viernes, 30 de abril de 2010

Dedicated concert to The Five Duet Ad Líbitum, in Camagüey

The duet "Ad Líbitum" this Wednesday was presented in the city of Camagüey, in the continuity of their national tour, dedicated to the five Cuban antiterrorists wrongly imprisoned in United States.

"If I didn't believe in the hope" was the title of the unique concert that lapsed starting from eight thirty of the night, in the theater of the University of Medical Sciences "Carlos Juan Finlay."

The duet "Ad Líbitum" integrated by María de las Nieves Morales, narrator and poet and Leonel Pérez Pérez, narrator, poet, minstrel and composer who began the tour the current April 20, in the Brigade of the Frontier, in Guantánamo.

Before arriving to the capital of Camagüey, were presented in all the oriental counties, and starting from this Thursday will visit the central region of the Island and then the West, to conclude their presentations in Matanzas, the next May eight.

The night of the eve, the people of Camagüey writes a new page of solidarity for The Five, next to the duet "Ad Líbitum", because we will always believe in the hope. (Bárbara Suárez Ávalos)

To second turn 164 districts in Camagüey

The Provincial Electoral Commission of Camagüey informed that 164 districts will have second turn on coming Sunday, since none of the candidates achieved more than half of the valid votes in the vote of April 25.

Iris Jiménez, vice-president of that institution, said to the AIN that for the next May two a superior figure is summoned the 162 thousand voters in the 13 municipalities of the territory.

In that quantity the voters of a demarcation are added in Santa Cruz del Sur that could not carry out the vote in the first turn for the death of one of the two postulates.

As was informed, was already nominated by the neighbors of the place a new candidate.

Camagüey will constitute on Sunday around 500 tables for the elections , most in the municipalities of Camagüey, Nuevitas and Sibanicú.

In the initial turn participated in the election 93,24 percent of people with right to the vote in the county and 843 delegates were already chosen to the municipal assemblies of the Popular Power (Lucilo Tejera Díaz / AIN)

Foreign youths will participate in parade in Camagüey

A block of foreign youths that study studie in universities of Camagüey, will integrate the first groups that will paradeMay First in this city.

Coming from more than 50 countries they will be in the General Mayor Square Ignacio Agramonte, to manifest with their presence the support and solidarity to the Cuban Revolution to which tries to discredit with a ferocious mediatic campaign .

As it is traditional in the 13 municipalities and rural communities of the county, that of more territorial extension in the country, will also have parades and acts.

Oscar Rivero, general secretary of the provincial CTC, said to the press that arrives to the date with good results in the production of sugar, advances sustained in the construction of housings, mainly for damaged, and in the preparation of agricultural crops and storing of milk.

An artistic elegance was devoted, the eve, to the date and several workers will be distinguished and honored.

In labor center - decked out by the parties of the Day of the Workers, - today there were carried out morning to remember the date, instituted by the Second International in 1889, to surrender homage to the tragic events happened in Chicago, United States, to claim the reduction from the labor day to eight hours. (Ileana Borges Díaz / AIN)

jueves, 29 de abril de 2010

In Camagüey new group of strange students

A new group of 300 foreigners students arrived to the University of Medical Sciences “Carlos J. Finlay”, of this city, where they will complete its professional preparation.

The future physicians that study the third year of the career of Medicine, come from the municipality of Sandino, in Pinar del Río and are welcomed to the new program for the formation of doctors, derived of the agreements of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Towns of Our America (ALBA).

According to the place of Radio Cadena Agramonte, are Argentinean young that will augment the community of students of the medical university of Camagüey until overcoming the 11 thousand students, among those that are near 700 students of Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

The group will be linked as the rest from the students to the practice in clinical-surgical hospitals and policlinics of the capital of Camagüey, third city of Cuba in population.

Near to the 30 years of having created, this center of high studies have graduated to more than seven thousand doctors, of them thousand 200 of diverse countries of the world.

Among their specialties, besides the medicine and the stomatology, is the degrees in psicology,nursery, and technology of the Health.

For all the students, so much national as foreigners, the careers are gratuitous.

Combatant to Camagüey in Olympiad of the Cuban Sport

The first event of the V Olympiad of the Cuban Sport in this ocasion will be the feminine of free fight foreseen among the 17 and 18 of May.

The fair will sesion in the Palace of the Sports Rafael Fortún, assigned equally in the multi competence to others three confrontations, the masculine of the free style--also in the one referred date--, that of the Greco-Roman modality of the 21 at the 22 and of the boxing, of the 23 at the 28.

José Rivera, provincial subdirector of Sports, expressed that to the fight contest already confirmed the attendance Venezuela, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Cuba, but the lists of participants are not still in Camagüey.

Cuba will have representation in the feminine free specialty in two teams, but in three in the remaining fair.

The branch for women consists of seven divisions, 48, 51, 55, 59, 63, 67 and 77 kilos, and Santiago de Cuba led both fair national taken place in that sector.

In the course of the coming one make an appointment will carry out those retreat ceremonies, of the competitive sphere, of those of Camagüey Filiberto Azcuy and Yandro Quintana, respectively, bicampeón and olympic holder.

Rivera specified that about the encounter pugilístico still it is not in the territory ofCamagüey the information of which teams of the exterior are confirmed, neither the integration of the the squads of the island.

The preparations for the contests include the one improvement of the illumination and of the Rafael's dressing rooms Fortún, with capacity for 11 thousand spectators, and second bigger roofed sport installation of the country.

Projected in nine counties, the V Olympiad will gather, according to that foreseen, to but of three thousand 300 contestants. (Adolfo Silva Silva)

Will make presentations Ballet of Camagüey and Endedans for the World Day of the Dance

The day in celebration of the World Day of the Dance, arrives this time with several activities programmed by the Provincial Council of the Scenic Arts in Camagüey.

Masterful classes, imparted by the specialist Borja Jiménez, and conferences on the current roads of the dance, in charge of the graduated Yailín Ortiz and Ismael Albelo, will be made in the Theater of the Academy of the Arts "Vicentina de la Torre", the April days 29 and 30, at 10.00 o'clock AM.

In the nights, there will be presentations of the Contemporary Ballet "Endedans" and the Ballet of Camagüey, with a repertoire of representative works, as the deux pas of "The lake of the swans" and "Diana and Acteón", "Saerpil", "Majísimo" and "forced End", on the part of the classic company.

As long as, the community of dance contemporary will ascend to the scenary: "The doute"", "In the uncertain hour before the morning", "Cuban Voices", "Dancer" and the world premiere of "Same shit", made a choreography by Randol Díaz.

The functions will take place in the Main Theater, on April ,Thursday 29 and Friday 30, to the 8.30 PM.(Julio César Delgado Ramos)

Dies outstanding journalist and announcer Francisco Rivero

Died the outstanding speaker and journalist Francisco Rivero Rodríguez, National Prize of Radio, Teacher of announcer.

Fico, for his closer was a radio man in the whole extension of the word.

From his emigration of lands of Villa Clara toward Camagüey, being very young, was inserted in the capitalist radio of more sense of the progress, and from the waves of Legendary Radio, always maintained an alignment with the fairrest causes and of fight of the town.

There surprises him the victory of the Revolution and from that radio station he announces Fidel's presence in Camagüey to miscarry the treacherous action of Hubert Matos.

His radial works are interrupted to assume the high responsibility of Secretary of the Party then in the sectional Camagüey, today the demarcation of the city head, task that Rivero carries out with all delivery.

For several years, the radio audience of Camagüey identifies Rivero in the trench of Study 2, in the program of social facilitation Meridiano, popular via to channel opinions of the town openly and to diffuse the wide work of social benefit of the Revolution.

When dying at 4:10 in the afternoon of this Wednesday April 28, the partner Francisco Rivero Rodríguez showed the condition of founder of the Communist Party of Cuba and of Adoptive Son of Camagüey.

He also possessed the National Prize of the Cuban Radio, Artist of Merit Distinctions and for the National Culture, and was member of the UNEAC and the UPEC.

miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

Cirules, another time in the bookstores of Camagüey

The Empire of Havana and The secret Life of Meyer Lansky,volumes of the writer from Nuevitas Enrique Cirules, were presented this Tuesday in the city of Camagüey, where are for sale.

