martes, 29 de septiembre de 2009

Adjust important transformations to the new school course

By: Yuldys Márquez Díaz\Televisión Camagüey.

The educational sector in Camagüey presents a new school calendar for the course 2009 -2010 with important transformations. For example in the infantile circles is carried out a progressive movement of assistants to educating after a training process in these workers.

In the primary equation reappear the final exams and works of partial control will be applied, besides the systematic evaluations, according to data offered in press conference by the provincial Director of Education Reimy López.

A program of actions to deepen in the teaching of the maternal language will be applied at all the school levels, with the objective of developing reading habits, comprehension and reading.

As novelty in this course will give covering educational EIGHT Urban Preuniversitaries Institutesin the municipalities Nuevitas, Camalote, Lugareño, Guáimaro, Florida and the capital of Camagüey.

Give recognitions in Camagüey

By:Luis Naranjo\ Televisión Camagüey

Diploms, medals and flags receive for these days Committees of Defense of the Revolution (CDR) and members of that organization in Camagüey, due to outstanding work during the emulation stage 2008-2009.

The CDR created by our maximum leader Fidel Castro in 1960, arose in the same fire of the revolutionary fight.

It was a fulminant answer in front of the enemies of the Homeland, of men and women of that stage and current followers of the same principles who defend the work erected starting from January of 1959.

Many of them in this territory of Camagüey receive during these days of joy diplomas and medals that pick up their consecration to the tasks of the invincible Committees of Defense.

During the act of delivery of recognitions we saw very excited to José Manuel Álvarez Santamaría, president of the area number 49 in the municipality Esmeralda who received the flag "September 28."

When conversing with him him told us: " This high stimulus receives it with our pride associates, because we have put emphasis in the revolutionary surveillance, collection of matters cousin, support to the alimentary program, donations of blood and ideological political work, where has not lacked the fight for the liberation of the 5 Countrymen."

José Manuel challenged to the other areas of the county and expressed: "We have 9 CDR in each one we exhibit 5 donations of blood, several mobilizations toward the cultivation of the yucca, the banana and the beanl, we have picked up more than 150 containers of value, a thousand 500 glass pomos, 700 kilograms of cardboard and we get worse against the waste and in favor of the electric power saving."

In Camagüey highlighted painting Orestes Larios celebrates aniversary 35 of artistic life

In Camagüey highlighted painting Orestes Larios celebrates aniversary 35 of artistic life With the inauguration of the exhibition Cerdeña: An Island to discover, of the Italian photographer Alfredo Cannatello and the performance of the Orchestra of Camera of Camagüey, the artist of the plastic Orestes Larios celebrated the 35 birthday of his work in the universe of the painting.

The sample is in fact in the gallery Larios in the central Independence street in the City of the earthenjars and it is part of the Living room of Visual Arts Fidelio Ponce de León, 2009.

In that context the Fund of Cultural Goods gave the painter a recognition for his more than 35 years in the plastic arts, of them 19 to the artistic teaching in the schools of Camagüey, besides the multiple rewards in events and national and international exhibitions.

The art critic Alejandro Barrios Sosa, pointed out that the photographer Alfredo Cannatello has given to Larios in his personal sample in Camagüey images captured in “the decisive instant”, other opposing in the spontaneity of a pose free, always chosen by the models.

He said that the exhibition “it is the artist's excellent photographic and poetic sample about an inspiring reality, conformed by stony landscapes, villorrios, admirable ruins and a wild and devastating breath that our afiebra captivating imagination and preparing it to travel toward that insular boulder that seems to challenge to the sea and the implacable erosion of the time”. (Lázaro David Najarro Pujol)