viernes, 13 de agosto de 2010

Inaugurate photographic exhibition dedicated to Fidel and Raúl Castro

Camagüey. Photograph taken to Fidel and Raúl Castro during the last 10 years, conform the exhibition "Thought and Action", of the fotorreporter Raúl Abreu Acuña, which opened up this Thursday, August 12, in hours of the night in the Gallery-shop Larios, of the city of Camagüey.

The sample conforms 35 images captured in different contexts and circumstances to the two leaders, and that also pick up the instrumentation of the martian thought in becoming historical of the Revolution.

Following the protagonism of the Cuban town in the construction of the new homeland, with Fidel and Raúl`s guide, the exhibition has visited other five counties and was presented in the passing Trades International of the Book of Havana.

When saying of Eugenio Suárez, director of the Office of History of the Council of State, the pictures of Abreu promote our memories and feelings, and will transcend in the time, as portator of historical moments.

The exhibition "Thought and Action", will be open during several days to the public and will serve like greeting to the birthday 84 of the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro. (Mariela Peña Seguí )

Coppelia of Camagüey to the doors of a record

The women almost represent the workers' of the Factory of Icy Coppelia of Camagüey

Camagüey. With the biggest production in its history, ten thousand gallons in a single work day, the workers of the Factory of Icy Coppelia of Camagüey, celebrate the birthday 84 of the Commandant in Boss Fidel Castro August 13.

The previous productive record of that entity belonging to the Milky company Camagüey dated of more than two decades ago when, with an equipment under better conditions technical and bigger stability in its supplies, was able to reach the eight thousand gallons of ice cream in 24 hours of work.

At the present time Icy Coppelia of Camagüey is the second bigger industry of its type in the country and possesses a well won prestige for the quality of its productions, recognized as much for the consumers as for specialists in the field.

Its 187 workers, 117 of them women, work to elevate the production and efficiency of the industry that presently year has been able to increase its deliveries from about 40 thousand monthly gallons, in January, until more than 100 thousand of those units, correspondents to the population's consumption during the recently concluded July.

“Those advances have been due in the first place to the effort and the sense of all our workers' ownership”, explains Mario Díaz Mena, director of the factory. “Thanks to its delivery we have been able to maintain in operation teams with more than four decades of use and of disparate technologies.”

During the last months the institution has been able to reduce the nonfulfillments with the Gastronomy and other destinations that had accumulated during the first weeks of 2010, a situation that plan to solve before concludes the year, reaching the plan of more than a million gallons of committed ice cream with the country.

Potentialities to achieve it seem to exist in the entity of Camagüey that has increased in a significant way its deliveries going to infantile and social centers without neglecting the quality during the current vacacional season and completing the parameters of energy consumption that has assigned.

For that reason among the workers of the entity the trust prevails in the possibility of reaching the ten thousand gallons foreseen by the birthday of the leader of the Revolution, a zeal that began at eleven in yesterday's night August 12 and seek to culminate in today's day.

“If during the last four months our factory has been able to increase its production so much, how won't we be able to fulfill Fidel?”, Asks Ana María Morales del Sol, production assistant. “That doesn't fit doubt that we reach them. Women and men have more than enough here to achieve what we intend, and much more if it is for Fidel.”

Registers Lugo Fonte to outstanding cooperative of Camagüey

Camagüey. Orlando Lugo Fonte, president of the National Association of Small Farmers, ANAP, gave the Flag 50 Anniversary of the Victory of the Revolution, to the members of the Cooperatives of Agricultural Production (CPA) Martyrs of Cascorro, of Guáimaro and "Jesus Suárez Gayol", in this municipality of Camagüey.

The recognition confers for only time, the Council of State to proposal of the ANAP, and of the 125 worthy cooperatives in the country, 12 are of Camagüey, in those that productive and social results are conjugated and mark in Camagüey the outpost of the rural protagonism in their contributions of several cultivations, cattlemen, apicols and swinish.

In the solemn act, in which were given to the communities the condition of National Vanguard next to the flag, Lugo Fonte expressed that in her goes implicit the blood of the moncadists, the expeditionary of the Granma, the combatants of Girón and of our internationalists.

When referring to the high stimulus and at the same time the peasants' commitment of these cooperatives when receiving the banner, the president of the ANAP in Cuba, told them that when more difficulties face to complete his objective of taking place for the town, look toward the flag, the one that contains the sacrifices of these years, to give continuity to this socialist Revolution.

Also in this occasion, was given the recognition to the members of the Martyrs of Pine Three of Santa Cruz of the South and the Battle of the Guásimas of Vertientes, tomorrow will receive that of the “Benito Viñales” of Mines, while in coming September will make the communities of the Martyrs from Nicaragua of Sibanicú and the “Abel Santamaría” of this municipality of Camagüey. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)