The reprint of both testimonies, now in a single volume, corresponded to the editorial Cuban Letters, in the context of the International Fair of the Book this year in Havana.

The Empire of Havana that narrates “the lattices of the incredible corruption in a Havana aparencial”, was Prize Casa de las Americas 1993, and also deserved later the critic's recognition one year, among other rewards.

“It is characters that darkened the complex Cuban history, and that have not been the sufficiently studied ones”, expressed Enrique Cirules.

In a previous interview, the also author of Conversation with the last North American, offered elements of the linking of the general Fulgencio Batista with the American mafia.

The secret life of Meyer Lansky is one of the most developing testimonies in that time. Book of memoirs of who was driver and the boss's bodyguard of the mafioso clan Havana-the Vegas during 1957-1958.

“It is a faithful and fascinating reconstruction of a time Havana. For first time was possible to reconstruct passages of the life of the most important, invisible and astute character in the North American underworld, with their passions, their loves, their nostalgies and methods of acting, amid very special circumstances, when was deciding becoming of the mafia in United States.” (Lázaro David Najarro Pujol)

Workers of Camagüey recover essential parts of electrogen groups

With the recovery of the turbocompresors the efficiency of the groups increases.

With the purpose of to substitute imports and to guarantee the efficient use of the energy given by the groups electrogens, consolidate their chore the workers of the Managerial Unit of Base of Electric Services “Geysel” of Camagüey.

As the specialist specified in administration of the quality Juan Carlos López Figueroa, the recovery of the turbocompresors, devices that increase the efficiency of the groups and provide saving of fuel, constitutes the main contribution of the innovators.

In the search of solutions before the lack of some components and to lengthen the useful life of those locations, in so far in year have recovered about 30 turbocompresors, that which is reverted in the decrease of expenses and in the saving of fuel.

In franc process of certification of the quality for the Norma ISO 9001, in the Managerial Unit “Geysel” of Camagüey, belonging to the Ministry of the Basic Industry, new investments are materialized that will allow to the community to assume the repair of the groups of emergency of other counties of the country. (Alex López Almaguer)

martes, 27 de abril de 2010

Opened expo Saturn`s Children in Gallery Alejo Carpentier of Camagüey

For the originality of the works, and the new forms of seeing, to feel and to act of their creators in a globalized world, the Exhibition of Plastic arts is characterized "Satur`s Children", open to the public in the Gallery of Universal Art "Alejo Carpentier", of the city of Camagüey.

It is a selection of the most representative works in 27 youths that possess an excellent work in the panorama of the visual arts, in those that are present topics and languages dissimilar in those that are approached "the social problems with great naturalness... "

In the words to the catalog, the graduated Rober Rivero Salazar affirms that "The Satur`s Children" is the reflection of the contemporary canons with those that interpret the inherited circumstances and incarnate from the aesthetic ones and more diverse languages.

The main objective of that project is to promote, in the national environment, the chore of the new artists; but it also constitutes an experimentation space and reflection on current topics through the satire or the sarcasm like conceptual structure.

The name of the sample mentions to one of the famous works of the Universal Art: "Saturn devouring its children", of the Spanish artist Francisco de Goya.(Lázaro David Najarro Pujol)

Study in Camagüey birth of the Cuban State in the XIX century

Researchers of Camagüey is buried in demonstrating scientifically that the Cuban State was born in the independentists fights in the Island against Spain, reveals the last number of the magazine Paths, published by the Office of the Historian of the City.

Directed to a controversy among historians, jurists and politologers, that objective is one of the investigative lines of the Group of Historical and Constitutional Studies of the Ability of Right of the University of Camagüey, affirms the initial article of the publication, published in the provincial capital.

The doctor in Juridical Sciences and regular professor Carlos Villabella, boss of the team of specialists and author of the text, analyze the content and the impacts of the four mambisas Constitutions, of 1869, 1878, 1895 and 1897, of which three were subscribed in territory of Camagüey.

Villabella expressed that the topic of the emergence of the Cuban State causes controversial approaches, because a series of analysts attributes at 1902, when concluded the North American occupation after the ceasing of the Hispanic colonialism.

“There is not balance among the opinions to favor and in against”, the speaker added who underlined the importance and necessity of the investigations guided to validate the concept linked to the liberal wars of the XIX century scientifically continuing.

The magazine “Paths” includes in the referred number, also, articles about the churches in the built citadine patrimony and on the Orchestra of Camera of Camagüey. It also contains texts on the artist of the plastic arts Martha Jiménez and the scenic oral narrator Zaida Montells. (AIN)

Workers of Camagüey ready to parade the May First

The labor movement of Camagüey enrolls to participate in the parade that will be carried out in all Cuba for the International Day of the Workers.

An example of it is the Electric Basic Organization (OBE) in the territory of Camagüey. José Luis Varona Pellicer, general secretary of the Union Desk of the union said that to greet the date, they have intended to work with more quality and to impel the tasks for the national emulation of the 26 of Julio.

A bigger execution of the production plans and of services and to take advantage of to the maximum the available resources, are also among the traced goals.

“We want that this may First is a great movilizative day of revolutionary reafirmation of the workers' of the OBE ”, he added.

Varona Pellicer also informed that in the city of Camagüey will parade more than 700 workers accompanied by their relatives, which will attend the dressed concentration of blue and white. (Mariela Peña Seguí)

Free elections in Cuba? YES

By: Luis Naranjo /Camagüey Television

The day dawned restless, not for concerns, but for the intense load of emotions in streets, fields and cities, for the enthusiasm and the revolutionary fervor, for the intense satisfaction of the town…. to VOTE.

Until my daughter Ana María 12 years old, was overflowed of happiness, because she had the immense honor again of guarding the urns in her primary school “ Triumph of the Revolution”, in the legendary county of Camagüey.

And that was the same illusion that wrapped her classroom partners, to teachers and workers from the center to all those that supported to that the elections in Cuba continue being free, democratic, in peace, harmony, in a climate of true unit.

How different to the elections before the First of January 1959. There the abstentions stood out, the purchases of tickets, the votes of deceaseds, urns guarded for militar men, manifestations, sabotages and a restless town, but for the hunger, the evicts, the detentions, abuses, taunts, humiliations and a desperation future.

This day of elections, millions of Cubans reaffirmed their fidelity to the Homeland, to the socialist course undertaken by Fidel, to the intention of not giving a span of our principles.

This day of elections, was a call to the international community that we don't fear to the mediatic enemy campaign and that the answer to our difficulties caused by the yank imperialism, are in hands of the true Cubans, of those that don't forget to their heroes and martyrs, of those that will see always Martí and the Commandant in Boss like symbols the fight undertaken by the mambises to continue, to those that voted today like a song to the YES FOR THE REVOLUTION!

lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

Selected poster of the San Juan of Camagüey 2010

The poster that will preside over between the 24 and the near June 29, the carnivalesque of Camagüey - well-known as San Juan - was selected among the shippings to the summoned contest, and corresponded such a merit to the young Oscar Alejandro Viñas Pendones.

Instructor of Art in the specialty of the Plastic , Viñas Pendones was able to synthesize - with the use of codes of grateful permanency in the local folklore, as the earthenjar - the essence of that old and always very prospective traditional reason.

By means of an excellent use of the color and an in agreement design with the message to transmit, the poster will promote the actions of the San Juan, which June 24 will begin with the reading of the traditional Decree, although will be preceded by popular parties in outlying areas of the capitalof Camagüey, in previous weekends.

Among the contents that maintain their validity formerly from the foundational time of the village of Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe - current city of Camagüey - is the collective elaboration in each block of the Ajiaco, broth made with salted meats and viands.

The Government in the head municipality of Camagüey will take to roads in fact this expression of popular joy that - with San Juan's denomination - is folkloric element with sui géneris characteristics in the national context.(Yolanda Ferrera Sosa)

Votes for his Cuba highlighted artist of Camagüey Joël Jover

Vehement to reflect in the painting the human restlessness, Joël Jover affirmed that today's elections is another sample in defense of the Revolution in front of the enemy's new escalade against Cuba.

One of the grateful members of the contemporary vanguard of the plastic in the Island, highlighted the importance of choosing the best and more capable candidates, for their possibilities to contribute to solve problems and to channel to the masses.

