Sugar Assemblies, Guillermo Peña Hernández, director of Shops “Lenin” and Male Julio Guerrero, director of the Group of Sugar Constructions.

Although the Ministry of the Sugar (MINAZ) in Cuba, is even very distant of covering expectations and necessities producers, there are always excel men and women in their acting.

The tributed represents the good chore in the cane productions and sugar, mechanical, of transport, of having derived and the agricultural , like fundamental part in the pitch diversificator of that Ministry.

During solemn ceremony in the living room Nicolás Guillén, in the base of the monument to “El Mayor” in the city of Camagüey, Orlando García, minister of the union, remarked in the challenges that have for before the Cuban sugar bowls, mainly in the necessary rescue of the cane readiness. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz)