lunes, 9 de noviembre de 2009

Camagüey doesn't stop the step in the Energy Revolution

By:Enrique Atiénzar Rivero

The Electric Basic Organization (OBE) of Camagüey, inmerse in the program of the Energy Revolution maintains a stable work in the improvements of the electric nets, normalization of the system in sugar bateyes and in the attention of the groups diesel electrogens and of fuell oil, without neglecting the urgent task of the energy saving.

The monopolist zeal of the electricians understands the change of primary caliber of more than 162 kilometers, of 340 thousand 101 assaults and the electrification of 30 114 housings in the period understood between the 2006 and the second dozen of passed October.

According to information of the technical address of the OBE, in the signal stage have 972 areas of identified low voltage of the 1 071 were eliminated, while plan the culmination of the works in the bateyes Brazil, Noel Fernández, Cándido González and Sierra de cubitas, the first one with the first two concluded stages.

Camagüey has 32 electrogens groups of fuell oil, located in two locations, with a capacity of generation of 53,4 Megawatts, an acceptable index of consumption of 208,3 grams of fuel for kilowatt/hora in the course of the 2007, 2008 and the 2009, as long as, they remain installed 487 of the emergency calls in vital centers of the economy and the services.

With the objective of concentrating the forces for the work on the electric nets decided to contain the brigades and to conform the contingents for the facilities of 110 KW, lines of 33 KW, of secondary and services, and that of investments.

Camagüey, before the victory of the Revolution, was one of the counties with low electrification level that surpasses today 95% of the territory in opposition with the gossipers or cowlicks that identified the rural scenario and suburban and that they were used like half of illumination.

From tomorrow bovine seasonal antigripal

By:Olga Lilia Vilató

More than 50 000 persons of Camagüey will be immunized against the virus of the seasonal flu by means of the vaccination campaign that tomorrow will begin, for space of two weeks, vaccinates that belongs together with the requirements of the World Organization of the Health (OMS), comes in bulbs of 10 dose, and represents a high cost.

In the information, offered by the doctor Leonardo Ramírez, director of the Provincial Center of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Microbiology (CPHEM), assures that the supreme objective consists on protecting most vulnerable people and with more risks of suffering of complications, although clarifies, it doesn't constitute this the one conceived against the Influenza TO H1N1 that after being brought to Cuba, like annonced Margaret Chan , directress of the OMS in her recent visit to the country, will be administered to who corresponds.

The beneficiaries now are those bigger than 75 years, the diabetics and asthmatic among the 20 and 24 years who suffer of chronic renal affections or other inmunodepresors, the boarding schools in Homes of Old men, Handicapped Physical and Psychiatric hospital, the members of the Houses of Grandparents, the workers linked to poultry and swinish works and those that face the sick persons day by day with breathing ailments.

For the flu that circulates in the moment, now will protect against a virus group, but not all neither against the Influenza TO H1N1. Of there the importance of insisting in the measures of prevention.

This vaccine type has been applied for several years, but now the significant thing resides in to remove of the road that entire suffering that can confuse and to diminish, also, the catarrhal symptom. It will be given by means of a dose for via intramuscular in the well-known vaccination points. It doesn't cause flu, and in a low percentage of people causes fever and general uneasiness.

The main vaccine to avoid the Influenza TO H1N1, the doctor Leonardo insisted , it is the prevention, in groups so fragile also as are the pregnant ones. The laundry of the hands, not to cough without covering himself the mouth and the nose with the arm in angle, to do without of greetings efusives by means of the kisses, to use the personal articles as the word indicates it and to attend the doctor before any breathing ailment, are questions to keep in mind as the bread of every day.

The number of consultations doctors for these causes increased. Without doubts, there is bigger perception of the risk and people go to the doctor more, something very favorable because is momentous the precocious diagnosis of the Influenza TO H1N1 and the opportune treatment. For that the surveillance is vital, if we keep in mind that the ailment person raisin to person, for the mucous ones, the hands that have had contact with the nose, the mouth or the sick person's saliva.

The presage indicate that will never have a considerable decrease in the number of cases in what subtracts of this year, that is to say, the next one 2010 will come with high breathing squares because today the number of sick persons is still high and the time of the year rebounds in it.

We cannot trust, we are in a complex moment from the epidemic point of view and all the actions that we make are few, sentenced.

We have the human resources, materials and of medications to face these situations, but are highly expensive. Our State has never scanted the most minimum thing to preserve the human being's life, but we all have to contribute with our behavior.

Flora Fong`s sixty springs

By:Enrique Atiénzar Rivero

The artistic creation takes a lot of time to Flora Fong. She comes little to Camagüey, on the other hand, when travels until here she doesn't know as taking off her relatives and friendships because unite it the memories that she stores of this colonial city where was born November 8, 1949.