Sober in the use of the colors and exuberant in the reflections about the man and their existence, he specified that in the elections the expressed non alone population their back to the partner-economic-political system, but also to the destination of the Homeland and the Revolution.

He underlined that the Government in Cuba is of the town, licit, democratic, with characteristic as the nominations and free elections in the base, and with the imperium of the voters of revoking the delegates.

If the town didn't want the revolutionary process - that already overcomes the 50 years -, he would not have, because in the history of the bigger than the Antilles, the examples of the popular oppositions are plentiful, even with the weapons, the artist declared, of the one who works have been exposed in more than 10 nations of America and Europe.

Among the recognitions received by Joël Jover figure the Medal Move away Carpentier, Distinction for the National Culture and Diploma to the Artistic Merit, granted by the Superior Institute of Art. (Adolfo Silva Silva/AIN)

Sugar Company of Camagüey to fulfill the county and the country The community of the Sugar Company Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, in the municipal

The community of the Sugar Company Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, in the municipality of the same name, this Monday should be inserted in the payroll of the trustworthy of the plan of production of sugar in the county and the country, and will continue to contribute an extra.

In the day Sunday operators of having combined of cane and other members of those communities, buried in the crop of the gramineous in a tense harvest end, but of possible execution, asserted to have voted for their preference candidate.

To pick up the whole programmed cane to mill, without leaving in the fields a piece that can go to the geniuses is the zeal, with the purpose of extracting it the sugar that requires the execution of export commitments and the national consumption.

Showed this way to Julio Cesar García Rodríguez, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in the county and to Luis Ynchausti, president of the Government at that level who contacted with agroindustrial of the sugar in harvest tasks, this Sunday.

On the other hand, the engineer Vladimir Pérez, Director of the Sugar Managerial Group, assured that Camagüey will parade the First of May with the firm success in the elections and the plan of fulfilled sugar, more an extra.

Such to proceed been worth the inclination of the immense majority of the people of Camagüey and Cuban to preserve their status of socialist society, and to enjoy multiple benefits that are possessed by right of Revolution. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz)

domingo, 25 de abril de 2010

A vote for the unit. A vote for the Homeland.

By: Aymee Amargós / Televisión Camagüey

In the streets of the city of Camagüey elections are breathed. The town plays another historical moment with the vote for the unit.

From very early the neighbors select their representatives to the Municipal Assemblies of the Popular Power, those that will be the so much of the necessities of the neighborhood.

The pioneers of primary and secondary basic guard the urns in this democratic act.

Darliana Martínez, 16 years old, feels proud of being among the thousands of youths that for the first time exercise the right to the vote like voters.

"This Sunday is big for the Homeland. The town nominated its best candidates to represent us. Today will be a participation day, of town."

Starting from seven in the morning opened those more than 2032 schools of the county.

Many people of Camagüey converges to the urns and t vote for those who consider have merits and enough capacity, among those who figure women's thousands and young with prestige and proven virtues.

For the votes is only needed, to present the card of identity or document of identification of the armed institutes.

Up to six in the afternoon the electoral schools will welcome the voters to begin the counts of the votes.

The elections of the Popular Power of 2010 are fourteenth o'clock since in 1976 was begun in the Island such processes, like form of expression of the Cuban socialist democracy.

The partial elections are an exercise of frank demonstration of personal merits, human quality and popular approaches.

In the territory of Camagüey two thousand 361 candidates were nominated, among those that stand out more than eight hundred women, and little more than 500 youths; and also, were also proposed 592 of the current Delegates of the Popular Power, what ratifies the recognition from the town to their government representatives in the community.

Professionals, housewives, military, young and experienced conform the amalgam of the Cuban electorate, that that today, in very special Sunday day, vote for the merit, the virtue and the capacity.

It is a committed Sunday The secret and direct vote is a lesson of genuine patriotism. An opportunity to reject the campaigns of the imperialism and the European Union.

It is a different Sunday. In the electoral schools all the generations coincide of Cuban in a transparency act. In a united vote by the Homeland.

Fidel exercises his right to the vote

The Commandant in Boss, Fidel Castro Ruz, exercised at 10.10 in today's morning, in this capital, its right to the vote to the current elections of the Popular Power.

The electoral ticket of the leader of the Revolution arrived this Sunday to the school electoral number one corresponding to the district 13 of the municipality of the capital of Square of the Revolution to be deposited in the urn.

Such and like corresponds to the secret character of the voting, the properly bent and sealed ticket was given the President of the school Migdalia García García who deposited it on behalf of the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba.

In that way, Fidel became the voter 227 of that school, in which also exercise his right to the vote the other members of the CDR one and seven of the district 13.

The document was brought to the electoral enclosure by another voter that also fulfilled with sacred duty like the voter 226.

This is the third occasion in that the Commandant in Boss exercises his right to the vote in that school in these circumstances.

Both previous was October of 2007, 21 in partial elections and January 20 2008 in general elections. (Miguel Maury Guerrero)

Happy with her new house, Blanca Urbay voted for Cuba

Blanca Urbay, to the one who the hurricane Paloma and the penetration of the sea destroyed her humble housing in the coast of this town in November of 2008, voted today for Cuba and for the Revolution that gave her a new house.

When I went to the electoral school of my district I opted for a candidate of those nominated, but symbolically I made it forever for my Homeland, by free Cuba, by Fidel and for Raúl, expressed the 48 year-old woman and five grandsons' grandmother.

Main character of a picture that the world traveled, and showed it sitting among the brashes of what had been of her habitation while played a small television, the only saved article of the fury of the nature, Blanca is happy in her new housing and grateful to the Revolution.

Little by little we go buying things for the house and we already have the necessary thing, but mainly we have a sure construction that made us the State in some months, as Raúl promised us (Castro), she said referring to the General of Army and President of the Council of States and of Secretaries.

Hundred of families of the neighborhood of The Beach, where the havocs for the meteor were considerable, reside from principles of March in solid constructions located in points far from the sea.

Herminia Ernesto, another of the beneficiaries with one of these works of the Revolution, considered that the attendance of the neighbors to the voting is massive.

In spite of what are saying outside of Cuba against our government, people go here to the elections for conviction, because estimates it as revolutionary's duty, the worker of the kayak school expressed located in this city.

The fisherman Pedro Ripoll who continues living in “The Beach” where his habitation resisted the embate of the winds and of the sea, qualified the elections like a sovereign action.

Here is really chosen the one that is good in everything, with merits, and that leaves the town, he manifested.

The elections are developed with normality in Santa Cruz del Sur, as he told to the AIN René Macadam, president of the Municipal Electoral Commission.

This Sunday 35 thousand 773 voters are summoned, calculates that is not the total because a district doesn't converge to the urns.

The official explained that in the rural demarcation of Cupertina one of the two candidates died, reason why the National Electoral Commission authorized to carry out a new local assembly to nominate another candidate and to vote on coming Sunday.(Lucilo Tejera Díaz)

Yumilka Ruiz stands out transparency of the elections in Cuba

Yumilka Ruiz, glory of the Cuban sport, receives the ticket to exercise her democratic vote.

Yumilka Ruiz, ex captain of the Cuban team of volleyball, olympic champion in Atlanta 96 and Sydney 2 000, exercised this Sunday her right to the vote.

In declarations to Radio Cadena Agramonte, Yumilka qualified today's votes in our country like one of the freest and reveal of those that are carried out in the world.

“I think that this is one of the so many merits of the Revolution, to have achieved the cohesion and the unit of the town”, also manifested the integral of the Commission of Athletes of the International Olympic Committee who considers the attendance from the Cubans to the urns "like an answer of our town to the vile lies orchestrated against the Island by the government from the United States and their allies from Europe."

In her declarations the grateful athlete revealed that the movement sport of Camagüey, next to our town, will always be united to defend and to ennoble every minute to the Homeland. (Luis Pantoja Roca)

In elections workers of the health

Thousand of workers of the health participate today Sunday in the votes.

“Once again we will support to the Revolution and responding to the efforts that makes for the sector of the health with the investment of important resources in the personnel formation of , the acquisition of teams of tip technology and in improving the conditions of our center.”

The graduate showed this way in infirmary of the provincial hospital Manuel Ascunce Domenech, at the moment in functions of member of the provincial secretariat of the union of the field who said: We will choose to the best that go us to represent once again.”(Enrique Atiénzar Rivero)

In Camagüey the town is in elections

Like was expected: a popular answer has been the beginning of the municipal elections in this county, manifested in each one of the 2 033 electoral schools that today, at seven o'clock on the dot of the morning, opened its urns to the free and secrete vote of more than half million of registered voters.

