martes, 7 de diciembre de 2010

Add 57 the Classes of Maceo created in Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, Dec 7 . With the creation of two new Classes of Maceo in this city, already adds in the country 57 those circles dedicated to preserve the thought and the moral values of the family Maceo and Grajales.

The new clubs were activated in the primary school Oscar Lucero Moya and the secondary Alberto Fernández Monte de Oca.

Victor Manuel Pullés, specialist of the Center of Studies Antonio Maceo and coordinator of the project, explained to the AIN that to promote the heroic traditions of the Cuban town is a form of contributing to the consolidation of his democratic ideals and patriotic feelings.

The classes that study the legacy of the mambi stock that gave their children to the independence of Cuba - among them the biggest general Antonio Maceo and José Maceo - carry out a systematic work with projection toward the communities, from schools, work centers and social and political organizations.

In this 2010, year of the anniversary 165 of Antonio's birth Maceo, of the one who José Martí said that had “as much force in the mind as in the arm”, his evocation has included cultural, political and educational actions.

Exhibitions about the eminent person's life, shops on their thought, donations of blood and encounters with combatants of the revolution, are some of the activities that are carried out with the support of the Center of Studies Antonio Maceo.

This December seven, when the anniversary is commemorated 114 of the fall in combat of Antonio Maceo, the classes will surrender homage to the brave mambí in all the monuments to his memory, and will direct special mornings to highlight his impronta in the Cuban history.

In Santiago de Cuba, the indefatigable qualified combatant's cradle as the Titan of Brass, the biggest quantity in those groupings works with antecedents in the Maceists Societies that arisen in the first half of the XX century, sowed the civic and patriotic values that made a relating of elegance, civism and courage. (Ekaterina Rivera Zvezdina / AIN)

Salvadoran president receives the Can

Havana, Dec 7 .The president from El Salvador, Mauricio Funes, offered a dinner of honor to the minister of External Relationships of Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez who concludes this Tuesday an official visit to the Central American country.

During the encounter topics of bilateral interest were approached, among these the cooperation projects in sectors of the health, education, trade and culture, refer an office of Latin Press.

The Chancellor's arrival happens after the Salvadoran President was in Cuba the days last October four and five, when both governments signed the first four projects.

In accordance with the program, Rodríguez will meet today with the national address of the Front Farabundo Martí for the National Liberation (FMLN), the biggest force politics in that nation.

Will also sustain a second interview with his homologous, Hugo Martínez, with who on Monday carried out official conversations in the headquarters of the Chancellery.

This visit is the first of a boss from the Cuban diplomacy to El Salvador in the history of both nations. (AIN)