lunes, 6 de septiembre de 2010

To avoid the premature end of the life

Camagüey, - Nobody questions it: it is a true pain that to this height of the era of the knowledge and of consolidation of important scientific discoveries, let us find people in the world that are not given for informed that the planet that we inhabit is on the edge of a nuclear debacle, if United States and Israel don't give up their plans of attacking Iran.

The fact could make an appointment of unusual if in good lid millions of earthlings didn't know such a threat and what hangs about the world peace, mistreated by the wars, promoted and encouraged by United States in different places like Iraq and Afghanistan, conflicts of Israel against Palestine and other focuses of tension.

To remain impassive in the face of that sad reality is to accept the premature end of the life patiently, prevenible if we all raise the voices and we omen a world of justice and of peace.

There is not right some that the ferocious binomial: USA and Israel maintains in a fright the tranquility of more than 7 000 million people that want to live in an atmosphere of fraternity and human solidarity.

In this minute the problem is that focalize in that the biggest number of people notices the danger and look for to persuade the president from United States, Barack Obama that avoids to transform to the world doesn't stop bad but stops well of the humanity.

There the ignoramuses that the most learned are made from the world to the shade of signs fetishists of the canned superprograms that intoxicate and alienate.

Hopefully the exit to the conflict of United States and Israel against Iran is that of the wisdom and to leave without effect the agreement of the Council of Security of the ONU that authorizes to the biggest world power to inspect the merchant ones and air ships of the Persian nation.

I think that nobody wants that it happens that unfortunate minute. Of happening it will be the explosion from a conflagration to global scale in which would lose, so much those attacked as the attackers, rushed to a sure death that would wear mourning to millions of homes, without thinking, clear, in the worst consequences as the loss of the balance of the environment and the disappearance of the species.

Neither United States nor Israel are entitled to condemn Iran because enriches uranium with peaceful ends, however, so much one as other possesses nuclear weapons and get bold with threats, even, with attacking a nobleman and brave town.

To less than twenty-four hours that the general director of the International Agency for the Atomic Energy claimed Israel to adhere to the Treaty of Not Nuclear Proliferation (TNP), I agree that limits the diffusion of atomic weapons and allows controls in the places to the inspectors of the AIEA, the Zionist regime underrated the proposal, carried out in Vienna by the Japanese Yukiya Fakes, maximum representative of the institution, according to press offices, diffused on Sunday September five.

The 200 nuclear bombs that Israel possesses are not of game, these are able to complicate the chess board in which the checkmate should be given for well of all with the record, called PEACE. (Enrique Atiénzar Rivero)

Philatelic of Camagüey discusses heading for the Congress

Camagüey, - The collectors of the Philatelic Circle Ignacio Agramonte in this city debated multiple topics as the current situation of the postal cancellations, the international change and the quality of the design of the postal emissions of Cuba like part from the process of assemblies to the congress of the specialty, to takes place from the 27 to November 28 in Havana.

The meeting had the presence of José Raúl Lorenzo, president of the Cuban Philatelic Federation (FFC) and representatives of the Company of Mail in the territory, a bond that can perfect some limitations of the popular liking of the stamps and postal documents without doubts, which needs bigger training on the part of the personnel of the Postal Areas and classification centers.

In spite of difficulties in the exchange and the existence of envelopes of first day (FDC), the main critics approached the desconexion between the approaches and the collectors' opinions with regard to the politics of emissions of the Ministry of the Communications.

The topic of the high quantity of annual emissions, value facial and not tariff approved by the International Postal Union and the reduction in the conceptual quality of the design are others of the edges that will surely have continuity and polemic in the Cuban capital.

Still when young students of the Superior Institute of Design (ISDI) present novel projects others of low quality prevail and that in many cases respond to institutional interests or the little creativity of a small group of designers, it proves that the Cuban coleccionism suffers of subjective difficulties.

Besides the interventions, outstanding collectors of the county received diplomas for their participation in competitions and exhibitions, were carried out the proposals to the national candidacy and of the Central Region and the Circle chose their four delegates to the Congress.

Camagüey has about 300 members that which converts the CF Ignacio Agramonte in bigger than its type in the country outside of Havana and harbors a great philatelic tradition that includes the privilege of possessing the only exclusive edition of stamps of its own region in the national postal history, the case of the emission of Port Prince during the North American occupation. (Oreidis Pimentel Pérez)