The first voter in voting in the School 5 District 181 of the city of Camagüey, was the member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, Julio Cesar García Rodríguez.

After depositing the ticket for one of the three candidates nominated in that government demarcation, García Rodríguez, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in the most extensive cattleman-sugar territory in the country, said to the local and national press means that the beginning of the elections could not be in another way for the quantitative and qualitative results, many of them above the national stocking, of the preparations for the votes, like were the indicators of attendance, the presence of the women and youths postulates.

Highlighted the recognition from the town to the delegates, when nominating 61% of the current ones, aptitudes consolidated after the step of the devastating hurricanes Ike and Paloma for the county.

“One has seen organization, disciplines and commitment of the town before and during the beginning of the votings, in the performance of the authorities of the electoral tables, in the support of the organizations of masses of the districts as for to guide and to inform the population of the different steps… to choose to the best, to that of more capacity, of more virtues, to that of more merits.

“Here any delegate is not supported by money, for wealth, because he has properties, here what supports the delegate is the merits reached by his work in the neighborhood, for his social responsibility and because is highlighted in his work. It is the merit against the money, the shame against the dishonesty, is the true against the lie…is what today is putting the Cubans above the table against the infamies of the United States and other enemies of the Revolution, and for that reason the people of Camagüey will have a massive attendance”, he affirmed the maximum political authority of the county.

Julio Cesar García Rodríguez, expressed that April is one month that generates victory

and that next to the success of the partial elections, the town of Camagüey to the front, fights, cane to cane, to transform to the county into the first in completing the plan of sugar of the 2010 in Cuba like greeting to the First of May. The central Siboney, in Sibanicú, the first one that achieved in the country was.(Rolando Sarmiento Ricart)

Raúl Castro the first voter in the school of his district

The General of Army Raúl Castro, President of the Council of State and of Secretaries, was the first voter in voting in the Electoral School No. 1 of the District 107, of the Electoral District No.1 of the municipality Square of the Revolution.

Raúl arrived to the School before seven in the morning and he greeted the neighbors that were present, with some of which sustained a lively conversation around the strong drought that is affecting to several areas of the country, on that which underlined the graveness of the phenomenon to be more intense one of four o'clock in the last 109 years, what already harms the supply to some 500 thousand people.

After listening the notes of the National Hymn, Raúl and the neighbors of the School witnessed the oath of the members of the Electoral Table presided over by Lauids Pérez and the revision of the urn.

The President of the Council of State and of Secretaries went to deposit his vote in the urn guarded by the pioneer Carlos Daniel Murguido and Andy Pérez Suárez, of the primary schools Gustavo and Joaquín Ferrer and Luis Arches Bergnes, respectively, to which congratulated to fulfill their civic and patriotic duty.

Before retiring, the Second Secretary of the Party received on the part of the President of the School a recognition to have been there the first voter and the application of making him arrive a greeting message to the Commandant in Boss on the part of all the neighbors.

Cuba: the free right to the democracy

By :Ernesto Pantaleón Medina / Television Camagüey

--Neighbor, Have you already vote?

Elections in Cuba - People of Camagüey Interrogant that repeats in thousands of blocks in the whole country, in the occasions in that the Cubans go to exercise the sacred right to the vote, or what is the same thing, to choose from free way and sovereign to those of our more qualified countrymen, with more merits and capacity to represent us in the Government of the Town.

To see more: Elections in Cuba

They are not simple words, but rather it is a practice that is carried out an and another time since in l976, we took an important step in the institucionalization of the archipelague, with the creation of the Organs of the Popular Power.

And something that can be good to clarify the ideas to more than a doubtful or not well informed in any latitude: in the earth of Marti and Fidel is not abstentionism, inherent characteristic to all the electoral processes in the calls “democracies” in those that you grieve 50% converges to the urns and sometimes less than the citizens with age for it (that non right, because to many are vetoed, he buys or manipulates).

The attendance to the elections in Cuba surpasses 85% like average thoroughly, and until people of very advanced age, handicapped physical and sick persons demand are transferred, still in seats of wheels, toward the schools, to feel direct participants of so important decision. To other, are taken the ticket to their homes, guarded by representatives of the organizations of masses (never of the Communist Party, or of the Armed Bodies) with a grateful prestige before their neighbors, and something that has not lacked a single time: the children of the Organization of Pioneers “José Martí” that guarantee the transparency of a fact of such a seriousness with their presence, and ratify with the characteristic greeting that everything goes of agreement with the strictest norms.

You choose to who govern it, since from the same beginning of the electionary process, in the nomination assemblies, next to the rest of the residents of the vicinity, proposes to the most capable and with more prestige, given by their attitude before the other ones, their delivery to the work and their honesty to all test. Then taking the word, argues the reasons, and the other ones, after listening other options, decide, in an open way and raising the hand, to nominate the candidates to delegates of the district level.

After the elections, as this of tomorrow, and with the quarry of base representatives, the Municipal Assemblies are constituted, that is to say, the maximum government organs in that level.

With similar diaphaneity, and with the total absence of campaigns, we choose the Cubans to those who administer our social system.

For that reason, very early, and as species of friendly competition that goes after the very common one, somebody knocks on their door in the luminous morning that begins and after the one forced “good morning” with a frank smiles, informs : “ I already vote, and you?

Elections in my Cuba

By :Yuldys Márquez Díaz / Television Camagüey

I still remember the first years of my life, of pioneer, when in electoral process, I played to take care of the urns. We were a group of boys that we got up early very excited for the task that were indicated and we made it with total seriousness, even when raised us then there was certain displeasure, because we didn't want to leave on the side of the urns. In an occasion sprinkled and my uniform was wet and I could not get dressed as the other pioneers, my shame was noticed, because to take care of the electoral urns is for each pioneer a task of honor.

To see more: Elections in Cuba

In this electoral process, already happened and for a lot, my years of pioneer. Today the honor is another. The one of being able to also choose the person that will represent me, to my neighbors and family, without a convulse climate mediates, contrary to what happens in the elections of other countries. In Cuba the town is who chooses by means of the free, direct and secrete vote.

For these elections besides exercising the vote, I have the responsibility of, by means of my profession, to tell to the world how transparent is this process in my Island. To counteract all the mediatic infamy that is schemed around our revolutionary process.

To tell them that in the partial elections of the Popular Power 2010, main characters that don't take another name know that it is not town. Magali, the neighbor of the neihgbourhood The garden that takes lending her house for more than ten years so that are carried out the votings of her area there; Daniel, a grandfather that today dawned wanting to be the first one in voting, for not losing that tradition in its district and it stops then to support to the electoral table in that it is necessary. To also count them that Rafaela is part of the group of women of Camagüey that support the Cuban electoral process unconditionally in the county of Camagüey. To assure them that the feminine genius has its protagonism in the one filled of documents, the work in the informative system, the communications, among other insurance.

The elections in Cuba are this way, only a look without obstacles, can show it.

viernes, 23 de abril de 2010

Infantile May First assures in Camagüey continuity of the hard-working

Around 2 000 students of the capital of Camagüey will participate next Saturday in the Infantile May First, action that play every year the new generations like homage to the International Day of the Workers.

In the Cultural Recreational Complex Casino, of the city of Camagüey, the political act will be made and then will take place cultural and recreational activities in different areas of the biggest urban natural park in the country, which will run in charge of artists and sport technicians of the territory.

On the other hand, the Power station of Workers of Cuba (CTC) in this demarcation, will also celebrate a collective birthday to the children whose date of birth is May First.

In the municipality of Camagüey, parallelly to the concentration for the international date, acts will be developed in San Blas' communities, Altagracia and San José de los Jíbaros. (Mariela Peña Seguí)

Humanitarian proletarian expression for children affected by oncological illnesses in Camagüey

Workers of the Hotelery and the Tourism frequently contribute to the programs of the health.

Representatives of the Provincial Union of Hotelery and Tourism made delivery from a contribution to children affected by neoplasics dysfunctions that require of treatments of advanced in the room of Oncology of the Hospital Pediatric of Camagüey.