Of its tight calendar always dedicated a space to respond to several questions. The interview lapsed in the room of its niece's home Liliana who is as cooperant of the health in Namibia in these precise moments, in the specialty of internal medicine.

The donated work to the provincial museum Ignacio titled Agramonte: The tropical fishbowl, doesn't escape from the first part of the fruitful conversation, of the artistic flight that contains, of the time used for its creation in the Antillean steel industry of Steel and the inconveniences for its transfer and definitive assembly in the threshold of the great colonial large house of the XIX century.

“The Chinese that it is good, say advise that in the houses people have fishbowls, if it is possible eight red fish and one black. The first ones represent the positive energy, the good things that always have to be in more quantity that the negatives.”

“It was the only way with which I had to thank to this city that formed me as artist, where I took the first steps, even, in the patio of the Museum drew and the professor of painting, Héctor Molné, gave us the landscape class.

When are you far from Camagüey yearning?

“Perhaps it is a mixture of yearning and of nostalgy. To me come to mind the memories of the childhood that unquestionably when one surpasses the fifty crowd together a little.

Will you continue conserving the identity of the ancestros?

“My Chinese ancestros is there, still, this even, has many anecdotes because I of girl said: allows to see if when it happens - from the house to the other block - they don't tell me anything, anyway until in the darkness they said: Chinese”. Flora smiles and she adds: “It was something nice.”

“I make honor to it in the investigation of my work since in my academic formation she had, mainly, a western and European basement for the teachings in the art schools, even, here when it was studied, the Greek statuary was imparted. But a moment arrives in that sit down the necessity to incorporate the elements of the Chinese culture and of the Asian in general.

“My work changes conceptually in a certain moment of my life among the years 1985 and 1986. It is really a very serious proposal and the ancestros for that time go leaving in the lienzos…I beging to study some Chinese to obtain a bigger coherence and understanding among what wanted, could make and the importance that I found in the Chinese calligraphy, in the videograms, pictograms and in its origins, even when I was in Japan and in other countries of Asia.

“From our terruño we can make very interesting things, because it stops our nationality the third component it is the Asian root; therefore I have taken it to me very seriously, I believe in that. For an artist the most important thing is to be convinced and to believe in that she makes and it is able to say.

“And more in these moments in that it is the year of the Buffalo of Earth. and I am Buffalo of Earth - because I was born in 1949 and Buffalo of Earth asks us to be very persevering, systematic and to work very firm from our point of view, it is the only way to leave ahead and it will mark us the rules to always try to be better and more alone with the work it will achieve.”

What did you find of new in this visit to Camagüey?

“Many things, mainly, if it is in the human aspect, people are much happier because the city is much prettier, in general sense; I found the rescue of that whole wonderful architecture, that attention to all the facades of the historical center and God willing, we could leave a little further on, because Camagüey deserves it and a tradition exists from a lifetime and it is necessary to rescue all that. Only the work will mark the steps.”

November eight are a doubly happy date for Flora Fong: completes six decades of life and second, happens awaiting becoming grandmother because Liang, her daughter, has painted in their stomach the image of a new creature that will bring family happiness.

The daughter and the son like a gift for her birthday-both are also artists - they maintain samples of their works in these days in galleries of the Cuban capital that has also welcomed Flora like one of their most brilliant guests.

Workers of several counties work in San Felipe's reservation forest of Camagüey

The simultaneous work of wooden extraction and the development of those areas affected by recent fires, distinguish today the chore in San Felipe's Plateau, one of the most important Cuban forest reservations, extended by hundred of hectares to the north of the city of Camagüey.

There workers of several counties converge, inmersed in a dynamic effort to take out of the mount the whole profitable wood, mainly of coniferous, with the purpose of using it in construction, production of furniture and other dissimilar destinations.

That acting is made even more valid yes one keeps in mind that a wooden cubic meter is quoted to 800 dollars in the international market, what presupposes a cash contributes to the zeal of substituting imports, when of that reservory should almost take out until year end 16 thousand cubic meters.

Evenly with that work, a well thought program of beautiful seed of wooden copies is attacked, of fruit-bearing and diferencialy the natural regeneration is assisted in the forests of coniferous, compacting quadrants damaged by the fires to go.

In that task have defined responsibilities several counties and all the municipalities of the territory, but stand out for their results in the zeal of fomenting some 400 hectares, Camagüey and Florida.

To the whole chore in San Felipe's Plateau is maintained a permanent checkup, and recently, the address of the county of Camagüey, headed by the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, observed in the land the march of the works, and exchanged with the main main characters of that effort. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz).