viernes, 11 de junio de 2010

Realizes Education Superior Minister significant advances of the University Ignacio Agramonte

This is a course in which one has worked a lot, with a lot of zeal and has contributed us a lot of experience; in the first place is necessary to recognize the effort and also of the rest of the workers. This University, with the insert that goes achieving in the society of Camagüey with its participation in the prioritized tasks of the county, with the consequent work that is developing, makes honor to the name that received recently, that of Ignacio Agramonte¨.

With these declarations to the press, Miguel Díaz - Canel Bermúdez, member of the Political Desk of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and minister of Superior Education (MES) ratified the positive evaluation reached by the House of High Studies of Camagüey during the last two visits of inspection of that organism to value the behavior to the two main objectives of the current school course: the ideological political work and the improvement in the quality of the education.

In the fatigued information to the cortege of the MES for the Dra. Lianet Goyas, rector of the University Ignacio Agramonte y Loynaz, are distinguished the roads applied to create in the new professional mentality of producers starting from the current demands of our country, fundamentally through the labor practice, the incorporation to agricultural works and in facilities of the own facility, and in programs of regional development as those of production of foods, energy, defense, rail transport, in cooperation with the corresponding organisms.

In the course of the summary of the inspection The holder of the MES meant that as a result of a survey applied the students of this teaching in the country, the University of Camagüey is second o'clock better pondered, preceded of the one of Ciego de Ávila, in the level of general satisfaction, and equally more than 80% of the registration finds practical utility for the acting from its profession to the knowledge of Marxism.

In the relationship of positive approaches also stand out that as never before, during the last ten years the center of Camagüey is in the front border in the execution and quality of its processes nouns, the grant of a prize CITMA this year, a wide participation of the pupil and the cloister in the tasks of social impact with a notorious improvement in the communication between both groups.

As part of the improvement of the economic activity to the one that the university students of Camagüey are summoned, achieve the improvement of this activity, so much in the projection toward the activities of this branch in the county, like in its administration to obtain monetary revenues through pregrade courses and posgrade, and international exchanges, pointed out Díaz Canel.

Finally Eduardo López Leyva, member of the Provincial Desk of the Communist Party of Cuba expressed the satisfaction of the political and administrative address of the territory for the experienced vanace by the University, where now, the biggest General Ignacio Agramonte example should irradiate in the execution of each task, with a marked influence politics in its young students and professors, and in the capacity of its leaders to face complex problems. (María Delys Cruz Palenzuela)

Specialists of Health debate in Camagüey on hospital entrance

Doctors, specialists and technicians of diverse branches of the health meet in the capital city of the center oriental Cuban county of Camagüey, in the First Scientific Day on hospital entrance that lapse until tomorrow Saturday in the Educational Surgical Clinical Hospital “Manuel Ascunce Domenech.”

The appointment - promoted by the Advisory Scientific Council of the assistance center - has the presence of a hundred of physicians, and has as fundamental purpose to offer a more integral attention to people that require hospital entrance, to optimize resources and to achieve bigger cohesion among the clinical specialties.

The Doctor Pedro Bejerano García, specialist in Angiology and vascular surgery, and Vice-president of the Organizing Committee, specified that like previous step to this day base events were made with the participation of experts of a high scientific level and professional.

In opinion of Bejerano García, a group of specialties in Camagüey, as neurosurgery, ophthalmology, angiology and cardiology, are considered of reference in the concerning thing to diagnostic and treatment of illnesses.