From the hands of the workers of the hotels of Camagüey Club Santa Lucía, Great Hotel and Island of Cuba, the small hospitalized received books, toys and garments from dressing, inicitive that is part of the actions that take place at times in this county of the First of May.

The relatives of the small ones expressed their gratefulness for that humanitarian expression, at the time that the dedication of the doctors and the nurses of the Pediatric recognized towards the children affected by oncological illnesses.

The benefit of the oncological services for the children in the territory Camagüey, is sensibly affected by the American blockade, limitations that are overcome thanks to the self-denial and the personnel's delivery that there works. (Alex López Almaguer)

Remind anniversary 50 of the Cuban Voluntary Teachers

[Members of the Contingent of Camagüey that went to Fidel's call to teach in the rural areas, there were gathered in the Museum Native House of The Mayor Ignacio Agramonte.]

Members of the Contingent of Camagüey that went to Fidel's call to teach in the rural areas , there were gathered in the Museum Native House of The Mayor Ignacio Agramonte.
People of Camagüey ex-members of the contingents of Voluntary Teachers commemorated today their presence in that task that Fidel summoned in 1960 inserted in the first educational revolution in Cuba.

Gathered when being completed to the anniversary 50 of the call, they evoked anecdotes and satisfactions about their incorporation to a national juvenile mission, one of whose objectives went to impart classes to residents of rural areas, among them, the Sierra Maestra.

The encounter included the presentation of the unpublished book The History of the Voluntary Teachers, in the one which Armando Guerrero Hidalgo gathers his testimonies and of other colleagues in connection with that geste attacked mainly in isolated areas and of difficult access.

Students of facilities of professors' formation, of institutes of second teaching and of trade schools were among those added to the contingents that received in the Sierra Maestra a preparation of pedagogic content and physical training.

The literacy brigades Conrado Benítez, formed for more than 100 thousand young, took the name of one of the incorporate to the movement of the Voluntary Teachers, and who January 5, 1961 were murdered by contrarrevolutionaries bandits in the Escambray. (Adolfo Silva Silva )

jueves, 22 de abril de 2010

Let's speak correctly to save the language

Tell me how you speak and I`ll tell you who you are, good could be a proverb that fits to some that mistreat the language. If Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra lived he would open excessly the eyes when listening certain expressions.

April 23 is the Day of the Language, established to be the date of the death, in 1616, of that big of the letters, author of an universal work: The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Cuisse of the Stain.
It is worthwhile in this date to meditate on the speech, that essential tool to achieve the human communication.

Our Spanish is a very rich language in expressions, synonyms, adjectives, words… then why not to take care of it and to use it correctly from the cradle until the sepulchre, like some would say .

Its appropriate use should be educators' concern, the family and also the society. Yes, because sometimes when we mount in a transport of passengers we listen and, until we allow, sentences like these: “pure, run that behind it is empty.”

In the dictionary that word is synonymous of chaste, innocent, vestal, correct, healthy, in short something good, very far from the meaning that receives in the street.

Who use trucks or particular vans in the face of the necessity of transport, in occasions we accept them to call each other “aunt” or “uncle” without having relationship in fact some with the collector, call "machacante", you go that is like that denomination arose.

It is impossible to achieve a good communication without a good employment of the language, using the appropriate word for each moment. How good image leaves when we complete this rule!

And we return with the word “pure”. why to call this way to somebody to ask him to light a cigarette?. why to say: “pure, do you have candle” when more beautiful is listened: “Please,do you have matches to light a cigarette” and once pleased the application to say.... Thank you.

In the work center, the school, in the bus or another type of collective transport, in the cellar or where wants that we are, we should express ourselves correctly.

He would be surprised Cervantes truly if he listened sentences like these: “What bolá, consort?”, (to greet), “ I am palmao” (without money), “ I Go pa´l gao” (for the house) or “I am fachao” (to say that the stomach is empty).

We all have the obligation of to take care and to preserve our language. The current ones and future generations a lot will thank it.

Camagüey profiles details for the successful development of the elections

Representants of the Provincial Electoral Commission in lands of Camagüey, informed that details are finished so that the partial elections reflect in due form and with attachment to the whole right of the citizenship to exercise their right to the vote.

In that to proceed the revolutionary organizations in the community support the whole process, headed by the most massive, the Committees of Defense of the Revolution, as long as already enroll also for their responsible participation the pioneers, in charge of the custody of the urns.

In accordance with the electoral census, in Camagüey will exercise the voting more than half million of people, willing to choose to the most capable, of more merits with the interests of the town.

After the realization on last Sunday of the dynamic test, electoral authorities affirm that Cuba is clever to develop the elections of the next April 25 and to choose the delegates to the municipal assemblies of the Popular Power.

That day was verified that the coordination of the existent work with the different entities in the communication systems, the warning and the connections, flows in a satisfactory way, as informed the National Electoral Commission.

In that sense it was affirmed it is clever all the related with the insurance of the process in the informative flow and stood out the work of the phone company ETECSA for the unfolding of their forces.

In Camagüey, to that device is added the incorporation of more than a hundred radioaficionated who will offer their traditional and invaluable support to the town elections, that makes even more transparent and more democratic that civic exercise in the elections. (Pedro Paneque Ruiz)

miércoles, 21 de abril de 2010

The vocal grouping Desandan returns from Haiti after sharing with the town desolated by the earthquake.

After more than a month of presentations, the vocal grouping Desandan returned from Haiti, of singing to a town desolated by the earthquake.

By: Aymee Amargós /Camagüey Television

The word Cuba was listened many times in Haiti. When the tragedy and the pain took possession of that country, the vocal grouping Desandann decided to share its song with the residents.
The group integrated by 12 descendants of Haitian of several generations, went them to sing in its language, in creole. To expand their art for squares and camps was another form of helping, from the culture.

In their presentations participated more than 5000 people. Although the fundamental of the community is the song, they also dance. They interpret Haitian music and of other areas of the Caribbean, of francophone speech.

The directress of the vocal grouping Desandan, Emilia Díaz Chávez, said. "The proposal of coming to Haiti receives with happiness, because here our adults were born. We want to make them more bearable this situation so lamentable.. In the presentations many cry and they hug each other. It is very strong, it lacerates our heart to see so many people that lost everything."

This woman, Cuban and also deeply Haitian, explained that the repertoire that brought is the same one that come making for almost 16 years: folkloric traditional music. "We don't make modern music, we sing very old songs, those that taught us there in our Cuba parents, our grandparents, and that however they are almost unknown here. In certain way we also help to recover part of the Haitian identity. It is very reconfortant, because the youngest learn songs of their earth, also the children that are admired and ask us if we were born here."

"Although in our presentations the fundamental thing is the song, we also dance, we illustrate the songs with the dance, we move.Our suits have to do with the frocaribean characteristics, we dress long robes and of colors. Now we are opening up more our pitch, we don't make single music of Haiti, but of other areas of the Caribbean, of francophone speech."

"Today many suffer a great pain, however the life continues. They gave a lesson of force."
The grouping of Camagüey Desandan returned of the earth of their ancestros. It demonstrated that the music is the universal language that unites to the towns.

It took the desolated Haiti the hope made song.

Company of Camagüey works to increase the production of citric

The workers of the Company Sola Citric, in the municipality of Sierra de Cubitas, determine to achieve this year a remarkable growth of the grapefruit production and orange, period in the one that plan to gather 5 thousand 300 tons of those lines, very demanded in the international market.
Farms dedicated to the production of citric in Sierra de Cubitas.

The production of vegetable coal has become a promising exportable line.

Harnessed to those efforts they also assume works alternatives for the development of other fruit-bearing , the cattle raising, and the export of coal.

The program of gathering of the fruits in the current calendar represents a growth of some 2 000 tons, in comparison with the precedent stage, with a significant contribution of the areas that are exploited in an organic way, starting from the effective yields and its demand in the international market.

Little by little there have recovered the houses of cultivation of the Company Sola Citric, strongly damaged for the hurricane Ike.

Orestes Reyes Pérez, General director of this company of Camagüey, specified that they also recover the houses of cultivations to guarantee offers of vegetables to the tourism.

As part of the program of recovery of the entity, the community also intends to rescue the Festival of the Citric fruit, fraternal emulation that is carried out when concluding the crop, and that constitutes suitable moment to recognize to workers, productive units and outstanding cooperatives. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)

Symphonic Orchestrates of Camagüey will interpret works of Mozart and Beethoven

With works of Beethoven, Mozart and Edgardo Martin, the Symphonic Orchestra of Camagüey, will be present thisThursday , at 8:30 in the night, in the Theater of the Academy of the Arts "Vicentina de la Torre."

The grouping will be governed by the invited directress Yarineidis Llinse (City of Havana) who will make with this presentation her graduation exercise. She will be, also, with the soprano's presence Roodny C. Pérez (Holguín).

The program of the appointment includes: "Symphony No. 8", of Beethoven; Select of Aryan of "Così fan tutte", No. 14 and 25, of Mozart; and "Sonera" 2 and 3, of Edgardo Martin.(Taken from

Highlights sugar contribution of Camagüey to the National Electroenergetic System

The Managerial Sugar Group (GEA) in this Cuban county, assumes three big commitments as for generation, consumption and electric power delivery to the National System.

Melba García González, enclosed directress of the GEA in Camagüey informed that starting from the potentialities of the installed capacity, that sector overcomes its plan of autosupply energy for the current stage of the harvest.

In that result they have stood out the companies Batallade las Guásimas” in the municipality of Vertientes and “Siboney”, in Sibanicú, those which overfullfil the autosupply plan for the period.

García González also commented that the Managerial Sugar Group of Camagüey has been able to diminish its consumption levels, for what contribute equally with that decisive economic line.

During its production campaign of sugar, the geniuses of Camagüey in operations also overcome its commitments for the electricity generation, starting from the biomass, fact that not has great environmental impact for the emission of dioxide of carbon to the atmosphere. (Mariela Peña Seguí)

Second stage of antipolio vaccination in Cuba

More than half million of children in Cuba will be protected of the poliomyelitis, during the second stage of the 49 National Campaign of Vaccination against that illness that next Friday will begin.

In this period a second dose of the vaccine will be administered (two drops for oral via), to a total of 362 thousand 525 smaller than three years (from 30 days of born until the two years, 11 months and 29 days) that were immunized in last March, informs today Granma newspaper.

Also, in this occasion will be reactivated with a dose 143 thousand 080 nine year-old children (from the nine years until 11 months and 29 days).

This vaccine should not be administered to the small children that present high fever, vomits or diarrheas, and is contraindicated in those that have some inmunodeficiency, and in the allergic ones to anyone of its components.

The average water contains chlorine that inactive the vaccine, reason why should not be ingested in the previous neither later 30 minutes to the immunization that will be carried out in the vacunatories of the policlinics with the support of the Committees of Defense of the Revolution and other organizations of masses.

Since almost half century, when the first of these campaigns began, have been applied in the Island more than 78 millions of dose of the vaccine, what guarantees the population's protection smaller than 62 years.

martes, 20 de abril de 2010

Select poster that will preside the San Juan in Camagüey

The poster that will preside over between the 24 and the next June 29, the party of Camagüey - well-known as San Juan - was selected among the shippings to the summoned contest, and corresponded such a merit to the young Oscar Alejandro Viñas Pendones.

Instructor of Art in the specialty of the Plastic , Viñas Pendones were able to synthesize - with the use of codes of grateful permanency in the local folklore, as the earhenjar - the essence of that old and always very prospective traditional reason.

By means of an excellent use of the color and an in agreement design with the message to transmit, the poster will promote the sanjuaners actions, which June 24 will begin with the reading of the traditional Decree, although will be preceded by popular parties in outlying areas of the capital of Camagüey, in previous weekends.

Among the contents that maintain their validity formerly from the foundational time of the village of Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe - current city of Camagüey - is the collective elaboration in each block of the Ajiaco, broth made with salted meats and viands.

The Government in the municipality head will take to roads in fact this expression of popular joy that - with San Juan's denomination - is folkloric element with sui generis characteristic in the national context. (Yolanda Ferrera Sosa)

Peasants greet Anniversary of Cuban feminine organization

To Achieve like average 23 women in each cooperative, belongs the gift of the Cuban peasants to the Cuban Federation of Women (FMC), at times of celebrating in next August its anniversary 50, informed in Camagüey Orlando Lugo Fontes, president of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP).

He specified the leader that at the moment the country counts with more than 40 thousand partners associated to the base, and from now on the ANAP works in all the counties to fulfill this purpose that will duplicate the feminine figure dedicated to take out profit to the earth.

“To the rural recognition to the Federation of Cuban Women, he added, a lot will contribute the delivery of lands in usufruct, because add thousands the partners that have requested and have been authorized an or more chivalries, effective quarry for the feminine growth that the ANAP intends.”

In Camagüey, only for that concept, there have already been added to the rural organization more than a thousand women, many of them to the front of their properties and others as integral of the families that have been welcomed to that modality, still when the feminine presence in the ANAP has risen to near four thousand in the last years, but it is known that are reservations.

A good gift peasant to the anniversary 50 of the Federation of Cuban Women. (Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez)

Will carry out in Camagüey meeting of the National Council of writers and artists

The Provincial Committee of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) in Camagüey puts into practice a group of actions, previous to the National Encounter of the presidency of the organization that will sesion in the capital of Camagüey from 4 to coming May 7.

The event will have like main topic the music's diffusion, although the work will also be evaluated of each one of the associations of the UNEAC.

It is also plan a journey, May 6, for the town of Santa Cruz del Sur, the most affected one, in November 2008, for the hurricane “Paloma”, and where the monument will be inaugurated “In defense of the Life.”

The Provincial Committee of the UNEAC in Camagüey also works in the Cultural Project “The Square of the Art”, in the surroundings of the headquarters that includes the building of the facades of the housings.

The inauguration of a Plastic gallery of Arts and the delivery of recognitions to creators with an excellent trajectory, will also be carried out in the county of Camagüey in the context of the National meeting of the presidency of the UNEAC. (Lázaro David Najarro Pujol)

Technological improvements assure bigger quality in the rice production of Camagüey

The beginning of the crop of rice on the part of the Agroindustrial Complex “Ruta Invasora", is foreseen for next May 5.

Millionaire Investments in the rice industries “Tato Rodríguez Vedo” and “Cándido González”, in this county, will rebound in the improvement of the quality of the cereal and in the amplification of molinery capacities, of face to the coming crop.

Honorio Saavedra, subdirector of the Agroindustrial Complex Ruta Invasora, specified that next to the technological transformations is carried out the assembly of a compact mill in the municipality of Esmeralda that will assume the production of rice in the north area of Camagüey.

“The rice that takes place in that territory and in the neighboring Sierra de Cubitas and Minas will be processed without necessity of transferring toward Vertientes”, Saavedra assured, when referring to the setting in march of a machine of Brazilian origin that molin 0, 9 tons per hour.

The beginning of the crop on the part of the Agroindustrial Complex “Rute Invasora”, is foreseen for next May 5, and concentrates on the military farm Sierra Maestra and the Basic Unit of Cooperative Production “Rodolfo Ramírez Esquivel”, of the municipality of Florida.

The equipment of last generation, including the recently acquired croppers, will contribute to a bigger level of efficiency, to the saving of energy payees, and to the execution of the established parameters of quality in the matter prevails.

The rice fields of the center-south of Camagüey intend to overcome the figure of production of the humid cereal that dates of the year 1984, period in which gathered more than 88 thousand 044 tons.

The county of Camagüey consumes 37 thousand tons of rice to the year and the Rice Agroindustrial Complex Ruta Invasora, has foreseen a harvest of 40 thousand tons, what constitutes a very encouraging agreement perspective with the prices of the grain in the international market. (Luis Enrique Perdomo Silva)

Adelante Digital took place 10 years in Internet

With 26 thousand internet users' visits every month, like average, Digital Adelante took place yesterday its tenth anniversary, buried in continuing taking the truth of Cuba to the world, in front of the lies of the imperialistic press.

First version for Internet of the means of the county of Camagüey, "Adelante" welcomed from its beginnings in 2000 journalistic works of the radio station Radiate CadenaAgramonte and of the Agency of National Information.

In this whole time, it fulfilled the mission of combatting, expressed Rafael Rosales, boss of the Ideological Department of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba .

Diosdada Sagarra, of the team of Digital Adelante, which has a version in English, informed that the biggest number of internet users that consent to the web is from Cuba, United States and Spain.

The requested sections correspond those that treat society topics, culture and sports.
Other spaces of the version are dedicated to the five antiterrorists Cuban prisoners wrongly for more than 11 years in United States, and to the imperialistic blockade against Cuba.

The press articles known as Reflections also appear - of the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro -, and the General's of Army more recent speeches Raúl Castro, President of the Council of State and of Secretaries.

"Adelante" was the first newspaper been founded by the Revolution after the popular victory, and arose as evening January 12 ,1959.

Besides "Adelante", they have digital pages in this territory five radio stations (that of provincial reach and four municipal) and the telecenter of Camagüey.(Lucilo Tejera Díaz)

Significant saving for internal students' transfer

With the transfer of four thousand 886 internal students to external seminterno regime or for the next school calendar, plan to complete a saving of 15 million pesos in the county of Camagüey.

Reymí López Rosales, director of Education in the territory, commented to the AIN about the economic benefit of the measure, and also as for a bigger participation of the family in the formation of the children.

He said that this it is a strategy of the country directed to reduce the expenses of fuel, foods and provisioning, and that spreads equally to strengthen the attitude of the students and their relatives before the study, stops this way to achieve better educational results.

Simultaneously other reformations are executed in the evaluation systems starting from final exams when culminating the primary, secondary teachings and preuniversitary, these two last subjected to tests of provincial and national character.

The reorder in the continuity of studies of the students of ninth grade toward the Technical Teaching and Professional constitutes another transformation dedicated fundamentally to sustain and to develop the production of foods, goods and services.

These elements, in consonance with the priorities of the country, imply a concept change and have a significant impact in the stimulus toward the study, and in the results in the education in a general way, meditated López Rosales.(Yaniuska Macías Rivero/AIN)

lunes, 19 de abril de 2010

National festival of Rock concluded in Camagüey

Sounds of the City concluded after the functions of 12 groups of six counties in the amphitheater bordering to the Casino Country, bigger urban park of the island.

Musical bands of the capital of the country, Santiago de Cuba, Villa Clara, Sancti Spíritus, Ciego de Ávila and the headquarters acted in the amphitheater, one of the bordering facilities of a place where the exuberant vegetation and a diversity of units of public services converge in the proximities of the local urban historical center.

Favored by the filial of Camagüey of the Association Hermanos Saíz, the event also included in its most recent conversatories appointment, exhibition of video-clips and presentations of publications, about the one referred artistic current.

The forum is one of the six national dedicated to a rhythm that has also, in its expressive heterogeneity, influence of its establishment in the country.

That is one of the prints left in the gender--arisen in the XX century in the United States-- of the denominated Latin rock, permeated by sonorities characteristic of Latin America and interpreted in Spanish.(Adolfo Silva Silva)

Musicians of Camagüey reaffirm commitment with their Revolution

The commitment of the musicians of Camagüey with Fidel Castro, Raúl Castro, the Communist Party of Cuba and with their town was reaffirmed in recent cultural patriotic veiled of condemnation to the mediatics manipulations of the Yankees and the European Union, against the sovereignty and the independence of the nation.

Peolple of Camagüey rejects political and mediatic anticuban campaign, organized and financed by United States.

Congregated in the Provincial Center Music in the provincial capital, integral of several groupings b of Camagüey revealed their condemnation to the new campaign and manifested the decision of changing their instruments for the weapons to defend the homeland if was necessary.

For the scenary paraded groupings like the group The Agramontinos, the band Jaleo, Acheré, Colach and the Group Girón who reaffirmed the attachment to the earth that saw them be born in their interpretations and to the Revolution.

“Our patriotic and revolutionaries convictions go next to our artistic creation. We will defend the socialism and the independence. Above all the Homeland is. With the Revolution everything, against the Revolution, with any right.”

That is feeling of the musicians of Camagüey before the maneuvers coarse against Cuba. (Eric Pacheco Fandiño)

Ready the county of Camagüey for the elections

Lapsed the dynamic test in Camagüey with a positive general balance, Tania Rodríguez Mexidor, president of the Provincial Electoral Commission (CEP), affirmed that the vast territory of Cuba is clever for the partial elections of next Sunday April 25.

The maximum electoral authority here, said that the attendance to its duties of the members to the 2 035 schools, district commissions, municipal, provincial and personal of insurance was massive from seven in the morning of this Sunday until the conclusion of the general rehearsal.

“Because of the last rains in some territories of the county difficulties were confronted with the communications, in the fundamental thing phone, and as long as they were solved, we put on approval the alternatives foreseen to guarantee the data and electoral parts”, the president of the CEP enlarged in Camagüey.

Other details, referred to imprecisions with the insurance transport, substitution of vowels of electoral tables for illness, and fullness of means in some schools, were also solved as the dynamic test, necessary preamble advanced to guarantee some flowing votes and of total quality on coming Sunday.

This electoral advance, allowed to verify in real time the complex organized device and led by some 10 000 authorities electoral and numerous members of the organizations of masses and forces and technical means of support.

The next April 25, starting from seven in the morning will open their doors the electoral schools so that more than half million of electing of Camagüey choose the 1 008 delegates to the municipal assemblies of the Popular Power, among the 2 361 nominated in public assemblies.(Rolando Sarmiento Ricart)

Concludes in Camagüey process of provincial meetings

X Congress of the ANAP

The provincial meeting of the rural sector in Camagüey put an end to the wide process of meetings that were made heading for the tenth Congress of the National Association of Small Farmers in the whole country (ANAP).

The 120 delegates analyzed different productive topics in an eminently agricultural territory, with cattle predominance, where the contribution of the peasant represents more than 70% of the foods of populational consumption.

The meeting had the presence of Ulises Rosales del Toro, Miinister of Agriculture, José Ramón Machado Ventura, first vice-president of the Council of State, Orlando Lugo Fonte national president of the ANAP, Julio Cesar García, First Secretary of the Communist Party in the county, as well as other authorities that reaffirmed the strong necessity of the increase of the production in Cuba like via of saving imports in the difficult world economic situation.

When analyzing the results of the 2009, Machado pointed out as positive the take off of indicators as the bovine milk, the honey of bees, feeds of bulls and the swinish meat, in spite of the step of strong hurricanes during the year 2008.

" We should examine what we lack that is a lot, because hidden potentialities exist. As it is possible that after a hurricane recover so quick the products? in that we should congratulate Camagüey. It is human question and of effort. It is necessary to diversify, to change the mentality, to work with more rationality because we are distant of autosupply. Cuba still cares 80% of the foods and here inside of we can produce a good part, especially the food for the animals and with it to diminish the food purchase", remarked Machado .

Among the vulnerable points of the current dry period is the cane of sugar and the viands so that in the execution of the commitments of the producers this great part of the advance of both segments.

The milk and the cattle raising, continue as the main strength of the peasants in Camagüey who contribute 85% of their production and with 68 million liters like plan in this year 2010, they would compute more than half of the delivery to the industry in the county but outstanding of the country in this sense.

Of this meeting, with sessions Saturday and Sunday, left elect the group of 51 delegates, direct 6 of them, to the National Congress with celebration date May 17.(Oreidis Pimentel Pérez )

viernes, 16 de abril de 2010

Rejuvenate in Camagüey works of the villager architecture

The capital restoration of the property where the Center of Cultural Anthropology of the Office of the Historian of this city will reside, appreciate dozens of people that daily travel the beautiful large house, only in the county with its architectural and ornamental contents.

Located in Cisneros street 162, in front of the old Square of Weapons of the village of Camagüey current Central Park Ignacio Agramonte - in its different styles converge, among them the art-noveau. Their borders and paintings murals, conceived by the decorating Francisco Miranda Sabol toward the year 1930, cause the admiration of the visitors.

Students of the School of Occupations of the Office, driven by the professor of painting mural Carlos Hernández Fernández, the resane of walls continues in this stage, in the room and the big room of the large house, to proceed later to the consolidation of the ornamental reasons.

For its character of open work, the interested ones-without additional cost some - can witness the professionalism and the great respect closely toward this treasure of the villager architecture , deposited by the students of the School of Occupations and for the members of the Company of Restoration and Conservation of the Office.

The Center of Anthropology will be inaugurated at an early date-although the rescue of the paintings will continue - and once open it will have four rooms dedicated to the Spanish, African, Asian and Caribbean cultures, leave integral of the Cuban nationality, among other dependences.
( Yolanda Ferrera Sosa)

jueves, 15 de abril de 2010

Children and young of Camagüey will act in Concert of the Camerata Romeu

Members of the Orchestra Juvenile- Infanto of Camagüey will act invited with the Havanan Camerata Romeu next Friday in the theater of the Academy of Arts Vicentina de la Torre , in Camagüey.

The 25 selected interpreters correspond to violin, viola, violonchelo and contrabass, they are students of the vocational schools and professional of art of the town, and
distributed in two groups will participate had separated in the execution of works of the Italian Arcangelo Corelli.

Been founded in the 2009, the grouping of children and youths cultivates the concert music , and it is directed by the graduated Betzabet Consuegra, enclosed directress of the Symphonic of Camagüey.

Ignacio Esquivel, coordinator of the artistic teaching in the county, expressed that the institution of the capital, headed by Zenaida Castro Romeu, carries out a tour foreseen by 12 counties, and includes a convocation to incorporate students like performers in the functions.

The program contemplates a segment in which the grouping will offer alone, among other pieces, remote Song number three, of the Cuban Leo Brouwer, Melody in the minor, of the Argentinean Ástor Piazzola, and Hopeful, of the North American James Lewis.

I believe in the teatrality of the concert (.), a scenic fact that people will also see, declared in an interview in the 2009 Zenaida Castro when identifying one of the concepts materialized in the Camerata Romeu, created in 1993 and of which is the founder directress-. (Adolfo Silva Silva/AIN)

Inaugurate in Camagüey Psico - educational Orientation Center

A Psico - educational Orientation Center was inaugurated in the capital of Camagüey, during the Day for the Cuban Psychologist's Day.

Attributed to the University of Camagüey, the new dependence has as priority the consultations dedicated to students of the centers of the Superior Education and its relatives, although will extend its work to the community.

In the institution are present specialist of several disciplines related with the Psychology, to guarantee the orientation, helps and support to those who require of those services.

Unic of its type in the county, the Psico - educational Orientation Center of the University of Camagüey resides in the central street Avellaneda, in the capital of Camagüey.

The Cuban Psychologist's Day was instituted six years ago, it is dedicated to Enrique José Varona, considered the first psico-educator of Cuba and one of the founders parents of the Caribbean psychological science. (Bárbara Suárez Ávalos Agramonte)

Camagüey summons to Prize of Historical Investigation

Combatant Jorge Enrique Mendoza Reboredo.

The Office of the Historian of this City, emitted the convocation for the sixth edition of the Prize of Historical Investigation Jorge Enrique Mendoza Reboredo, in which will be able to participate all the specialist residents or not in the county.

As fundamental requirement is found that the contestants works should approach thematic linked with becoming of Camagüey, by means of studies around personalities, facts and processes of the revolutionary movement, the culture and the science, among others.

This contest was carried out for the first time in the year 1999, dedicated to the outstanding teacher`s memory and revolutionary combatant Jorge Enrique Mendoza Reboredo. Made every two years and with national reach, in him have taken leaves authors of several Cuban counties.

The admission term will close the first of near October and the jury will give to know its failure November two in that another anniversary of the birthday will be completed of the one who also outside one of the emblematics voices of Radio Rebelde, in the Sierra Maestra, during the fight against the batistian tyranny.

The Provincial Center of the Book and the Literature-in its Editorial Ácana - will include the shipment rewarded in the plan corresponding to next year. Until the present, the four works winners have come out to the public light in the collection Prize, of the signature villager. (Yolanda Ferrera Sosa)

Preparations for bicentennial of the press of Camagüey

The celebration of the bicentennial of the press of Camagüey will evoke the birth of Curious Weekly publication, hand written organ been founded in June 1810 by the lawyer of the Dominican Republic Antonio Herrera Gordo, reports AIN. The first promoter group of the commemoration of the date was constituted with fourth year-old students in Journalism of the University of Camagüey.

That community opened the preparatory process to organize, in dependences of the UPEC, the celebration of the new anniversary of a half created by one of the magistrates of the Real Audience of Puerto Príncipe, then the main tribunal of the whole America colonized by Spain.

Centered in the month of June, the commemorative proposal inserts actions like a scientific event, a homage to died people of Camagüey with remarkable print in the journalism, and cultural activities.

About 20 amanuenses reproduced same quantity of copies of the primary publication, which were rotated in a successive way, after the reading, until arriving to around 200 subscribers, in accordance with Eduardo Labrada's investigation, of the local weekly publication Adelante.

The hand written organ was substituted in 1812 by Mirror, dean of the printed newspapers in the city, and coming from the pioneer printing of the town, where was installed in that year, affirms the mentioned checking.

According to the scan in books and INTERNET, Camagüey became the third city where a newspaper was published in the country, preceded by the Havana and Santiago de Cuba, in 1764 and 1805, respectively.

The press in Camagüey includes to Adelante, a net of radial and television radio stations and corresponsalities of organs resided in the capital.(Taken from Granma)

National festival of Rock from today in Camagüey

To Facilitate the exchange among the cultors of the gender in the Cuban counties, it is the objective that encourages to the filial of Camagüey of the Association "Hermanos Saíz", for the realization of the Seventh National Festival of Rock “Sounds of the City” that will begin this Thursday to extend until Saturday.

Diverse spaces of the capital of Camagüey-fundamentally the Amphitheater of the Complex Cultural Casino and the Creative Youth's House -will welcome the programmings from an appointment to which representations of Cienfuegos , Santiago de Cuba, Villa Clara, City of Havana, Sancti Spíritus and of the region headquarters.

Colaterally, will be carried out actions for the theoretical exchange, as imparticions of conferences around the current situation of the rock inside of and outside of the Island. Magazines and video-clips will also be presented .

For the opening of the event it is planned recitals in charge of the groups War Inside, of the municipality of Vertientes, Uranium Willy and Antagón, of Florida, and Litter, Ciego de Ávila. (Yolanda Ferrera Sosa)

Company Cubacatering among the most outstanding in the transport in Camagüey

The results in the economic administration and the work of its community of workers, endorse to the company Cubacatering, among the most outstanding in the county inside the Union of the Workers of the Transport.

The entity of Camagüey stands out nationally among those of its type, and with that condition greets the May First, showing as essential indicator the overfullfil of its entrance plans.

The contribution of the tip in foreign currency to institutions of health of the territory, fundamentally to the Infantile Maternal Program, is shown equally among the contributions of that community.

Cubacatering counts in Camagüey with around 50 workers that support other works of the economic and social life of the county, such as the antivectorial campaign, the production of foods and the harvest works.

The company of Camagüey was the first of the Institute of Civil Aeronautics of Cuba in applying the Managerial Improvement, in the year 2001, address instrument so that the state companies can, in an orderly way, to carry out the necessary transformations with the objective of achieving the maximum efficiency and effectiveness in its administration.

Cubacatering, is the company that is devoted to the feeding benefit and conditioning to the airships. (Mariela Peña Seguí)

Medical university of Camagüey next to its 30 years

The University of Medical Sciences Carlos Juan Finlay of this city, one of the first three educational institutions of the health created by the Cuban Revolution, will turn 30 years the next June four.

Since its constitution in 1980, more than 13 thousand students matriculated of its classrooms, and of them around a thousand 300 foreigners after getting ready in the specialties of Medicine, Estomatology, Nursery and Technology of the Health, this last one with 23 profiles, reports the digital place Adelante.

More than 12 thousand students conform the current registration of the center of high studies, included more than 700 students of 47 nationalities, coming from the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM).

Through an unique formation method in the world, the students are linked from the first year from their career to the primary medical care, in which the System of Public Health is based on Cuba.

Of the a thousand 200 residents already graduate that are overcome in graduates, masters and courses of graduate degrees there are 165 representatives of other countries.

José Luis Cadenas Freixas, vice-rector of Post-grade of the Medical University in the county of Camagüey, pointed out as an achievement of the institution the obtaining of academic credits starting from the increase of the superation of professionals and technicians of the health.

At the present time add four thousand the students of the educational institution, where a thousand 749 professionals of the sector have graduated with the category of Master and 24 Doctors in Sciences, while 43 are still formed.